Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 22



Opening my eyes slowly, I adjusted to the bright sunlight in the room when the incident from last night flashed in my mind. It took some time for me to process but soon I gained everything that happened last night. I looked around only to find myself in a soft quilt that was covering me till my neck.

But, where am I?

I was with Mr. Walker last night. He said he will drop me at Ivan's place, but where am I?

Did he lie?

I quickly sat up only to find Ivan. He was sleeping on the couch while leaning back. There were files sprawled all over the table and his laptop was on.

He slept while working.

But the main question is. Where are we?

I got up from the bed with the quilt in my hands and walked towards where he was. I slowly crouched down his level witnessing his messy hair, his slight snores, and his red nose-tip. A slight chuckle left my mouth seeing him like that.

Without disturbing his sleep, I covered him with the quilt till his neck so that it could keep him warm. I huffed as it wasn't an easy task, after all, I opposed always getting close to him.

I got up turning back and was ready to go when I felt a sudden pull on my wrist.

"Oh my--"

I landed on his lap in a swift and his hand was on my waist to support me. I gasped when his intimidating gazes were set on me.

Was he awake?

Did he just pretend to be asleep?


Anna tried to pull herself back off of him but his holds were like iron which didn't even let her move. She was too bewildered to look at him whether a smirk come upon his rosy seeing his wife struggling inside his holds. He likes to see her little struggles like a kitten whether he has control over her like a lion.

"Good morning, Wifey,"

He said in his sleepy voice. His eyes were still half-closed as his forehead was covered up with his messy hairs.

"Good morning," She replied back witnessing his tired state.

He must have didn't get to sleep just because of me.

Anna frowned looking away when Ivan gripped her chin making her look back at himself with confused eyes. He chuckled and slowly placed his lips on hers leaving her in bewilderment. His touch was soft, caring one, Unlike his previous touches.

he tilted his head to get a better angle of her lips when she let out a muffled sound. She was astonished when she tried to pull back, he held her head and placed his right palm on her cheek kissing her passionately.

It seems to her as if he was longing for this. But she was perplexed because this time, it was something caring and vehement. Something different.

She gave up on his soft lips and herself didn't get to know when she started kissing him back. He was bewildered but didn't stop at all. A smile appeared on his lips as he continued to kiss her passionately.

His lips started moving fiercely on hers as she tried to match his speed but no doubt, he is a human form of a beast. Being dom, he started devouring her like a hungry wolf whether she can't help but accept his actions.

He smiled gladly returning her favor and slowed his pace to let her match. After all, it was the first time she was kissing him. But, why? Not bringing his mind to any other thing, he just continued to give himself into this little moment they were sharing together.

After being completely out of their breaths, they pulled back catching their breaths sucking large gulps of the air to calm themselves. Her eyes were wide in shock at what she just did. Looking down in embarrassment cursing herself for giving up under him, she closed her eyes making him chuckle.

The red tints were distinctly visible on her cheeks she kept her eyes low and head on the side. He chuckled holding her chin making her look into his eyes. "You know? You made me so worried last night, wifey," He whispered placing a soft peck on her lips. She felt some weird, foreign feelings inside her when he kissed her again. She frowned internally thinking why she was not able to stop him. Was she liking his touches?

What's wrong with me?

She frowned looking away. He smiled. "You're such a trouble candy for me," She frowned again making him chuckle. "If I am a trouble for you, then why are you keeping me with yourself?" She asked making him smirk. He leaned closer to her face almost stopping her heartbeats with his close proximity. "Because I like this trouble so much," He whispered tucking a loose silky strand behind her ear.

"Uhm, Will you please let me go?" She asked gesturing at his lap gaining his attention. He let her go chuckling as she quickly got up from his lap. "Go, freshen up. The food will be here within 10 minutes," Ivan spoke while stretching his arms while Anna's eyes were set on the surroundings.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked as he hummed in response getting up from his place to make a coffee for himself. "Hmm?"

"Where are we?"

"We are in my office. So, don't worry and get yourself comfortable here," He said.

"Oh, But where is L..Liam?" She asked hesitantly making Ivan sigh. He took his cup turning back and going to his place where he was working. A slight smile appeared on his lips thinking how much she cares for everyone no matter whatever happens with her.

"He is at the mansion, Now stop being a questionnaire and go and fresh up," He commanded as she can't help but nod quickly. "Where is the bathroom?" "At the end," He said as she nodded quickly leaving from there and shoving herself inside the bathroom before he commands something else.

He chuckled at her and continued doing his work. After she was done, they had breakfast together which he ordered from the office's cafeteria. After, they both had breakfast together. It was in silence as neither of them tried to talk but for the first time, they for sure liked eating together even if it was in silence.

After they were done, they headed back to the mansion where everyone was waiting for them. Liam had told everything to his parent and no doubt, they were disappointed because Liam was at the fault. They may not like to show affection to their kids but that doesn't mean they don't care for them.

Ivan and Anna reached the mansion in the morning when everyone was having breakfast. Anna and Ivan gained everyone's presence on themselves as Anna looked down hesitantly. "Oh! Anna, Brother, Please come have breakfast," Liam insisted warmly.

"No, actually we had breakfast in the office. So I'm not hungry and you Anna?"

"Hmm? I'm also,"

"hmm, Okay then,"

"It's okay then, You should go and rest in your room," Liam said. Anna nodded as Ivan went to the dining table. "Liam, I have something to ask. In the Lawn within 5 minutes," Ivan said leaving the place as Liam nodded before quickly finishing his meal and followed Ivan leaving their parents confused.


Anna took a shower before changing into some comfortable clothes and laid down on the bed closing her eyes. She was still feeling exhausted. She rolled to the side but hissed eventually witnessing something on her leg. She sat up on the bed when she found a huge stretch on her foot and frowned.

That's the reason why my foot was hurting all this time?

She huffed looking down.

Maybe, I had hurt my foot somewhere last night.

She thought rubbing her foot and got up from the bed to check on the closets and drawer if she could find any antiseptic or ointment so it could facilitate her pain. Till she was unaware of her wound, she was fine but now she has seen it and the pain improves on its own.

She searched for the ointments at every possible place but end up frowning as she couldn't find them anywhere. She went out of the room to ask for the ointment from David but he was also nowhere to be seen.

Anna let out another small frown going back to her room when a voice startled her.

"What are you doing here?"

Anna turned around only to find Mrs. Miller standing there with an unbothered face. "Oh! Actually, I was searching for Uncle David so I could ask him for ointment," She explained making Mrs. cock her eyebrow. "Why?" She asked "Actually My foot is a little bit injured, So I need ointment," She said when Mrs. Miller's eyes traveled down to witness deep scratches on her feet.

She looked back at her "Follow me," She said making Anna astonish. Mrs. Miller went to her room as Anna followed her behind her. "Sit," She commanded Anna. Going to the side of the bed she sat on the bed whether Mrs. Miller went to the closet to take out something.

Wondering what she will do, Anna's eyes become wide in surprise when she came back with an antiseptic and ointment in her hands. She sat on the opposite to Anna near her feet. "Don't look at me like that," She clasped making Anna look down. "Sorry, I didn't mean to,"

Without saying anything else, she started to apply the antiseptic on her wound while she hissed in pain. "Relax, It ain't even that deep," She scoffed as Anna was fidgeting with her fingers. "Actually, I'm kinda scared of wounds and scratches and most on their medication," She said making Mrs. Chuckle.

She continued to wipe her wound with the help of a cotton pad and then applied some cream on it before covering it with the bandage. After finishing up with wounding Anna, Mrs. Miller got up leaving the bed to take some medicines from her closets. She came back with the tablets in her hand and handed Anna a glass of water.

Anna was so bewildered to see a new side of Mrs. Miller. Indeed, she is Ivan's stepmom but her features are the same as him. They both cared for the people near them but don't like to show their affection. They tend to act emotionless but maybe, are not. "Here is the painkiller. It will ease your strain," She said as Anna nodded taking the medicine and water from her.

"And rest here since the wound and bandage are fresh. avoid walking for some hours," She spoke with an authoritative professional voice as Anna smiled before nodding. "Thank You, Mrs. Miller," She said humbly before Mrs. Miller just hummed in response.

"Your lunch will be in this room, So rest," With that, she left the room as Anna sighed. But a little happiness again made its way on her lips when she comes to meet another face of Mrs. Miller. The new overlook was completely opposite of the old one.

She shrugged off laying down on the bed and find it better to take a rest for some time as there was nothing to do for her.


"I want you to take a look at what essence Alfredo has. The information is pretty important for the next mission,"

"I will," Ivan answered back to his father's statement, making him nod in return. As all were present there having dinner while Anna and Liam were eating silently.

"Umm... Dad, I wanna say that I have to attend an exhibition next week. So, I have to leave for Chicago tomorrow. Plus, there is something that came up with clients they were asking for my presence. I need to solve the matter so I have to go," Liam informed while having his rice gaining his father's attention. "Okay,"

"Actually, The Sebastian is again going out of control," He informed as Ivan's jaw clenched hearing his name. "That man is no less than a dog's tail," He hissed. "Don't worry Brother, I will handle him," Liam said "Just do it, cause I freaking don't want any obstacles again," Ivan hissed as the younger nodded.

"So, Have you done your packing?" Mr. Miller asked gaining both guy's attention. Ivan get himself back to eat minding his own business whether Liam nodded. "yes, I'm done,"

Ivan was having his meal when suddenly his phone started ringing gaining his attention. He took it excusing himself with everyone and wnt to attend calls when he saw it was Chris.

Why is he calling this late?

What's wrong?

Without thinking further, he answered the call. "Speak?"

"Ivan, Ms. Eleanor is dead,"

Chris informed. Ivan's eyes widen in shock and spheres darkened hearing Chris. "What the fuck are you talking about?" He hissed clenching his jaw. "You think I'm joking around, Huh. I and Eve came back today from the trip and we found her dead in her room, We witnessed her body hanging with rope with the ceiling fan," He informed.

"Did you send her body for the autopsy?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah, I did. You know, So many things were suspicious. I'm telling you, Ivan there is someone behind that for sure," Chris informed.

"Hmm, I'm coming back to New York. I will take look on this by my own eyes" He declared as Chris answered with a hum. "okay,"

His eyes got watery but he didn't let them fall. He was shock and definitely sad for sure. For him, Ms. Eleanor was the lady who had taken care of him when he was all alone. She was like a mother to him. And, he can't let spare her assailant at all.

On top of that, What about Scarlett and Nancy?

The girls are still naive and haven't seen the venomous world yet. He can't let them suffer. For the girls, Their mom was their only supporter and wealth, Now that too was snatched from them. He took a deep breath before turning his boots towards the dining table again where every member was looking at him confused.

Especially Anna.

He sighed going back to the dining table and sat in his place. "what happened brother?" Liam asked. "Ms. Eleanor is no more," Everyone gasped hearing him. Mrs. Miller and Mr. Miller's eyes saddened hearing him. For them, Eleanor was like a family member. She was like a little sister to him from starting. He never trusted anyone else the way he trusted her. Mr. Miller had given all responsibilities for Ivan's concerns to Eleanor.

"What?" Anna murmured.

"Pack your bags, Anna. We are heading back to New York in an hour,"
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