Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 24


Anna went downstairs. It was the time of noon and after completing some work in the bedroom, she thought of preparing something nice for girls so that their mood will lit up.

She was too much worried about their health. She directly made her way towards the kitchen but to her surprise, Scarlett was already present there planing something to cook.

"Good afternoon, Scar," Anna greeted her making her come out of her thoughts.

"Uh oh! Good afternoon, Mrs. Miller," She wished her back.

"What are you doing here?" Anna asked.

"I just thought of cooking something, that's why,"

"Oh! Then let me cook, Please, you don't have to..." Anna said.

"No no, It's fine," Scarlett replied.

"Oh c'mon, let me prepare something good for all of you. And, please, Don't call me Mrs. Miller. I'm telling for 20th time and last time now, Call Me Anna," Anna spoke, her voice was soft that made Scarlett feel comfortable.

"Umm...Okay," she replied.

"Good, now go and sit with Eve and Nancy. I will prepare cupcakes for all of you," Anna said making her nod in return.

After some time, Anna was finished making cupcakes for all of them. She let them cool down for some time before preparing them nicely and went out towards the dining area.

"Here, you guy's cupcakes are ready," She said as the little girl clapped in joy almost jumping from the chair that made Scarlett and Eve chuckle.

"OMG! MY FAVOURITE... CUPCAKES," She exclaimed clapping making Anna chuckled as she sat down beside her on the chair while Scarlett and Eve were sitting in opposite directions. Anna finished serving everyone when Nancy said.

"Please, give me some more in extra. They are my favorites," Nancy asked with her puppy eyes making Anna smile at her cuteness as Anna squeezed her soft, chubby cheeks.

"Sure, little one. here you go,"

"Thank you," Nancy said in her cute voice before attacking the food.

"Btw, Did you guys have a plan for the evening?" eve asked out in blue gaining Anna and Scarlett's attention.

"Umm what plans?" Anna asked.

"Why don't we watch a movie? What say?" Eve suggested wiggling her eyebrows.

"It's a good idea,"

"What you say, Scar?" Anna asked gaining Scarlett's attention ho was sitting silently there without involving in any conversation.

"Umm... Anything you all will like, I'm fine with it," She said making Eve nod.

"Okay, then we will watch a good movie together. But don't anyone dare to tell brother about that, He hates seeing me doing time-wasting," Eve said rolling her eyes playfully making Anna chuckle. Scarlett and Anna nodded in agreement before finishing their food.


"Eleanor was such a good friend of mine even. It's so sad that the tragedy happened to her. Poor she," Alice, Ivan's mother said in grief as her tone as low and sad.

today, Ivan again comes to see her as it's been already a long time since he last visited her mother. So, he thought of visiting her. After all, he was depressed and he needed her mother to guide him when he was feeling blankness inside himself.

"Hmm..." Ivan nodded in agreement with his head hung low and a little bit of sadness covered on her face.

Although he is an Ace in concealing up his emotions under himself, however, her mother is the only person who is known to that vulnerable side of him.

" I wonder why she did suicide?" His mom spoke with affliction.

"Mom, I don't think so. Something is covered up or hidden behind that is missing my eyes," He let out shrugging off sitting on the wooden chair beside his mom.

"What? Do you mean she didn't suicide but someone killed her?" She asked, Her eyes were wide opened with shock waiting for his reply.

"Hmm," Alice almost gasped in shock hearing Ivan's claim wondering whoever was that person.

"How could? How could someone do this with so innocent soul like her," Tears fell down from her eyes as she felt disgusted thinking about this.

"Did you found something?" She asked wiping the drops which escaped her eyes.

"Not yet. Our investigators are working," He informed as she nodded.

"And, how're her daughters. Where are they? Are they fine or not?"

"yes, they are fine. I thought it would be more salutary to keep them in the mansion with me. I can't take any chances with their lives,"

"You did right," His mom praised him, a small smile comes upon her lips.

"Okay then, I should leave now. It's already so late. Please, take care good care of your health," he sighed insisting on her. He knew very well how careless like a kid, can be his mother with her health. And he doesn't like that a bit.

"Okay-okay, I will," She chuckled, but as always he didn't give any reaction. Emotions don't mean to be in his diary.

He is not a spontaneous person at all.

After driving back to the mansion, Ivan was really stressed with all of this. All the things that have been going around him were messing up with him completely cutting out every strength of him that he was remained completely frustrated.

It was almost 11 of the night, the mansion calmly surrounding in silence. Ivan needed to be calm his mind. Directly making his way towards his room, he pulls out his coat and ties with a jerk throwing them somewhere. Taking a robe out from the closet, he made his way towards the swimming that surrounds the backside of the mansion out of his room.

Taking his shirt and jeans off, he jumped in the pool to swim as it was his most ideal thing to do whenever he is messed up with his mind. The water calms him. It calms the burning flare inside him.

Going further deep into the pool, his muscles slackened under the clean and cool water as he continued to move his hands and feet to dive deep. He felt relaxed and stress-free.

His mind was focusing on swimming when he saw Anna coming towards the side of the pool. He felt a sudden comfort seeing her but he himself was unaware of that. She was holding a tray in her hands with a mug on it.

He smirked seeing how obedient his wife is. she went towards the table placing it on the table before leaving silently without looking at him but he stopped her.

"Wait." He commanded stopping her on her path. She almost shivered with his deep voice.

"Turn around," He spoke again and she instantly turned around looking down on the floor not having dared to look up at him.

he smirked mentally seeing how nervous she was while standing there even if he was the one who half-naked. He swam to the side.

"Loot at me," He said, but didn't receive any movement from her. he frowned.

"I said look at me, Anna," his voice was calm and deep, but authoritative at the same time. She slowly lit up her hazels only to find him leaning on the while more than half of his body still in the water.

"Come here," he said again with the authoritative tone again making her come towards the side alternatively. he chuckled seeing her pressing, nibbling her lower lip with her teeth. He liked it. but he will like it more if he will be the one to do this job for her.

Her eyes were holing shyness and nervousness. She for certain was uncomfortable but he was enjoying.

that could be the best refreshing of him, ever

"Yes?" she asked, her voice was low and soft.

"What is this?" he asked pointing towards the tray that has been placed on the table making Anna look there abruptly.

"Lily told me that you arrived. So, I brought your green tea," She said making his smirk convert into a sweet chuckle. He leaned more towards her before speaking making her stop breathing almost.

"I would like to drink wine instead of green tea this time. Can you please bring it for me?" He asked making her blank for a minute before she nodded.

"Okay," Standing up to leave the area before taking the tray from the table, she turned around before disappearing. he smiled before getting back to water again to perform another round till she came back.

After a minute or two, she came back with another tray placing a bottle of his favorite wine with a glass. She went to the table when he stopped her.

"No... Not there. Bring it here," He ordered after completing his swimming around and came back to the side again. He breathes out flipping his messy wet hair up with his finger revealing his wet forehead.

His thick veins popping out on his neck giving him a demigod looks. She gulped looking away. His domineering presence made her feel apprehensive. She was timid.

"Pour me," He commanded holding the glass in front of her. She crouched down to his level before opening the bottle with a little bit of difficulty as she never did this before. A vaporous sound came out making her gasp in surprise as he chuckles looking at her.

She poured him before getting up to leave but he again stopped her.

"wait," he commanded before gesturing for her to crouch down again. she did exactly as he please licking her dried lip as her throat started feeling dried sensing his domineering aura.

"Did I told you to leave?" He asked. She shook her head before murmuring.


"Then why did you tried to," He asked but nothing came out from her mouth as she was feeling blank to find a necessary explanation.

"from Next time, I don't want you to leave before I say so, hmm?" he asked cocking his right thick eyebrow. "Hmm?" He repeated again she nodded making him chortle under his breath.

"Good, now pour me another shot," Forwarding his glass, he waited till she filled it again as he gulped it down in one go again without disturbing his intimate gazes upon her. She frowned waiting for him to order so that she could leave but he didn't say anything except gazing at her with his lusty eyes.

She frowned noticing how he was still inside the pool. The cold water could even make him sick too. The things which have advantages have disadvantages too.

"umm... I think you should now come out. staying in water for too long can be disadvantageous too. also, it's night. ou may fall sick," She placed her opinion in front of him. He raises his eyebrow at her advice before leaning back to her.

"I like it. But don't worry, I have the power to control anything even if it is my own self. so don't worry, I won't fall sick," He spoke chuckling, His voice was huskier and low which almost gave her goosebumps. She nodded.

"Would you like to join me?" He asked as she widened her eyes.

"Huh? Un! No-No, I can't swim," She abruptly said. he chuckled.

"Wifey, you don't have to be afraid with me," He chuckled making her perplexed.


Before she could react, He pulled her by her wrist towards himself. She screamed in fear before landing on to him before they both directly falling into the swimming pool splashing the water as high as possible.

"AHH! You scared me!" She gasped hitting him on his chest with her tiny palms, feeling as if she was going to die. She screamed again splashing water with her hands and feet making him chuckle.

"Oh no! I'm going to die," She screamed crying loudly making him chortle loudly. He pulled her closer by her waist, their chest colliding hardly against each other making her gasp and shock before he brought his left hand down underwater gripping her right leg wrapping it around his torso.

Holding her close to himself, he felt relieved, satisfied, delighted, and peaceful. every she successfully made his mind go crazy upon herself and he ends up losing his holds on himself.

"See, I told you. you don't have to afraid when you're with me," He whispered on her earlobe before giving it a slight bite with his Incisors and canines. She felt goosebumps with his actions. They are always out of cognizance to her.

He traveled down his lips further more down wars. finding her perfect spot, he gave it a hard suck making her moan out in surprise.

She put her lower lip between her teeth to not to let any other moan escape but his tortures were way too much. She painted again when he gave her another bite on her sweet spot making her quiver under him.

Her mind was continuously working on alarming her, that it wasn't going well. But her heart was urging her to give up. He moved forward coming on her in front of her face, He stared deep into her wet hazels which were continuously blinking.

Her perfect forehead, Mesmerizing eyes, cute chubby cheeks, rosy lips, and incited mole on her cheek make looks complete. he studies her mesmerizing features deeply. His eyes scanned her till her soul before he brought his lips near hers, placing them softly upon hers.

She was bewildered, It was not the first time they were kissing but it was looking as if he again pouring his passion into the kiss. She tried to pull back, but he held her by her neck pulling her closer.

It was looking as if he doesn't want to break the kiss at all. She was feeling breathless, collapsing. She tried to push him again but he turned the kiss into a wild one making her shudder. She started trembling.

Not having the courage to bear more, she pushed him back with all of her strength.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHY?" She screamed making Ivan amaze.

"WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS," She yelled at him quivering because of the cold water and crying at the same time.

A moment passed as they both stayed on their spot whether she was cried and he just kept starring at her with an expressionless face attempting to read him.

She looked up only to see him starring at herself. Her senses knocked in her brain making her eyes turn wide in shock. She mentally cursed herself for what she did some minutes ago. On top of that, she pushed him, disrespected him and he doesn't like that a bit.

"I..I'm sorry, I..I didn't mean to push you, Please forgive me. I was just a little uncomfortable. I really didn't mean to push you," She said looking down. Being all wet, she was shivering because of the cold which didn't go unnoticed by him.

"I'm really sorry... But, it's all is new for me. I'm sorry but....."


He repeated her word waiting for her to continue. She took a deep breath before opening up what was inside her. She looked up making eye contact with her.

"But... I don't have anything for you in my heart. I just can't grow feeling for you. I tried. But, I'm not confident about this. Because I..I had already received so much pain from you," She told him all truth. he didn't express any of his emotion but just kept listening to her with a blank face.

he knew he messed up so many things.

He knew that he ruined so many dreams of hers.

he maybe can't change what happened in the past. But he could at least make the future bright

He knew he has damaged so many things in her life.

"I need some time to heal before committing anything with you," She said with tears in her eyes which didn't go unnoticed by Ivan.

"Ivan, I----"

"I want you to give us a chance, Anna. I want to do commitment with you," She looked at him with an inexpressible expression. She was flabbergasted by his words. Completely.

"I want to make this relationship work,"

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