Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 16



After the quite peaceful breakfast, Ivan left. Eve was so happy that Liam is now, here to give her company. Both almost share the same soul of naughtiness, joy, and delight. Eve was so delighted in Liam's presence. Both have an adventurous interest. Where the big brother is dangerous alpha, the younger has quite boyish charms in himself.

It's also an advantage that he could make any girl falling in love with himself with his devilish eyes but angelic charming smile. The girl must be lucky who is written in Liam's fate. And no doubt, he definitely gonna take care of her, unlike Ivan.

"Hii sweety," My thoughts stopped when I heard someone's voice behind me. No doubt, it was Liam or who else it could be. As he is staying in the house, it will be definitely for him to pay a visit to me.

"Oh hi, I hope you enjoyed breakfast," I said finishing up ironing Ivan's clothes and tuck them neatly in his closet.

"Oh it was so delicious, You know, after my mom's hand's food, it's the second time I love some else's made food," He complimented and I thanked him. It made me glad that my efforts didn't go in vain and he too liked my handmade food like Eve. And about 'him', I don't know. He never said anything. Maybe, he didn't like that's why.

"I'm so glad," I said taking a seat on the side couch as he sat opposite, on the next one.

"Well, As I come here after a long period of time, I can see many things changed. Maybe, because of you two's marriage,"

"You know, mom and dad are a bit disappointed but I know they will too start liking you once they will see you," He said but the level of nervousness was rising inside me. I don't know how their mom and dad are like in person.

I heard from Eve that Ivan is the stepbrother of Liam but they have an even stronger bond than blood-related relationships. But, if we talk about their mom (Ella) who is actually the real mother of Liam but not Ivan's, he doesn't like her either his father. But his love is unconditional for Liam because he knew that it was not his mistake where their father is having an extra-marital affair with Ella (Liam's mother) and Alice (Ivan's mother and his first wife) got broken. And died in a car accident. not having any effect of it, he married Ella and after some years, she gave birth to Liam.

And that's why Ivan hates Mr. and Mrs. Miller (Mr. Miller's second wife) so much. He doesn't even like their opinions in his personal life neither he lives with them. Maybe, that's why Mr. and Mrs. Miller didn't get to attend our marriage ceremony.

Ivan's past seems to be very brutal. He didn't even get his parental love since the day his mom left him. Maybe that's why he is so cruel to the world. That's why his emotions died.

"Btw, brother is taking us on a dinner tonight," My thoughts interrupted with his voice.

He chuckled making me blush. He is definitely something. He seems so smart and his charms are really unique. His way of talking is really comfortable that no person would deny him to talk.

"So, how's your and brother's life is going on?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows and I can see the cockiness on his face. Eve was right, he is a teaser.

"It's Uhmm......"

"Okay sorry-sorry, I know I should not ask inappropriate questions about husband and wife's personal life, But you know, Ivan bro is my half of soul, and I'm so happy that he got such an alluring woman as you," he laughed making me smile in response.

"I got that, Brother is lucky, I hope you will make our lives peacefully wiser,"

He said with hopeful eyes which are earning for something. But what makes him say this. His last sentence was kinda bounced from my head. I didn't get the mean.

What means by this?
Aren't their lives peaceful?

Maybe, because of all the things which are going on.

I can see the melancholy Liam's eyes consumed. I thought but soon my thoughts interrupted with another boyish question.

"Btw sweety, How old are you? I mean you seem such young and wise," he asked taking a sip of his coffee which maid recently took in the room.

"I'm 21, And, I'm on last year in bachelor of computer science," I replied.

"Ohh? Wow, sweety is so wiser I guess," he said making me laugh. He is charming and funny at the same time.

"I guess then you have exams, right?"

"Umm, well yeah, In few months," I replied.

"Oh? Then you should have to study hard, Best of luck. See you after some time," He said getting up and I nodded. He left the room and I again get myself back to the work and after finishing the remaining chores, I was free so I thought of reading a magazine since Eve was out with her friends.


Anna heard a ring bell sidetracking her eyes from the cover she turned around. A girl was standing there wearing a loose shirt tucked in her skinny jeans and clutching on her backpack. She seems to be nervous because of continuous nibbling on her lower lip.

Anna's eyes twitched and she got up to see since it was almost noonday. Anna got up marching towards the main door where the girl was standing clasping the robes of her backpack. When she saw Anna, she respected greeted her.

"Who are you?" Anna asked the girl and the girl smiled nervously. Her doll-like eyes enlarged a bit and her heart-shaped pink lips curved into a slight simper.

"Hello, my name is Scarlett, I'm Eleanor's daughter. She works here as a head maid. Can I meet my mom please?" The girl asked humbly making Anna's heart go soft. She smiled nodding and let her inside.

"Sure why not, please come inside," She let the girl in, and the girl thanked her. Anna guided her to the living room and told her to sit down. The girl hesitantly took a seat there. She seems to be under the stress. She was nervous.

"How old are you Scarlett?" Anna asked to distract the girl's mind and the girl looked up with her innocent hazels.

"I'm 18," She replied softly.

"Oh! Such young you are, Btw Scarlett, what made you visit Miss Eleanor?" Anna asked staying humble and comfortable as much as she could.

"Actually today is the last day for the fee submission and after two days, my exams are starting. I asked mom to give me some money So I came here today," The girl explained in her soft tone.

"Oh okay," Anna said.

Understanding her problem, Anna quickly called Eleanor's name. A few minutes later Eleanor comes there seeing her daughter there, her eyes twitched.

"Scar, What are you doing here, sweety? You're supposed to be in your college," Her mom asked in a bewildered tone making the girl look upside. The girl stood up nibbling her lip.

"Mom, Today is the last day for the fee submission. You said that you will arrange money so I came," The girl said and Anna got the point of her being stressed. She can see a little glimpse of herself in the girl. A few days ago, she is also supposed to go to her grandma to ask for money to pay off the fee.

It reminds her of her college life.

"Oh sweety, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot," Eleanor said in an apologetic tone making the girl even more nervous.

"Mom, how could you?" The girl sighed not finding the words for what to say. She was feeling subdued and accented. Sadness was all over her face. On the other hand, Eleanor too was soo guilty for forgetting something so important and at the current time, she doesn't have a single penny in her account to give it Scarlett.

"Now how I'm supposed to sit in examinations?" Scar murmured in a defeated tone.

Anna was feeling the situation of the girl in front of her eyes. She can't let this happening with so sweet and innocent girl like her.

"Umm... If you don't mind Miss Eleanor, Please take some money from me, I think Scar needs it so badly. As today is the last day," Anna said to Eleanor but Eleanor quickly shook her head.

"No-No, Mrs. Miller, there is no need for this," She tried to say But Anna can clearly understand the situation.

"Please, Scar's exams are important, Please take some money from me and if you want then return it to me later when you got your salary, But for now, Scarlett's matter is much more important to you," Anna said humbly making Miss Eleanor sigh in defeat.

She nodded and a sigh of relief left Scar's mouth. She was so scared because of this and it made her mentally disturbed. Thanks to Anna, she will able to pay today.

Anna went upstairs to her room and comes back with some amount in an envelope and gave it to Scarlett making a relieved smile appear on her face.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Miller," Scarlett said.

"It's okay honey and best of luck," Anna said making the girl smile. She nodded and afterward took her to leave to go to her college.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Miller, I owe you now," Eleanor said.

"No need for this Eleanor please, You are also a part of our home," Anna said making a simper appear on Eleanor's lips and she thanked her for such honor.


It was already night and as Ivan promised Liam that he will take all of them out for dinner tonight, he left his office earlier to go mansion. He didn't even get time to tell Anna about his plans so he was in a little rush.

Today's meeting with Lindeman was complete chaos according to him. They didn't even deserve to be in partnership with Ivan Miller. So, Ivan said a big fat no to them making them back off.

His car's speed was over that he didn't get to know how fast he was driving. And a few minutes later, his car got hit by something making him snap out of his chaotic mind. He felt like if he hit someone by his car.

Ivan quickly comes out of the car to look at whoever he/she was. She was not so much hurt but just falls on the road due to the impact. He went kneeling down to the level. There was an old woman. The woman looked up and Ivan's eyes sparkled.


"I told you multiple times not to drive so fast," The lady said in disbelieve.

"I'm so sorry mom, But what are you doing here? please get up. Let me help you," He said helping the lady to get up made her sit inside his car, and drove off to the place where the lady has been living.


Ivan, the big bad leader. The dragon. He too has some secrets. One of which is that his mother Alice, is still alive. How did it happen? Only Ivan and his mother know this.

"You should be careful, and who told you to go outside like this?" He argued being disappointed with his mother's nature.

Alice chuckled shifting back on his bed leaning on the headboard when her son gave her medicines to drink. She's been living this for so many years.

"But it was your mistake too. I told you so many times not to drive too much fast," She said crossing her arms on her chest.

"I'm sorry, I was just a little bit stressed," He murmured hanging his head low.

"But it was either your mistake, I told you multiple times not to go out like this too, Why you don't listen to me?" He argued raising his head making the old lady chuckled.

"Thank goodness that it was me not someone else," He babbled sighing in relief.

"Okay sorry," his mother said gaining his attention. He simply nodded and said sorry back to her. It's been so many years since Ivan and his mothers are in contact with each other like this. No one knows that Alice is still alive.

Especially Ivan's father. He doesn't want to take any chance with his mother's life once again. All because of the person he hated the most.

"But why did you went out this late?" He summoned.

"Well, I went out to take a beautiful gift for my beautiful daughter-in-law, Since, I didn't get to see her yet, I want to see your wife soon," the lady said making a shine of sparkle appeared on his dark spheres. "I will think about it," his features remain emotionless. Like if he didn't get affected at the mentioning of 'her'

But deep down, he always feels his heartbeats going wild just by thinking about her. His heart starts performing like crazy. Why? he himself doesn't know. He didn't want to fall for Anna's beautiful allures. He just thinks of her like an infatuation, as a want, as a desire. He just wants to claim her as his at all cost.

But deep down, his heart never gives her the authority to hurt her, to claim her without her will, to make her his forcibly.

But he just doesn't want to think about it. Not at all. Love makes a person weak, mentally sick, and a loser. Love is a weakness. And, Ivan Miller doesn't have a single weakness. That's all

He just doesn't want to get himself into the feeling of love. He knows that it hurts. Loving someone hurts really badly.

And, he is extremely knowledgeable of this cognizance of getting hurt by love.

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