Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 27


Indeed, Getting you was my Desire.
But, Loving you, has become my passion


"I missed you a lot, Anna," Grandma shared a tight yet warm hug with Anna as Anna did the same. The tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks as she finally got to see her only strength. Her granny.

"I missed you too, Grandma," She spoke back with sentiments unquestionably apparent on her face. Anna took a seat on the chair as grandma went inside of the apartment to ask to make the warm ginger tea for them. As it was late-night and After the event, Ivan dropped Anna at the grandma's apartment and told her that he will come in the morning to pick her. So, she could spend the night here, with her granny.

Currently, she is staying out of the main city and far from the city turbulence with nature and greeneries. Alan is now, completing his education from boarding school. He was quickly sent to the boarding school after Anna and Ivan's wedding. Grandma and Anna didn't want him to live in the rigid environment of the house which wasn't probably good for his mind.

A few minutes later, the maid, Rita, was there with the two cups of warm tea. Rita is the caretaker of the house and Anna's grandma. She is almost the same age as Anna's grandma hence, it was comfortable for both of them. Since she lives alone, it was a better idea to keep a person with herself so that she won't be feeling lonely anymore. And, Rita played a huge role in this.

Anna thanked the maid as she smiled back warmly at Anna before leaving for the servant's quarter since it's already late night.

"So, how's everything going?" asked grandma, taking her seat. Getting a sip of the warm tea, Anna relaxed before looking back at her grandma.

"Everything is going well," She murmured, playing with the mug of her coffee.

" I hope everything is going well between you and Ivan?" She asked making Anna shrug.

"Umm.. pretty well,"

"Are you happy, Anna? He is keeping you happy, right?" Asked grandma, with concern as clearly visible in her tone. Anna smiled nodding.

"he is, grandma. Don't worry," She said making her grandma let out a smile of contentment.

"I'm so happy for you,"

"Anyway, leave it. Tell me about yourself. I came here to spent time with you, But you...." Anna pouted faking a sad expression. Her grandma chuckled.

"Okay, my dear child. tell me..... Do you wanna eat something. Demand. Granny will gonna cook it for you,"

"Yup, I definitely wanna eat food from your hands. Umm... Those choco cupcakes that you always make for me," Anna said sealing with delight making her grandma chuckle.


Smiling, both of them made their way inside the cozy apartment. Sitting in the living room, Anna kept starring at the interiors. It was warm and cozy with great combinations of colors.

She peeked at her grandma who was preparing for cakes in the kitchen as Anna's stomach grumbled for the food. Anna's mouth watered with the smell of the mixtures. A beautiful memory from the past flashed in her mind. When she was in her teenage days and after returning from her school, her grandma would cook cupcakes for her.

Anna smiled remembering about their past life. Getting up from the couch, she wandered inside the beautiful apartment. A bright smile appeared looking at the beautiful frames hanging on the creamy walls. There were pictures of Anna, Alan, and grandma. A picture of Anna holding her honored medal in her hands that she wins after completing her high school with the highest grades.

A smile appeared on her face looking at the photo frames her memories refreshed and she felt delighted and happy looking at them.

'i must've to say grandma decorated the house so well'

Thought Anna, before forwarding her steps when her eyes caught a beautifully crafted pylon, made of glasses, was hanging. She skidded her hand through the glasses earning a beautiful, sweet sound from the pylon. She smiled wandering it. She knew how well her grandma made it since she is always fond of crafting and designing.

She went on the other side when her eyes caught a room, she frowned and turned the knob to go inside. She was welcomed by the darkness that has been spread in the room. She looked for the switch while sliding her hand on the nearby wall and finally tap on the switchboard. Turning On the light, she was welcomed by white curtains and sheets that has been surrounding the small room.

It was looking as if it wasn't cleaned from pretty well time but still, the breaths were manageable inside it. Anna frowned looking at the cardboard and boxes and some old cupboards that have been placed all around the room. A little bit of curiosity was inside her heart to know what has been placed inside them so she opened the old closets.

Upon opening the cupboard, her forehead gained some thick lines as she frowned in confusion. There were some bags... school bags, cute clothes, and shoes. Anna frowned observing the scenes as she didn't have any idea of whatever it was and whom it belonged to.

she nibbled her lower lip between her teeth in curiosity and took some clothes. It was seemings as if they were so old, The clothes have lost the shine and were looking very old as if no one wears them. Anna was astonished but still remained unmoved. There were some shoes and other belongings and it all was looking as if they belong to a boy.

Anna frowned turning around and called her grandma.

"Grandma," She called as, within few seconds, her grandma comes inside. The color of her wrinkled face dropped seeing Anna inside the storeroom whereas Anna was looking at her with a confused expression.

"Dear, what are you doing in the store?" Grandma asked sweetly patting her shoulder as Anna frowned looking at the clothes in her hand.

"Granny, Whose clothes are these?" asked Anna, pointing at the clothes in her hands. Her grandma stayed silent for a moment before looking back at her with a sweet smile.

"Anna, these clothes are Rita's sons. Actually, she always had an affection for her son's belongings but now, as he has now a grown-up guy and been studying out of town, there was no need for all of this yet Rita wanted to keep these things. So she asked me for a place where she can keep these old belongings. So I gave her the permission to keep them here as her quarter was also small," explained grandma, as her wrinkled face lit up.

"Oh!" Anna let out a breath. Placing them back in the closet neatly, she closed it as her grandma let out a sigh. Turning she holds her grandma's hand. Sharing a gleaming smile, both left the room to have what Anna had asked for.

After the delighted cupcake dinner, Anna had a lot of memorable and happy talks with her grandma as she feels like a century after meeting her. Both stayed together sharing some memorable gossips like they always used to before Anna fell asleep on the bed.

Smiling, grandma kissed her forehead wishing her a sweet goodnight as she left the room after covering her granddaughter with the warm quilt.


"So, how are you feeling after seeing her?" asked Ivan, his gazes fixed on the road as he had his holdings on the steering firmly. Anna was sitting on the passenger seat next to him as he was driving the car. They were way back to the mansion.

"I'm happy after seeing her doing well," Murmured Anna fidgetting with her fingers. Nodding his head and slightly humming, Ivan took a left turn whereas, Anna was still retaining the discussions she had last night with her grandma.

After speaking out everything in front of her grandma, Anna was relaxed. Her heart was feeling light and calm after letting out her thoughts and confusion. She always took her grandma's guidance whenever she was confused or sad.

And this time, her grandma asked her to give a chance to Ivan after she told her whatever Ivan has asked her for. Her grandma asked her to give a chance to Ivan if Ivan is really willing to change and wanted to manage out this marriage with her.

Anna too, considered whatever her grandma has said to her. She felt relieved after discussing with her grandma. She too wanted to give a chance to this marriage. Indeed, she wanted to work out the marriage with Ivan but yet she also has some dreams.

She wanted to fly in the high sky like a free bird. She has not so many but a few dreams to complete in her life. Still, she wanted to complete her studies first but because of the marriage, she had to quit going to college.

And, attending college in her last year of graduation was really important for her grades indeed.

Ivan had not forbidden her from studies but he isn't letting her go to attend the university because of some issues. Anna knew Ivan has his reasons but still, she can't sit quietly doing anything.

"Ivan, I want to say something," Asked Anna gaining Ivan's attention.

"Hmm?" He hummed while his eyes were fixing on the road.

"Thank you for letting me stay at grandma's place last night," murmured Anna in her sweet tone. Ivan chuckled hearing her cute tone shook his head.

"It was nothing, Anna," he said chuckling while focusing on his drive.

"But still, Thank you," She said smiling as Ivan smiled back.

"Anything for you, my love," said Ivan sending chills to her body. She felt different when he addressed her by these types of names. Her cheeks gained red tints as she smiled looking down.

"If I ask you for one more thing, will you grant it to me?" asked Anna hoping that he may agree with her. Ivan let out a slight scowl in confusion before humming.

"I already said, anything for you, Anna," he said huskily. Anna gulped before nodding to process her mind. She took a deep breath before looking at his sight and asked him.

"I want to re-join the university. Will you please, let me be?" Asked Anna in a slow tone and her breath hitched when Ivan's facial expression altered. He stopped the car before turning his head towards her as she felt her breaths left her body with the way he has his intense gazes upon her. She holds on to her breaths as her eyelids dropped in fright. She wasn't sure if she should ask him about it or not.


"Anna, I think I already made myself clear at the start that I can't let you go to the university. Then why you're asking for something that I can't grant you for?" Asked Ivan with a slight disappointment was clearly visible on his face.

Anna's face dropped its color with his words and her eyes became watery that her vision blurred with the water.

"Please, reconsider it for the last time, please. You clearly know how much I've put myself just to complete the graduation and it can't be done by staying out of university. It's my last year. I don't wanna ruin it," said Anna with watery eyes and her face saddened. Ivan closed his eyes in frustration not wanting to do anything that he will regret later.

He is too, putting himself into so much just to make their marriage work and he knows Anna hadn't asked him for something pointless or unimportant. But still, whatever he was doing was for her own safety.

Yet he knew he was wrong at the point by prohibiting her from going to her university.

"No," He simply stated focusing back to drive as Anna's face converted into a disappointing one. She frowned looking away as she already knew he won't let her go out.

She hated this when someone tries to keep her in a cage.

The silence surrounded there as neither he said anything nor he.




It's been six days, since the discussion. After the incident in the car, Anna stopped paying much attention to him. Whenever he would come back at night, he would usually found her sleeping and when he would wake up, she will already be downstairs for the breakfast. The only time he would get to see her is on the dining table at the time of breakfast.

It was getting frustrating for Ivan. He could see she was unhappy and disappointed. His point of prohibiting her from going to university was useless. Yet he was doing this for Anna's own safety.

After thinking a lot about this, Ivan finally made his mind of talking to her.

Anna took out the clothes which she had to give the maid to wash. She was done with all the work and was going out. After giving the clothes to the maid, she came back to the room. She thought of tying the closet when a vase fell down.

Anna let out a scowl. Hunching down, she rerouted her hand to pick the broken vase but winced pulling her hand back because the sharp corner tore her skin cells.


She let out a painful scowl holding her finger where she got the cut. She started crying holding her finger when she felt a hand pulling her hands. She looked up only to find Ivan has been crouching down to her level. He holds her finger. Putting it inside his mouth, he sucked it slightly onto her finger.

She was astounded by his action and gasped when she felt his tongue has been rolling around her finger as a snake wraps itself around the tree. She looked down as Ivan can clearly notice the tears around her eyes. Ivan sucked onto her finger slightly preventing the finger from bleeding further. They stayed in the position they were in as neither of them talked.

After Anna felt the pain slowly fade away from her finger, she pulled her finger back holding it slightly. She could feel his intense gazes upon herself so she found it better to leave the room. But before she could stand up, he pulled her back by her that she landed on his lap. She almost screamed due to impact but quickly glared at him when found him chuckling. He slid his arms around her waist caging her while she tried to get up. Anna was continuously moving in his lap that was doing something to him as he groaned closing his eyes.

"Stop moving otherwise, I won't be able to hold myself back," he growled making her freeze on her spot. Her eyes widen with whatever he said. Ivan chuckled seeing her expressions. He tucks the few hair strands behind her back reading her mesmerizing eyes. Her face was showing anger.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked, his tone was low and husky filled with concern.

"That shouldn't be the question. Let me go," said Anna. Ivan chuckled seeing how bad she was trying to control her anger that her cheeks puffed up making her look even cuter. Indeed, He liked it.

"Okay listen, I wanna tell you somethin'," said Ivan, Anna frowned looking in the other direction. She was still mad with him. Not wanting to bring the issue further, she found it better not to talk with him. And her silence was for sure, killing Ivan.

"You can join your university from tomorrow," said Ivan as Anna's eyes widen in surprise. She quickly looked at him with wide curious eyes that made him press his lips into a thin line to not to laugh in front of her.

"Really?" she asked as it comes out from her mouth like a whisper. Ivan nodded making her smile as she literally jumped on his lap making her scowl painfully as he controlled himself from moaning and groaned under his breath.

'Damn woman, making me hard'

"Thank you!" She murmured happily.

"As I grant you, your wish, I might get something in return. Huh?" He said cocking his eyebrow making Anna frown in confusion.

"Huh> what do----?"

Before she could ask further, he was the way fast enough to pull her by her neck and smashed his lips upon hers pulling her into a wild kiss.


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