Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 30


It’s been two days since, Ivan left with Liam for Boston. Before leaving, Ivan had made sure to inform Chris about the pending works as Chris was in the charge to complete them in Ivan’s absence, like he always do. For his works and deals, Ivan had faith only on Chris, his friend and second commander. He has always led Ivan on right path even when Ivan will lose his controls and thinking capability, Chris would be there all for him to lead on the right direction.

Ivan had a huge trust built on Chris. It was also, not from the start but as much as they get to know each other’s personalities, they built the things up together since they become friends from their college days.

Ivan had some business deals to confirm in Boston too, hence, his presence was important. Even he has spine breaking tasks to deal with still he would make sure to call Anna every night to ask about her and her studies. They are slowly started to open to each other that made them more comfortable by the passing of the time.

Anna groaned opening her eyes when the sunlight blessed her face. She yawned rubbing her eyes and sat on the bed for a minute processing the things in her mind. She looked at her cellphone. Reading the time 6:00AM, she smiled a little.

I have some time left

Smiling, she took her laptop from the side table. Turning it on, she completed her pending assignments and necessary requirements in her project before she finally stretched her arms out and got up to get ready for the University.

After getting ready, she helped Maria preparing the breakfast for Eve and Scarlett as they have their colleges too. Scarlett and Anna’s colleges come under the same town and Eve had to take opposite route to go to her college whether Anna and Scarlett leave together.

“Scar?” Anna called her name gaining Scarlett’s attention that was looking in her lap all the time in their way to the her college.

“Huh?” she asked in blurred tone as Anna frowned.

“Are you fine? Is something bothering you? You didn’t look so well,” asked Anna in a concerned tone that brought a slight smile on Scarlett’s face before she shakes her head.

“No-No, I’m fine. It’s just I have a test today,” She smiled nervously as Anna giggled looking at her.

“It’s fine. I know you’ll gonna make it,” Said Anna sending motivating energy vibes to Scarlett as she nodded with a warm smile appearing on her rosy lips. The car stopped in front of Scarlett’s college gate gaining Scarlett’s attention as she comes out of the car after exhaling her breath. She bid a bye to Anna before getting inside the main gate of her college. Soon after, Anna left with the driver as her University was still far


“Okay so class, I’ve checked all the projects and I would like to announce the result on the exhibition day,”

The teacher, Ms. Amelia, announced while collecting the data from the students as Anna smiled crossing her fingers. She thanked her god mentally for helping her in submitting her tasks successfully. Eli, Anna’s friend, patted her back giving her warm smile at which Anna giggled.

“And I hope y’all are giving your best for the exhibition. Remember, like every year, this year we again have to exhibit the best talents from our University. Hope you all will give your best,”

“Remember, whatever you will make will first come to get checked by our team before we decide which material we had to keep for the exhibition and which one is not,” She continued as the class listened to her with full attention.

“So, cheer up and best of luck with your works,”

“Thank you, ma’am,” The class said together before the teacher smiled leaving collecting the projects and her files.

“The class is over for today. See you tomorrow,” She said leaving as the class broke on their chairs and tables feeling tired for the whole day.

“Wow, I still can’t believe that we made it,” Eli said exhaling her breaths after leaning back on her chair as Anna smiled wrapping up her stationaries.

“Yeah, we did. But we, still had to work hard for the exhibition,” Said Anna as the girls get up leaving the digital classroom to go to their library.

“Btw, have you decided what will you make for the exhibition selection?” Asked Eli, Anna shrugged looking down.

“I don’t know. I didn’t have decided anything yet,” Murmured Anna pouting. Eli gasped smacking Anna’s head as she groaned rubbing her head before shooting a glare at her.

“Girl, you’re serious? We had to submit the projects next month for the exhibition,”

“I know but I need time to think what I should make,” Anna shrugged as Eli rolled her eyes playfully before laughing at Anna’s tactics as they entered the library to complete some left studies for their upcoming tests.

“Baby Panda, Could you please elaborate this topic to me. I didn’t understand it well,”

Asked Eli sliding her book in Anna’s direction with puppy eyes as Anna chuckled. Placing her book on the side, Anna grabbed Eli’s book reading few lines carefully before finally helping Eli out while discussing the topic.

They finished the topic within some minutes when Anna’s eyes caught some girls giggling and gossiping while popping out their sockets looking shamelessly at the magazine they had in their hands. Anna frowned looking away.

“Gosh! Please, he’s too handsome to be a human. He looks like a Greek god” Girl one said as Eli’s smile faded looking at Anna. They already knew about whom, the girls were talking, of course, the devilish Greek god, Ivan Miller.

“I know right? He’s such demigod. The girls are like dying to spread their legs for him,” Second girl whispered licking her lower lip gawking at the magazine with her big saucers. Anna’s fists clenched.

“He’s a fucking king. That’s why he had women wrapped around his fingers,”

“If I get a chance, I would gonna use this opportunity, I’m mean who wouldn’t do if they got a chance to get some attention of Ivan Miller,” First girl whispered back as Anna’s limit gave up.

Stomping her food, she got up before Eli could stop her. Reaching in the girl’s direction, she snatched the magazine from their hands which has the news and pictures of Ivan’s with few males and females too.

All the women were wearing revealing clothes. Indeed, they were looking venomously smoky when some were even prettier than Anna. Seeing them being too close with Ivan in the pictures, an unknown jealousy took place inside Anna’s heart that she frowned looking away.

Indeed, she was envious of the women being too close with her husband. Her jealousy became uncontrollable at the moment that she slammed the magazine before leaving the library as Eli followed her behind.

“Anna,” She called but it went in vain as Anna didn’t listen.

“Anna, listen,”

“Annabelle, my queenie,” she said again as Anna huffed sitting on the bench. Eli sighed before running towards her. Sitting beside her, she patted Anna’s back as Anna has a scowl visible on her face.

“I know right? The girls’ dirty talks made you envious,” Eli said.

“I don’t know. I just felt like ripping their throat for eyeing him,” She gritted angrily as Eli chuckled looking at her. For Eli, Anna is always like that. She is such a sweetest person that you will never see but when she was angry then no one could also be more dangerous than her.

“Are you perhaps… envious?”

“What? Are you stupid? Why would I be? But still, the girl should be in their limits. That’s too much to drool over a man who’s already married,” She pouted as Eli giggled.

“Oh your jealous wife’s vibes are coming out, huh?” She teased as Anna smacked her shoulder.

“Anni, c’mon, he’s a top business tycoon and god of New York. Do you expect the girls to not to drool over him?” Eli teased as Anna frowned.

“You are jealous?” Eli said with a confidence in her tone.

“No, I’m not. I’m just a bit sad?”

“And why?”

“I don’t know… What should I do? Like, he is trying to be good with me even when sometimes, I trigger him, and he would still be calm and will reply to me with a smile. I can see the changes in him but I don’t know what to expect next… Like, I’m confused,” Anna pouted as Eli listened to her with full attention before sighing.

“Then what’s wrong with this. Let the things go the way they are going,” Eli said as Anna shrugged looking down in her lap.

“Listen, my sweet panda. If you really think Ivan is changing for good, why don’t you give him a chance?”

“But, you know. Trusting men is really hard task for me. I was willing to give Shawn another chance but he proved me wrong for the second time though. He didn’t even thought about me for a second, saying my name in front of Ivan so that he could save himself. Like seriously, he showed me his real face for the second time,” Anna spoke as a lump found in her throat, her facial features saddened.

“And for Ivan, he too, did take me from Shawn forcefully. It didn’t happened by my consent. He too, just won me as if I’m a thing not a human. Both, Shawn and Ivan are same for me. The difference is just that one did loss me and second won me,” Shrugged Anna as Eli witnessed the grief in her eyes.

Eli stayed silent for minute before finally smiling while looking at Anna. She placed her hand above Anna’s one gaining her attention.

“Anna, Shawn was your past and Ivan is present. And, you yourself gave Shawn a second chance then why not Ivan? Listen, all men are not same. That’s just we had to find the inner them and introduce it to them. For me, I think, Ivan is different otherwise, he wouldn’t been dying to know how you’re doing and are you fine or not, did you eat or not, sleep well or not? Unlike Shawn, Ivan does cares for you and maybe, his point of view for you has now changed. It’s been long since you two got married yet he didn’t touched you without your consent unlike Shawn who would always be a horny bastard. I don’t think Ivan and Shawn are same”

Eli said as Anna sighed but kept listening to her. An inner voice was healing her as she was hearing what she expected to hear. She had an answer inside her, It’s just she was in search for some confirmations.

“And please, don’t ruin your mood thinking about dead people, girl. Ivan may have done some mistakes in past. But, I think, his intentions for you are pure and adore ones. He wouldn’t be willing to do something which could hurt you,”

“Why don’t you give him a chance? Maybe, he could be able to bring the happiness back that Shawn had snatched,” Said Eli as Anna kept listening to her until, a voice disturbed the girls.

“Hey girls,” They turned their head only to find John, one of their classmates, was standing there with his smile on full display. Eli rolled her eyes as John approached the girls with two coffee mugs.

“Hi Anna,” John said in a sweet tone as Anna smiled.

“Hi, john,”

“I brought you guys coffees,” John exclaimed giving them the cups as Anna smiled thanking him whereas, Eli just took it and started drinking it without saying anything.

“Anna, I wanna ask if you’re free. I need your help with my exhibition project. So, can we meet in evening,” John asked as Eli let out a fake cough gaining their attention. Anna smiled nervously before getting up.

“Actually John, It’s already evening and I had to leave for home, I have some important work there. So—“

“Ah! No problem. We can meet tomorrow. Bye, go safely,” said John as Anna smiled with guilt was visible on her face for not helping John.

“Okay bye, guys” she bid them goodbye as the driver arrived on time. Exiting the main gate, she entered inside the car exhaling her breath after a tiresome day.


It was the time of the night. Everyone finished having dinner and was in their respective room. The security was tightly spread across the mansion cause, Ivan strictly told them to be active for every second till he comes back.

Anna finished helping Maria. She prepared milk for both Scarlett and Eve. She finished giving milk to Eve before finally approaching to Scarlett’s room. She knocked two times before entering the room. Anna frowned in dismay seeing Scarlett searching for something in her room. She as looking a bit stressed yet sad.

“Scar, what happened?” She asked entering inside. Placing the milk on the night table, she faced her as Scar has almost tears on her galaxy eyes.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” She asked as she wiped the tears off of Scar’s eyes. Scar sniffed a little before finally facing Anna.

“I lost my bracelet somewhere. I don’t know where I kept it. I can’t find it. It was gifted by mom,” Scarlett said sniffing as her nose-tip became red.

“Oh? Did you check in your bathroom? Maybe, you left it there while showering,”

“I did. But it’s not even there,” Scar said shrugging as her eyes saddened and face lose its colour.

“Do worry, Scar. You will get it back soon. Did you check in your college? Maybe, you left it there? Maybe, it slipped there?” Ann a asked making Scar shake her head as a ‘No’ in response.

“No, I didn’t yet,”

“Then do check in your college too. Maybe, you could find it there,” she said as Scar nodded.

“Now don’t be sad and don’t worry, ‘Destined things can’t be separated’ Hmm, It’s your Mama’s belonging and you will find it back soon,”

So just relax, drink your milk and go to sleep,” Anna wished her before leaving the room as Scarlett sighed heavily before finishing her milk and going to bed.

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