Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 17



After finishing the shower, I came back to my room feeling a little bit fresh because of the mild shower. It was already 8:00 pm the night but Ivan is still out. I don't know if he altered his plan or something different.

I usually don't have any sense about anything. He is distanced nowadays. It was unconventional but it's okay. I myself am not able to make any move. And why I'm even contemplating this? It was not what I wanted or what I'm supposed to think.

What's wrong with me?

Maybe, It's just a sympathy of mine towards him. He faced a lot in his life, in his past.

But still,

That doesn't mean I will forget what he has done with me and my family. He used my family and me. He is such a devil I never wanted to have in my life.

I hate him.

I only hate him.

I shook my head throwing my dumb thoughts on the side, I went to open the closet to find something good and decent to wear. It was kinda confusing for me.

What should I wear?

I don't have anything good to wear.

Oh god! I want to cry now.

Such a bad thing it is.

I shrugged looking down and opened another closet to see something good. My bad, I didn't found anything good exactly similar to my likes. It's so bad. I don't have anything.

I huffed looking down when I heard the door opening sound. I already know who was there. No one other than 'him'

He comes inside moving in my direction. His eyes were the same as always. Dark and emotionless. nothing was changed. But he seems as if he has something up inside his brain. I don't have anything related to do with it. But sometimes, his states make me wonder the things I'm not biased in at all nor I required to think about.

"Why aren't you ready yet?"

I heard his voice. Is he asking me? Of course, who else. We are just two in this room. Stop thinking like a dummy Anna. I turned around to look only to find myself gazing deeply.

His deep gazes are soul-piercing.

"Oh? I..I was just..."

Before I could say anything more he started taking his steps towards me. I swallowed my own saliva thickly. What is going on in his mind? I can't tell anything about this? But his closeness is something that really makes me feel apprehensive.

"Well, you're looking hot in this bathrobe,"

His words are making my throat dry. Where am I stuck I wanna run out now? Please, help me, someone.


Her steps automatically started going backward and forward with a big devilish smile on his face. Only he has the authority to blank anyone's mind with his devilish charms. He is a definition of what allure is but no doubt, he is not a definition of kindness.

Allures are not something she wanted.

She wanted kindness.

And, he is far away from all of this.

"I would like to peel that off," He whispered hoarsely over her ear making her heartbeats go wild. She was feeling as if her heart gonna jump out of her ribcage with his proximity.

"I..I need to go now," She tried to excuse and leave but he was fast to cage her between the wall and himself. His hands were resting on each side of the wall caging her. Her heartbeats become even wilder with this.

She was feeling as if she was caged in the devil's cage. Her mind went in blur completely and her throat went dried.

"If I am here, where else you have to go, sweetheart?" He asked playfully.

What's wrong with him?

he seems changed today.

Anna though finding the changes in his dark personality which seems to change with a playboy. But in Anyways he could change, that would just be a headache for the poor girl.

"You know, let's change the plan, I would like to have you instead of the dinner. After all, you are not looking less than any hot meal, I'm so glad that I found you,"

He whispered trailing wet kisses from her cheekbone to collarbone. Anna tucks her lower between her teeth not wanting to give any hope or hint but deep down, his touches were making her go wild.

Arghh! what's wrong with me?

She scolded herself at the dirty side of her mind. She is not like this, she calmed her brain tried to detach herself but he holds her by her waist making her stuck on her spot and placed his lips on her ones to kiss her. His holds tightened and he deepened the kiss.

His tongue was dancing in dominance. He was completely in the mood to devour her unmercifully. Every time he sees her, his devil wakes up making him do the things he has been desired to do with her. But every time, her soft innocent eyes caught the sight of this devil, he ends up stopping.

"You're making my mind go wild, Anna," He murmured kissing her soft milky white skin and making her tremble under his passionate touches.

She feels like heaven to him. Unforgettable paradise. A paradise which he never wants to come back to. A Paradise makes him feel different things he was never supposed to feel. She has something different and special. Her allures are so intoxicated. He would always be in a dream to claim her as his.

She quivered feeling his teeth have been grazing in her skin as if they would peel her skin off. It was harsh but hot at the same time. She was feeling goosebumps whenever he is near her.

"I..I need to go," She managed to breathe and ask this.

"You always forget that you are with your predator, wifey," He chuckled.

Her eyes twitched. She felt quivered. Her mouth was going drying. At all the cost, she just wants to get out of his intoxicated touches which makes her tremble and weird. They were wordless as so was she.

"I need to change, we are getting late," She finally said with a perplexed expression hoping that he would let her go. Ivan's expression finally changed again into a boring one and he pulled back. He seems as if he didn't want to but still he did.

"It's okay, we have a whole night," He winked playfully at her making her heart skip a bit.

He has boyish charms too?

She was flabbergasted but no doubt, her heart that felt a few weird things. This was a foreign feeling for her. She was definitely astonished.

"There is a dress for you in the box, you will wear this," He said making her look at the box that has been placed on the edge of the bed. A thin beam appeared on her face unknowingly. Without saying any other thing, he left for the bathroom leaving her alone and in space in order to change.

She exhaled her breath once he left. She was dumbfounded but impressed at the same time with his acts. They were not like before. They were utopic. As she wished. But God knows, till when it will last long. She sighed and marched towards the bed to pick the dress.

She opened the box only to find a beautiful decent blue dress reaching her knees. She liked the choice. It was perfect and appreciable that he chose something for her. But did he really? She thought.

Without wasting further time in overthinking, she started getting ready while he was showering.


All of them had their dinner delightfully in the VIP section as per Ivan's orders. Eve and Liam were enjoying except Ivan. His mind has running something else on. He didn't know if he should let Anna meet his mom. He never ever trusted anyone regarding his mom.

He doesn't want to lose her at any cost, once again.

His mind was playing games now. He doesn't even know Anna correctly. neither he is aware of what is going on inside her. He can't take up the risk to tell Anna about his real mother that she is still alive and insisting Ivan let her meet Anna.

But, he still didn't want to tell Anna anything till he will have complete faith in her. He is completely unaware of Anna's nature. He can't trust her. He has trust issues with everyone.

"Bro, what are you thinking?" Ivan's thoughts interrupted when Liam's voice gained his attention. He abruptly shook his head. "Nothing," He said and continued to have his meal. Anna was looking at him with doubtful gazes trying to observe him.

But once, his eyes shoot her soul-piercing gazes again, she quickly looked down re-joining Eve and Liam. Ivan chuckled at her reactions. He loved the way she gets scared likes a little puppy from a lion.

She has great charms in herself. But he doesn't know if he could trust her or not.

"Btw bro, I need to talk about something," Liam again gained their attention, and Anna and Ivan's eye contact broke making Anna come out of the utopia. She looked down gulping her water making Eve giggle.

"Hmm, go on," Ivan said continuing eating and so as others.

"We all know that how your marriage happened, So you know what I mean," He said in a doubtful tone making sure if his brother will not get angry. Ivan stopped eating putting the spoon back on the plate and looked at Liam making the younger's breath stop.

Lowkey all of them, is scared of this Dragon. Even Liam.


"I mean, I'm talking about Mom and Dad They are highly disappointed with you marrying suddenly without informing them," Liam said taking a sip of his wine calming his burning throat.

"So?" Ivan asked completely unbothered as if he has no relation with this.

"So, Mom and Dad want you both to come," Liam said.

"You know very well, It's not easy for me to go to leaving business alone, right?" Ivan said making Liam sigh.

"At least show them your face for once, It's been so long you've met them, They miss you," Liam said in a sad tone but there was no effect of Liam's words on Ivan's ice-cold heart. He seemed completely unaffected by this. It made Anna flabbergasted.

"I think Brother, you should visit them for at least one time," Eve suggested out of nowhere gaining his attention.

"I'm not interested nor I'm free, I have to go for shipment, next week," He declared as if it was his decision making both Liam and Eve shut their mouth.

"As you please, I just fulfilled my duty of telling you," Liam murmured and continued eating. All of this which was going on was completely out of Anna's mind. She wanted to know why Ivan didn't want to go and see his parents.

Eventho, Mrs. Miller is not his real mother, That doesn't mean he never ever pay attention to his family. The family theory was completely out of Anna's mind and she sighed continued eating with them.


"Why aren't you sleeping?"

Anna's breath hitched when she heard his deep voice. He opened up his eyes again for the third time just to see her still awake.

"Hmm? I..I, was just...."

"Find words first," He mocked making her shut. She frowned.

"Umm... If you don't mind, can I ask you something," Anna pleaded to gain his complete attention. He looked at her bewildered.

"Well, I don't give others, right to ask me, neither you. But go on, clear your doubt. I guess that's why you're still awake," He said making Anna frown again.

"Umm... Why didn't you want to visit your parents," She asked in a slow tone observing what his reaction would be and praying that he won't kill her for asking such a question. Ivan's jaw clenched and eyes darkened he glared at Anna making her breath hitch and throat went dried.

He sat up towering over her making her back off leaning on the headboard and she started trembling. Their faces were so close that she was able to feel his hot winey breaths.

"Please please, Don't kill me, I just asked. I'm so sorry if it affected you. Please spare me," She blabbered in hurry with her eyes shut tightly and hands joined because of a tremble. His close proximity always makes her feel weak.

"If you don't know anything then don't put your leg between this," He hissed on her face making her shiver and she nodded. He saw how much she was quivering and scared. Pulling himself back, he laid back on his spot closing his eyes giving Anna, her space.

When she felt his hot breaths were facing no more, she opened her eyes only to find him laying back. She sighed resting her palms on her chest and calmed herself down.

"I just asked this because you're their son. You supposed to visit them or maybe if they had something to tell you. What if they want to spend some time with you,"

"Please, don't get me wrong but what if they are willing to change the things for themselves... and for you too. Everyone deserves a second chance, Ivan. You should at least talk to them."

Anna said in a low honey-voice while fidgetting with her fingers. She just put out her opinion this time in front of him not even fearing, that he would do something with her. She always said out whatever her heart has.

She finished and waited for his reply with the hope that maybe, he will agree.

"Sleep, Anna"

What were the words she heard? Deep down she knew that he would definitely say something like this. It was predictable for her. It made her sad that how would she even think that her words would leave any kind of effect on him.

Anna shrugged off looking down in defeat and laid down covering herself with the cozy blanket and closed her eyes.

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