Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 2

Everything turned cold and dark. After Nick's funeral, their relatives left. Anna becomes like a body a without soul. After all, her father was her motivator, her strength, and her everything. Family comes first for her in all ways. No matter what.

But Anna's mind was not leaving the flashback where her father was trying to say something. She was still awake with that thing but didn't get what he actually wanted to say.

Anna sighed and put the food on two plates as she can't let her grandma and brother hungry. She is also worried about their health and she is the only one who is after them even when her father left them.

"Alan, Grandma, Please eat something," She said softly while taking a seat beside them.

"I don't want to," Alan said turning to the other side closing his puffy eyes. Anna sighed to face both of them.

"Listen, If you both won't eat how will you both gonna be strong. Remember, what Dad told us, 'don't be sad no matter in what circumstances we are in' Right?"

She said and Alan nodded. She smiled pecking his forehead and made him eat something since the little boy didn't eat anything for almost 24 hours. She made both grandma and Alan eat and gave them medicine before putting them to sleep for some time.

After putting them to sleep Anna went to her room to complete her assignment. She was doing her assignment when she got a call from Shawn. She picked up.

"Hello?" She vocalizes slowly.

"hows granny and Alan," He asked and Anna sob but hide her emotions.

"They are sleeping now," She said.

"Hmm okay"

"Where are you?" Anna asked.

"I'm with boss." He said.

"Oh okay," she said.

"Okay, I'm hanging. Bye," he said and hang up. Anna sighed in defeat and continued doing her work.


"Here it is. The CD" Shawn said giving a file and a CD to a man in pure black with a master hat on his head.

The man smirked taking the file from Shawn and patted his shoulder. Shawn smirked too.

"I guess what Ivan will do now," The man said blowing his cigarette.

"You know Shawn, you are an intelligent man. And you use your mind very well. I'm so proud of you" The man again said making Shawn smirk in pride. He nodded.

"Mr.Peter, My money" Shawn forwarded his hand for the money and Peter nodded.

"Yeah sure, here it is" He forwarded him a bag full of currencies. Shawn smirked leaving from there.

He went out of the building starting his car's engine and starts driving to his another to his destiny.

Firstly, Shawn went to his apartment to place his money safely in his bedroom and then again come out driving to Miller's.

Shawn was playing a double game. One with Peter and the second with Ivan not knowing the fact how much trouble he will get if Ivan fine out about his betrays.


"Where the hell is Nick?" Ivan shouted in frustration slamming his fists on the table. For the past some days they were trying to contact Nick but he wasn't answering.

It was really frustrating for Ivan when his men didn't answer. Also when Nick took a money loan from Ivan in the name of her daughter's wedding preparation, Nick's presence matter for Ivan. He can't let go of a person who is loaded with his debts. The person needs to pay first.

Eventho, Nick was their trustworthy man. But still, Ivan doesn't like to take chances at any cost. That's what he had learned in his whole life.

"Boss, actually we tried to call Mr. Nick again. But there was no answer" One of his men said and Ivan closed his eyes controlling his anger.

"The fuck! Did he finish doing the work I told him to" Ivan asked in anger?

"We don't know about it" His men replied.

"I'm not paying you guys for doing nothing got it. Contact Nick and tell him to visit me soon" Ivan said darkly making his blue eyes shine in the light of his cabin.

"Yes, boss," His man said and left the cabin.

Ivan slammed his fist on the table in frustration. It always becomes hard for him to control his anger since he has anger issues. He gets angry easily on anything which he didn't find correct.

For the past 13 years, he was living like this. His emotions died a long ago when his mom left him. Why? He himself didn't know. He actually got to know that there was no one to love him. No one.

He took a sip of his wine till then his phone started ringing and to his surprise, it was none other than his brother. Liam.

"Yeah," Ivan said in his usual deep tone.

"Hey bro. what's up!" A happy Liam screamed making Ivan chuckle a little.

"Nothing. As usual. You say. How's your work going?" Ivan asked taking another sip of is wine.

"don't ask. It's a headache. Seriously" Liam sighed making Ivan chuckle.

Eventho, Liam is his step-brother. They never lived like ones. For Ivan, Liam is his shadow. And for Liam, Ivan is his motivator. Both brothers shared the same types of aura. A dark and ruthless aura. The difference is that Liam hides it in his charming face with Playboy's personality and Ivan doesn't hides anything. He lives the way he is.

"I know you are working hard. Did you solved the land matter with Sebastian?" Ivan asked deeply making Liam chuckle.

"Dude. I know how much that land important to you and you want it at any cost. Don't worry, I've solved your problem" Liam said proudly and Ivan knitted his thick black eyebrows together.

"How?" Ivan asked testing the younger one.

"I throw him in the lion's cage. He wasn't getting ready. So I simply gave him the treat." Liam said as if it was not something new for them.

"Good." Ivan said chuckling feeling the pride at the younger.

"I will send you the papers," Liam said and Ivan nodded.

"Hmm," He said hanging the call throwing the phone on the table, and leaning back on his master chair while closing his eyes.

Ivan heard a knock on his cabin. "Come in," He said and the door got opened revealing Shawn.

"Mr. Miller, here are the files you asked for," Shawn said handling him some files.

"Shawn, where is Nick btw. He isn't answering the calls too" He asked.

"Actually Mr.Miller, Mr. Grayson is no more," Shawn said making Ivan got shocked.

Nick Grayson was one of the most trustworthy men in Miller's empire.

"Oh, Are his family members find," Ivan asked.

"Yeah they are a little better than before," Shawn said.

"If I am not wrong, you are marrying his daughter. Right?" Ivan asked knitting his thick eyebrows together again and Shawn nodded.

"Yeah. well actually"

Ivan smirked getting up from his master chair. He went towards Shawn with hands in pocket stands in front of him. Ivan smirked patting Shawn's shoulder.

"Good luck," He said leaving Shawn alone. Shawn sighed as he just got scared for one second as if his whole truth was in front of Ivan. But he still didn't have any fear of Ivan.



"Hi," Anna said smiling while sitting inside Shawn's car who was playing with the steering.

"Did you finished buying your gown?" he asked and she nodded.

Today, they both went out for their marriage ceremony shopping. After Anna's father's death, Grandma wanted Anna to get married to Shawn as soon as possible. She is worried for her grand-daughters future and she wanted him to be safe at all cost.

Yet Anna was not so much confident upon her marriage with Shawn but she agreed because it was her father's wish. And she wanted her family members to be happy at all cost.

Shawn was a guy with a strange personality yet she can't bring herself to like him but still was marrying him. And, now her grandma is saying to get them married as soon as possible.

"Btw, Where were you last night? I called you multiple times but you didn't pick up" Anna said softly playing with the hem of her shirt.

The thing of Anna questioning him make him furious and he slammed his fists on the steering making Anna flinch. She Awakens by his behavior.

"How many times I have to tell you not to interrupt in my business" He shouted making Anna flinch. She looked down in fear. This wasn't the first time, Shawn was behaving like this with her. He always does but Anna didn't tell about it to anyone.

"I'm sorry" She stutter and looked down. Shawn took a deep breath getting close to Anna.

"Anna, listen. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have scolded you." He said.

"No it's okay" She said shaking her head.

"I'm sorry baby. Please forgive me. I was in the club because of Boss's work. I'm sorry."

He said caressing her cheeks. He leaned even more closure tried to capture Anna's lips but she quickly turned to the other side detaching herself from him making him furious but he controlled himself this time.

"Please, Not this," Anna said stuttering, and Shawn pulled himself back on his seat.

"Now, I can't even kiss my fiancee. Wow," Shawn said in a sarcastic tone and Anna shake her head quickly.

"No Shawn, It's not like that. I just... I was feeling uncomfortable" She said innocently hoping that he would understand her.

"What the fuck is wrong in this. Am I forcing you? We are about to get married, Anna" He said in a furious tone.

"No Shawn, Try to understand. I need some time. That's all" She said in a convincing tone and Shawn shake his head glaring at her.

"We are about to marry Anna. Still, We didn't even kiss yet" He again said in a sarcastic tone.

"Try to underst-" Anna tried to say something but he cut her sentence in the mid.

"Whatever, It late. Let me drop you home" He murmured to himself rolling his eyes and Anna looked down in pity.

She knew that they can kiss but still Anna was unable to bring herself for this. She herself didn't know why she didn't feel comfortable in his touch even tho he is her fiance.

She sighed and Shawn drove off to Anna's house.
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