Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 15



My eyelids tilted when I felt something light and warm was splashing. I opened my eyes meeting with the white ceiling. I'm still feeling exhausted. Maybe because of last night. I also didn't get proper sleep but looked at him, how peacefully and without any guilt, he is sleeping.

I shook my head and climbed down the stairs to get ready for the day.

I finished cooking his breakfast a little soon and he was nowhere to come downstairs that soon. He usually went to the office after 8 and It's just 7:30 I have enough of time.

I went to the garden of the mansion to relax a bit as it was morning time. The scenario of the green trees with grass was looking beautiful to my eyes.

It's actually really beautiful and eye-cooling.

I slid my fingers on the leaves on a little plant but what I got to know that it was dried. The plant was almost dying. It's so bad that no one here takes care of nature the way they did to themselves.

'It's okay, let me take care of you, sweetie.'

I murmured to the plant and glanced here and there to find something suitable to medicate the little plant. I went towards the old cupboard which was placed on the side of the garden. I went there and took out a scissor and sprayer after opening the cupboard door.

Taking the medicine and scissor out, I started cutting the dry leaves and spraying the medical solution on the leaves.


When Anna was busy taking care of the leaves, she heard some footsteps coming closer to her. Her movements alerted when she heard the footsteps doesn't seem familiar.

It was not Ivan.


Then who is the person?

Anna tightened her grip upon the scissors clenching her jaw, her mind got alerted and she proceeded. Without thinking further, she has turned around and was about to attack but the guy was fast enough to grab her by her elbows and yanked her back.

She yelped in pain and looked up glaring at the man. His face was covered with a black mask and she saw even a knife in his hands.

Was he going to kill her/

But who was he?

She didn't even know him?

"Oh, So you are the one, Mr. Miller got," The man mocked making Anna's blood soaked in her veins.

"W..who are you?" She asked trembling when the man was handling the knife just above her. If he wants, he could rip her head off within a second. But she can't take the risk.

"You don't know me? Oh dear," The man sympathizes but Anna's curiosity was growing more and more.

Anticipation was taking place inside her heart. She was scared because of the knife which is just above her head.

"It's okay sweetie, you won't even get an opportunity to know me," The man said in a mocking tone making Anna's eyes went wide in fear.

What does he mean by this?

"WHO ARE YOU?" She screamed in fear and pushed the man back that he stumbled backward falling to the ground. The man groaned in pain and rubbed his butt.

"IVAN!!!" Without thinking further she screamed and ran upstairs to their room while screaming Ivan's name. Her forehead was wilting badly. She didn't even know the man and he was threatening to kill her.

She hurled her hands on the door making it open wide and rushed inside the room and hugged Ivan from back fisting her hands tightly around his broad chest. She dug her face in his muscular back and his manly scent filled her nostrils as he was standing shirtless only in his pants because of the recent shower. His fragrance was intoxicated.

Ivan who was still processing things in his mind that what made her rush and hug him from the back, when his ears stretched with her muffled cries.

She was crying.

"Anna," He vocalizes her name in a bewildered tone regarding her crying. He quickly turned around to face her and cupped her face in his big palms making her deep oceanic hazels meet with his dark orbs.

"What happened?" He asked in a concerned tone. His eyes were holding anticipation to know the cause for his wife's tears. Her cries.


He cupped her cheeks rubbing his thumbs over her pinkish chubby cheeks wiping her tears off her milky white skin.

"What happened? Why are you scared? Has something happened?'

Being a questionnaire, he started doing his investigation. Anna who was still scared was wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Iv...Ivan, there is...*hiccup* th.."

"Tell me, sweetheart, what happened? Did someone said something to you?" He inquired in a soft cotton-candy-like tone. He didn't want to scare her more. She was already looking like a scared doll.

"There is someone downstairs in the garden, H..he tried to attack me with a knife," She hiccuped and Ivan's blood boiled and eyes darkened.

"What?" He asked completely flabbergasted by her question. Because he knew that there is no chance of anyone entering the mansion or even the area closed to the mansion without even his permission and the tight security he has in all four directions of his empire.

"Y..yes," She whimpered fisting the waistband of his trousers. Her innocent eyes were red due to the continuous wails and she was not looking less than any scared little baby.

Who the hell has dare to scare my doll?

Where the fuck all the men are fucking?

His eyes darkened and his jaw clenched because of the anger.

"wait a minute, baby," he said caressing her cheeks and detached himself from her holds picking his shirt from the bed wearing it in one go, and pulled his drawer to took out his gun.

he knows that Anna was scared at the moment but he knew that the reason for her fear is definitely something not pointed out to be. No one has dared and any way to enter the area when he has too high and tight security all over the mansion.

"come with me,"

He addressed her holding her hand in his bigger ones securely and tightly to make her believe that he was here for her and she doesn't have to frighten of anything.

"Where did you saw the man?" he asked and she pointed at the garden where she was working. He went there with her and checked in all directions tightening the grip on his gun. Anna was guiding him all the way when she found a shadow was coming in their way from the back.

Probably to attack Ivan.

She quickly turned her head to the only meet with the same black-mask guy and gasped.


She screamed because of the fright. Before anything more could happen Ivan gave a hard punch on the masked guy's face which make him fall back to the ground and he groaned.

Ivan ran there grabbing the guy's collar and was about to punch him again.

"Bro, Stop stop! It's me..... Liam,"

The guy said in an arrested tone taking off his mask and Ivan stopped his hand on the mid-way when the guy speaker.

"Liam? You?"

"Oh brother, you almost killed me," Liam pouted getting up with the help of Ivan. Ivan was still bewildered and mostly shocked with the way his younger brother came this time.

Being a killer?

"It's not something funny, Liam," Ivan said in his self usual cold but his tone for his younger brother was holding a parenting guide.

"I just... thought that I will give you an unexpected and different surprise this time," He said pouting.

Ivan shook his head in disbelief. He knew his younger won't gonna stop no matter what he told or say to him. It's true that Liam respects and listens to his big brother but always does of his own choice.

"Tell me, You like my surprise?" Liam asked in a coquettish manner and Ivan rolled his eyes.

"Whatever," Ivan dismissed making Liam laugh.

"Hey brother, Won't you introduce me to my dear sister-in-law?" Liam asked and Ivan nodded. They moved towards Anna who still has a bewildered look on her face. She tucked her lower lip between her teeth as if all the scenario happened here was out of her little brain.

Which was actually.

"Hi sweetie, I'm your brother-in-law and Ivan brother's younger brother," He said with a charming smile plastered on his face. He forwarded his hand expecting Anna to in it.

"Hello, Sorry it was my mistake to recognize you," Anna murmured in an apologetic tone which was a complete reference to how sorry she was that Ivan's punch left a scar on Liam's face. Liam smile shaking his head.

"Oh no-no, there is nothing to be sorry so, Please don't be sorry, sweetie, You're such an alluring woman," Liam complimented her making the pinkish tints appear on her face which soon falls back when her eyes met with Ivan's cold ones.

He was caring some minutes ago. Now he again becomes like a thick iron.

"Umm... Let me arrange the breakfast. You must be tired too, please go and freshen up," She said in her soft candy-like voice. Liam smiled and nodded.

"Umm.. excuse me?" she excused herself going inside leaving the brothers alone. Liam again turned his head back to where his elder brother was standing as if he is not interested in the scenarios surrounding him.

Liam's playful wicked smile flashed on his lips and Ivan rolled his eyes as if he already knows what Liam will go to do.

The fucker and his fuckings.

"Wow, I never thought you will fall in love with someone unexpected, I never imagined it, Brother, Btw, she is nice,"

Liam said in his teasing tone.

"I'm not in love with her," Ivan who was completely looking as if he is pissed with the younger's doings said in his usual cold voice.

"oh? Really? Then I must say, you got such a pretty and young chick to fuck," Liam smirked making Ivan's hands fisted.

"LANGUAGE!" He growled making the younger taken his words back.

"Sorry," he murmured pouting.

Indeed, Liam sometimes loses control over his tongue but whenever Ivan corrects him, he didn't hesitate to apologize for his blabberings.

"Respect," Ivan cleared himself leaving the place and the younger frowned.

"But, she is younger than me," He defeated.

"she is your sister-in-law,"

"Then you must've fallen for her," Liam smirked.

"Shut up!"

Ivan dismissed Liam showing no interest and with the last step, he climbed the stairs going to his room again. Liam frowned sliding his fingers to his thick brown hair and headed inside too since he was feeling hungry after a long journey.

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