Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 35


Anna's eyes opened feeling herself on something comfortable. She rubbed her eyes yawning as her gazes flickered upward. Seeing Ivan underneath, Anna gulped but next, her facial features soften seeing Ivan sleeping so peacefully and carefree. His large hands were holding Anna on the spot carefully and she has her legs hung around his torso.

The sunlight finally kissed his forehead as he shifted a little lower inside the warm comforter tightening his holds around Anna. Anna giggled holding a hair strand of herself in her fingers she started caressing it on Ivan's nose-tip and ears. Ivan stirred in his sleep causing Anna to giggle at the little fun she was having while teasing her husband.

She brought down the strand from his ear to his chiseled jaw to his neck as he stirred again scratching his neck causing Anna to giggle again. She again holds her strand again and started caressing Ivan's cheekbones with the tail as Ivan grunted in his sleep. Anna chuckled bringing the strand back to his nose-tip and caressed it gently but next, she knew she was being pressed into the bed with a swift turn as Ivan hovered over her.

Chilled breezes started hitting Anna like a tidal wave while feeling Ivan's burning gazes upon herself. She gulped as he smirked leaning further. He brought his face close to hers as their nose-tips almost touching. Anna looked down in nervousness as Ivan caged her between his large arms and the bed.

"You're getting naughty nowadays, I guess," He hoarse. His voice was raspy and hoarse because of the deep slumber he had just taken. Anna felt chills in her spine the way he whispered the words on her ear and his deep raspy voice made her tremble alluringly underneath him.

"Answer, wifey," He whispered nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck as Anna shivered closing her eyes feeling his lips on her sensitive skin. Her blood rushed and her cheeks became red, the electricity passes through her body.

"Sorry," She mumbled sheepishly causing Ivan to chuckle at her naïve words. He placed a soft kiss on her neck as Anna whimpered in excitement making him smile.

His wife

His little fragile wife

"You played enough with me?" He mumbled nibbling his canines on her sensitive spot causing her to suck a large gulp of breath. It was stimulation to her body. An excited one.

"I...I'm sorry," She muttered lowering her gazes.

"I won't accept that apology," He declared in a authorative tone as his face was holding a frown causing Anna to look at himself confounded as her doe-like eyes widen in search for clarifications.

"You don't have any idea what you've done," He whispered holding her wrist in obstinacy leaving Anna transfixed and confounded.

"What?" She muttered causing Ivan to chuckle.

"You've woken up someone,"

"Ehh!! Where?" She asked as her brown saucers widened and face became blank as white paper causing him to chuckle.

"I will apologize to him for disturbing him," Anna mumbled with guilty look on her face causing Ivan to smirk.

"No you don't have to,"

"But still---"

"Don't worry. It's not even your fault, he wakes up easily when you're near," He chuckled as she frowned looking away.

"What you've just said, has bounced my brain completely," She muttered pouting.

"You don't have to understand anything. I will show you the example so soon," He hoarse digging deep holes to Anna's body as Anna looked away not having the strength to look in his hypnotizing oceanic eyes.

"Anyway, Let me go," She said tried to come out of his firm grips but he holds them back.

"No," He declared making her frown as she looked at him.


"First, let me return you the favor you've done to me," He said leaning in and pecked her nose-tip before trailing his lips down to her neck and shoulder. He grazed on her soft, milky-white skin leaving her helpless.


"Here you go," Ivan said holding the medicine in the tray with a glass of water as Anna was sitting on the bed comfortably leaning back while Ivan had covered her up till her chest.

"No, this tastes so bitter. I hate tablets," she said making a weird face causing Ivan frown at her little tactics.

"Anna, you're not 5 year old kid. You can handle this bitterness," He said but she shook her head making him sigh.

"Come on, Anna."


This little girl!

Ivan sighed as Anna turned her head looking away through the window. Ivan's eyes wandered around thinking how to get her eat the medicine when something comes in his mind and he decided to attempt that.

Anna decided to walk towards the balcony. She attempted to get up but fallen back gasping landing on Ivan's lap. He snaked his arm around her waist settling her on his lap as Anna left speechless and blank with his sudden action.

"You wanna experience again what we've experienced in the morning, hmm?" He rasped over her hear causing chills to hit her again like tidal waves again. She quickly shook her head causing Ivan to chuckle.

"You don't want that?" He rasped making her gulp as she shook her head again. He had given innumerous hickeys in the morning. Her skin around her neck and shoulder was still sensitive all thanks to his tongue and lips.

"Then be a good girl for me and obey me," He said caressing her hair as she looked down. Chuckling, he brought the tablet near her mouth.

"Open your little mouth and gulp it down, my pretty hummingbird," He said causing her to part her lips as he placed the tablet inside her mouth on her tongue.

"Here you go," He said bringing the glass filled with water near her mouth as she drank the water. She groaned coughing and making a weird face causing Ivan to chuckle as he placed the glass back on the night table.

"My little Anna, you're so cute," He said caressing her hair and patting her head as Anna looked at him with a weird face.

"Please, why do you call me little? I'm not your baby," She said frowning making him chuckle.

"You're my baby, Anna." He said as she frowned.

"You look so cute when you get angry on daddy," He chuckled as Anna pouted looking down causing Ivan to confound by her sudden change.

"You know that my dad is no more, still you---" She said sighing leaving Ivan blank and speechless for a moment. He looked at her in dismay not finding words for her and what to say to her. Anna looked up frowning. He chuckled at her naïve mind.

So fragile yet so hot!

My innocent Anna, this isn't what I mean.

"Now what happened?" She murmured as Ivan let out a slight chortle leaving her confused with her sparkling eyes.

"I think I got my lesson. I should think before talking to you," He scoffed at her she made a face at him.


Scarlett placed the empty bowl on the side and gave Anna, water to drink. Anna quenched her thirst. Smiling in delight, she leaned back on the headboard after filling her stomach. Her hand went to tummy as she rubbed it. Eve flickered her gazes smiling.

"Thank you. My stomach is so happy with your treat," Anna said in a soft tone as the girls nodded.

Both came to check upon Anna. Yesterday, they didn't get to see her because all day long Anna stayed inside and Ivan was also with her, hence the girls decided not to disturb the couple.

Today, after coming back from their colleges, they prepared a delicious vegetable soup for Anna to make her feel delighted as she still has fever. She was continuously taking her doses that Ivan asked her. Indeed her fever has decreased but still she wasn't completely and still has to take the prescription.

"I thought of coming to meet you yesterday evening. But when I came here, I heard grunts and whisperings so I left," Eve giggled as Anna looked down in embarrassment. Only if Ivan wouldn't have done that, Eve did have listened anything.

"What? really?" Scarlett asked as her galaxy eyes widen the excitement could be seen in her eyes. Eve nodded giggling.

"I guess they both were cuddling," Eve giggled teasing Anna. The blood rushed as red tints started waxing her cheeks. She lowered her gazes.

"Am I right, Anna?" Eve asked wriggling her eyebrows leaving Anna speechless.

"Oh my god! Anna. You were doing something-something with Mr. Miller," Scarlett exclaimed jumping on the bed making Anna's eyes widen.

"Please guys, shut up!" Anna hits on Eve's shoulders playfully causing her laugh.

"Wow, it will be so warm, right?" Scarlett giggled asking causing Anna to nod slightly.

"Okay Anna, was it just cuddles or something else too?" Eve knitted her eyebrows teasingly.

"What? No, Please," Anna said in shyness causing girls to giggle more.

"Please, tell us. Please...Please...Please," Eve exclaimed as the excitement filled in her voice and she was demanding Anna to spill the hot tea but kept sitting there with her lips sealed and gazes down like a newly wedded bride.

"Umm... a slight more than cuddles?" Scarlett guessed making Anna to widen her brown eyes in astonishment. She quickly shook her head.

"Did bro touch you? Like this... like this... like this...?" Eve teased touching Anna playfully and teasingly on Anna's shoulders, tummy and chest causing Anna to die out in embarrassment as she hits on Eve's hands playfully.

"What? NO." Anna defended her already nervous self, causing girls to leave in heavy laughs and giggles as Anna sighed fiddling with her fingers.

"Please, tell us. Please. We are your friend more than sister-in-law, Anna," Eve said with puppy eyes leaving Anna chuckling.

"He just takes really good care of mine. That's all," Anna said but the girls shook their head causing Anna to whine cutely. The girls continued their gossips and Eve and Scarlett really embarrassed the life out of poor Anna as she remained flustered all the time.

They were talking about the hectic day at Eve and Scar's college as it as already the time of the evening. The girls were giggling and talking while sitting on the bed when they finally heard someone clearing his throat.

"Ahemm Ahemm"

The girls turned their heads only to see Ivan was standing on the door side while his thick eyebrows were knitted together sharply. The girls gasped seeing him present there because he came back a little early from the office to check on Anna's health.

"What is happening here?" He asked in a stern tone raising his thick eyebrow as his tanned forehead developed some thick lines.

Eve and Scarlett gulped down before looking at Anna who was already nervous for her life.

"Oh you're back. Nothing, we were just talking. I and Scarlett came here to accompany her since she was here all alone getting bored," Eve said smiling nervously as Scarlett and Anna nodded agreeing with her sentence causing Ivan to nod before he entered inside the bedroom.

"Good that you both gave her company in my absence. But as now I'm back, go and study. I know you guys have exams. So go straight to your rooms and study," Ivan said sternly while taking a seat on his bedroom's couch putting his things back.

"But brother---" Eve whined but Ivan fast enough to cut her sentence back.

"Eve, I said go and study." He said curtly making himself clear as Eve sighed pouting. Ivan looked at Scarlett who was standing just behind Eve looking down.

"You too, Scar," He said making Scarlett to look up and nod quickly.

"Huh? Umm... Yes,"

"Hmm," Ivan nodded before leaving for the bathroom as the girls sighed. Anna gave the girls a warm look.

"Okay then, we will see you at dining table by ten. Take care," Eve said making Anna nod in return. The girls smiled before leaving the room. Though, they wanted to spend some more time with Anna, but Ivan was also right. There exams are coming and he doesn't want the girls to let go their time in vain and get distracted.

After sometime, Ivan was back to bedroom. Throwing his towel on the couch, he marched towards the bed's direction. Throwing his exhausted body, next to Anna's one, he groaned stretching his neck muscles.

"Are you feeling fine, now?" He asked placing his palm on her forehead checking her temperature as Anna kept sitting on her spot next to his one.

"The fever is gone I guess," He mumbled when he was finally sure that her temperature was normal. Anna smiled before nodding.

"Hmm, Thanks to you," She said making him smile warmly in return.

"Did you bring the things I asked you for?" Anna asked almost jumping before sitting straight facing Ivan who was half laid and half sitting on the bed.

"Yeah, I sent Chris to take your papers from your university," He mumbled getting up, marching towards the couch. He took the envelope that he placed on the table when he came back.

Grabbing the envelope, he came back towards the bed. Sitting on his spot back as before, he handed her the envelope as Anna's eyes sparkled in happiness causing Ivan to chuckle.

"You sure you want to attend the University for your Exams? I can arrange everything in the mansion if you're not comfortable in going there," He suggested bringing Anna's attention on himself. She sighed before placing the envelope on the side and looked at him.

"I'm fine, please don't worry. And, I willingly wanted to go to the university to attend exams as I always did. So, there is no need to worry about me, I will be fine there," She said softly.

"Anna, but still---"

"Ivan, I want to give my exams in my university not here, please." She said. She puckered her lower lip and her eyes enlarged softly making Ivan sigh in defeat.

"Okay, fine. But this time, I will drop you and pick you up from the university. I can't take chances," He said sternly

"Okay and thanks,"

Anna exclaimed literally jumping in happiness making Ivan's heart skip a bit at her cuteness.

My sweet Anna

I love you so much

He chuckled before leaving a soft peck on her forehead.



Hola guys, how was the chapter?Hope you guys liked it.

Also, I wanna announce that the first part of the book will be completed soon. Only a few chapters are left. I will continue the book on the second part cause there is lot to go on in the story. BOOK 2 will be out when this part will be completed.

Thank you so much for coming this far with me and I'm so glad that you guys appreciated me even when I wasn't able to give frequent updates in past months.

Hope you guys are fine and doing well.

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