Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 34


Anna’s eyes squeezed tightly as the sunlight entered the room. She blinked few times to adjust with the light before finally opening her eyes. She sat down on the bed rubbing her eyes.

She was feeling an immense amount of weakness inside herself and her back was hurting. Even after taking a good sleep, she was still feeling fatigue. Her forehead was sweating and her face was pale. Her lips had lost its natural colour and became dried. Her throat was feeling dried too.

She poured herself glass of water, Gulping it in one go. She groaned feeling a tight ache in her back and also her head was spinning. Her body was heating up so badly.

‘What’s wrong with me?’

Taking a deep breath, she got up from the bed and made her way towards the closet. Taking her clothes out, she made her way towards the bathroom with her trembling legs which was feeling like jelly.


“Did she come out?” Eve asked as Scarlett sighed shaking her head in disapproval.

“No, I went to her bedroom early morning, I knocked two or three times but she didn’t replied so I came back,” Scarlett replied as Eve nodded.

“It’s okay, maybe, she needs some space,”

“Hmm, we should give it to her till she will be fine,” Scarlett agreed with Eve.

“I guess, she won’t go to college today. We should leave now,” Eve said.

“You’re right,” Scarlett said packing her backpack as the girls left for their colleges after having their breakfast. They tried to call Anna’s name multiple times, but Anna didn’t replied. She kept herself locked in her room. So the girls left and thought to meet her once they will be back in the evening.

Half of the day went like that. Maria went to Anna and Ivan’s bedroom for Anna to give her the midday meal. She knocked on the door multiple times still Anna didn’t reply to Maria even.

Sighing, Maria accepted her defeat and went back downstairs to do her left work. Ivan wasn’t here from the night hence the day went out smoothly.

It was 3:00 PM of the noon when Ivan comes back. His whole condition was messed up badly. His thick, dark hairs were messy and few buttons of the shirts were undone, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His eyes were red and glossy.

He has spent his whole night in one of his bars drinking. He drank too much last night. So much that he finally gave up his limit in the morning and went to his office and slept there. He didn’t want to face Anna after last night.

He has finally realized his heart which was somehow making him feel weak. He sabotaged himself whole night while drinking just so that he won’t have to come back and to face Anna. He knew if he would go to her, he will give up.

Yet after spending for more than 20 hours outside, he thought of coming back. His head was also hurting badly as the alcohol he took, was in great amount.

He sat down on the chair in the dining hall as Maria brought him a glass of lemon water. He took a sip and groaned as the liquid reached his taste buds. After having the lemon water, he felt relieved. Exhaling sharply, he leaned back on his chair.

“Did Anna go to college today?” He asked Maria who was about to leave after grabbing the empty glass.

“No, Mrs. Miller didn’t go anywhere today. In fact, she is in her room for the whole day,” She informed as Ivan furrowed his thick eyebrows.

“Did she eat?” he asked and Maria shook her head in No.

“No, she skipped her breakfast and lunches both. She didn’t come out from the bedroom since the morning. We called her name several times but she didn’t even replied,” Maria muttered fiddling with her fingers while looking down.

Ivan’s eyes twitched as unknowingly Maria’s words send him strange feelings. Getting up from his chair, he stormed upstairs with the fast steps leaving Maria and other servants in dismay.

Reaching upstairs, he banged their bedroom’s door several times but nothing got in replied. He found it strange when he didn’t get any reply from inside.

“Anna,” He called but didn’t get the replied.

“Anna, open the door,” He said knocking a little loud than before.

“ANNA!” He called her name loudly so that she could hear him but still, he didn’t get any response from inside. His curiosity began and his heart started thundering when he didn’t get any response from Anna.

“Bring me the other key, Quick!” He ordered as Maria nodded running downstairs to get the other pair of keys for Ivan’s bedroom. Finding it on a little far place, she exhaled deeply before storming back to upstairs.

Getting the keys from Maria, he slides it in the key hole. Turning it, he quickly entered inside but Anna was nowhere to be seen in the bedroom. The bed was empty and so as the balcony.

“Anna,” He called but didn’t get any response as his heart thudded loudly in worries about her.

“ANNABELLA,” He shouted her name again but didn’t get to see her. If she is in the room, she should come out upon hearing him shouting her name but she didn’t.

“Anna, where are you?” He called her name again but nothing comes in response. He sighed rubbing his temple, he looked around checking in the whole room and the balcony but she was nowhere to be found. Ivan sighed and Maria too, was present in the room looking for Anna.

They were busy searching when Ivan’s ears caught a different sound that was coming from the bathroom. It was the sound of the water falling. Ivan’s eyes widens as he ran to the side.

Opening the door of the room he found Anna laying on the bathroom’s floor lifelessly as the water was continuously falling from the shower. Her petite figure that has been wrapped in a white towel indicating she must come to take a shower but fell unconscious. Maria gasped palming her mouth as her. Ivan’s blue saucers widen seeing her lying unconscious there.

“ANNA!!” He screamed curiously.

Both Ivan and Maria got shocked witnessing Anna’s pitiful condition as Ivan quickly approached her whether Maria closed the tap.

“Anna, open your eyes,” Ivan took her in his arms. Placing her head in his lap, he patted her cheek slightly in order to bring her back to her consciousness.


His hands felt weird touching her as her temperature was higher than the normal one. He placed his palm on her forehead which seems to be on fire as his eyes widen in shock.

She has high fever.

“Maria, she has fever,” He said as Maria checked her wrist only gasp nodding at Ivan’s words. Ivan quickly took her in his arms. Picking her in the bridal style, he walked out of the bathroom.

He laid Anna down on the bed covering her with a quilt witnessing she was badly shivering. The guilt ran through him as he closed his eyes in disbelief.

Only if I haven’t left her alone last night, she wouldn’t be suffering.

The guilt hit him hard seeing her shivering so badly. He ran his hand through her wet locks which were covering her face. She was looking so pale and skinny. The worries started engulfing him.

“Maria, Change her clothes. I’m calling the doctor. We need to get her check by the doctor.” Ivan said as Maria nodded. Reaching the closet, she took out a decent comfortable dress for Anna to make her wear and Ivan left the room giving them space.

He called their family doctor which he has relations for a very long time. He told the doctor to come there as soon as possible as Anna’s condition was really bad.

He ran his hands through his thick hair and sighed deeply shaking his head in disbelief. She caught the fever because of the last night. He was so badly furious that he didn’t even asked her if she was feeling fine or not.

He felt guilty for being so careless towards her.

I’m sorry, Annabella.

I’m so careless.

The doctor finally arrived in thirty minutes as the servant led her to Ivan and Anna’s bedroom. The doctor, Roseanne checked Anna as Ivan kept sitting besides her holding her cold hands in his warm ones.

After analyzing Anna’s condition, Doctor Roseanne gave her an injection and prescribed some medicines for her.

“Don’t worry; she’s just caught in high fever. I’ve given her injection, it will help her. And make sure to give her the medicines that I’ve prescribed. Take good care of her nutrition, she’s a bit underweighted,”

Roseanne spoke softly as Ivan nodded. She handed him some papers and a nutrition chart.

“Thanks, Rose,” Ivan said as Roseanne smiled before nodding.

“It’s my pleasure, Ivan. Just take good care of her,” She said patting his shoulder and he nodded. Roseanne left after wise and Ivan sent his driver to buy the medicines that Rose has prescribed for Anna, from the market.

“Let me make soup for her. Doctor Roseanne said she will be up in one hour,” Maria informed and left after wise leaving Ivan alone with Anna who was sleeping there peacefully.

I’m sorry, Anna.

I failed to take care of you.



Anna’s eyes flickered opened as she breathed heavily. She just had a worst nightmare. Her forehead started sweating badly and her face dropped the colour leaving her in utter dismay when she found herself lying on the bed comfortably covered under the warm quilt.

Her gazes flickered as she looked at Ivan who was sitting beside her on the edge of the bed while holding Anna’s hand carefully. He has his head rest on the headboard as he seems to be tired.

His thick dark brown hair were covering his forehead till his eyes as he was snoring lightly. Anna winced when she tried to move her muscles. Her back was having strain.

Maybe, it was due to lying on the bathroom’s floor for so long. Anna slightly turned to get a full of Ivan who has his head rested upon the headboard just beside her. He hot breaths were fanning her forehead as his mouth was slightly agape.

Flashback of last night ran through her mind freshening all of those hurtful memories. Her facial features saddened and her eyes became glossy. The memories of Ivan beating John brutally crossed her mind as the chills ran through Anna’s spine.

Those pictures were still fresh in her mind. How much Ivan was angry. How his eyes were screaming furiousness and wrath. How his whole personality changed after he witnessed Anna begging John to leave her. He was looking as if he would just kill John on the very moment.

Anna could sense the wrath in his domineering aura last night. Indeed, Ivan is indomitable but last night was still, he has something new in his dark blue eyes. Anna wanted it to be disclosed but it wasn’t. She knew Ivan won’t let it though.

Sighing, she glanced at Ivan who still has his eyes closed and mouth apart sucking light breaths and leaving the snores. Unknowingly, Anna’s hand went in Ivan’s thick brown lock. Sliding her long fingers inside, she started caressing his head while keep staring at him.

I could see you were hurt last night.

Why are you hurting yourself?


She thought as her soft hands continued to doing the work in his brown hair.

“You done starring, wife?” Anna’s eyes widen as her saucers almost comes out when she heard his deep raspy voice. He opened his eyes. He flickered his gazes towards her, his lips curved into a slight smile seeing his wife was finally up.

Anna was too shock to react being too close to him. His proximity and domineering aura had her breaths stuck in her throat for almost some second before she finally decided to pull her hand back.

Before she could pull her hand back, he holds it back on the same spot and guided her to massage his forehead and head again.

“Keep doing it. It feels good,” He murmured shifting himself even closer to her as she gulped before kept doing what she was doing before few minutes. Ivan placed his arm around her waist pulling her closer. Anna’s breathe hitched as her front collided with his front leaving her astounded.

Her doe-like eyes widen that made Ivan chuckle before he finally leaned in to leave a soft peck on her forehead leaving Anna in utter dismay.

“I’m sorry, Anna,” He murmured grabbing her attention completely before she looked at him being confounded.


“I’m sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have done this. You were already in a messed up situation and I even worsened it. I’m so bad. I’m really sorry for talking to you so rudely last night. I shouldn’t have done this. I’m really so bad but please, don’t lea----“


Before he could finish, Anna placed her palm on his mouth preventing him to blabber more. She was looking at him with her big eyes as Ivan was confounded by her sudden act but stayed still. Anna deeply analyzed his eyes as he looked up at him.

They interacted!

The interaction was so long that Anna just lost herself in his deep oceanic blue eyes completely and when she leaned in, she herself didn’t have any idea. Finding it as a hint, Ivan pulled her further close to himself settling her on top, he slides inside the warm quilt with her on top of himself.

He brought the quilt further upwards settling it on Anna’s head as they both stayed inside the warm quilt without looking away and discontinuing their interaction. Ivan’s right hand went down on her back drawing circled there and with his left hand, he was holding her cute small face in his big palm.

He leaned in only to capture her dried lips with his fine ones and kissed her passionately. She winced because of the strain in her back muscles. Noticing it, he settled her further upwards on himself to ease her pain and rubbed her back smoothly while kissing her a like a mad man.

One side, he was easing her muscle pain giving her smooth comfortable caresses and on the other side, he was sucking the life out of her lips which he is admires a lot.

She returned the kiss with the same level as Ivan groaned between the kiss sending tingling sensations to her. He fastened his movements as Anna did the same to match the speed of his lips.

Pulling back, they both catch their breath as Ivan closed his eyes throwing his head back. Having no amount of energy left inside her, Anna placed her head on his chest while catching her breaths as Ivan encircled his arms securely around her small figure while she kept laying on top of him.

She closed her eyes back and again when the sleep did take control over her, she didn’t realized. Ivan smiled pecking her head.

“Sleep well, my love,”

He murmured in her ear as she nodded in her sleep. Closing his eyes, Ivan too drifted back to sleep as they kept lying in the same warm and comfortable position.

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