Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 28




It's been a few months since Ivan and I were in good terms. Ivan would usually do all the things that I wished for. He is granting my every wish. I'm happy that he is changing for good which I wanted. Scarlet is also doing good and healing herself from the awful memories of the past.

She was moving on and we all are happy for her. Eve was now so happy because it's was her 20th birthday. Literally, the girl is now the happiest girl on the earth. From, the starting of her birthday month till now, every day she would tell joyfully while dancing and singing that her birthday is coming. Her tactics are the same like a 5-years-old kid.

And finally, today is her birthday. The girl is literally jumping from the morning in the happiness. She invited all of her friends. Ivan threw a celebration for her birthday and the celebration will start by the evening. He has arranged everything according to his sister's demand. He may seem emotionless but after spending so many months with him, I could understand that he isn't. He is a caring person. He cares for his loved ones and can do anything for their happiness even if he has to go beyond the limit.

Ivan's business partner and few official friends were also invited to the party and Liam was also coming. He talked to me last night telling me about his plan and asked me to not to reveal anything to Eve as he want to give her a surprise for her birthday.

"Anna," Ivan pulled me out from my thoughts as I looked in his way only to find him shirtless. His hair was wet as water drops were dripping from them. His eyes were screaming dominance. I gulped looking away when I heard him chuckling. He took his steps in my direction standing beside me, he was literally seems like a tower and I am nothing compared to him. His is really tall and without my sandals, I was only able to reach till his chest. I frowned cursing myself.

Only if I would've obeyed Grandma's words when she asked me to drink milk and do stretching and exercises, I would probably be some inches more as compared to my real height. But I being a lazy ass never followed any of my grandma's words.

"You don't have to look away, I'm all yours to stare," he whispered coming closer to my ear and placing a kiss on my earlobe which was enough to accelerate my heartbeats. Damn me, I can't keep calm inside.

"Umm... I need to check upon arrangements," I tried to move away to leave the room but within a blink of eye, I felt myself being slammed on the closet. Not so harsh but quick. I literally gasped feeling him nuzzling his nose-tip on the crook of my neck. I shivered when his cold hands wrapped around my neck. His actions always scream dominance and even I don't want to but still, I feel myself getting weaker under his touches as if my legs will give up.

"I like it when you try to run away but my dear Anna, escaping from me isn't an option for you, my love," he whispered, his tone was deep and husky. I gulped.

"You smell so good, Anna. All of my tensions and worries vanish when I smell your sweet fragrance. It's so powerful," he murmured in the crook of my neck. Placing an open-mouth kiss, he looked at me in the eyes that I can't help but to look down.

"Oh my sweet Anna," he chuckled.

Placing his finger under my chin, he made me look up him. His eyes were holding sparkle, beautiful sparkle. Without saying anything, he kept looking at me in the eyes as I too, didn't look away. He bends down to my level and slightly leaning in, he placed his lips on to mines. His lips started molding with mines as I closed my eyes.


He closed his eyes and leaning in further, he started chewing her lips. They feel like a drug to him that he can't help but is addicted to.

He never in his whole life felt that strong feeling for anyone else the way he used to feel for her and with her. As if she changed him to someone. He held such a strong desire, such a strong passion for her that he never had before for someone else. He was literally falling head over heels for her. And deep down, a corner of his ice-heart, want to accept it and give it a chance. The happiness he used to find everywhere was with her.

He deepened the kiss as she let out a muffled noise. He gave a slight bite to her lower lip heartened the moment as she gasped. Anna's fingers unwantedly slid in Ivan's long, thick and wet locks. Her grips tightened as he bends down further. Tilting his head and placing his hands on the side of her head on the closet, he caressed her cheek with his other hand while deepening the kiss. They can't help but to mold their lips unable to deny the fact that it was feeling like heaven to them. Especially... Ivan.

Pulling back, he rests his head on hers. Both of them were completely out of their breaths. Anna sucked large gulps of breath filling her lungs with the air. Her face reddened due to the lack of oxygen as she placed her hands on her chest sucking the breaths heavily.

"That was so hot," whispered Ivan leaning in calming his breaths as Anna's face reddened even more hearing his comment. Ivan chuckled before leaving a soft peck on her forehead.

"I bet you liked it," he said as Anna's eyes widens in shock.

Not knowing what to answer, she looked down making Ivan chuckle at her nervousness.

"You liked it?" he asked in a whispering tone near Anna's ear as Anna didn't say anything.

"Then we can go for another one," he suggested making her gasp as before he could lean in, she placed her hands on his chest maintaining the distance.

"N...No, I'm getting late. I have to see the arrangements," she said leaving Ivan laughing behind her.


The guests have arrived as the function is about to start. Eve was talking to her friends while giggling and laughing. When someone approached her. She turned around only to roll her eyes and not pay any attention. Chris pouted and caught his ears with puppy eyes and apologized to her but she didn't listen to him.

"I'm sorry, my goddess," he said but Eve didn't give him any expression and went to another side. Picking a glass of juice from the table, she gulped it down in one go.

"Now you've finally got some time to see me?" Eve asked with a pissed expression as Chris shrugged.

"It's your brother who asked me to deal with the clients from Sydney. Otherwise, I would be here by the last Saturday," Chris shrugged.

"Okay fine, I'm sorry. Please, accept my apology and my gift. Before, your brother sees us," he said as Eve giggled taking the box from his hands. Chris smiled seeing her as she opened the box.

"OMG! It's the same dress that I showed you when we went to my project camp," Eve exclaimed making Chris chuckle.

"Yup, baby. I know how much you've desired to wear that. So here it is. From me to you as your birthday gift," he smiled as Eve gave him a tight hug making him widen his eyes. He looked here and there making sure; Ivan is nowhere to be close before hugging her back.

"Okay, I forgave you," said Eve proudly as Chris let out a fake dramatic gasp.

"Oh my god! Really? Thank you, my goddess. I owe you," He said as Eve rolled her eyes playfully before smiling looking at the dress.

"Eve," Both Eve and Chris's eyes widen hearing Ivan's voice as Eve quickly shoved the dress under the table so as not to let it get caught by Ivan before he could reach them. Ivan stood in front of them as Eve smiled. Ivan looked at Chris.

"So, finally you're here?" he cocked his eyebrow as Chris nodded.

"The work is done," Chris informed making Ivan nod in response.

"Hmm, I received the E-mail from Mr. Parker in the midday," Ivan said as Chris nodded.

Till then, Anna approached them as Eve and Anna shared a warm hug. Anna wished her 'happy birthday' for another time as she has already wished her in the morning. They shared a little talk until a man approached them.

"Good evening, Mr. Miller," Ivan turned only to find Noel with a fake smile standing there. Ivan's facial expression changed into emotionless one for again seeing Noel. Yes, he invited him too. Even if he didn't like Noel much but still, Noel is another powerful personality of the city. While having the connections with the underworld, Noel has a thick respective personality in front of the world and media.

They may have disliked each other but for the world, they are the two most powerful personalities who were collaborating together. There is a disadvantage of being a businessman that they have to show off the good affair materials in front of the media even if they hate each other to the core.

"Good evening, Mr. Walker," after sharing a handshake, Noel looked in the direction where Eve, with Chris and Anna, was standing. He smiled looking at Anna before approaching them.

"So, you're the birthday beauty," He guessed as Eve smiled awkwardly. Noel smiled back. Taking her hand in his, he left a soft kiss on the back of Eve's hand making her eye widen. Chris clenched his jaw and fists trying to control himself.

"Happy birthday, gorgeous," he wished smiling Eve as she smiled back.

"Thanks, Mr. Walker. Please, make yourself comfortable here,"

"Oh yeah, I'm. Don't worry about me, beautiful. Enjoy your night," He said till then Ivan approached them.

Ivan and Chris went to attend to other guests as Eve left with her friends as Anna was the only one left there. Anna took a place on the nearby corner table. Taking a glass of juice from the waiter, she thanked him and started drinking her drink.

"So how are you, Mrs. Miller?" Anna got startled finding Noel there before she nodded.

"I'm good, Mr. Walker," she replied in her soft tone.

"Last time I left you in Ivan's office in Boston, I was sick worried for your health. I didn't have any idea if Ivan said something to you or not. I called Liam to ask about you," he explained, his tone holding concern leaving Anna bewildered before she smiled warmly.

"No, I was fine and Ivan didn't say anything to me. He took good care of mine," she replied softly.

"Do he really?" Noel asked making Anna confused for a second before she nodded. Noel smiled in satisfaction hearing her answer,

"If you felt like needing help regarding anything, you could ask me without any doubt," Noel said with a warm comfortable smile as Anna too, smiled back. His words were warm and filled with concern for her.

"Thank you and also thanks for helping me that day," said Anna in a humble tone making Noel smile.

"No..No, there is no need for thanking me. I just did what a responsible person is supposed to do. Everyone may call me The Lucifer but I'm not even that much heartless," Noel replied back as both of them laughed at his sentence.

Both Noel and Anna's brown eyes sparkled as they share a slight conversation before Ivan finally approached them. Ivan raised his eyebrow before joining Anna. He placed his hand around her waist before facing Noel as Noel cocked his eyebrow. Anna smiled in awkwardness.

"I hope you're enjoying here, Mr. Walker," Ivan asked.

"Oh yes, I'm. No need to worry about me," Noel smirked at him before looking at Anna and left afterward, leaving them alone.

"You're enjoying?" asked Ivan, turning around to Anna's side as Anna nodded. Ivan smiled. Interlocking his fingers with hers, he looked up at her with a smile.

"Come, let's have a drink together,"

"But I don't drink," Anna said making him chuckle.

"I was talking about orange juice, my innocent Anna," He said leaving Anna dumbfounded.

"Oh!" She murmured making him smile.

"Now, come" Nodding, Anna left with him and they shared a sweet drink together as their function was yet to start.

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