Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 19


A lonely tear escaped from her eye and she wiped it quickly. She has been standing on the balcony for so long. It was already night here. She can't forget how Mrs. Miller again tried to mock Anna and Ivan being furious about this, brought her back to their room and they had their dinner in the room.

The silence was pricking in her ears but nowadays, it became her friend. Liam too came to their room after dinner and he wholeheartedly apologized to Anna for his mother's behavior. He was actually not expecting his mother to humiliate Anna that much.

He was bewildered with her guessing why she did that?

Tonight, Mrs. Miller called her a cheap middle-class girl who just abducted their son to get money and a luxurious life. That hurt Anna hard. They didn't even know that she was the one who was forced to marry Ivan.

But even after having a huge argument with Mrs. Miller in the noon, Ivan again argued with her on the same topic. By that time, Anna could see that Mrs. Miller's eyes watery as if she was hurt the way Ivan talks to her.

But Ivan could never treat her like a mom. For him, she was the woman who ruined his childhood and his family. All of him. He completely broke the day she entered Ivan's life. He was damaged beyond repair, ruined beyond restoration. And, Anna could see that.

Anna's breath hitched she felt hands on her waist. She turned around only to find him behind herself. He was looking at her with emotionless eyes. His aura was the same. frank and straightforward.

"Why are you standing here? Go to sleep," His chocolatic dark voice mixed with the air leaving her complex. She recollected her tone to speak to him. She knew she won't get to sleep till she actually gets to talk to him.

"I...Umm.. I wanted to say thanks for tonight," She finally murmured slowly as they were already standing in an ear-piercing silence at midnight. The moonlight which was mixing with her milk-white skin started sparkling her features.

She was looking like a moon goddess.

"Thanks?" He repeated, his tone vibrated from his throat giving her huskier vibes. He was standing close to her. His perilous proximity. That she can feel his hot breaths on her forehead. She frowned looking down fidgeting with her fingers. She doesn't what she was feeling.

She just wants to thank him for supporting her.

For standing for her.

By her side.

"Yeah, tonight you stood for me on the dining hall and also, in the noon, for me," She said earning a throating scoff from her which made her bewildered. He took a step further towards her making her back off and she leaned on the balcony.

"You think I did that for you?" He asked.

He was just inches away from her. His face was perilously close to hers. She was gulping looking at his shining blue eyes which were sparkling under the moonlight. He was looking like a demigod. A definition of allure.

Anna's heart skipped and she looked down at what she just thought about him. Since, when she started feeling like this. It was not in her mind. But sometimes, her eyes really overtake some valuable but underrated things like his allures.

His is so alluring but his fascinations are covered with his coldness.

His restrained self.

The way he shows that he doesn't really care but in actuality, he did.

"I did that for myself," He let out a throaty chuckle gaining her brown hazels on himself once again. She was wordless at his sentence but confused too.

He chuckled seeing how naive she is to understand everything or anything that he actually does and the real reason for doing so. he brought his right hand up to her face tucking a soft loose strand behind her ears which were blocking her angelic face for him. He gave a caress to her cheek to her soft cheek with his rough thumb.

She is soft and smooth, he is rough and hard.

She is like healing days, he is like piercing nights.

She is like a pleasant light, and he is gloomy darkness.

She was allaying water and he was a burning fire.

They are completely opposite of each other. There was no way for him that she could ever be able to unite with him. He can't think of this. But whenever her angelic face comes into his vision, his every limit of termination gives up.

He chuckled at her naiveness when she gave him her puzzled look. She is like a naive doll and every time, deep down his heart tenses when he breaks the hopes of this doll. But, he can't go easy on her. He doesn't esteem someone easily.

It takes life to earn Ivan Miller's trust.

"I did this because she was judging my choice, my pick. And, I don't like it when someone questions my preferences, the pieces I select for myself. And, you're one of them," He said making her face change into a sad one. But, deep down she expected him to say something like this.

She knew he doesn't relish her. And he never will.

She is exactly like for him what he just said. A piece for him. A choice. A selection. A thing.

She didn't mind it tho, She knew she can't change him and his panoramas. It's his life and his choices. Her brown hazels filled with a sort of saltwater but she didn't let it fall off.

"It's late and I'm going to sleep. Come whenever you want. I don't have any objection," He declared shoving his hands back in his pant's pockets and went inside the room. His eyes were still surrounding her alone figure in the balcony.

No doubt, he again made her sad. But, why does he need to care? He doesn't have to do anything related to this.

He took off his shirt throwing on the couch and remained only in his sweatpants because of the warm temperature. After putting his devices onto charging, he climbed up to the bed laying down closing his eyes. But he could feel she was still standing there which was not even letting him sleep.

He closed his eyes but sleep was nowhere in his eyes till he won't satisfied that she is inside. Finally, after some minutes, he heard the door of the balcony was sliding and she came inside with slow steps. She settled herself slowly beside him thinking he probably gonna disturb him.

He let out a slow chuckle once she was beside him. Now he could sleep.


Anna was walking downstairs in the hallway wandering the mansion when she found Mrs. Miller was engaged in some kind of work. She found her struggling with some sheets and vases so she went there to help her out.

"Umm.. Mrs. Miller," She asked politely gaining her attention. Mrs. Miller looked at her emotionlessly.

"What?" She asked as if she was completely annoyed by Anna's presence. Anna forced a smile trying to sound normal.

"Can I help you? If you don't mind?" Anna asked politely making her scoff first. She looked at Anna emotionlessly making her feel awkward.

Anna was well aware that recently, maybe it was not possible for the family members to accept her but she is willingly trying to win the elder's heart. But it was seeming as if Mrs. Miller just don't want to even see her face.

Every time, Anna was near her, she felt completely pester.

"No need for this, I'm capable of doing my work by myself," Mrs. Miller spat without any emotion making Anna taken aback at her words. It was kinda inconvenient but she didn't mind it and nodded leaving gracefully doesn't want to bother her more.

Anna sighed she felt dried and throaty so she went to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for herself. She saw her father-in-law has been sitting on the couch. His eyes were glued to the newspaper with glasses on his eyes.

Anna politely reached there and wished him. "Good morning, Mr. Miller," She asked politely gaining his eyes on herself. He nods and glued his eyes back on the newspaper. Her smile fades away a little noticing how the members don't really like to talk to her.

She shrugged off and walked away going towards the kitchen direction where she found David Uncle, the head servant of the mansion. He noticed Anna's presence which made her smile awkwardly.

"Dear, Do you need something?" He asked Anna politely at which she smiled.

"No Uncle, I just came to make a coffee,"

"Should I make you a coffee dear?"

"No, It's fine please, I will do it by myself,"

Uncle David nodded giving her a reassuring smile and continued with his work. Anna went to the counter to search for a mug and caffeine. She started making a coffee for herself while Uncle finished preparing the salad and went out of the kitchen to serve salads to Mr. and Mrs. Miller.

She was busy preparing her coffee when someone boomed on her earn from behind.


"Oh My god! Please, don't kill me, please," Anna screamed covering her eyes and ears because of the fear that intakes her. She opened her eyes when heard some laughing. It was Liam. She exhaled her breath. She just got a heart attack because of Liam's childish tactics.

"OMG! Hahaha!" He laughed his hands placed on his chest to control his breath which was out because of perpetual laughing. His jaw started hurting because of laughing.

"You scared me. Is that funny?" She frowned turning back to the counter to do her work.

"I'm so sorry sweetie, but I have to admit that your face was so funny," He said out laughing and Anna frowned again.

"Seriously, you act like a scared puppy," he said laughing.

"enough of making fun of me," Anna pouted gaining Liam's attention and he controlled his laugh.

"I'm not. I was saying that it is adorable you know, sweetie. brother is lucky," He said and she frowned. 'Only if you know how actually he is,' Anna scoffed internally and a quick flashback of last night flashed in her mind.

"Btw, I'm here to ask, do you wanna explore the city with me, sweetie, I'm pretty free today," He offered and she gasped in surprise. Excitement took all over her. She didn't go anywhere for so long. And, not to wonder, she wanted to go out so badly so that she could get a tiny change from her life.

But soon her smile disappears away when Ivan's emotionless face comes in front of her vision.

I have to ask him first. What if he gets angry?'

She thought making Liam confuse for a minute wondering what she was thinking.

"what happened? Are you coming or not?" he asked snapping her out of her world. And she looked at him with anticipated eyes.

"Oh okay, then what's the matter? Call him and ask," He said as if this was nothing but for Anna, it was feeling like dealing with the storms. She gave him a fake smile nodding and he nodded taking her mug of coffee and went out.

How I'm guessed to ask him? What if he gets angry? What if he said no?

She asked nibbling her lower lip between her teeth wondering but took a deep breath. She forwarded her hand to reach the coffee but found nothing. She looked outside where Liam's figure disappear some seconds ago.

"LIAM, YOU TOOK MY COFFEE THAT'S NOT FAIR," she yelled but he left laughing "Sorry sweetie," He yelled back and left the kitchen taking sip of her coffee. She sighed and reached for another mug.


She took a deep breath before dialling his number on the main telephone in the mansion. Her heart was bomabrding with every ring of the telephone. She rubbed her palm on her chest and calmed her breaths that's when his husky voice reach on her ears.


"I..Ivan?" She asked in a slw tone giving him the idea that it was 'she'. But he was wondering why she called him.


"I..i uh.. I actually called to ask you for something,"


"I want your permission for something,"


"Liam and I decided to go out today, Can I go out to see the city with him?" She asked in a slow yet sweet tone that made him chuckle. How she has cute tactics to plead someone for something. Her cutesy pleads soften his heart sometimes and he himself is unaware of the state he is in because of her.

"Pleaseee..." She again asked with crossed finger with other hand. Hoping for the positive answer. She didn't had the courage to ask him first. But she knew, he can't kill her for something like this. But it was just a fear in her heart that what if he didn't permit her and say 'no' to her wish.

"Ok," Her eyes widened in surprise. He actually permitted her to go out with Liam. She can explore the city. She can enjoy her moments. She can get some happiness for herself. She can go outside.

"Really?" She gasped almost jumping in happiness.

"Why didn't you believed? Should I take my words back?"

"No-No-No, I was... just.... umm Thanks,"


He said hanging and she finally exhaled her breath and jumped clapping her hands like a child.

It was the first time she is going outside after her marriage. And also, it was the first time she was collecting some happiness and delights for herself after her marriage. She ran towards their room and did a dance while jumping. There was no limit of her happiness today. She was so happy as if a child got his/her favorite toy.

Finally, I'm gonna live my life today.

She thought giggling and went to get ready unaware that something big was waiting for the poor girl that might put her in something unexpected.

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