Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 26


After completing the rest of the work, Anna thought of watering the plants. She was busy taking care of the garden when a maid called her gaining her attention. Anna frowned noticing a box in the maid's hands but went to her.

"What happened, Sophia?" She asked.

"Mrs. Miller, This is for you," She said forwarding the box in Anna's direction.

"For me?"

"Yes, Sir has sent this for you," She told her making her nod. Giving the box to her, the maid left leaving her alone with the box. Anna frowned looking at it. It was wrapped in a beautiful sparkling blue cover. She shrugged leaving the garden and went upstairs to their bedroom to check the box.

She placed the box on the bed. Sitting in front of it on the edge, she unwrapped the thin cover opening the box. Her mouth formed an 'O' seeing a beautiful red dress.

She took it out, gasping, she kept starring at the decent dress in front of her eyes. It was a beautiful full-length gown. A smile appeared on her lips looking at the beautiful dress. Her eyes caught a small velvet box inside the big box. She frowned leaning and pick up the velvet box.

She opened the box only to find a beautiful necklace set inside. She almost gasped looking at the expensive jewelry that Ivan had sent with the dress for her. She knew what he wants as he already told her in the morning about an official function.

A slight grin appeared on her face looking at the decent dress. She liked Ivan's choice by analyzing all the works on the beautiful dress. She kept the dress and necklace back in the box. Going towards the closet, she placed the box inside the closet and went out to complete the left of the work as also had to get ready by the evening.

After one hour, she finished making the lunch when the maid again comes inside with a phone in her hand forwarding it towards Anna's directions. Anna frowned taking the phone looking at her in puzzlement.

"It's Sir's call. He wanted to talk to you," The maid informed. Anna nodded bringing the phone closer to her ear as the maid left.

"Umm... Yes?"

"What are you doing?" Anna frowned hearing his deep voice. Shrugging, she closed the stove taking off her apron.

"I just finished preparing lunch," She informed.

"Hmm, And did you took Nancy to her academy?"

"Yes, I did. And sent her safely into the bus," apprised Anna making Ivan hummed in response.

"Good. I called you to tell you that I will be back at 6 PM. Be ready," He informed.

"Okay," She murmured nibbling her lip getting goosebumps at the thought that he is taking her out again. She was just praying for nothing bad to happen with her this time as she has already faced one worst in past.

She still remembered how Ivan had scarred her when he first took her out for an official program and found him talking with a man. That night, she almost had seen a beast for the first time. Which she doesn't want to see anymore.

"Anna? You're hearing me out or not?" Ivan brought her back to earth from her thoughts as she quickly hummed in response.

"Y-yes, I am,"

"Hmm, okay then, I will be there by six. Bye,"

"Hmm," hanging the call, she exhaled her breath profoundly stroking her forehead. She grimaced finding the sweat all over her face. This was the evidence that how petrified, she got thinking about the previous function.

'It's okay Anna. Everything will be fine this time

Calming her heart, she went outside leaving the kitchen. After lunch, she took a rest for some hours as there was nothing to do, and also, there was some time left in getting ready for the evening get-together.



Opening her eyes slowly, Anna blinked several times to get adjust to the room light. She groaned sitting on the bed. Peeking out she saw darkness as slowly filling the surroundings. She frowned turning her head to look at the wall-clock but gasped in bewilderment.

"Omg! It's 5:45 already. I have only fifteen minutes. He would be here in fifteen minutes. I have to get ready quickly,"

Blabbering with herself, Anna jumped out of the bed with a tiger's speed and picked her dress up from the closet. After wearing her dress, she let her hair loose inflaming the looks he told her to be. She put on mild mascara with cherry red lipstick. Wearing the jewelry set that he sent today, she finished her touch-up before finally looking at herself for a minute.

"Okay, I'm ready,"



As I entered the living room, I was welcomed by the servant. She took my official belonging away. As I was waiting for Anna, I got a call from Mr. Smith. Our business partner, who has arranged tonight's function.

"Yes, Mr. Smith?"

"Mr. Miller, I called you to ask for the papers that have been......" I walked to the side corner to hear him out clearly as I answer what he required to know.

I finished talking to him when my eyes caught the sight of my wife. Here she comes looking all pretty and charming.

An alluring poem she is that I desperately want to read.

My eyes can't help but scan her beautiful body up to down. She has no idea what she is doing to me. I might lose my hold on myself if she kept doing like this. She's not less than any goddess to me. Unaware of my intense stares, she came downstairs.

I could tell by looking at her face that she is nervous for sure. I like these naive features of her so much. Her doe-eyes were blinking up-down-up-down continuously. My eyes roamed on her flawless face reading her mesmerizing features when suddenly my eyes caught the necklace she was wearing.

I smiled in ecstasy looking at how beautiful she was looking in my choices. I like she gave importance to my words and got ready as I told her to be. She hasn't a single idea of how alluring she is.

I finished my discussions with Mr. Smith and marched where she was standing. Reaching there, I could sense that she tensed up. Indeed I like this but still, I don't want her to feel awkward in any way. I want her to be happy. I want to make her feel felicitous.

"You're looking beautiful, Anna," I whispered in her ear. I saw how she widen her eyes, I chuckled at her reaction.

"Umm... Thanks," She murmured slowly but hearable for me. I chuckled placing a butterfly kiss on her earlobe. She flinched at my touch on her sensitive skin, her doe-like eyes widened in perplexity.

She is cute.


"Shal we leave?" I asked gaining her attention as she quickly nodded. Forwarding my hand, I asked for hers through my eyes. We exchanged a glance to let her know what I was indicating to her. Forwarding her arm, she gave her right hand in my as I left the mansion with her.

We arrived at the venue on the time and as welcomed by a huge media. I can tell she was nervous. She is uncomfortable with the media and reporters. She grabbed my arm a little tightly. Getting it as a sign, I interlocked my other arm around her waist as we headed inside.

Approaching inside, we both were welcomed by Mr. Smith and his wife. Both were in their 40s. I gestured at Anna to smile as she quickly to my signal and smiled at them. I could tell she is nervous but professionalism is a thing I never want to neglect nor want Anna to neglect. As I am the sponsor for this program, I have to be adept.

"We are so delighted to see you finally, Mr. Miller," We did a handshake as Mr. Smith's eyes caught my wife's attention who was standing a little behind me.

"Anna, He is Mr. Adrian Smith, our new business partner and she is Mrs. Rose, his wife," I introduced them to her as nodded.

"Hello, It's nice to see both of you,"

"Oh!Mrs. Miller, It's so nice to see you both together too, Mr. Miller. Your wife is really beautiful," He said smiling.

"Thanks, Mr. Smith," I smile in pride.

Beautiful. Yes.

Indeed my wife is.

"Please, have drinks. The function is yet to start," Nodding, I guided Anna to a table as the waiter serve us drinks. We both took our places as she sat beside me. I looked at her only to find her looking at her lap. I knew she might get bored. After spending months with her, I'm a bit cognizant of her likes and dislikes.

"Anna?" I called her name pulling her out from her world bringing her back to face me.


"Are you fine here or not,"

"Huh! Yes, I'm. It's just a bit noisy that's all," She replied as I nodded.

"Call me if you need anything. I'm on the side as I have to meet some dealers,"

"Hmm," Nodding, I got up leaving my place to meet the dealers as there was still some time left before the event has to commence. She engaged back in her soft drink. I left the place but my eyes can never leave her sight. She indeed is a naive doll. Anyone can take advantage of this very easily. Hence, I had to keep my one eye on the surroundings near her.

"Now ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome to the stage, Mr. Ivan Miller. Our new business partner and the sponsor for this event," Mr. Smith called with a bright smile, sending a welcoming gesture in my way. Nodding, I adjusted my coat. I left for the stage whereas, I could see Anna was looking in my way with a fresh smile.

It boosts me up as nodding, I climbed the stage welcoming by Mr. Smith. Every person present in the event clapped. Aware of the spotlight on myself, I introduced myself and started giving the goal for the event. I gave a brief speech but my eyes never leaving Anna's sight. She was sitting alone in a corner place.

I finished my speech quickly. I climbed the stairs down and went back to my place. I took a place next to Anna's chair as we were served our drinks.

"How was it?" I asked gaining her eyes on myself. she nodded smiling.

"You're a good speaker,"

"Thank you, Anna," I thanked her for her warm compliment as she looked down nodding. We remained in silence focusing on other speeches. After half an hour, it was finally over and the couple's dance started. Couples were exchanging their partners when a man finally approached where I and Anna were.

The man seemed to be in his early 30s and forwarded his hand in Anna's direction. I don't know why? But unknown jealousy enveloped me.

"May I have a dance with your lady, Mr. Miller," The man asked genuinely. Forcing a smile upon my dried lips, I nodded when Anna looked at me with questionable eyes. I gave her an eye-nod which she took wisely.

"Beautiful lady," The man asked Anna for her hand. Anna forwarded her hand hesitantly. Getting up I also left the place for the ballroom where a lady asked for me to dance. Noticing the man's eyes on her I could tell she was related to the man who asked for Anna to dance with himself.

We both entered the dance floor with our partners. But my eyes were never leaving my wife's sight. I could she isn't much comfortable with any other man. I could sense it by looking at her eyes.

"Well, I liked having a dance with you, Mr. Miller," The girl who was my partner called my name gaining my attention.

"Thanks, Ms....."

"Liya, you can call me Liya," She said smirking.

"Well, you're so handsome and wise. I really like your speech," She said trailing her fingers on the fabric of my coat. "Thanks, Ms. Liya," I replied back.

"Mr. Miller. I would really like it if we have some conversations," She leaned further to get a little closer. Her eyes holding flirtatious blinks. I could tell by reading her face the girl was a pure leech when it comes to men like me. But her bad luck, I'm not a bit interested in her.

My importance is only my Anna.

"Sorry, Ms. Liya. But I'm not interested. Excuse me, My wife is waiting,"

Pushing the lady back, I detached myself from hers as she let go with a frown on her face. I turned my feet to go in Anna's direction. Reaching there, I gave the man a conceited smile which he took really well and left Anna's side.

Taking her warm hand in me, I placed it on my shoulder and pulled her by her waist. She almost gasped at the impact I left. I chuckled.

"Relax, Wifey. I won't eat you," I whispered in her ear. She looked away, being flustered. The red tints on her make her look even cuter.

"Did the man make you uncomfortable?" I asked at which she shook her head in response as 'No' Nodding, we both continued to move with slow rhythmic music. Minutes passed, she was silent. I frowned looking at her sensing the reasons for her silence.

To my surprise, her eyes were watery. I frowned looking at her. I could tell she was trying to hide while looking down but can she? No. I raised her chin up.

"Something bothering you?"

"No," She said looking away. But her answer didn't satisfy me a bit. Bringing her face a little closer to mine. I stared deep into her eyes.

"You could tell me, Annabella," I said trying to send eases to her so that she won't hide any of her trouble from me. I'm her husband and I'm supposed to know the reasons that made her sad.

"Nothing,'s just. I'm missing Grandma and Alan," She murmured pouting. I chuckled at her answer.

"Only this?" I asked making her nod while her watery eyes enlarged. I chortled under my breath which didn't go unnoticed by her that made her frown.

"I will take you to them," Her doe-like eyes enlarged again in surprise as she looked at me with curiosity.

"Will you?"

"I will, Anna,"

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