Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 33


Throwing the phone away, Ivan glared at the principal, Mr. Kalian, who was standing in front of him shivering in fear. Ivan called him and ordered him to come to his office. As the principal came to his office, he gets to know that Anna was missing from the University.

It made the principal’s life stuck in his throat. As, Anna is Ivan’s wife, he to be found out was necessary otherwise, he is very well aware that Ivan can burn down the whole University within just a blink of an eye.

“Mr. Miller, p..please calm down… Mrs. Miller will be---“

“I SWEAR PRINCIPAL IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HER, YOU WON’T GONNA LIVE ON THIS EARTH ANYMORE!” Ivan snarled pointing his index finger at the principal as the principal gulped trembling. His forehead was sweating badly as Ivan had.

“Boss, there is some signal showing up,” One of his men said as Ivan quickly marched towards him, looking in the monitor screen carefully.

“It’s showing the location of St. Louise,”

She is still in the University?

He was astounded after he found out Anna’s location was coming from the University currently. Ivan had provided Anna a tracker and told her to keep it in her shoe whenever she goes out. Thankfully, the tracker was still fine and working well successfully sending Anna’s location to him.

“Confirm! It’s ST. LOUISE!” His man said after checking for the last time as Ivan stormed out of the cabin in no time with Chris. Reaching to one of his cars, he quickly sat inside. Turning the engine on, Chris drove off with the full speed to the direction of Anna’s university as their men were behind with other cars.

Reaching the University gate, Chris pulled the break stopping the car as Ivan comes outside. The watchmen opened the door after seeing him as he ran inside with Chris as other men were following him from behind. Storming inside, he started calling Anna’s name multiple times but gets nothings in response.

His heart was beating faster and faster with every passing minute till his eyes didn’t get glimpses of ‘His’ Anna.


He called again but a creepy silence was spread all around which was venomous to him. His eyes were itching to get a glimpse of her and his hands were shivering. Chris was too continuously searching for her in other directions but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Check the location. C’mon QUICK!” Chris ordered the man who has the tablet in his hands. Nodding, he searched for it again where Ivan’s ears got some slight creepy noises from the second floor. Reaching upon there, the noises become loud and loud as his sockets widen hearing Anna’s screams.

Without wasting any other second, he ran for upstairs following her screams. He followed by a big alley and a big door. Storming inside his eyes widens and hands fisted. His jaw clenched in anger seeing the man who was forcefully trying kissing Anna.

Their movements stopped seeing someone standing on the door as Anna’s eyes were swollen, the crystalline water that was dripping down from her hazels. She had several reddish and purplish marks on her neck and exposed shoulder.

Ivan’s heart sank and eyes widen witnessing her state. Glaring at the man who was trying to force his wife, he stormed inside. Climbing on the table, he immediately brought down the guy who was above her.

“YOU BASTARD! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU TO TOUCH HER!” He roared as his eyes darkened and face was planted with furiousness. He gave bone-breaking punches on the guy’s face who groaned painfully holding his mouth.

“YOU FUCKING ROAMED YOUR FILTHY HANDS ON HER!” He roared again giving a side punch on his face that few sounds of crackling comes up indicating the guy has definitely broken down his cheekbone or something.

“DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS, MY WIFE. MY FUCKING WIFE!” He snarled as the guy laid there down holding his nose painfully groaning but still Ivan’s anger hasn’t calmed yet. Sitting on guy’s abdomen, he continued to punch him till the blood oozed out from his faces.

Few more sounds of crackling up comes up indicating he was losing up his other bones too as Ivan was beating him brutally following to his death. Anna gasped seeing the blood as Ivan was nowhere to be stopping. He was continuously breaking him till his death.

“I..Ivan, s..stop it… He w…will gonna die,” She murmured forcing herself to stands up. She asked but he didn’t listen to her and continued to break the man who has already lost his consciousness.

“Ivan please stop he will gonna die,” She requested again but he didn’t stopped at all. Instead, he glared at her for asking him to stop beating a man who literally was forcing her.

His mind wasn’t in right place and only that he has been stuck inside him was rage, Wrath, Anger. He continued to ounce and kicking the guy as he already lost his consciousness and was bleeding badly due to the amount of punching and kicking Ivan has introduced him to.

Anna gasped seeing the table that as surrounded by the blood following to the floor.

“IVAN, PLEASE, HE WILL DIE!” She shrieked again as Ivan glared at her. Anna literally gulped seeing him like this. He wasn’t looking the old Ivan. He has the wrath wrapped in his orbs, same wrath that Anna saw in his eyes when he killed Shawn.

Chris was there with other men as Anna pulled Ivan back prohibiting him to beat John more. Chris handled the matter in his hands. Anna pulled Ivan to the side.

“Ivan, please. You’re literally going to kill him,”

“THEN WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO? SHOULDN’T I HIT HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE? HUH?” He snarled as Anna flinched with his loud tone.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE ASKING ME TO NOT TO BEAT HIM WHEN HE LITERALLY TRIED TO FORCE YOU!” He roared again as disbelief was plastered in his face. Anna shook his head but before she could say anything else, Ivan stormed out of the library.


She followed him to the exit of the school as it was raining so badly. He said nothing nor even looked at her. Covering her with his jacket, he opened the car’s door letting her sit inside.

He sat inside on the driver’s seat driving off to the mansion. He turned the car wipers on as it was raining heavily.


“Anna, please. If you want to talk about what happened recently, then I don’t wanna talk,” He said sternly as Anna shook her head.

“And don’t tell me that I’m wrong please,” He said sarcastically as Anna shook her head. That wasn’t what she meant.

“No, But I’m just saying tha---“

“Anna, please. Don’t trigger me more,”

“But what you did was---“

Before she can finish, Ivan stopped the car with a jerk. She looked out only to see that they were back. Ivan comes out of the car. Without saying or looking at Anna, he followed his steps to inside the mansion as Anna was behind him.

She can witness the anger in his eyes. He was angry not actually he was furious, so damn furious. Only if Anna didn’t have stopped him, he would really killed John. He never spares the ones who tend to lay their eyes on what is his. And Anna is his wife. Seeing John trying to hurt her and harm her made his blood boil.

Entering inside the room, he was welcomed by the darkness that as surrounding his bedroom since both Anna and Ivan were absent. He jerked his necktie opening it; he threw it on the couch. His clothes were still wet because of the heavy rain.

Opening his shirt up, he folded the sleeves to his elbows as revealing his tan veiny hands on display. His head was exploding. He was feeling as if he would break down every single thing that would come in his eyes. Not wanting to make any issue, he sat down on the couch rubbing his temple with his wrist.

His anger was on the verge of exploding. He was feeling like killing the man who tried to touch his wife. Every time the scene of John forcing Anna would flash his mind, his anger level would increase up to almost killing John. His hands were itching to wrap them around his throat and suck the life out of the person.

He knew Chris has already kept him under his eyes and Ivan would deal with him later personally. Right now, he doesn’t want his anger to cause any issue between him and Anna.

Reaching upon his shelf, he took out his vodka and glass. Pouring himself a neat, he gulped it down in one go. He coughed a little as the alcohol burned his throat down that he was consuming without ice-cubes. Getting up, he went towards the balcony of their room.

As the rain stopped, the clouds went away and the sky became clearer. The moon started shining was showing back again as Ivan’s face illuminated under the moonlight. The wind which was blowing made his hair messy as he closed his eyes breathing deeply. The cool breeze helped him with calming his mind down as he exhaled deeply.

Anna entered the room shivering because of the cold. Her long wet hair that has been sticking on her wet clothes as she was badly caught in rain. Her lips were trembling and eyes were shutting again and again because of the cold as she wrapped her hands around herself. Hugging her tony self, she wandered her eyes here and there in need to see Ivan when she found the door of the balcony was opened indicating Ivan would be there.

Seeing Ivan’s shadow that was falling on the room’s floor because of the moonlight, Anna made her way towards him with slow steps. She sneezed a little before following him to the balcony’s door as she was him gulping down his alcohol.

“I…Ivan, I w…wan---“

“Anna please, I’m not in the mood of any argument.” His deep husky voice followed as Anna gulped how badly he too was caught up in rain still he wasn’t giving any thought to it and was standing on the badly following by the icy cool breezes.

Anna hissed as her body shivered when a breeze hit her form as she hugged herself more tightly. Her legs were feeling like jelly but her heart was giving up more seeing Ivan was being hurt. She wandered her eyes on his wet shirt that was stick on his muscular back and her gazes followed to his hands.

His knuckles have reddish and blue-ish marks due to the continued hits he has given to John.

“Ivan, but… Please at least, say so—“

“I said I don’t want to argue. Please, leave. It’s already late and you need rest. So, go and sleep,” He said sternly without any emotions as Anna looked down. The tears filled in her eyes following her cheek, they fell down. Sniffing and wiping her tears off, she went inside without saying any other thing.

Making her way towards the closet with her trembling feet, she took out her night clothes. She changed inside the room as Ivan was in the balcony drowned in his thoughts. After changing, she felt relieved as she made her way towards the bed. Sitting on the edge, she glanced at his back for the last time as he was still standing there neither he has any chance of coming inside.

Sighing, she laid down covering herself with the warm quilt. Hugging the quilt on her chest, she closed her eyes as few drops of crystalline water made their way on her rosy cheeks.

Ivan kept standing there for some time. Sighing, he closed his eyes and a lone tear escaped his eye.

Yes, he was crying.

He was crying again.


His ice-cold heart was feeling pain inside.

It was aching.

His emotions were pooling out and he was overwhelmed by the sadness. Today, he again felt as if his whole world has been collapsing down. The day he married Anna, he never had any intention of getting attached to her. He only desired her physically, he desired her as a girl he laid his eyes upon, another bed warming thing he wanted to get for himself.

But now, he was feeling as if his whole purpose of being with her has changed. He has changed. He was feeling something inside his heart for Anna. He never wanted to experience this.

But now, it was looking as if he has given his heart.

Yes, he has fallen in love.

He fell in love with his wife.

And now, seeing her in pain, gives him the worst pain. He can’t let anything bad happen to her. And when today, he saw John, he just fell like ripping his throat apart for touching ‘His’ Anna.

He never wants to feel love. For him, love can only make a person weak and he never wanted to have any weakness. But now, he has lost his heart to her. He was feeling week today. He hated himself for feeling that just because of Anna. But he knew it wasn’t either Anna’s mistake. He was the one who brought her in his life and now, he has got a weakness.

I love her

I fucking do.

I never supposed to.

Then, why?


Why I fell in love with her?

His jaw clenched for feeling himself getting weaker. He hated it. He hated feeling weak. He never supposed to do. All these years, he made himself strong as Iron. But today, he was feeling weaker. That’s why he hated being in love. Loves makes you a weak person that’s what he believes on.

But he did. He fell in love with Anna. Even when he didn’t want to, he still did. He didn’t know if he should be delighted or sad. But one he was sure upon is that.

This love was giving him pain

The pain he always been afraid of

Today, he was feeling that pain

He was going through it.

He closed his eyes breathing deeply. Slamming the glass on the nearby table, he made his way inside their bedroom. His eyes fell upon Anna who was sleeping while clutching the quilt tightly on her chest. Her rosy lips were shivering and she was squeezing her eyes.

Ivan took a step in her direction but stopped in midway. He knew this wasn’t the right time. He can’t let Anna witness his emotions. He doesn’t want her to see how weak he was feeling right now. How much he was holding inside himself right now. Looking away, he made his way towards the closet. He changed his clothes. Wearing a grey shirt and black jeans, he wore a black leather jacket above because of the cold weather. Glancing at Anna for the last time, he left the room slamming the door as staying here was getting hard for him.

He knew he won’t be able to face Anna.

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