Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 31


The black Range Rover stops in front of a big old building as Ivan comes out placing his right foot on the land first. The men literally gulped looking down seeing their boss being so furious.

His eyes screaming rage as anyone could tell something has triggered him to end. He wasn’t looking angry, he was furious. So damn furious that he would kill anybody who tried to crossed his path.

His sleeves been rolled up to his elbows as his thick veins popping out of his muscular arms giving him satanically handsome looks. His chiseled jaw that was clenched in anger as his trim beard made it inciting well.

His veins were clearly visible on his neck as Liam followed him. Entering inside, as Ivan’s man gave him a gun completely filled with the bullets. Today, he was determined to shove these bullets in someone’s skull.

Entering inside, he witnessed the man who was writhing in the pain that got by getting hitting for umpteenth time by Ivan’s hulks. The men nodded giving Ivan, his space to see the man who was lying on the floor breathing heavily while coughing the blood.

Ivan’s jaw clenched looking at the man as his blue saucers were filled with rage for the man. Taking a few more steps, he finally approached the man who was still breathing heavily. His eyes have been shutting down not daring to look at Ivan’s dark ones which hold the authorities to suck the life out of someone.

“Brother, he is Adam. We caught him off-guard. He’s been trying to give out the information to authorities who were planning to raid on our warehouses,” Liam explained shooting the hate glares at the man who was looking down, his figure was trembling in fear feeling Ivan making a move.

“Oh man! What you’ve got yourself into,” Ivan said in a mockery tone showing the fake pity on the man who was shivering since he was half naked as the Ivan’s men kept throwing ice-cold water on him for the whole night.

They gave him innumerous electric shocks and burnt down his feet with the thick burning rod causing him unable to even put his feet on the floor properly. The man hissed as his muscle contracted giving him the unbearable strain.

“Didn’t you been have taught to keep yourself obscure from the fire? Now see, you’ve burnt down your whole existence,” Ivan chuckled darkly as his deep husky voice echoed through the long four wall cell where he was.

“I...I’m s...sorry, Mr. Miller. I...I w...was blinded by money. I...I won’t interfere ever again,” The man trembled. His voice was shaky and cracking because of the cold winds that been causing him to contact painfully every time they hit on his bare skin.

Ivan let out a slight chortle before his blue orbs turning into dark ones as he clenched his jaw in anger. The men heard the crackling sounds of his muscles witnessing how furious he was. Why would he be? Of course, someone tried to mess up with him.

“I didn’t have fun for so long. Let’s have some fun today,” He let out a chortle before placing the gun on the wooden table that has been placed in the Centre of the room. One of his men bought his swivel chair. Sliding it in the middle of the room, Ivan stops it just in front of the man who was trembling in the corner.

Sitting down, he placed his right hand on the wooden table, reaching for his gun. Caressing his gun while shooting the intense glares at the man’s pity form, he smiles dangerously.

“Let’s play a game,” He let out another chuckle sucking the life out of the man’s lungs.

“You will be given three questions. Each question, two options and you have to choose any one of them. Now, this game will decide if you could be spare or today is you’re last on the earth,”

Ivan gritted his teeth. The wrath in his orbs, increasing tones and tones each time he would speak a word out. The man gulped thickly as his muscles relaxed with a slight hope visible in his eyes that he could get a chance to win his life back.

“One, Water or forest?” he asked as the men narrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Not being able to understand and select any of them. Ivan chuckled. Turning, he indicated Liam which Liam took well before looking at the man.

“Choose one, Mr. Adam,” Liam chuckled making the man lick his dried lips in confusion before he finally let out a word.

“F...forest,” The man let out wincing in pain due to the movement in his muscles that caused the strain to increase on infinity level. Ivan chuckled before proceeding.

“Fire or Ice?” He asked making the man gulp as he was having insecurities engraving his mind again but still he answered.

“I...Ice,” The man said as making Ivan chuckle deeply before exhaling his breath as his chest vibrated.

“Number three and last, Guns or knives,” Ivan chuckled as the man sucked his breath deeply. His eyes widens as he didn’t had idea what he should choose.

“K...Knives,” the man let out with confusions as Ivan chortles before scratching his temple with his index finger. Getting up, his holds tightened around his gun as he marched towards the man with hatred completely noticeable in his eyes.

“P..Please, Mr. Miller. Don’t kill me. Spare me please. P..please, I’m sorry---“


The sound of the gun echoed as it left some visible smoke as soon as the bullet crossed going inside the man’s forehead. He shot him right across his forehead. His features relaxed as he chuckles looking at dead body that was laid there lifelessly.

“I hate apologies,” He sneered glaring at the lifeless body of the man. Finally turning around, he threw the gun in his man’s direction who catches the gun successfully showing it in his waist band.

“CUT HIM INTO PIECES, AND THROW HIM INTO THE FOREST!” Ivan growled furiously at his men as they nodded looking down, before he finally stepped out with Liam on the side.


Anna shrugged, watching the time in her wrist. She huffed looking down while standing on the side gate of her university.

“Hey Anna. Why are you standing here?” One of her classmates asked who was going back with her friends.

“Uh! Actually, I was waiting for the driver,” Anna smiled replying.

“Oh! Then why are you standing here? We can drop you,” Her classmates offered.

“Huh? Uh! No-no, it’s fine. I will manage. He must be on the way. So don’t worry,”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m. Thanks for asking,”

“Okay then, take care. See ya tomorrow. Bye,”

“Bye,” She waved back at them as they left. Anna sighed looking here and there as it was almost evening yet the driver didn’t arrived. As she was waiting, a black Audi stopped in front of her making her astounded.

Anna gasped as Chris came out. He giggled seeing Anna’s facial expression which was painted like a scared puppy as she put her hands on her chest breathing deeply.

“Oh my! Look at you. Scared puppy” Chris let out a chortle as Anna let out a scowl calming her nerves.

“Who passes a car like this?” Anna asked in disbelief as Chris marched towards the next side while his laugh never leaving his face.

“Sorry Mrs. Miller. I drive like this,” He said as he scratches his temple with his forefinger making Anna’s mouth hung low in utter dismay.

“Like this?” She asked in disbelief as Chris nodded.

“Anyway, Ivan asked me to pick you because the driver uncle has fallen sick,” He explained as Anna let out an ‘Oh’ before sealing her lips back.

“Please, sit inside so we can leave,” He said sarcastically making her frown as she made her way towards the car. Sitting inside, she closed the door as Chris sat back on the driver’s seat before starting her engine.

“I’m sure if you will drive like this in the future, your future wife gonna be divorce you.” Anna giggled as Chris let out a slight chortle before turning the steering to the left side with a fast speed causing Anna to gasp in dismay.

“She won’t. Don’t worry,” He said grinning as Anna frowned before looking out from the window as he drove her to the mansion. Stopping his car in front, he turned his head only to find her gawking at the surrounding in utter dismay.

“See, I drove you to mansion in just five minutes,” He said proudly.

“Yeah!” Anna said still in dismay at how fast he actually drove her back to mansion but still, his car’s speed made her heart drop as she thought she would going to die today.

“Okay, thanks” Anna said as she climbed down the car ready to leave when Chris stops her.


“What happened?” She asked in confusion before Chris stretched his arm to the back seat. Leaning a bit, he took out a bag that was placed in side. Turning back, he gave the bag to Anna.

“Here are the things you asked for yesterday,” He said as Anna looked inside only to find some canvas, colors, brushes and other stationary stuff.

“Btw, what are you going to draw with these things?”

“Umm.. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet,” Anna said frowning as Chris nodded.

“Whatever, best of luck,” He said wearing back his black goggles.


“Bye,” Turning the steering, he drove his car off again with the same light speed as Anna sighed before smiling looking the things she asked for. Reaching inside, she first went to their bedroom. Placing her things and bag neatly on the table, she quickly took out a comfortable silky long length dress to wear as it was already night.

After she freshened up, she went downstairs helping Maria in preparing the dinner as soon, Eve was also back and Scarlett was already in mansion. Her college gets over in the afternoon whereas, Eve and Anna’s, in the evening.

Serving the dinner to them, all the girls had their dinner peacefully talking about their day at colleges before finally, going back to their rooms to sleep. Anna helped Ms. Maria for some more time before finally deciding to go back to her bedroom.

Sighing, she put the pencil down on the table nibbling her lower lip thinking deeply about what she should make for the exhibition selection. She huffed as her head hung low and mind felt mess because her days have been going on hectic.

Her final exams were close and they were supposed to be held before the exhibition from St. Louise. Only a few students could reach the place Anna was standing on and she knew she had to make something nice and decent for the day.

She was relieved from her studies because, she has already finished her studies for the upcoming exams. She knew she had to score well and she can make it. ‘Anything is possible if you have a determined mindset’ that is Anna’s motto.

Nibbling her lower lip, she again grab the pencil starring at the canvas that was placed in front of her. She kept starring at it for some time. As she slides the pencil on the white thick canvas, it mistakenly went in the wrong direction causing Anna to huff as she slammed the pencil on the desk before looking down.

This is so tough

I’m not prepared

What should I make?

She got up going towards the bed as she sat on the edge while starring at the white ceiling while her mind was drowned in deep thoughts. A ting reached her ears pulling her back to the earth as she gasped looking at it before grabbing her phone from the nightstand.


Her heart shuddered wildly as she felt heat on her face. She licked her dried lower lip before finally making her mind to answer his call. Sliding the green touch, she holds the phone above her ear.


“You answered in just two rings, you were still awake?” His deep chocolaty voice filled making her heart thump against her ribcage as she sighed looking at the effects she was getting just with his voice.

The real thing is that she was nervous to answer his call up after they had talked last time, yesterday’s night. Unknowingly, they did some intimidating talks with each other which Anna later realized. The last time, their conversation was heated up as Ivan thought it to be better option to end the call otherwise, he would’ve just fly back to New York just have her. She was making his mind and soul go crazy after her.

“Umm… I was actually working on my notes,” she mumbled as it was a enough tone to let him hear her as it was the dead silence of the night.

“Staying up till late night isn’t healthy for your health, Anna,” He said as Anna could sense the disappointment in his deep tone.

“But, you’re also staying up?” Anna crossed his statement making him speechless for a second before he let out a throaty chuckle that she could hear very well.

“I’m a man, Anna. I can handle myself. But, you… you’re girl and you’re naïve, you’re like a porcelain doll that I don’t want to have a single stress on,” He said as Anna smiled before sitting straight.

“Anyway, Did Chris came to pick you today?”

“Yeah, he did. He told me that driver has fallen sick so you sent him to pick me,”

“Hmm…” His tone vibrated through his throat as Anna felt the cold winds been hitting her cheeks brushing the hair on them as she tuck her strands behind her ear.

“When will you be back?” Asked Anna after a minute of silence as none of them spoke so she thought to not to make it awkward.

“Huh? The work is still left. Maybe, it will take two or three more days. I will try to be back by Saturday,” He said as Anna hummed in response. Leaning on the headboard, she exhaled her breath deeply as her eyelids were slowly trying to get close.

“Anna, I think you should sleep. You seem tired.” He said gaining her attention as she sat back straight again.

“Huh? Yeah, I guess so,” She mumbled starring in her lap as Ivan chuckled from the next line.

“Okay then, good night,”

“You too, ”

Sighing deeply because of tiredness, she placed her phone back on the nightstand and lied down on the bed. Grabbing the warm quilt till her chest, she smiled closing her eyes as the sleep slowly engulfed her.

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