Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 23



Within few hours, we were back. I thought it more salutary to keep the discussion in my office. I already called Chris and he will also come there within some time. Since it's already 3:am of the night the area was darkly calm and quiet. So I dropped Anna in the mansion first. She was dug deep in her slumber, So I decided not to wake her up otherwise, she will start crying again.

She cried almost the whole journey. And afterward, she fell asleep.

She placed her on the soft mattress of our bed and covered her with the warm quilt she spontaneously gripped tightly while in her slumber.

"Sleep well, My sleeping beauty,"

Placing a soft peck on her right cheek, I decided to leave the bedroom not to disturb her dormant anymore.


"Now tell me everything, to the point," I asked, Chris, sighed leaning on the couch closing his eyes for a millisecond. I know he must be tired. After doing work for the whole damn day, everyone gets tired to their death.

But, the matter is important.

It is not someone ordinary, who died. It is Eleanor. She was the closest person to me when I was all alone. and her sudden death didn't seem to be cloudless to me. I need to drill deep wholes to find out about the happening.

There is something that is hidden behind these clear shades.

"We found her hanging with the ceiling fan. Eve is highly traumatized by witnessing the sight with her bare eyes," Chris sighed.

"How can it be?"


"It's not even that cloudless that we are thinking,"

"I know, I've already told you that something is hidden," Chris said.

"hmm, What about the autopsy?" Ivan asked making Chris nod. He took out something from his jacket placing it on the table sliding towards Ivan's direction.

"According to this report, some blisters on her neck were found, and also a high dose of sleeping pills was taken by her before she died,"


Ivan was shocked by Chris's statement. Without any other second delay, He quickly opened the envelope unwrapping the autopsy report to read it. His eyes darkened with the analysis as Chris could sense it.

"There is something wrong, for certain," Ivan hissed whether Chris nodded in agreement. "I told our men to check Eleanor's apartment. If they get something, it could help us to clear the ambiguities," Chris said.

"Good, now let's go," He spoke making Chris confused.



"What are you guys doing? Please stop this," The silver tears ran down from Scarlet's cheeks trying hard in an attempt to stop the hulks who were continuously disrupting the belongings of the sisters and their household things in an attempt to search for something.

Her mind was already a mess because there was no sign of their mom still. She wasn't even receiving Scarlet's calls. The poor girl was trying hard to reach any information but wasn't able to. And on top of that, those scary hulks forcefully entered their house when the girls were sleeping.

"Scar, Why are they scattering our things?" The little 12-year-old asked her older sister who was already scared to the core. Her mind was also stuck between a huge mess and on top of that, the hulks who enter their little home forcefully were busy meddling things here and there.

"Nancy, don't be scared. Your Scar is here. Hmm?" She wiped her younger's crystal tears when another scattering sound reached in their ears. "Please stop. hat are you guys doing?" Scarlet yelled at the man who almost scattered more than half of the things of their house to investigate.

" I said stop please,"

"Listen, girl, let us do our work," One man warned her pointing his index finger at her whether Scarlet's blood started boiling.

"WHO THE HELL ARE ALL OF YOU TO TOUCH MY HOUSE'S BELONGINGS," She yelled pushing the man with all the strength she has. The rage, filled in her eyes. "YOU LITTLE NASTIC BITCH, HOW DARE YOU?" The man yelled almost slapping her but found himself impaled in the middle.

"Who told you to raise hands on her?" Ivan's dark voice made the man tremble as he quickly pulled his hand back looking down. "Sorry, Boss," The man said. "But the girl was being stubborn and not letting us do our work," The man explained as Ivan turned his towards Scar's direction witnessing her petrified state.

"Mr. Miller?" It came out as a whisper from her lips as she was shocked to see him in their apartment. "What are you doing here?" Scarlet asked whether the younger Nancy hid behind her completely petrified by the environment.

"Listen Scar, I will explain you everything but first, we have to go somewhere," Ivan said fisting his hands as a lump occurred in his throat. But he didn't want to show any of his emotions for sure, does he?

"Where?" Scarlet asked being confused by his contention.

"I will explain. But first, come with us," He said going out of the messy apartment with Chris whether Scarlet and Nancy followed him.

After half an hour of driving, The place was finally there as Ivan and Chris shared a reassuring look and looked back where the girls were sitting. "We are here," Chris said as Scarlet nod climbing down the car with her little sister, and followed Ivan and Chris.

Her eyes shared a confused look with Nancy witnessing a Hospital in front of her. "Scar, Why did they brought us to a hospital?" The little one asked in a confused tone gaining Scarlett's attention. "I don't know, Nancy. Let's see," She gave her a pressured look as the little girl pouted.

They followed Ivan inside the hospital going to the 3rd floor of the building. There was a piercing silence in the hospital with dim lights on. Scarlett's heart started thumping very badly thinking what could Ivan wanted her to see. Her palms became sweaty which she fisted.

"Mr. Miller?"

"Inside," Ivan guided her to a room whether Chris stopped the little one not to let her enter. The guys can understand very well not to let nancy see their mom's dead body which could frighten her so badly. Her mind is naive and not enough to tolerate that. "nancy, your hand has a wound, right?" Chris asked as the little girl nodded showing her hand.

"Then come, Uncle Chris will bring you to doctor. Your wound needs to be treated, my baby," Chris said soothingly when little Nancy looked at her Older sister with confusing eyes. Scarlett gave her a nod through her eyes permitting her.

Nancy held Chris's hand whether Ivan and Chris exchanged a look before Chris finally left with little Nancy to get her wound treated which she got when the hulks were busy scattering their house belongings.

"Follow me," Ivan instructed entering Inside the dark cold room whether Scarlett followed him. She quivered with the low temperature of the room which was almost freezing her. Her eyes became wide witnessing dead bodies all around the room covered with clothing.

"This way," Ivan guided her gesturing her to pull the clothing which she did with difficulties. As the face revealed, Scarlett quivered gasping and covering her mouth with her palms. "M...Mom?"

"H-How d-did t-this happened?"

"Chris witnessed her in her room. She did suicide. I'm sorry for your loss,"

"N-No, I-it can't be. I-it can't be," Scarlett finally let her guards down looking at the lifeless body in front of her. Her heart started drenching in pain and her throat felt dry. "m-mom, (sob) P-please, D-don't leave us (Sob) Please," She sobbed hugging her mother's lifeless body. Ivan's throat went dried and painful witnessing the little girl hugging her mother's lifeless body like that.

After all, she was her only support, only strength and she too left her and her little sister. "Control yourself, Scarlett. You have to be strong," Ivan said patting her back but it was looking as if she wasn't in the state to control her emotion. She wanted to cry now, cry so badly.

Her family got snatched away from her. Her mother. Her love.

"I-I can't (Sob) c-can't,"

"You have to be strong for your little sister, Scarlett. you don't want Nancy to suffer, do you?" Ivan tried to calm her down during her worst state. she cried out loud sobbing hugging Ivan whether he patted her head to calm her down. He knew she was broken.

completely broken.

And he knew that too that he needs to handle the situation. "Stop it, Scarlett. Your mother won't be happy seeing you like this,"

"S-she left (Sob) me a-alone too. L-like D-dad, she (sob) left me too," She sobbed hugging Ivan tightly. He could see how petrified she was. He didn't want to make the situation worse for the siblings.

" Control yourself. You also have to look after your little sister. If you've become weak then who will gonna handle Nancy. You have to be strong. You're getting my words, right?" He asked at which she nodded slightly.


Everything turned Black and white after Eleanor's for Scarlett. It's been almost one week since Eleanor's death. Ivan could see how shattered Scarlett was. After Eleanor's funeral, Ivan offered the siblings to stay at his mansion.

He still isn't sure about the real reason behind Eleanor's death. It could be something else too. And if something is hidden, it may also be harmful to the Siblings. And he can't take risks with their lives. The girls are too naive for the venomous world. And, after Eleanor, there was no one to look after them.

Anna was continuously trying her 100% to let the things normalize for Scarlett and also, Eve since Eve was also traumatized by what she saw with her bare eyes. After what has happened, Ivan strictly prohibited everyone to tell anything Nancy regarding Eleanor's death. The little girl was too innocent to undergo this.


Scarlett got startled by the voice but sighed when she found it was Ivan.

"Oh, Mr. Miller,"

"How are you doing?"

he took a seat on the next chair as they were sitting on the lawn. he could see, nowadays, Scarlett detaches herself from the world and he for sure understands this and wants to help her out. He even told Anna to do the same. Which both husband and wife were working on continuously.

"I'm fine," She murmured fidgeting with the hem of her top.

"Scarlett, I want to ask you something if you don't mind," Ivan asked at which Scarlett nodded.

"Sure, Mr. Miller,"

"Do you perhaps know if Eleanor was going through any tension or she had any problem that she shared with you or something stressful?" Ivan asked making Scarlett confused.

"No... Mom was happy. We all even went on a vacation and mom was so happy with us. I don't why? What happened with her suddenly? Why she did this," A lonely tear escaped her tear which she wiped.

"It's okay, I'm here with you, Don't worry hmm," He quelled her intelligently and she nodded.

Was she really self-sabotaging herself?
She was fine and happy
Then Why she self-killed herself?

Or if it is something else that is missing my eyes?

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