Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 36


Ivan stopped his car in front of Anna’s university gate. Taking a deep breath, he turned his head to face Anna. His fingers were continuously circling on the steering. Anna checked her backpack for the last time before finally looking up staring at him.

His deep blue oceanic orbs sparkled.

“Best of luck,” He said sending positive vibes to her. Anna nodded smiling as he returned the favour with same smile.

“Thanks,” She muttered.

“If anything happens, just call me. I will be in front of you in just a blink of an eye,” He said causing Anna to laugh before she finally nodded. Getting outside of the car, she closed the door back waving at him as he waved back at her. He gestured her to go which she took immediately. Nodding, she went inside with rapid steps as the security in-charge checked her bag before allowing her inside.

There was a lot of crowd in the university because of the finals. The tension could be seen in everyone’s face. Anna too was tensed up. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She patted her chest calming herself down before finally opening her eyes.

It will go fine, Anna

Believe and act!

She said to herself before kissing her feather pendent and went inside. When Ivan had finally felt relieved after seeing Anna getting inside safely, he smiled. The satisfaction could be seen on his face as his eyes shined. Finally turning the engine on, he too left from there as he has to finish his important work before coming back to pick Anna.

Reaching upon his office, he was welcomes by his men who were standing in a line all looking down. Ivan went inside, entering inside the elevator. He switched to the top floor to his cabin. Chris has urgently called him and asked him to come as soon as possible. He has to tell Ivan something important.

Reaching upon the top floor, he turned his boots towards the direction of his cabin. Entering inside, he was welcomed by Chris who was already present inside. He was sitting on a couch as his elbow was rested on the table indicating he has engulfed in his deep thoughts.

Chris looked up when Ivan entered inside as he got up from the couch when Ivan marched towards his chair. Taking his coat off, he hanged it on the back of his swivel chair before taking his seat.

“What happened?” He asked noticing how the anxiety has been plastered on Chris’s face. The tension was dripping down.

“I called you to inform you about something important,” Chris said, his tone dried but straight. Ivan nodded while going through the records of his companies.

“We’ve found a man who can lead us to Eleanor’s culprit,” He said as Ivan’s all activities stopped. His sockets twisted before he finally looked up facing Chris with his full attention.

The topic was sensitive

And Important

“What?” He asked as Chris nodded.

“Who’s that man?” He asked as Chris sighed. He rubbed his temple for a slight second before creeping back to the topic whereas Ivan has still set his eyes upon Chris ready to receive an answer.

“We’ve caught him running off-guard. He was involved in some other issues but when we caught him, he mistakenly revealed about Eleanor’s case too. I believe he could lead us to the man who caused all of this.” Chris informed. Ivan’s jaw clenched and hands fisted. His eyes turned dark with every passing word of Chris as all the past things pooling and hitting his mind like a tidal wave.

“What else did he revealed?” Ivan asked.

“Not much but we are trying so that he could open the things up to us,” Chris spoke as Ivan’s eyes pooled with rage.

“Actually, he is unconscious currently. Due to the beatings, he has lost strength and blood. We’ve arranged a doctor for him and the doctor is doing his work. I’m sure he will be up soon. Once He will be up, we will lead our inquiries further,”

“Do it, otherwise, I will get him reveal everything using my ways,” He hissed.

“Hmm, we are working on.” Chris informed making Ivan nodding curtly.

“Whoever that man is, I promise to give him the death in worst possible ways” Ivan hissed in an ominous tone gritting his teeth.


Ivan stopped his car in front of the university gate. He parked the car at little distance before turning the engine of. He watched the time on his wrist watch before sighing and leaned back on his seat.

There is still some time left

Circling his fingers around the steering, he waited patiently when finally the crowd started filling the area. His eyes wandered here and there to get a glimpse of his wife as he stayed inside the car, decided not to come out for his and Anna’s betterment.

Finally after some minutes, he saw Anna coming out of her university. His rosy lips crept into a slight smile seeing Anna finally as Anna too, saw his car. A sigh of relief could be noticeable on her lips and they settled into a beautiful smile.

She bid goodbyes to her classmates before finally making her way towards his car’s direction. Opening the lock, Ivan pushed the door of the front seat letting Anna inside as she too quickly sat down inside and closed the door back.

She leaned closing her eyes for a millisecond before finally opening them as Ivan turned the engine on before driving off from there.

“How was your exam?” He asked casually while eyes were focused on the road and hands gripped firmly around the steering.

“Very good,” she replied as a smile of satisfaction left her lips.

“Hmm,” He nodded keeping his focus sharply on the road.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” He asked making her narrow her eyebrows in confusion before she turned her head towards his direction seeing him focused on driving.

“Huh? Me?”

“Do you see someone else here, Anna?” He chuckled as she left being dumbfounded for a second, before smiling to cover the embarrassment on her face.

“No, I mean. Yeah you’re right. But where?” she asked in a soft tone causing to euphoria run in his veins.

He loves her voice

It’s like a beautiful melody to him

“Anywhere you want,” He vocalised taking a turn to the left as Anna shrugged before looking down.

“Where do you wanna go?” He asked again grabbing her eyes upon himself.

“I don’t know, wherever you like to take me,” She muttered fiddling with her fingers. Tucking a hair strand behind her ears, she smiled in ecstasy. Ivan smirked as Anna’s words did some other effects on his mind and he felt himself onerous for her.

I would like to take you on our bed, my pretty Anna

He smirked. All the beautiful imaginations started waxing up in his mind as he felt himself going insane imagining how she will be like writhing underneath him when will be doing all those sinful things to her.

“What are you thinking?” Anna asked being turmoil bringing Ivan back to earth from his sinful world. He glanced at her only to find her muddling looking at him. He cleared his throat before speaking.

“Uh! Nothing… Just thinking where to bring you..” He spoke firmly as Anna nodded. After a minute of silence he again spoke.

“Okay then, let’s go to a restaurant for dinner,” He suggested and she nodded agreeing with his suggestion. Finally making his mind, Ivan turned the steering around taking a right turn driving off to where the best expensive restaurants of the city are.

Anna smiled in excitement. Tucking another strand behind her ear, she looked outside from the glass admiring the beautiful views as they were on the bridge. Today she was is ecstasy. Ivan has taking her out for a dinner. It is the first time she was feeling so happy with him.

Truly happy!

Ivan parked his Range Rover in front of a big classy building. It was one of the most classy and expensive restaurant of New York. Anna’s eyes widen in bewilderedness seeing the big building in front of her eyes.

Indeed, it was one of her favourite restaurant. She still remember when she was in high school, she once got an autograph from her favourite celebrity who comes there for a show. Indeed, Anna was the pretty cutie to caught the team’s attention and she got to see her celebrity crush.

It was here.

In front of this restaurant

That was the first time the place had caught her eyes and next day, she requested her father to bring her and Alan here. She wanted to come here for a treat so willingly. But as the restaurant was out of her father’s budget hence he was unable to bring the kids here.

Till then, Anna kept her wish inside her heart and shrugged thinking that one day, when she will start earning good money, she will bring her family in this restaurant for the treat.

“OMG! Here!” She gasped looking outside making Ivan chuckle.

“Yes, sweetheart,” He spoke. Coming outside, he opened the car’s door of Anna’s side like a gentleman as Anna comes outside smiling. She tucked her lower lip between her teeth gasping. Her curious brown saucer widens gazing at the big classy building.

“Shall we go inside?” He asked grabbing her attention. Grinning, Anna nodded making his heart flutter before he smiled. Holding her soft small hands in his tan and large ones, he led her inside to a VIP table.

“You liked it here?”

“Hmm, I did a lot. You know, when I was in highschool, I asked Dad to bring me and Alan here. I wanted to come here with my family for once, but unfortunately, I didn’t….”

Anna’s facial expressions saddened recalling the past memories as she missed her dad badly. Her glossy eyes didn’t went unnoticed by Ivan. His eyes soften seeing his little wife sad and he grabbed her hands warmly in his grabbing her eyes upon himself.

He smiled!

“It’s okay, Anna. I’m here for you,” He said, his tone was calm and soothing that successfully brought a pretty smile on her beautiful lips as she lowered her gazes smiling. She nodded.

He loved it!

He loves when she looks down lowering her gazes.

He loves when she gets shy from him.

He loves her every tactics.

“Hmm,” She murmured nodding making him smile. Soon enough, their dinner arrived on their table.

“Shall we start eating?” He asked gaining Anna’s attention. Closing her wide parted mouth, she nodded. Sighing slightly at her in awe, he started eating and so as she. Her eyes closed taking a bite of the food and she moaned in delight. Ivan kept starring at her at her without blinking his eyes for even once.

“what are you looking at?” She asked while chewing the mouthful food making him chuckle.

“Nothing, there is something on the corner of your lip,” He said pointing at her lips as she frowned in confusion before touching her lower lip.

“Here,” He asked but he shook his head as she was touching the wrong place. Chuckling, Ivan leaned towards Anna’s direction as her breaths stuck in her throat at his dangerous proximity. Enjoying her nervousness, he brought his fingers on her lower lip. Touching and feeling her soft rosy lips under his rough finger-pad, he desired to do even more.

Understanding the moment and situation, he controlled holding his burning feelings back, and removed the piece of rice from her lower lip.

“Here, it’s off,” He murmured as she let out her breath she as holding for good enough minute. Pulling his body back to his side, he cleared his throat as she looked away tucking her lower lip between her teeth which indeed, he noticed very clearly.

So alluring!

He though, his burning gazes were set on his sweet wife who was having her dinner peacefully as he completely forget to have his own meal. Indeed, Anna liked the place a lot and he is so glad to fulfill her wishes.

He would like to do even more for her.

“Why are you not eating?” She asked innocently looking at her being turmoil by the way just kept sitting there doing nothing. Her sweet voice brought Ivan back to the earth as he cleared his throat before speaking.

“Ahm… Nothing,” He said.

“Please have your meal. It’s so delicious, otherwise, it will get cold and you won’t like it,” She said genuinely. Nodding, he took his fork before pricking it in the meat ball placed on the plate before having a mouthful bite of it.

Anna was right, the food is delicious and it won’t feel the same if he would’ve taken it a little later.

After having their delightful dinner, they were way back to the mansion when Anna saw something outside. She gasped as her curious doe-like eyes widens.

“Ivan, please stop the car,” She almost yelled giving Ivan a mild heart attack before he pulled the break immediately turning to her side.

“What happened?” He asked as she looked at her with her sparkling beautiful eyes.

“Umm… I… I actually want that,” she murmured pointing outside at an ice-cream stall grabbing Ivan’s attention before he looked at her in speechless look.

“You asked me to urgently stop the car for this?” He asked a slight bit of disbelief visible in his tone but didn’t last for too long when Anna nodded innocently.

His heart skipped!

Her innocent beautiful hazels have become his weakness.

“Please, buy me one, please,” She asked in a pleasing tone that Indeed he liked every single word of her.

My Anna

My innocent Anna

He smiled before leaning in to give a warm peck on her forehead as she lowered her gazes again looking down.

“Sure, my love,” He whispered before getting out of the car and went towards the small ice-cream stall on the other side of the road. He chuckled in his own thinking how she asked him for just an ice-cream as if her whole world stays inside it. It was late at night, so mostly the area was pretty empty but few couples and people could be seen.

After paying for the ice-cream, he took the ice-cream from the seller before coming back towards the other side of the road where his car was. Getting inside, he settled and forwarded his hand to hand her the ice-cream that she took happily.

“Thank you so much,” She said softly taking her ice-cream.

Her brown eyes sparkled as if she got the biggest desired thing in this world.

And her face illuminated under the beautiful moonlight that was coming through the open window of the front seat. Opening the wrapper, she had a mouth of her ice-cream before moaning in delight that cause Ivan’s chest to vibrate out burning in temptation.

He closed his eyes groaning internally at how she moaned so beautifully by licking her ice-cream. His mind shamelessly started imagining the sinful things back that he has desired to do with his pretty wife.

Indeed, he wanted to show her how love feels like.

The crazy mad love

She finished her ice-cream in just two minutes before closing her eyes in satisfaction but soon enough her saucers were wide opened turning to his direction only to find him looking at herself with his tempting and intimidating eyes.

Indeed he was thinking about something so sinful.

“Uh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t asked you. You bought me the ice-cream and I forget to ask you,” She said softly, her tone was low and apologetic. He chuckled before shaking his head.

“It’s okay, wifey,” He said back, his voice was warm and genuine.

“I’m really sorry but why didn’t you buy one for yourself too,” She asked making him chuckle.

“I don’t eat ice-creams.” He replied as she nodded letting out an ‘Oh’

“But, still if you want I can have a little taste,” he said leaving her confused as she furrowed her eyes.


“Like this,” He whispered before wrapping his long fingers around her neck pulling her by the nape of her neck, he smashed his lips on hers rolling his burning hungry tongue all over her soft and luscious lips which have some ice-cream above it. Anna left bewildered as he started kissing her passionately and unknowingly, she closed her eyes responding back to him.

And that’s how they had their first date after marriage.

Beautifully and passionately.


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