Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 29


The night went on as all were enjoying. Eve received so many blessings and birthday wishes. It was one of the best birthdays of her. Ivan hadn’t left a single flaw in the arrangements. Everything was so aesthetic and elegant. Eve was so happy and on top of that, after so much time, her love was with her. She smiled graciously at Chris before proceeding to the center for the cake cutting.

“Will you celebrate your birthday without me? Dear?” A male voice reached her ears as she knew the next; a palm’s been placing on her eyes. Eve frowned in confusion as Ivan smiled looking at his Youngers.

“OMG! Liam Brother,” Eve screamed recognizing his deep voice as Liam chuckled. She quickly turned around seeing Liam standing behind her with a gift birthday gift for her.

“Surprise, my little sister,” Liam exclaimed opening his arms as Eve almost jumped in happiness before hugging him back. Anna smiled looking them as they hugged each other. Witnessing the pure happiness and delights on Eve’s face, made Anna happy just by looking at them.

“OMG! YOU REALLY SURPRISED ME!” Eve exclaimed as Liam chuckled.

“I didn’t know you will really come over. I thought you got yourself too busy in your official works,” Eve said pouting as Liam smiled patting her cheek before kissing her forehead.

“Anything for you, my little baby,” He said making Eve giggle as the pure happiness can be seen in her galaxy eyes. She shared a warm hug with Liam. Definitely, she missed him a lot. Eve and Liam always had a lot in common unlike Ivan, who is bit different from them but still, he as most caring person Eve and Liam ever get in their life. He just, didn’t learn to show his emotions well. He learned to hide because indeed, he doesn’t want anyone to get to know that the world does affect him. And he still has deep oceans of emotions, flowing inside him.

“Here, what I bought for your birthday gift,” Liam said as Eve frowned in confusion before looking at his hand that has a box. Liam gave the box to Eve as she opened it quickly. Undoing the wrapping of the box, Eve gasped in surprise.

“Oh my God! It’s the same cellphone I wished to have,” Eve jumped like a kid who got her/his favorite chocolate.


“Thank you so much, Brother. I love you,” Said Eve, jumping into Liam’s arms once again leaving Liam bewildered but he was happy at the same time for his little sister.

“I love you too, my little sister,” He replied.

“Come on, let’s cut the cake,” Liam said. Nodding, Eve made her way towards the table with Liam. She was about to cut the cake when her eyes stuck out. She frowned looking here and there in need of searching someone.

“Ivan brother,” She asked to Liam as Liam too looked as far as he could before finally seeing Ivan coming back with some envelops in his hands.

“Big Bro,” Liam said gaining Ivan’s attention as Ivan looked at him with confused eyes.


“Brother, Please, it’s time to cut the cake,” Eve said making Ivan chuckle. Both brothers laughed a little before joining Eve as its Eve’s habit that she won’t cut her birthday cakes without her brother by her side.

Eve blows the candles before wishing something closing her eyes as all cheered her before she finally cut the first slice feeding it to her dear elder brother. Ivan kissed her forehead as later she feed it to her second brother, Liam following Anna.

Scarlett finished helping the maid. She was insisted by Ivan to be in the party but since, she wasn’t a big fond of the crowd places. She liked peace from always. After finishing some of the work, she went out when Eve grabbed her wrist.

“Hey, Scar. Where were you?” She asked pouting as Scarlett got startled for a moment before smiling with her sparkling galaxy eyes.

“I was just finishing some work,” said Scarlett in her sweet tone. Eve sighed heavily looking at Scar from up to down leaving Scar in dismay as she frowned.

“You aren’t even ready,” Eve whined as Scar looked down at herself finding herself in the same clothes as morning. A white oversized shirt with a blue cardigan and a black skinny jeans as she went college today wearing this. Scar smiled awkwardly as Eve and Anna had already asked her to be get ready by time.

“I’m sorry. I’m not feeling like joining the party,” said Scar shrugging as Eve frowned in confusion.

“Why? Are you fine or not?” asked Eve with a concerning tone as Scarlett smile before shaking her head.

“Don’t I’m fine. I just don’t want to come outside,” Said Scar as Eve whined.

“Please Eve. Don’t be sad, please. Go and Enjoy. I’m just not feeling like joining that’s all. Please, I hope you can understand,” Said Scarlett with puppy eyes making Eve sigh in return before she finally agreed to letting Scarlett stay inside and didn’t forced her much.

“Okay fine,” Eve said pouting as Scarlett smiled hugging her.

“Thank you so much. And please don’t be sad. It’s your birthday, sweet girl. Okay listen, I’ve prepared a special cake for you. Let the party over and then we will eat together,” Said Scarlett making Eve smile as she nodded.

“Okay,” She mumbled.

“Okay, now go and enjoy your party, girl,” said scarlet energetically as she pushed Eve out of the corner to the hall. After Eve left, Scarlett sighed holding her stomach rubbing it slightly.

“I swear, period pain is the worst,” She mumbled to herself before going upstairs. After having a break of some minutes, she felt hungry as her stomach grumbled. She groaned controlling her anger and finally got up from her bed sighing. Rubbing her belly, she wore her slippers and went downstairs.

“Do you need anything?” The maid asked Scarlett in sweet tone as Scarlett smiled entering the kitchen.

“I’m actually feeling a little thirsty and hungry.” She said shrugging as the maid, Maria smiled.

“Off course, you will. Do you remember when you had meal last time? It’s in the morning,” Said Maria sighing as Scarlett smiled awkwardly scratching the back of her head. Making her way near the counter she bite her lower lip thinking what she should eat.

“What will you like to have? Let me prepare something good you’re looking pale,” Said Maria concerning tone.

“No, Maria. No need. I’m not much hungry but just my stomach is growling a little so I need to fill it,” Scarlett chuckled. Sighing in disbelief at Scar’s tactics, Maria made her way to the side counter. Taking out the bottle of the jam, she spread it on bread. Pouring the orange juice in a glass, she made her way back to Scarlett giving her the jam filled bread and juice.

“Here you go with your food” Said Maria, making Scar chuckle. “Thanks, Maria,” Taking her bread and juice from Maria, Scar thanked her before leaving the kitchen as Maria sighed looking at Scar’s small petite figure.

“She is losing a lot of weight nowadays. I need to tell Anna Ma’am,” Mumbled Maria shrugging, she left to finish her left work.

Having another bite of her bread, Scar felt the hunger slowly going away as she moaned in delight. She made her way out of the mansion from the backside gate. Standing alone, looking at the dark sky filled with shining stars and a bright moon. She smiled as her face illuminated under the moonlight before she had the last bite of her bread finishing it properly. She let out a slow growl of satisfaction rubbing her stomach in delight.

She was also feeling light headed as the pain in her stomach was nowhere to be feeling. Today was the 3rd day of her menstruation which she hated the most. They gave her the pain in the worst possible ways hence, she decided to not to join in Eve’s birthday celebration. She just wanted to be alone for some time. After having a hectic day at her college, her situation worsened but now, she was feeling light and happy.

She took another sip of her orange juice feeling satisfied with sweetness on her taste buds that helped her calming down. When Eleanor was alive, she would give her daughter all the happiness that her daughter deserves. She would cook delicious food and give her so many chocolates during her daughter’s monthlies as Scar would remain all moody and lost those days.

Scarlett laughed a little remembering her most beautiful memories from the past. Her mother was her best friend, her teacher, her well-wisher and her everything. She has always led Scar on the right path, taught her to be helpful and caring to others, to be honest with herself and to be hard worker to achieve what she desired. Silver tears rolled down on her cheeks as her face illuminated more under the moonlight inciting her crystal tears on rosy cheeks.

Her nose-tip becomes red as she sniffed wiping her tears off of her eyes. She doesn’t want to cry anymore. Her all focus is on making her late proud of her. She would do hard work and do what her mom had been taught her all her life.

“I miss you mama. And, I promise I will make you proud of me,” She said looking at the most sparkling star in the clear sky.

“What do you mean by where? Just put the damn files on my desk before leaving. I will look them once I will be back,” Scar startled hearing a deep male voice as it was coming from a not so far place.

“Call that damn Peter. Tell him to visit me tomorrow morning at sharp 7,” The male growled again making Scar flinch with his domineering voice. Scarlett quickly wiped her tears ready to leave before someone sees her in her vulnerable state. Turning around, she hit her head with a hard wall.

‘From where the wall came in my way’

She hissed rubbing her forehead. But for her dismay, all of her orange juice was spilled on the wall making it wet. Her eyes widen looking up as it was not an actual wall but a…. man.

Scar’s eyes widen as her throat went dried. She gulped slightly looking up only to find a hulk in front of herself. His light brown eyes were sparkling and his breaths which were fanning her forehead. She looked in front as all of her orange spilled up on his blue shirt and the man was literally fuming with anger at what she had done.

They weren’t clearly visible to each other but the amount of the moonlight illuminated their faces. Scar can sense the man was burning with rage and was glaring at her. He took a step forward that automatically made Scar back off as she stumbled a little.

Gulping slightly, she pushed the man harder that he stumbled backwards and finding it as a chance, Scarlett quickly ran off from the garden. Unfortunately, she fell down on the rock floor hitting her knee that made her cry. She again got up rubbing her knew to reduce the pain and ran away from there before the man could come towards her.

The man hissed getting up as his brown eyes witnessed Scarlett’s disappearing figure. He did nothing, not even chasing her except standing there with a blank expression. His eyes furrowed as he noticed something on the ground.

Crouching down to the level, he bends down forwarding his hands to pick up the sparkling metallic thing. He kept starring at the metallic thing which seems to be a bracelet as he already knows it doesn’t belong to someone else except the girl who just ran away after pushing him.

“Oh God! Mr. Walker, are you fine?” The servant asked reaching towards his direction as Noel glared at him sucking the life out of his lungs.

“Do I look like?” He hissed as the servant gulped shaking his head.

“Come, let me guide towards the washroom you can clean your shirt there,” The servant said guiding him inside the mansion. Noel clenched his jaw starring at the direction from where the girl left. Rolling his eyes playfully, as his attention again goes towards the silver bracelet in his hands.

“Mr. Walker. Please come,” The servant said gaining his attention. Nodding, he slid the bracelet into his Jeans’ pocket before making his way inside to clean the juice stain off.


“Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you all for joining us in our celebration. Like you all know today is my dear little sister’s birthday, I want to give her the best gift she could expect from me,” said Ivan gaining everyone’s attention. Eve and Anna looked at him in confusion as Liam chuckled clapping widely.

Noel too, after cleaning the stain from his shirt, joined the function back but his eyes were wandering here in there as she furrowed his eyebrows not getting any sign of the girl who ruined his expensive shirt.

“So, tonight I want to announce our new project that we’ve started in the name of my dear little sister, has been completed making its way on the top position in the New york market from the very first week,” Ivan announced as Eve gasped surprisingly from jumping and clapping.

“It’s a huge success for us and with this, I want y’all help me welcome our new partner, Mr. Noel Walker,” Ivan announced with bitter smile and Noel smirked before making his way up on the stage. Anna, Eve and Liam clapped with the crowd as soon as Noel joined Ivan. Shaking his hand with him, Noel thanked everyone before giving a quick speech and a brief showcase of their new project.

Anna smiled widely clapping looking at both of them. She herself didn’t know why but she was happy since Noel and Ivan collaborated together. And, the party went on till late night.


“Today was great,”

“Hmm, Especially for Eve,” Anna replied back. Taking her earrings off from her ears, she placed them neatly in the velvet box with the necklace.

“You enjoyed?” Ivan asked placing the towel on the couch and releasing his tired body on the side of the bed.

“Hmm, I did,” Anna said as he smiled back.

“I want to tell you something cause I won’t get time after that,” Ivan said bringing Anna’s full attention on herself as she nodded.

“Liam and I are leaving for Boston tomorrow,” He said making Anna frown in confusion.


“Yeah actually, something came up and I had to take look by my own. So I had to go with Liam,” Ivan said as Anna let out a ‘Oh’ while fiddling her fingers. She looked down biting her lower lip thinking about something that didn’t go unnoticed by him. Settling himself close to her, he analyzed her facial expression before asking her.



“What happened?” he asked his tone was soft and calm unlike the deep and domineering one. Anna shrugged.

“Is something wrong?” He asked again guessing why she was behaving differently.

“Actually, there is an event in the University. I thought I will ask you to come but now, you’ve your plans too. But it’s okay, I will manage,” She said the last sentence with a sweet smile as he smiled back before pecking her lips.

“It’s not okay sweetheart. You won’t manage everything by your own. I’ll ask Chris to accompany you and also, I’ll try to come back as soon as possible,” He said making her nod.

“Thank you,” she mumbled. The little red tints were clearly visible on her cheeks that made him chuckle before he bends down to lit her face up.

“You can pay me,”

“Huh? How?”

“Like this,”

He murmured pulling her closer. Settling her on his lap, he kissed her deeply. Not taking much time, Anna too kissed him back. His gentle and soft actions made her heart flutter as he brought his hand on her stomach drawing circles there. She giggled feeling ticklish as Ivan chuckled.

“It tickles,” She said giggling making Ivan smile at her cute tactics as his heart melted. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he palmed her cheek and encircled his other arm around her tiny waist pulling her closer that even air couldn’t be able to pass. Deepening the kiss, he devoured her passionately as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


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