Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 18



The very next day, I got up early as per his rules. I took a warm shower and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. After preparing for breakfast, it was past 8 am and everyone will be here within some time so I found it better to place the breakfast at the dining table with Eleanor's help.

Eleanor was looking happy. So happy. Her wrinkles were clearly visible through her smiley face. it made me happy too. It's something really novel, that I find happiness in other's happiness too.

Eleanor, How's Scar's exams are going on?" I asked making her come out of her world. She smiled looking at me.

"They are going well, Mrs. Miller," She said.

"Oh! It's so nice that she's focusing without any obligations in her mind," I said.

"Yes, and she is expecting a scholarship this year, It will help her in graduation," She said.

"Oh really? It's so good to hear,"

"Yeah, I decided to took her and Nancy (Her younger daughter) out for dinner, tonight, as a present, I also decided that this time I will take my daughters for a vacation," She said.

"Oh wow, Both were gonna be so happy," I exclaimed.

"Yeah, But, I also had to ask Mr. Miller about this, I'm not sure,"

" He will agree, don't worry,"

"I hope so,"

It's so delightful to hear that everyone has to have a happy living and non of the obstacles are coming in their way. I'm happy for them.

"Good morning, sweetheart,"

I heard Eve's voice. She wished me and I wished her too. Soon Liam too comes out of his room but his eyes were still a piece of evidence that he is still sleepy.

"I swear If bro wasn't here, I would never wake up before 12," He whined like a kid, making me and Eve giggle at him. It's really nice that he obeys and follows Ivan.

Our giggles stop as soon we hear 'his' footsteps. He arrived and sat on his master chair as always both Eve and Liam wished him "Good morning, brother," He nodded "Morning," Ivan said in his usual tone.

I can tell for sure that he wasn't looking as if he is fine. Maybe, he is still thinking about last night. I didn't purpose to hurt him or his feelings. I just said what actually seems right to me. He should at least visit his parents for once. It will help them to build their relationship.

Ivan just doesn't want to listen, but I always see him craving for parental love. I can guess he ain't have a single wave of peace in his mind but he just doesn't want to follow his heart. His mind made him a stone-cold man.

He silently started eating his meal without any other delay. The atmosphere of the dining hall was thick. Even Liam and Eve can guess this really well. I can see them converting through their eyes. They must be theorising about their brother's mood.

I shrugged and sat down beside Eve after serving Ivan. We all started having breakfast after him. He was silent neither he said anything nor we. Actually, it's his life and his choice, if he wants to go to meet Mr. and Mrs. Miller or not. We can't even force him. He has his own issues.

"I need to finish my all work by the evening," We heard him saying. Finally, he spoke something.

"But why?" Liam asked.

"We are going to Boston tomorrow," He said making everyone bewildered.

(Boston, where his Mr. and Mrs. Miller are living in current years)


"Don't overreact," Ivan scoffed.

"I'm not, I'm just surprised. How did you?" Liam asked.

"I have my reasons for this,"

Ivan said in his deep voice and Liam nodded. They continued to eat after the little conversation. A slight smile appeared on Anna's lips hearing him which didn't go unnoticed by Ivan as well.

"Eleanor, I want you to take care of the mansion after me," Ivan said to Eleanor who has been standing there. A little confusion can be noticeable on her face and she looked in Anna's direction.

"Umm... Ivan, actually Eleanor is taking her daughters out tonight and they also decided to go on a few days vacation. So she has to leave by now, She was about to ask for this," Anna spoke in a medium tone unsure about his reaction. He nodded and said.

"It's okay, go, Peter and others are here," He said making everyone happy and pleased by his answer. A smile appeared on Eleanor's face and she thanked him.

"Thanks, Mr. Miller,"


Ivan left but forgot his phone on the table. Anna saw it and quickly pick it up running out of the dining hall to give him his cell.

"Ivan...." She yelled a little.

"Hm?" He turned around only to found her running before him. It gave him a slight foreign feel. He found himself starring at her. She was definitely looking like those wives who took care of their husbands and wished them bye before they leave for their work. He felt his heart skip a bit.

He closed his eyes groaning internally. 'stop it, you fucker, what are thinking, since when you started feeling like this about her,'

"You forgot this..." His scolding interrupted when she forwarded him his cellphone. He nodded taking it. He can she was happy. Her rosy lips were curved into a slight smile even tho, she was trying so well to hide it from him.

"Thanks for early," She said slowly in her honey-like voice which he always feels intoxicating.

"Don't think I did that for you, Just pack bags that's all, And try to touch my things, I will do it by myself,"

He spat making her smile disappear in just a millisecond. She nibbled her lower lip to not to broke in front of him with his harsh behaviour and nodded looking down. He left without wasting any other second on her.

She sighed pouting and went inside after he left. There was a lot of work for her to finish before going to their room and packing her bags.



Anna finished packing her bag. She didn't take too many things with her nor she needed. She sighed. She wasn't feeling like doing anything. She was feeling empty-headed. Feeling a little bit uneasy, she went to the balcony of the room to get some fresh ear.

She took a deep breath feeling the cool breeze on her cheeks thinking where she was standing alone. All alone.

No one was there for her.

No one is with her.

She is left all alone.

And the loneliness was eating her up.

She still has doubts about herself if she did correct by marrying a man like Ivan. Even Tho, she did it for her family but she has a little hope that he might start loving her or at least will behave like normal couples.

But it didn't happen.

When she was young, she always thought that her future man will be the king and she will be his queen. He will adore her, cherish her, and love her.

He will support her.

He will understand her.

And care for her.

But her all dreams end up shattering the day she met Ivan Miller. The destroyer of his dreams. The person who shattered her dreams like a piece of glass.

"Thinking about me, wifey?" her breath hitched the moment his deep husky voice filled in her ears. He was standing behind her. He entangled his arms around her waist and caged her while digging his face deep in her neck inhaling her intoxicating fragrance.

"I love your scent so much, it makes me feel calm," He whispered placing a soft kiss on the crook of her neck and her breath hitched again. His touches always bring goosebumps to her.

They ain't normal.

She was so clueless as well how could a man's touches leave that much effect on her.

"You have done packing?" He asked again bringing her out of her thoughts. Her silence was pricking to his ears. It's true that he always wanted a wife who will not use her tongue in front of him. But it always irritates him when he doesn't hear her voice.

It's a piece of music for his ears.

It pleases him.

" I did," She said making him chuckle. Finally, he got to hear her sweet voice. His music.

"I love your voice so much, sweetheart, It turns me on," He whispered again while sniffing her. She internally rolled her eyes at him. He sometimes is so annoying like the way he is being now. 'Why he always sniffs me like a dog-- Oh shut up, Anna, he is your husband, respect him," She mentally slapped herself.

"Did you said something?" His voice brings her out again "Huh? Umm... No, Nothing," She said making him enclose her in his arms again and he nuzzled his face.

'why he is trying to be a romantic retard when he was being a raging bull in the morning?' Anna mentally scoffed.

"Because of your intoxicating scent, baby," He said making her bewildered. "Huh?" She asked making him chuckle.

"Are you done packing?" He asked nuzzling his lips on her milky skin sending chills to her body. "Yes," She said. "And about mine?" He asked making her confused. She looked at him with doubtful eyes. "You didn't say to me to do so....." She tucked her lower lip completely forgot what to say.

"Do mine too,"

"Eh?" She asked but before she could get an answer, He already left the balcony leaving her confused as hell. She sighed and went inside too to do his bags while he went to take a fresh shower before sleeping.

'If he really wanted me to do his packings, he could have said earlier,'

She thought. But didn't mind it much and starts doing her work.




We finally left for Boston, I was so happy Since, Liam said that he will help me to explore the city and about Ivan, I can't say since he doesn't like this. He doesn't even know mine and Liam's plans for exploring the city.

Eve too wanted to come with us but at the last moment, she didn't because of the stupid project from her college so she had to go for it. Sometimes, I hate studies too. I know I'm a little naughty. It's okay.

It took only 1 hour for Boston with Ivan's private jet. Liam's seems to be so happy but Ivan was as usual as always. I sighed and closed my eyes to relax a bit. Till I hear Liam's voice.

"Finally we are here," He said I opened my eyes to look down only to gasp at the sight in front of me. The house was no less than Ivan's one and there too, bodyguards were standing all around the mansion.

These black hulks terrify me.

The mansions seem so calm and no doubt, it was beautiful as hell. A pure definition of nature.

I don't know why Ivan has cut his bond from this place. I heard that he left Boston a long ago to complete his studies in Australia and then handled all the empire on his own and settled down in New York.

We finally landed after some time and Ivan helped me out to climb down the jet. The guard bowed at us till then Liam too came. I don't know but I was nervous. I can feel it. My palms were sweaty and my throat was going dry. I looked at Liam nervously but he gave me reassuring look.

I smiled back, but from inside, I'm still not sure how Ivan's parents gonna react after seeing me. I already heard from Liam that they are disappointed and I don't want to make them more. I'm hella scared of how will they react and what will they do.

We went inside welcoming by a man in his late 50s. He was all dressed in black attire. His aura was dangerous and he was drinking his wine. I gulped when his eyes landed on us. He is probably Their father.

"Dad," Liam said in joy and marched towards his father. A smile crept on his father's lips seeing Liam and they both shared a hug. But his smile again disappeared once his eyes fell upon Liam and me. I don't know why, But I wanted to hide behind Ivan.

"I miss you so much," Liam said hugging his father and his father patted his back in pride.

"Miss you too, son. Now, finally, you're here, But you did something unexpected huh," His father said looking in my and Ivan's direction. I can feel Ivan's fists tightening and jaw clenching. I guess he is trying to control his anger.

His father took slow steps towards our direction while examining probably me from head to toe. I felt uncomfortable. "So, this is the girl you married," His father scoffed. Why? Is he mocking me.

"Well, she looks average," His father said. I can feel the tightness on Ivan's chest. He too probably didn't like his father's remarks over me.

"She isn't even that beautiful, I guess what you've seen in her that you decided to marry her," We heard a lady's voice. I looked behind where a lady in her mid-50s was standing. His aura was not less carrier than Mr. Miller. Probably she is Mrs. Miller. She has blonde hair reaching till her shoulders and was wearing a black dress reaching below her knees.

"I didn't find her attractive or impressive," Mrs. Miller scoffed. I tucked my lower lip between my teeth so as not to cry. I don't know that they will gonna give that bad remarks.

"Tell me you're gold-digger too. After all, all middle-class chicks like you dreamed to become a princess of a prince, so that they could get all their wealth," She scoffed looking down towards me.

Unknowingly my heart was aching. They think of me as a gold-digger. Every middle class isn't a gold-digger ma'am nor they dream to marry a prince. Some only wanted a little bit of happiness and to fulfill their family's wishes. That's all.

This? That's the mentality of higher-class people. They think of middle-class girls as gold-digger. That's all.

"Everyone is not like you, Mrs. Miller," I heard Ivan's voice. Did he just? Did he talk back? For me? I looked up at him bewildered only to find him shooting grateful glares at Mrs. Miller.

"IVAN!!!" She shouted.

"DON'T SHOUT AT ME," He yelled back. His powerful voice even made me flinch.

"It's my life and my decision, You and your husband are no one to decide who should I marry and who should I not," He gritted while looking at both of them with hateful gazes.

I can sense the tension was rising up. I can see the sadness on Liam's face. Is this what happens when they meet? I can see as if Liam already knows what will gonna happen once they will meet. I can see the regret in his eyes for bringing me and Ivan with him to Boston.

"I only came here because I have to discuss some past problems with Mr. Miller, So it will be better if you don't involve in my and my wife's personal life. DAVID, BRING OUR BAGS TO MY OLD ROOM, I will stay there," He said gripping my wrists and headed upstairs leaving all of them bewildered.

What just happened?

Is that how they treat each other?

Why he hates them that much?


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