Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 25


My goal isn't just to win your heart but it's also to be perfect for you.



Her voice was almost a drone as a soft feather. Her ears felt numb for a second and so as her brain. She was beyond bewildered. Noy understanding Ivan's words, she asked again.

"I..I, What do------"

"You heard me, right? I said that I wanted to give us a chance," spoke Ivan, his voice was humble, genuine for the first time. As if he knows very well, what is he doing and whatever is he speaking. His eyes were screeching authenticity.

Anna was speechless, bewildered completely out of words that she wasn't even able to speak out a single word. The tension on Anna's face didn't go unnoticed by Ivan.

"Do you have to say something?" he asked, she frowned looking away. Not knowing what to say.

But one thing for sure that all of this was something new to her. Something inexpressible and something distinct. An unusual feeling was slowly embedding inside her making her shiver.

"I.. don't know what to say?" the words came out as a murmur from her wet, shivering lips. A slight smile left his lips seeing the impact he has left.

"I know, Maybe because I never say something like this before," He said back.

"Huh Uh! Ivan, I...I think I need some time," She whispered back nibbling her lower lip, not sure how will he gonna react. She can just hope for positivity. Ivan nodded completely agreeing with her situation and feelings.

"I know, And I respect your choice. I won't force you into anything. I will try to fix everything that I did and has hurt you in the past. And, just because I want to start a marriage with you doesn't mean you want the same. And, I whatever you will choose, I will appreciate it,"

Anna was wordless with his statement. thinking that he might get angry, she was petrified but no, the man proved her wrong. He always has the advantage of keeping himself calm during the worst situation.

"Thanks," Anna muttered slowly making Ivan chuckle. He nodded. Leaving the pool, he came out wearing his robe.

"It's cold, we should sleep," He said.

Nodding, Anna too, got out of the swimming pool. She was almost shivering because of the cold. It's been almost midnight.

"Get yourself change to something warm. You might get a cold," he said as they both entered their bedroom. she nodded before he left for the bathroom to change as Anna changed into the room. wearing a PJ with a loose top, she wore a sweater on top of that since she was almost shivering because of how long they have stayed in the water.

'But, it was something intimidating,'

Anna bit her lower lips nervously can't help but think about what happened sometime earlier. How damn intimidating he was looking but how genuinely, he put whatever he has in his mind and also, accept whatever Anna has said.

once, she was finished, she was inside the warm quilt waiting for Ivan to come out. after few minutes, he was out in his grey hoodie and black sweatpants. Settling himself beside her on the bed, he could notice she was still awake.

He knew why.

"Don't overthink about what we had done or said earlier. Just make yourself comfortable," He said, his tone was calm and husky but yet it was genuine that could make Anna feel herself in a comfort zone.

"Hmm," Nodding, Anna slid down under the warm quilt wishing him a 'good night' which he replied.



My eyes got opened when I felt the warmness of sunlight on my face. Groaning out lazily, I shift to the side only to find the side was empty beside me. My eyes shut opened as I quickly sat up wandering my eyes on the clock.

8: AM

Oh No!

Hell, How can I be so damn late? I had to prepare 'his' breakfast but I'm already running out of time. On top of that, He was already awake.

I quickly got up leaving the bed but halted in my place only to find him entering the room completely ready in his office attire. The guilt filled inside me seeing him getting ready when I didn't even get up to prepare for his breakfast whether he has already cleared it that I should be the one to make him the breakfast.

"Good Morning, Anna," he spoke, with a slight smile forcing upon my lips, I wished him back.

"Good morning,"

He walked past me filling my nostrils with his intoxicating masculine cologne which suits him and his personality so well. he has a great sense of choosing things for himself. I would say.

(A/n: Dumb girl, that's why he chose you :D )

"I'm sorry," I murmured frowning. he looked at me with a slight scowl visible on his face wondering why I say sorry to him.

"for what?"

"For waking up late," I responded, the guilt overflowed inside me.

"uh! there is no need for this. I can understand because your temperature was pretty high last night," He frowned making my eyes widen. I was having a high temperature, and I didn't know about that.

"But It's okay, I gave you the medicine you ate in your sleep, last night. So you're pretty well now. I checked upon you in the morning," He said, relief was visible on his face.

"But your.... breakfast?" I asked hesitantly, nibbling my lip in liability.

"I have a meeting with clients. so don't worry, I will have my breakfast in the office," he pressured. Nodding, I was about to make my way towards the closet when his words suddenly halted me on my spot.

"Get ready in the evening, we are going out," he said wearing his necktie before putting on a wristwatch on his veiny wrist that caught my attention. I frowned looking away.

"umm... Where?"

"It's just an official function from our business partner," He informed. Nodding, I was about to leave again when his words halted me again.

"Wear red and let your hair loose. Your dress will be here by noon" he said making me frown. I looked at him with dismay was clearly on my face. Why did he say that?


Turning around to face me, he completed his last appearance with his coat before looking at me. He made his steps towards my direction before halting at a respective distance from me before looking at me.

"You look good like that," He replied before leaving me with my perplexed zoned self.

'Did he just.....'


"Come on Nancy, you needed to get ready," I called out Nancy's name who just came out running. His little body was wrapped in a pink towel and another towel around her mid lengthy hair as she recently took a shower.

"Anna," She pouted which made me chuckle. I gave her, her clothes that I took out from the closet.

"go and wear them, I also have to do your hair," I said as she nodded pouting, she went to the bathroom again to change to her tank top and skinny jeans complementing a cream color sweater on it before coming back.

She looks cute like this.

today, Scarlett went out for her university issues and Eve was out. so for sure, I had to do Nancy's packings. The little girl is going on a trip which as organized by her school management That's for three days for the elementary kids.

At least she will have fun there.

"I'm ready, Anna," Nancy said before coming back to me with a gracious smile on her pretty face. Nodding, I let her sat down on the stool and did her ponytail.

"Anna, Are you fine?? You're not looking well?" Nancy asked me looking through the mirror. I shrugged.

"Hmm? uh! No, I'm fine. It's just some headache and fever," I replied her back.

"Oh my! Did you took the medicine?" She asked gasping, her doe-like eyes widened which made me chuckle. I nodded wrapping the ribbon around her small ponytail as she stayed still before turning to face me.

"did you told Mr. Miller?"

"yeah, In fact, he is the one who gave me medicines," I informed her making her gasp again.

"That's okay then. well, Mr. Miller really takes good care of you. you're lucky, Anna," she said in her honey tone.



Only if she knew that I was forced into this marriage. Everyone thinks that I'm lucky to marry Ivan. But, Am I really?

I don't think so.

Even if what we had talked about last night and what he has confessed, but still, all those memories were unforgettable for me. How I and my family was humiliated by him in front of his men when I tried to free myself. How he didn't let me explain the incident in the program. How he put the gun on Alan's head threatening the life out of me. How, he killed Shawn in front of my eyes.

All those things are hard to forget.

"Yeah I know, But no, you're running out of time. Your school bus will be missed. Your teacher called me,"

"Oh! I almost forgot. I had to leave for my trip," Smacking her own head, she got up from the stool picking her bag and bottle from the bed.

"Come on, Driver will take you to Bus stop,"

Nodding, she left the room as I was behind her. We reached the stop in just 15 minutes where the bus was waiting for remained children. I bid her a happy journey and goodbye before coming back as she left happily.



"Did you finished the arrangements?" I asked my PA, Lucas. he nodded adjusting his glasses before placing some papers in front of my eyes on the table.


"yes, I'm done with the arrangements," he replied abruptly.

"Hmm," I grunted in response before gesturing Lucas to leave the cabin. I made sure to call one of my best fashion stylists to ask her for the best designs of the current time for Anna, describing how would the dress be like.

I want the best for my wife, Annabella.

Annabella, the girl who started giving me weird feelings just by her one look. All those foreign feelings I felt inside me whenever she is with me or close to me, were all weird. I never in my life, thought that a girl would have the guts to leave an impact on me. That's all is different.

I, Ivan Miller, feeling weird things inside me just because of a girl. I must be looking like a pussycat. What's wrong with me?

It's something I would never want to choose but end up having.

After some time, I finally got a message from my PA, Lucas that Sofia (the best stylist of the current time), her assistant was here with the dress pieces I asked for. I told Lucas to take care of him in the hall room till I come.

The assistants showed me the best pieces they have as Sofia was unable to come because of her fashion week. After analyzing all the great designs, finally, a red gown caught my attention.

"This one,"

"Oh, this! Your choice is great Mr. Miller, You know, It's the only piece of cherry red with work of advanced embroidery," The guy exclaimed picking the dress up before showing it to me.


I examined the dress. It was unique and pretty well with decent work of fabrication.

I liked it.

"You liked this dress, Mr. Miller?"

"Hmm, final this,"

"Oh really? That's great then," The guy exclaimed.

"Lucas, send this to the mansion," I ordered Lucas who was standing behind my couch. Adjusting his glasses, he took the bag in which the dress was.

"It will be done, Boss,"

"Hmm," I responded before he took the dress leaving the room.

'I hope you will like it, Sweetheart'

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