Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 20



I loved the way she becomes a little puppy while talking to me. I never knew my actions has those deep affections on her mind. But the little puppy has her own ways. I guess, she maybe got ideas of convincing me.

And I know the reason behind this too.

That damn Liam.

I know he is the only one who can tell her all of this about me. She doesn't have any other paths to get the pieces of knowledge for this. That damn Liam is being her tutor.

"Mr. Miller?"

My thoughts interrupted when I heard a voice. I nodded sitting straight after adjusting my shirt.

"Here are the documents you asked for," Mr. Bell said handling the files I asked for. The file has the data of the biggest don records all over the world. I need to check upon these So that I could get any information about Noel.

Noel Walker

That damn Lucifer.

Since he is now back in New York, I can't take chances on my activities. And I know, he will definitely gonna find ways to fight back. After all, our enmity is really very old. Even if I'm currently in Boston. But I can't forget the malicious acts he has been doing. No doubt, the man has something definitely going on in his discerning brain.

"Okay, Mr. Bell, I will take looks at them, Btw, have you talked to Mr. Smith?"

"Yes sir, I called him. He said that he is working on his way to New York,"

"Okay, you may leave,"

Mr. Bell nodded before leaving the cabin. It's been a long since I came office here in Boston. I know Liam is enough for handling everything here. So, there is no need for me to worry about anything.

Liam handled everything pretty well. He is following my lead and He is making me proud of himself. Not only this, I know he is capable of handling everything in the case, something happens to me in the future. I'm not worried about this at all.

Alfredo (Mrs. Miller's younger brother) is also working on his missions. I know he will soon come out with the new bullshits of his. Eventho, I personally never liked him because of being Mrs. Miller's sibling. But we can't bring our personal matters into our business. And not to forget, Alfredo Dawson had been a right hand in the past during Mr. Miller's time.

But the fact, that he is also one of those who are responsible for the things that happened in my life. Everything changed the day these Dawson siblings entered Miller's life. One tried to keep hands on the business and the other on the boss.

It can't change the fact that Alfredo Dawson always remained the best advisor for Mr. Miller when the empire was under his control. He did a great work of ruling over Mr. Miller's mind to take control of everything. But he knew that too that Mrs. Miller will never give him the keys to rule and that's why he decided to part his ways from Mr. Miller.

Alfredo was always well aware of this because he knew that Mr. Miller never gonna hand him the things when I am and Liam are present in this world. And, that's the reason, he is still trying hard to get control of the things I rule on.


Only in his dreams.


My thoughts interrupted with my cellphone ring. I know who is calling tho. It was Chris. And, I can clearly tell the reason too. After all, I handed him a big responsibility before coming to Boston.


"Uh oh! You remembered me, Dragon?" he said in a sarcastic tone.

This fucker never gonna change.

"shut up and get to the main point," I tried to sound stead and he scoffed.

"Your sister is being a pain in the ass,"

"Language," I growled.

"Sorry," I heard him mumbling.

I know that Eve is going too high nowadays but as a brother, I can't hear inappropriate things about my sister from anyone else's mouth. I would like to chop that tongue instead. Even if the person is none other than this fucker friend of mine.

But the fact is, I can't trust anyone else regarding my sister when I am out made me tolerate this damn brat. I knew that he will keep her secure even if it takes to his life. And that's what made me handle him, Eve's responsibilities.

"But, Ivan I swear I'm gonna smack this girl's head if she didn't listen to me. She freaking started a fight with his professor yesterday and didn't even listen to me or once. And you know what? She kicked him on his balls,"

My forehead raised in pride hearing my little sister's new stunt. I know that his professor had definitely up down and that's what made her temper lose. Eve is not the type of girl who loses her temperament easily. It takes worth to understand her and she has really very good tolerance power.

And if she did something like this, then there must be some reason.

"Principal wants to discuss this with you. He has been asking for this for the last 2 days," Chris said.

Another bullshit!

I closed my eyes so as not to explode. Seriously, Eve's acts took so much capacity to be handled. Even tho, I trained my sister well to be stood in front of these kinds of situations. But this time, I don't know who is guilty. Plus, It's the last year of graduation for her. And I don't want her to be stuck in any kind of nuisance. A small

"I will see him once I will be back," I informed him.

"Okay, I'm hanging,"


He hanged the call and I leaned back on the armchair resting my head backward. I closed my eyes to relax a bit from all the things which are going around.

A scanty spring of silence sweeps through my brain easing me but it also didn't stop for too long when my mind went into another topic.


How could I forget I gave her permission to go out today.

Is she back or not?



After visiting Museums and doing shopping. I and Liam ate in a restaurant. As it's always a big deal for me to resist my hunger, Liam brought me to a nearby restaurant. I can tell by his actions that he is such a sweetheart.

Then why not Ivan?


My thoughts interrupted when I heard Liam's voice. He was looking at me with doubtful eyes probably guessing what is roaming inside my mind.

"Uh yes?"

"What happened?"

"uh, nothing,"

"Then why you are not eating?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sorry," I smiled awkwardly taking another bite of my food. Liam nodded and get himself back to eat and so did I.

We finished our meal within some minutes and he paid for the bill. We still had a lot to explore. It all was so great. Liam brought me to really great museums and parks.

"You know, it's said to be one of the best and nice places to visit. People often came here with their families. They like to enjoy in this peace,"

Liam informed me when my eyes were roaming capturing the beauty of the parks. I nodded looking at how many families were present there. Kids were playing football and so on.

"Didn't you come here with your family?" I asked. I can tell the slightest grief that covered his eyes and he looked down. Maybe, my question hurt him.

"Dad and Mom never, But I and Brother used to come here sometimes, We used to play football here. Whenever my mood was off. Brother always brought me here,"

Liam said with a slight beam on his lips. My eyes were wide than my mouth by that time. I can't believe Ivan always used to come here. I never found him so open. But I guess that's only because Liam is his brother.

"Then why not now?" I interrogated.

"Well, after Brother left for Australia, Everything changed. I also got busy with my studies and after coming back from Australia, he took everything into his own hands which made him separated from us even more,"

Liam explained. I saw grief in his voice by the end of the sentence. I can tell that everyone in the family wants the old Ivan back. But why he is separating himself from them.

It's okay if he didn't like his stepmother but why his father? What they had done to him made him like this. Why he never listens to them neither talk with them?

"Anyway, leave it. Do you wanna eat Ice-cream?" he shrugged off changing the topic and I nodded. Cause, I myself don't want to spoil his mind. Poor guy has gone through a lot.


"Okay then, You just wait here. I will be right back within some minutes," he said with a smile and I nodded. He left afterward and I sat down on the bench seeing the kids who were playing in the garden. It feels nice to see them happy.


Liam went out of the park to buy two Ice-creams when his phone started ringing bringing him back to earth. The guy groaned taking out his phone when his eyes twitched in surprise yet confusion.

He saw someone's caller ID he never expected to see. His heartbeats increased a bit and he licked his dried lip before answering his call.

"What?" he asked but the next moment, he found his heartbeats going down when he heard a whimpered voice that made his heart discard deep down in his stomach.

"L..Liam, I..I'm in"



Anna frowned while looking down. She started fidgeting with her fingers feeling boredom. It's been more than half-hour but Liam was still nowhere to be seen.

"Did he went to buy ice cream or to make ice cream?"

She murmured to herself shrugging off her shoulders. Her mind started thinking bad. She was getting nervous because he still didn't come back. It's almost started getting darker and the park is also about to close soon.

She again picks her phone up with her shivering hands and tried Liam's number for another time. But the same response as before was given to her. The network is out of support.

Her heart started thumping inside her ribcage. She was left all alone. And most importantly, where is Liam? Did something happen to him? Why he wasn't answering the calls. She made her mind to call Ivan but the next second, she dropped her phone back because of Ivan's angry facial expressions which filled in her mind.

She was unable to gather the courage to call him.

Then what she was supposed to do?

She didn't even know anyone here. Knowing anyone was so far, she didn't even know the roads of Boston. She was completely unaware of this city because she never came here before. And on top of all of this, she was left alone.

She looked up at the sky which was now, completely engraved in the darkness filled with some stars as the moon started to shine in the middle. It made her heartbeats increase even more than before.

"Ma'am, It's time to close the garden,"

She heard the watchman saying this to herself who was looking at her with confused eyes. She licked her dry lips and nodded forcing a smile but the watchman could tell that she was having some kind of problem. The watchman was looking at her with creepy eyes as if he is some kind of wolf.

"Are you fine ma'am?" The watchman asked gaining Anna's attention. She wanted to tell him but she can't even trust a single person when she was left all alone also, her heart was not permitting her to disclose her problem to the creepy watchman. So she simply shook her head and got up with her bags.

"No, I'm fine," The watchman gave her a confused look but then nodded. Anna took her trembling legs out of the park with some difficulty. She took her cellphone to dial the number again but poor soul ends up groaning because her phone was already dead.

"Oh no! What I'm supposed to do now?"

"Where are you, Liam?"

The tears of fright started brimming in her eyes. She started walking alone on the creepy road in the dark night. No one was catching her eyes so that she could ask for help.

Her head was becoming chaos. She was feeling afraid on the empty roads and dark nights. And on top of that, her phone's battery was dead.

What should I do now?

God please, help me.

She started feeling weaker by heart as it was going crazy. She sat down on the side of the road as the tears were flowing down on her cheek. She was waiting for just a little help So that she could reach safely to the mansion.

When she found a car coming in her direction. She didn't give much attention to the car but not for so long when the car stopped in front of her bringing out someone, she never expected.

"Mrs. Miller?"


Liam finishes every formality of the hospital and went towards the ward where someone superior to his, was admitted. His eyes narrowed towards the girl who has been laying on the bed for some hours. She got up trying to sit once, she noticed Liam's presence but ended up yelping in pain because of her broken knee.


She winced but he was fast enough to hold her by her elbow.

"Damn girl, who told you to get up," Liam gritted through his teeth. The girl gulped in nervousness. She could tell that how angry he was seeing her like this. And no doubt, she was truly sorry for this.

But the tensions which were going between them for the past some months made her like this. That today, she ended up on the hospital's bed.

"I was feeling bored," The girl said pouting and shrugged off her shoulder looking down. Liam rolled his eyes looking at her tactics. No doubt, he always loved her tactics but currently, he wanted to hit her head.

"Here, drink this," he said forwarding her the glass filled with liquid medicine and the girl made a weird face.

"I won't. It's so bad and tasteless. I will die if I drink this."

"You will also die if you won't. So just shut up and drink this." Liam spat making the girl frown.

The girl huffed looking down and took the glass from Liam's hand and sip it down in one go buttoning her nose. She made some weird face which made him chuckle but he was the way quick to cover his expression before she could see them and maintained his cold expression.

"Why you've done this?" He finally asked making the girl look up at him.

"Because you were not talking to me," She frowned looking away. Liam was on the verge of exploding till now. Now, the girl was blaming him that he wasn't talking to her whether she was the one who didn't answer his calls.

"Who? Me? It's you who is being an ignorant brat," he spat crossing his hands on his chest and the girl looked away with a scowl on her face.

"Okay, I'm sorry," She said with puppy eyes making Liam scoff.

"Pfft, I'm not taking this useless piece again," Liam grimaced making the girl pout.

"Hey, why are you being so eminent nowadays. Just because you're the only boy I give my attention to doesn't mean you will get that bullshit attitude of yours,"

"Whatever," He scoffed and the girl looked at him with furious eyes.

"Okay then, I'm going to Dave," She said making his eyes wide and he holds her jamming her on her spot before she could make another move.

"Do you want me to kill you?" He gritted as the jealousy and anger were clearly visible on his face and tone that his eyes darkened. The girl smiled at her tiny victory and winked at him. He pulled back sitting on the edge of the bed again with a grimace.

"Thanks for coming," The girl said gracefully.

"Why? Do you supposed me to leave you?"

"Pff~ I know you will not let me die," The girl said with a smug smile on her lips. As if she has complete confidence in herself with her words which she actually has.

They stayed with each other for some time. Liam's heart dropped the moment he got to know that his girlfriend was in the hospital after she was caught up in a road accident. Not only this but the silly girl ends up fracturing her leg.

They were having fights for the past few months that he just stopped calling her but when he heard that she was in problem, he was unable to stop himself from coming to her. His whole world stays in the girl.

She is the love of his life.

"I would say, that now you've become a handicapped person. I'm not gonna marry you," The girl widens her eyes at his statement while he was trying hard to suppress his laugh. She quickly smacked his shoulder.

"Don't make me kill you," She glared and he chuckled.


Their moment disclosed a moment Liam's phone started buzzing and he answered without seeing the ID.


"Where are you both?" Liam's eyes widen hearing his big brother's voice which eventually brought him back to earth. His senses knocked on his brain. And he remembered about.


"Liam? It's late. When will you be here?"

"Brother... I..I.. Anna.."

he was finding the words to continue but his tongue was not supporting. His lungs knocked out. He was feeling like hitting himself for being so irresponsible.

"Liam, Where are you? Where is Anna? Give her phone, I have to say something to her," Ivan asked making the younger's heartbeat going abnormal. Liam ran his fingers on his dark thick hair. His girlfriend looked at him in wonder not finding the answers for what got in him.

"Brother, Anna is not with me," he finally let out making a tight breath knock on Ivan's chest. He closed his eyes to be calm and for sure, he doesn't like when Liam plays his stupid games with him.

"What do you mean?" he asked trying to sound calm even tho, the limit of his patience was giving up slowly.

"Brother, I..I'm sorry, I left her in the garden because I caught up in some work," Ivan's chest tightened and his eyes widened. His jaw clenched and his hands fisted in anger hearing those irresponsible words from his younger brother.

Today was the day he has been feeling proud of his younger brother for everything and today his younger brother disappointed him. Not only disappointed him but proved him so wrong.

"Liam, HOW COULD YOU BE SO DUMB?" Ivan growled in anger giving up on his limits as his anger was knocking on his veins. "Liam, if something happened to her then you're dead. Mark my words," Ivan gritted making The younger's blood dried. he knew that he has been at fault for being so irresponsible when he was the one, who brought Anna out. "Brother, I.. I.. I'm on my way back to park,"

Liam said hurriedly. Not finding any other way. He ran out of the ward leaving the girl in confusion. Whereas the patience completely gave up on Ivan and he left the office to find Anna. He knew that anything could happen with her. and he can't take risks. Also, after what Liam had done. His mind became a complete mess. All he wants is now a single hint so that he could reach her.

Please be safe, Anna

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