Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 3


Shawn and Anna's wedding preparations were going on. Grandma and Alan both are happy that Anna finally will have a life partner and her life will be secure. But no-one knew that a big turn was waiting for them plus Shawn wasn't that good as a husband for Anna.

On the other hand, Ivan completely gets to know about Shawn and his bad tricks through one of his secret agents which make Ivan red in anger. It's true that he has tonnes of enemies but he never expected that his own men will betray him.

First Anthony and now Shawn. It was making him lost his trust completely on others. No matter whoever he/she is.

Ivan slammed his fists on the table as anger was completely visible in his dark blue eyes. His viens started popping out of his neck making him look like a completely Satan.

"Find that bastard" Ivan told his men darkly and his men nodded leaving him.

"How fucking dare you to play tricks with Ivan Miller. Now, today will your last day on the earth" Ivan clenched his fists tightly waiting for his men to get Shawn.


Anna was walking on the street road after finishing buying the groceries for dinner till than a car appeared of no where making her startled. But she sighed as it was Shawn's car.

He waved and gestured Anna to come inside. She nodded forcing a smile and went inside siting on the next to driver's seat.

"Anna, I wanted to say something" Shawn said while driving. Anna nodded "yes" she said and Shawn continued.

"Listen Anna, I wanted to say that. I know you are still attending your college But, I wanted us to get marry soon" He said making Anna surprise.

"B..But why? I.. I mean, there is sometime left in this then why so sudden?" Anna asled and Shawn sighed.

"Because after that, I want to go far away from here and I wanted it to happen as soon as possible" Shawn said. Anna looked down don't know what to said. She still needs time to understand him but he wanted to get marry soon.

"I even talked to grandma and they agried" He said and Anna was so shocked to hear his reply. She still didn't belive. It's true that they are meant to be get marry but still she was in need of time to adjust herself according to the situation they are in.

"But... But.. I want AHH" Anna screamed at a loud gunshot heard. Shawn's car got disbalanced because of it and his car collised with something.

Soon some men in black gathered around car blocking the car from all direction. Anna was so shocked to even process the things in her mind that what just happened. She was breathing hevily as the fear took place inside her mind.

The men dragged Shawn out of the car and Anna didn't got to understand what was just happening there. A men throw a hard punch on Shawn's face making him groan in pain as his nose started bleeding and he started coughing.

"You fucker, how dare you to ditch Miller huh?" A guy in in black suit said and throws another punch at Shawn's face making him groan again.

It was Chris, Ivan's right hand and a really dangerous guy. He can tolerate everything but can't tolerate when someone betrays Miller's Empire.

"Chris, Listen to me. We can share if you want" Shawn said smirking making Chris's blood boil in anger and he throws another punch on his face.

"SHUT UP YOU FUCKER!" Chris shouted at Shawn.

"Leave him what are you all doing. Please leave him" Anna tried to stop Chris but soon landed on the floor when she felt a tight sting on her cheek. She earned a slap from Chris.

"Now Ivan will decide your punishment" Chris gritted and Shawn gulped down in the fear.

"GUARDS, PUT BOTH OF THEM INSIDE CAR" Chris said and the other men nodded dragging Anna and Shawn inside a black car.

"No..No please what are you doing.. Leave me. I didn't did anything wrong" Anna pleaded sobbing but none of them listened to them and ties them with a rope. Anna was still so confused with what happened and why the men were dragging them most importantly where.


"AHHHHH" Shawn groaned landing on the floor when the man hit him hardly with the leather belt peeling his skin off. Anna was so scared to see all of this drom her own bare eyes.

It started giving her goosebumps. How cruely they were hitting Shawn no matter how Anna was begging them to stop. They tied Anna on a chair with the ropes tightly and were hitting Shawn infront of her eyes.

She started sobbing as the fear took inside her brain and heart. She never knew that Miller's men could that much cruel and dangerous. Now, she got to know what actually Shawn and her father Nick were working for.

And if his guards were that much cruel, how much the boss will be. That thought made Anna shiver because of fear.

"Please leave us... Please" She again screamed begging but a man slapped her hard across her face making her face turn to other direction. She started sobbing and crying.

She was missing her grandma and Alan. She didn't even knew if she will ever again will be able to see her family. What if today was her last day on the earth. The thought made her shiver in fear.

When Shawn was getting beaten cruely, a man entered the room. He was wearing a black leather jacket black shirt and ripped jeans. His boot's sound was the only one which filled the big cell then.

His face was completely giving a dark and satanic aura. It made Anna shiver because of the fear as all know the boss has arrived. His blue eyes were shining mixing with the dim light of the room.

And those blue orbs fell upon a girly figure which was tied with the wooden chair. She was sobbing as her face was covered with sweat and her hair were blocking it for Ivan's thirsty eyes.

He didn't pay attention to her and marched towards Shawn's lifeless figure which was laying on the floor and the blood was oozing out from different places. Ivan sat down on the chair facing Shawn who was looking down in fear.

"What did he say Chris?" Ivan's voice vibrated through his throat and guy named Chris went there standing infront of him.

"He didn't say anything yet" Chris vocalized making Ivan smirk.

"You think, You can betray Ivan Miller, Shawn. Huh?" Ivan asked darkly and Shawn's whole face started sweating. His tongue was stuck at the moment.

"HOW CAN YOU THINK OF THAT. WHAT YOU THOUGHT, THAT I WON'T GET TO KNOW ANYTHING" Ivan shouted in furiousness making Anna flinch who was watching all the incident which was going on there.

"M..Mr.Miller, I-I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It won't happen again" Shawn whispered slowly and Ivan started laughing like a maniac.

"You think you are here to get forgiveness. Huh. What you thought, Peter is more powerful than me. That you will give him my personal informations and I won't get to know about any of your tricks"

Ivan shouted in anger making Shawn shut his eyes in fear. He know very well that he won't be get safe from here. But still he was wasting his time.

"Now, You will pay" He said dreadly and Shawn felt like if his soul left. Ivan took the knife and started piercing Shawn's skin making him scream in pain.

Anna eyes were wide at the sudden cruel doing of the guy. She started sweating in fear.

"Noooo!" Anna screamed in fear gaining Ivan's sttention on herself and that's when his dark blue orbs met with her glossy brown hazels.

Ivan's smirk increases ten folds when he saw someone else with Shawn. Ivan stormed towards Anna with his heavy steps. He was noticing every move of her and no doubt, she was able to give him a boner just by looking at him.

Ivan caught Anna by her her chin making her look into his dark blue orbs. It was looking like if these orbs were enough to hypnotize her. Anna shivered and Ivan smirked observing Anna's doll like facial features.

"Your fiance. Right?" Ivan asked looking at Shawn who was cughing in blood. Ivan turned his face towads Anna again and she winced.

"No doubt. She is so fuckable hot" Ivan said making Anna's eyes went wide in shock. She wanted to give a hard slap to Ivan and she definetely, if her hands were untied.

"P..Please, l..let go" Anna sobbed and begged and her sweet honey like voice filled Ivan's ears making him thought how much her moans will be like.

Ivan smirked looking at the helpless girl through his piercing eyes. Anna felt his intense gazes on herself. She just wanted to ran away from the room at any cost.

"I heard you never got to kiss your fiance" Ivan asked Shawn smirking as Shawn didn't get what he wanted to mean by this. Ivan chuckled darkly looking back Anna who too was confused but scared at the moment.

Without wasting any other second, Ivan smashed his lips on Anna's plump, rosy lips as she was startled by his action. She tried to pull back but Ivan caught her by her hair and started devoring her infront of Shawn who was feeling an amount of anger built up inside him.

He pulled Anna's hair harshly making her wince and she gasped opening her mouth. Ivan quickly shoved his hungry tongue inside Anna's mouth tasting and devouring every inch of her mouth. No doubt, he has devored thousands of girls. But Anna was feeling something new to him, something different and really sweet.

"Mr Miller... Leave Anna please" Shawn screamed but it was of no use. Ivan continued devouring Anna's mouth mercilessly.

Anna closed her eyes sobbing trying to push Ivan through her head but it was of no use. It didn't bulge an inch on him. He continued devouring her infront of everyone. The guards looked down and Chris smirked looking darkly at Shawn making him feel helpless.

"NOOOO Please" Shawn screamed again.

Only muffles were hearable from Anna. she never thought her first kiss would be like this. Her heart started screaming in pain. Whereas, it was so sweet for Ivan and he kissed every inch of her mouth devouring her.

After devouring Anna ruthlessly Ivan pulled back breathing heavily. He looked at her crying face which was wet with warm tears which were flowing continuosly from her brown hazels. She was sobbing silently.

Her flawless face made Ivan want her devour more and more. He never saw a so innocent beauty like Anna. She was completely different from all those girls whom Ivan slept with.

"Ivan Miller" Shawn shouted as the anger ws clearly visible on his face. Ivan knitted his thick eyebrows while smirking at Shawn.

"Got angry huh. Because I kissed your fiance. Look at you, how helpless you are" Ivan laughed like a maniac and Anna closed her eyes in disbelief. She just wanted to die at the moment.

Ivan made his way towards Shawn again and grabbed Shawn's hair in his fist making Shawn groan in pain.

"What do you think, If I force that girl here at the moment infront of your eyes, Will you able to save her from me" He said darkly and Anna felt like if her soul left her body. She started pulling the ropes even more forcefully. She just wanted to ran far away from that monster at the moment.

"Okay then, let's play a game. Let's if you were able to save yourself or will die. I will give you two choices and you have to choose one. It will decide what you will get"

Ivan said smirking Shawn fisted his hand being helpless. Ivan pulled his chair by his right hand placing it beside Anna's wooden chair making her flinch. Ivan smirked and sat down on his chair with crossed legs beside Anna.

"Let's start Sweetheart, now your fiance will decide, who will be save and who will die" Ivan whispered darkly on Anna's ear licking her earlobe slighly. She closed his eyes while fisting her hands. She was feeling disgusted at his touch on herself.

"One, Cage or Waterfall?" Ivan asked darkly and Shawn's blood turned cold getting the idea that Ivan was playing the death game with them. He put both options which will lead you to death no matter what you choose.

"ANSWER!" Ivan shouted making Shawn flinch. Chris smirked opening Shawn's roped as he get the gesture from Ivan to do so.

"W-waterfall" Shawn said stuttering. Ivan chuckled at Shawn's nervousness and his fear. It gave Ivan an inner peace. He likes to torture his betrayers and enemies so much.

"Intelligent, Now next is... Gun or knife?" Ivan asked darkly while playing with Anna's hair strands. She closed her eyes tightly as it gave her goosebumps.

Shawn was again feeling helpless. No matter what he will choose he will gonna die. But still, he wanted to try. Maybe he saved himself from it.

"G-gun" Shawn said slowly making Ivan chuckle again. He slide down his hand on the nape of Anna's neck touching her soft skin. Anna shivered feeling his cold fingers on her nape. She closed her eyes pulling the ropes more and more but still it was of no use.

"Nice choise. Now next and last.... You or that girl Anna?" Shawn was so surprised to listen to Ivan whereas Anna's eyes become wide in fear. She started crying even more thinking at the fact that she might get killed here.

On the other hand, Shawn was surprised from Ivan's third question. He thought that Ivan was actually giving a chance to his death or Anna's death. And Shawn got a greate chance to save his life and he will. Without thinking twice he spoke.

"Anna" He said and Ivan chuckled looking Anna with fake pity eyes. Anna on the other hand was so shocked that Shawn actually throws her and saved his life instead. Means that Anna never matters for him. He was simply playing with her.

"Shawn, How could you do this" She screamed crying and Shawn looked down.

"Sorry Anna, but I love myself too and I don't wanted to die. I'm sorry" Shawn said looking down and Anna started crying even more. She hated the fact that she choose Shawn as her life-partner. She was feeling like if she was any kind of toy.

Ivan on the other hand was enjoying the scene infront of his eyes. He was so pleased to see the scenario.

"Okay, then get up and run as fast as you can" Ivan said darkly and without thinking twice Shawn got making Chris and Ivan chuckle at the same time. Without even looking at Anna, Shawn started running for his life.

He was near the door when the door closed and Shawn got shocked. He turned back to look at Ivan who was still smirking.

"I asked for life Shawn, and you chose Anna" Ivan said darkly and Shawn's eyes went wide in shock.

Ivan turned to face Anna and leaned closure to her face while she taken aback from his action. His blue orbs met with her brown hazels.

"About to marry a man who can't even protect you" Ivan taunted and a loud gunshot echoed in the room making Anna flinch. She turned her head to side only to look Shawn's lifeless body fell on the ground with a loud thud.

"You are mine now babygirl"

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