Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 21


Anna looked up at the man who was standing in front of her with confused eyes. He was probably trying to analyze the condition or problem hers. A slight hope comes back in her heart when she comes to see the face of the man.

Because she already had met him.

"Mr. Walker?"

she murmured. The man comes towards herself and kneeled down to her level with doubtful eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

Noel inquired with concern. No doubt, he was so astonished to see Anna here. Also, when she now the wife of one of the biggest mob bosses in this country. And witnessing her like this made him bewildered.

"I..I got lost," Anna murmured looking down and Noel looked at her with an unbelievable expression. He was finding it hard to believe.

"You got lost here? And, where is Mr. Miller?" He tried to inquire and Anna frowned.

"I came here with Liam. And I got lost," She sniffed on her tears.

"And where is Liam?" Noel asked with his eyes wandering the surrounding probably to search for Liam.

"H..He d..didn't come back," Anna said nervously as opening the truth in front of someone whom she doesn't even know correctly made her a little uncomfortable but can't standing up with the situation, she doesn't find any other option but to tell him the truth.

Noel gave her a weird confused look but he didn't pull his thoughts further because it was already brute late for her to be out of her house while the weather was so cold. He can see Anna was literally shivering because of the cold.

"If you want then I can drop you off, Mrs. Miller," Noel suggested humbly. No doubt, he has the biggest enmity with Ivan. The enmity between the Dragon and Lucifer is highlighted among the whole territory but he can't be a jerk when he can clearly see that Anna was in need of help.

Anna looked at him bewildered. Her doe-like sleepy and teary eyes were wide and showing bewilderment. She nibbled her lower lip between her teeth thinking about his offer as she was still not sure upon this but the fact that she doesn't have any other option left made her shrug off.

"I..I d---"

"Listen, lady, please don't think of me as an antagonist," He said sarcastically.

"You can trust me. And it's already so late and it's not safe for you to stay out that late, On top of that, You're lost. Means Mr. Miller doesn't have a single idea about you. So it will be better if you come with me. After all, As a responsible guy, I can't see a lady wandering for help at late nights,"

Noel said with a proud playful smile on his lips. Anna internally rolled her eyes because her only focus was to get out of the current mess as soon as possible.

"Think wisely, Mrs. Miller," He said as he leaned his back on the car's frame while crossing his arms on his chest and waited patiently for her to reply.

Not finding any other option, Anna didn't think too much and marched towards his directions. The hypersensitivity was visible in her actions but she could at least trust Noel.

"Okay," She murmured slowly and Noel smiled proudly. He opened the car's door like a gentleman and gestured her to sit inside. Without thinking further, she shrugged off her shoulders while looking down and sat inside. After closing the door of her side, he went to his side and inside comfortably.

He could feel the stiffness in Anna by his presence as he could clearly understand that she might be uncomfortable and scared.

"Relax, You can trust me, Mrs. Miller," With his last words, he started his engine and drove off as he knows very well where will he find Ivan.


Ivan's jaw clenched, nose flattering in anger and eyes red as a vicious traitor. He has been searching for his wife for the past 3 hours and still didn't get anything to know about where she is. His heart was feeling a foreign uneasiness from the past 3 hours.

He was feeling like suffocating without her. He himself didn't know why she was affecting him this much but he also can't ignore the fact that she is his wife. He has married her and the day he took vows with her, he knew he found himself with her responsibilities and he will fulfill them till his last breath.

"B-Brother, p-please calm dow---"

"You're fucking telling me to calm the fuck down when I don't know where my wife is just because of your fucking stupidity?" Ivan yelled out of frustration making Liam flinch. The fear can be clearly visible in his glossy eyes as he knew he did the mistake.

But he didn't do it intentionally.

His men have been searching everywhere and he himself wasn't calm at all. All he wants now is just a single hint so that he could get to Anna. He has been roaming all around the city like a mad dog just to get a sign of her but nothing happened and all his efforts went in vain leaving him with his troubled self.

After his all efforts went in vain, Liam requested him to take a break to calm himself. Liam could see how much stressed his brother was all because of himself and he is truly guilty for being so careless that now, his sister-in-law was paying.

They were at the office. The restlessness inside Ivan wasn't letting him stay still. All he wants now is just to see his wife. His thoughts interrupted when his ears gained the attention of the phone ringing. It was his man. Without thinking further, he answered.

"Did you found out something?"

"Not yet, Boss. But we got to know that Mrs. Miller was at *** Garden 1 hour ago, We gathered some information from the watchmen but he said that she already left and we didn't know where," The man told him everything he gathered regarding Anna.

Ivan closed his eyes trying his best not to lose his temper in the situation but for sure, he will never ever show any of his men how weak he was feeling since getting the news of his wife missing.

"Keep working. Search for her everywhere, I'm coming," Ivan commanded as the man answered, "Okay, Boss". Ivan hung up while Liam was watching him all the time with curiosity to know what they got to know regarding Anna.

"What happened?" Liam asked as Ivan rubbed his temple trying to stay calm but the fact he was feeling like killing Liam at the moment can't be denied.

"They are finding her, We need to go at **** Garden," He stated coldly taking his coat from the leather chair ready to leave the cabin when another man entered bowing at him stopping Ivan and Liam in midways.

"What?" Ivan blurted in hurry.

"Boss, Mr. Walker is here. And---"

"And what? Speak quick, I don't have time," Ivan said as the man nodded.

"He has Mrs. Miller with himself, He wants to meet you," The man informed as Ivan first processed the information in his head since he was restless for hours before nodding.

He and Liam quickly went downstairs in the office where Ivan's eyes witnessed something that made rage fill in his heart and eyes burning with furry. Liam's eyes didn't believe first but he was relieved that their man was right.

But the fact that Ivan was now angry more than relieved when he witnessed his wife who was carried by Noel in a bridal style. Her eyes were closed as if she was unconscious or sleeping. Noel enters the hall getting welcomed by Ivan and Liam who were standing at a not so far spot.

Ivan managed a calm yet emotionless expression but his insides are proof of his furiousness by seeing Anna in Noel's arms. Noel comes inside as he laid Anna down on the nearby couch before coming back to stand in front of them.

"How's she? What happened to her?" Liam asked curiously as Noel sighed exhaling her breath out in relief.

"Don't worry, she is just sleeping. Maybe, she got too much scared by the situation," He said shrugging off and looked down closing his tired eyes for a second. Ivan was standing there without any expression on his face. His eyes lingered back on Anna's sleeping figure on the couch.

He is feeling different types of emotions were pooling inside him, Jealousy, Anger, Fear, Relief. He was feeling all of them rushing inside him. He was angry he admits that but he can't deny the fact that he was feeling as if his breaths were back.

"Thank you so much Mr. Walker for taking Anna here," Liam said humbly as the relief was clearly visible on his face.

"What do you mean by 'too much scared by the situation?" Ivan inquired as his eyes can clearly witness the trembling form of his wife. Noel shrugged off, sliding his hands inside his pant's pocket he again looked at them to inform them about her.

"Well, I found her on street 7, She was crying. Maybe, she got too much petrified by getting lost when she didn't even know about this city," Noel sighed.

"It all was my mistake. I should've not left her alone," Liam said as his eyes lowered in guilt.

"It's fine, She told me everything already. God! She was so scared. While I was inquiring further, she slowly drifted to sleep so, I didn't bother her," Noel said and Liam nodded.

"Thank you for taking care of my wife, Mr. Walker," Ivan said making Noel cock his eyebrows in astonishment. No doubt, he enjoyed the little honor from the Dragon of the territory.

Getting honor from your competitor while being in enmity is the best thing you could ever experience. And Noel's ego raised ten folds up.

"Ah, It's my pleasure, Mr. Miller," Noel spoke earning a slight smile from Liam but Ivan was as same as before.

"Well, it's so damn late and I think I should leave now. Please, take good care of her. She is so fragile," Noel said after looking for the last time at Anna as a slight warm smile was definitely visible on his lips which didn't go unnoticed by Ivan who fists his hand to not to throw a punch at him for looking at what is 'his' but the fact that he helped when everything was completely off-guard stopped him from doing so.

"Okay then, have a nice night," He wished before turning his boots around and left the building. Liam shrugged off tiredly while Ivan was still standing there looking at Noel's disappearing self.

"Liam, go to mansion now. It's already so late," Ivan said gaining Liam's attention who has been looking down. He looked up in astonishment only to find his brother taking a seat beside Anna's sleeping figure. His gazes were fixed on her.

"But you and Anna?" Liam asked.

"We will stay here for tonight. She is not in the condition of traveling more, I will let her rest here," He said while his hands reached to tuck the silky strands behind her ear which were covering her face.

"You sure?" Liam asked for the last time in a concerned tone as Ivan hummed in response. Liam shrugged off but nodded. "Okay then, Take care of her," He said and he hummed. But his only focus was Anna currently. Liam nodded before taking his steps out of the hall.

It was already past 1:00 AM of night and the darkness was viciously spreading everywhere. Tho, his guards were surrounding out of his office because of the night shift but no doubt, the whole office was dead empty. Only he was there as he was completing his important paper works but since he got to know about Anna's missing, he was anxious.

Ivan crouched down to Anna's level as he can clearly witness how pale she was looking. Her face was tear-stained and her lips were dried as her hair was a little messy. He was looking at her with a blank face but his eyes were definitely holding tonnes of emotions.

Ivan brought his fingers up to touch her ice-cold cheeks when she stirred in her sleep making him stop his movements. Of course, he didn't want her beautiful dreamland to be get broken because of himself. he gulped but sighed internally when he made sure, he didn't break her precious sleep.

His eyes scanned her every feature. Her mesmerizing scent that filled his nostrils calmed him. Her soft cheeks. Her small button nose which was red at the tip because of her being a cry baby for some hours, Her plump dried lips which need to be healed.


His lips curved into a slight smile reading her mesmerizing features which were like an open book. But no doubt, He was so sorry for causing her trouble. He brought his thumb over her lips slightly brushing them feeling how cold they were. She was curling up like a ball. No doubt, she was ice-cold which didn't go unnoticed by him.

She needs rest

She needs to get heal

Without thinking further, he slid one hand under her knees and the other below her neck picking her up in bridal style. She snuggled onto him digging her face in his neck and clutched onto his shirt's collar as he felt the rhythm of his heartbeat getting changed with the little impact his wife had just left. He heads upwards to his cabin. No doubt, his secret room will now be a support for him where he could take her to let her rest.

He entered his cabin and put the code with some difficulty since she was in his broad arms, the wall slid to the side revealing a big-broad luxurious room. He stepped inside marching towards his bed and laid Anna down carefully not to wake her up. Covering her fragile figure with the cozy quilt, he sat down beside her not getting enough of staring at her beautiful, flawless face.

She looks so weak. So fragile. So innocent.

Her baby ecstatics made him feel an urge to protect her. He knew he was being a jerk with her. By not giving her importance, by mocking her, he knew that he didn't do right. But the fact that he still can't trust her fully made him do that.

He only married her because her beauty caught his eyes. But he has no idea what kind of human she is. Is she really worth being loved by him. he can't trust her so easily after all.

But he knew one thing for sure.

She ain't a bad person.

She is so sweet. caring.

Pulling himself back from the ocean of thoughts, he gazed at her innocent face again. His fingers reached to caress her cheeks as he slowly leaned in touching her forehead with his lips. He pecked her forehead before pulling back.

"Sleep well, Wifey,"

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