Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 32



Sighing, I brought my attention back to my notes as I started revising them. Today, Ms. Amelia is going to take our test. It’s beneficial by one side because it helps us to get ideas for the exam and getting prepared well for the upcoming exams.

Revising the topics, I slightly parted my attention from the pages looking outside from the window. Today, the weather was cloudy and gloomy. It’s seems as if the rain is about to come. I let out a sigh focusing back in her notes wrapping myself around my studies.

“Anni, have you prepared the chapters?” I looked up only to see Eli who just comes. Sitting beside me on the bench, she frowned as I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“Yeah, you?” I asked as she frowned looking down.

“What happened, Eli?”

“You know my mood is really off that I couldn’t focus on my studies,” She said out loud in an annoying tone as the class looked up for a second before getting back to their works. I sighed shaking my head, I faced her.

“Why? What happened?” I asked as Eli rolled her eyes.

“My boyfriend Mark, He’s being too much annoying nowadays. You know all day long, he would’ve just been busy in his work. He ain’t even look at me nor ask me if I’m fine or not, doing well or not. I guess if he has found someone else. Our love isn’t the old one anymore,”

She whined during the whole explanation making me chuckle. She is cute when she is angry or annoyed but her situation pretty understood. She wasn’t wrong.

though. But, yeah maybe, she was just seeing her own problems currently not understanding Mark.

I’ve already met Mark several times as Eli introduced me to him. He seems to be a nice guy and understanding one not only this but he also loves Eli more than anything. It must be his tiring work or maybe some problems that he might not be focused on Eli and his relationships currently otherwise, he would’ve never be ignoring Eli he is a well understanding and loving person.

“Eli, have you tried talking to him?” I asked but she frowned.

“I did. But every time, he would say Eli don’t disturbed me, I’m busy,” She said mocking his tone as I furrowed my eyes in confusion.

“I’m saying he has found someone else, Annabelle.” She said pouting has the crystal tears brimmed in her eyes. I sighed rubbing her back to soothe her she hugged me.

“Listen Eli, try to talk to him. Maybe, he is stressed that’s why he is not listening to you. Give him some space and some time to be prepared. I’m sure once, he would deal with his tasks; he will come back to you. Try to show him love and affection. Tell him that you’re with him even in worst situation. I know he will be affected and will gonna tell you about his problems,”

I said as she kept listening to me with glossy eyes. Her face narrowed and she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Are you sure?”

“Yup, I’m. Try to talk to him,” I said as she sniffed wiping her tears away before smiling.

“Okay, I will,” She said as I gave her a warm hug and she hugged me back. The teacher, Ms. Amelia arrived.

“Okay now, it’s time for the test. So everybody, be ready,” She said we closed our books putting them in our bags and hung it behind out chair before Ms. Amelia distributed the exam sheets to us. I mouthed Eli a ‘best of luck’ as she nodded wishing me too before we finally started to give our tests.


“Well done, Anna. You scored well,” Ms. Amelia said as she signed Anna’s exam sheet. Smiling Anna bowed at her.

“Thanks, Ms. Amelia,”

“You’ve been giving all the tests correctly and scoring good grades. I believe you can make it for the upcoming final exams,” She said bringing a smile on Anna’s face as she exhaled her breath in relief.

The satisfaction was visible on her face. She did hard work with dedication and her work was paying off. Now, she could see herself standing on the stage getting honored by her school management. She had always a dream to get honored by her school and pay off her work.

“Thanks, Miss,” she said as Ms. Amelia nodded before Anna left her cabin.

She smiled coming out of the cabin. She kissed her beautiful silver-feather pendant closing her eyes. The pendent was gifted by her mom. Till then, she always wears it. It’s her lucky charm. She could feel her mom’s blessing are with her by the medium of her feather pendant.

Mom would be feeling proud on me

She went back to her classroom. Grabbing her bag, she left the classroom as Eli already left. She went to the canteen when John called her name.

“Anna,” He said waving as Anna frowned in confusion before smiling and waved back.

“John?” He ran towards her. Standing in front of her he put his hands on his knees breathing heavily before finally looking at her.

“How’s your test?” He asked.

“Uh! It went well. How’s yours?”

“Not so good. I didn’t get my desired marks,” He said frowning as Anna let out a ‘OH’.

“It’s okay John. Just work hard next time,” She said patting his arm that didn’t go unnoticed by him and he smiled.

“I wanna ask, can you help me with the chapters. I’m still confused with the topics.” He asked her in a soft tone hoping she would say yes as Anna thought for a minute.


“Yes you, who else,” He said frowning as Anna smiled nervously. She looked at the time as it was reading 4:00 PM she still had some time left in going back, so she thought of helping him.


“Oh thank you, so much,” John said as Anna nodded.

“Umm… how about we study in library?” John suggested as Anna found it a better option. Nodding, they both left for the library.

Entering the library, they were welcomed by the silence. Not much students were present because the school hours for students got closed. Only a few students who give some extra time to their studies and teachers were left as the silence started surrounding the building.

“What about the last seat? I don’t wanna get disturbed, please,” John said annoyingly as Anna chuckled before nodding.

“Go sit. Let me grab the books we will use,” John said leaving disappearing in the bookshelves as Anna sighed walking towards the last bench. Sitting down there, she grabbed her phone only to frown is shock.

Oh no! The battery is dead and I didn’t even brought the charger with myself

She sighed placing the phone back in her backpack till then, John came back with the few books in his hands. He smiled delicately sitting beside Anna.

“Shall we start?” Anna asked gaining John’s attention who was staring at her. Anna snapped her finger in front his eyes bringing him back to earth as he nodded.

Opening the book, Anna held the pen in her hands while writing down the important points on the white paper sheet. She started elaborating the points to John who was listening to her with full focus as they continued to discuss the topics.

The time passed as they Anna continued to elaborating John, the important points. The left few students also left the library because it was already dark outside. The library in-charge comes towards Anna and John’s direction.

“Students, it’s time to leave. Do you have to stay here more? Because I’m leaving, the college hours are getting closed. The in-charge asked as Anna gasped looking outside.


“No, actually we have a few more topics to cover,” John said cutting Anna’s words as Anna looked at him in dismay.

“Okay then, here is the key. Give it to the watchmen when you two leave,” The in-charge said. Nodding, John took the keys from him sliding them in his jeans pocket. The in-charge left after giving them a last look as Anna frowned biting her dried lower lips nervously.

She was unsure if she should stay here more but still, John was asking for her help and as a classmate, she had to.

“Anna, I will drop you if you ant. But please, help me with this first,” John said. Sighing, Anna nodded getting herself back to books as they continued their discussion.

One hour more passed as finally Anna closed the books exhaling her breaths so as John. He smiled thanking her as she nodded before wrapping her things back.

“Thanks a lot, you helped me so much” Said John as Anna nodded.

“Its fine, John,”

“But still, you helped me a lot. I really owe you and wanna repay you.” He said nervously as Anna frowned in dismay before smiling.

“There is no need to repay me, John.”

“Actually Anna, I have something to tell you,”


“Anna, you’re really sweet and caring. I love how you always help others first and priorities them. I love everything about you. You’re just awesome,” He exclaimed as Anna furrowed her eyebrows in confusion before smiling.

“Its okay, John. And, thanks,”

“Anna, I wanna asked if you’re interested…. Will you go on a date with me? I… I wanted to confess for so long but, I didn’t knew if you would like it or not but, I really like you, Anna.”

He asked leaving Anna completely shocked as her words stuck in her mouth not knowing what she should say. John was literally asking her out and that too not as a friend but he just confessed. Anna may had helped him but she never had give it a thought for a single time. She was never interested in going out with John nor she has to.

“John, I…I..---“

“Please, don’t say no, Anna. I really liked you a lot. Please, give me a chance as a guy. I would love to date you. And I promise, I will never ever make you sad,”

“Are you crazy? John, I never thought about us in this way and on top of that, I’m married,”

“I know you’re married but I also know that was forced. I know you don’t love your so called husband. And going out on a date with me won’t affect anything. I promise to give you what your husband didn’t---“

Before he could complete, he felt a tight sting on his left cheek that his face turned to the side with full force. The motion was so fast that he didn’t have to know what just happened. His cheek went red as if some insect bites him as he glared at Anna.

“Enough, with this nonsense of yours. How could you even think of me like this? Have I ever given you any sign that I’m interested in you or something? No right, Then why? And on top of that, learn to respect others. You should be thankful that I’m not complaining about you to management otherwise, you could be thrown out of the University,”

Shouted Anna, the hatred and disgust was visible in her eyes as she grabbed her bag ready to leave when John yanked her back slamming her on the nearby bookshelf.

“AH—what the hell---“

“You bitch, I’m asking you nicely for your answer and you just slapped me, Huh? What do you think of yourself, Queen Victoria? You should be thankful that I asked you out nicely but you… you are no less than a shameless bitch. You dare to reject me, John Richard, Huh?”

“What the hell? Leave me,” She shouted on his face as he gripped her arms tightly yanking her back.

“I have many more ways to get you, bitch. I don’t know what’s your problem? Even when you don’t even like your husband then why you have a problem in going out with me? Such a hypocrite,” He seethed in anger on her face as she was bewildered by his words. He wasn’t looking the old John anymore.

He started bringing his face closer to hers as she slapped him again. He holds his cheek glaring at her.

“Its enough! I’m gonna complain about you to the principal,” Anna snarled ready to take her leave but John gripped her by her hair slamming her back on the closet again.

“Bitches like you don’t deserve to be treated nicely. Now, I’m gonna show you, your real place,” He seethed squeezing her jaw painfully as the tears brimmed in her eyes due to the amount of pain in her jaw.

Before John could do any inappropriate thing, Anna was fast enough to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine as he groaned in pain. Anna ran away from there crossing the library, she was about to go out but John slammed her back on the big table between the bookshelves. Anna groaned painfully as John closed the door of the library coming back to her.

He holds her by her hair making her look into his eyes.

“You think you can run away? Huh?”


The car entered the inside crossing the big gates. Stopping in front of the big marble made waterfall, the man opened the door as Ivan comes out while talking to somebody. One of his men holds the umbrella above him as it was raining, the weather was so bad. The men bowed at him. Nodding, he took his steps inside as Chris was coming behind him.

“Okay, I’ve arrived now, I will call you later. It’s raining here,” Ivan spoke as Liam hummed from the other side.

“Okay bro, take care,” Liam said as Ivan hummed before hanging up. Putting his cellphone back in his jeans’ pocket, he made his way inside the mansion.

“Anna will be happy to see you back,” Chris said chuckling as Ivan narrowed his eyes at him.

“Do you think she will?” Ivan asked cocking his eyebrow as Chris frowned.

“She can and can be not too,” He said Ivan rolled his eyes playfully chuckling while coming inside.

Finally after successfully making the deals, he was back to Ney York as Chris went to pick him up from Miller’s private port. Ivan had already informed him about his arrival hence Chris finished everything properly before going to pick Ivan up as they had to first go somewhere for their official work purpose before coming back to mention.

“Bro, I missed you so much. Finally you’re back,” Eve said before sharing a hug with him as he patted her head.

“Welcome back, Mr. Miller,” Scarlett said with gracious smile as Ivan nodded.

“Thanks Scar. Where is Anna?” He asked the girls wandering his eyes here and there trying to see a glimpse of his beautiful wife whom he missed like crazy mad man all these days.

“Brother, she isn’t back yet,” Eve answered. Ivan narrowed his thick eyebrow before looking at Eve in dismay.

“She isn’t back yet? But, it’s already night. Her University hours must be closed by now,” He asked as the girls nibbled their lips nervously not knowing what to answer because they themselves didn’t had any idea why Anna wasn’t back yet?

He was ready to leave when he found the driver coming back whom he has appointed for Anna. The driver has a thick nervousness plastered on his face as he took steps before standing in front of Ivan with his head hung low.

“Where is Anna? Mr. Benz?” He asked as the driver gulped looking at him with dismay as if he was astounded by Ivan’s question.

“Mr. Miller, I went to Mrs. Miller’s University a little bit late today, when I arrived there, the watchman has told me that the University is closed and everybody left. Mrs. Miller wasn’t there. She was nowhere to be seen. I thought, she is back,”

He explained as his throat went dried in fright seeing how Ivan’s facial features darkened with his every word. The girls gasped in shock as Chris’s was too, left being astounded by him.

“WHATT??” He snarled as the driver flinched in fright.

“SHE ISN’T BACK YET?” He roared as the driver’s eyes widen and head hung low. He started trembling Ivan’s anger as Ivan roared in anger.

“WHERE THE FUCKING WERE YOU?” He snarled making the driver tremble as he gulped squeezing his eyes tightly.

“HOW THE FUCK YOU COULD BE SO FUCKING CARELESS!” He roared again feeling himself exploding out in anger.

“I..I’m s..sorry, Mr. M..Mille---“


“Ivan, calm down,” Chris tried to calm him down but Ivan glared at him.

“ANNA STILL NOT BACK YET, CHRIS,” He sneered as Chris nodded understanding his situation. Ivan closed his eyes rubbing his temple, he took a deep breath before pulling his cellphone out of the pocket. He quickly dialed Anna’s ID in no time.

The number you’re trying to reach is currently switched off

His eyes widened as his heart sank. He could feel himself getting insecure cause Anna’s phone was telling switched off, his heart drenching deep down. But still, he has to think calmly. In need to find her, he needs to think with calm mind. He took a deep breath and in no time, he shoved his phone back before turning to face Chris.

“Get the car ready, back. Quick!”

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