Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 37


Anna shrugged looking down. Huffing in annoyance, she slammed the pencil on the table. She kept looking at the white canvas in front of her with a blank face. Not knowing what to make, she took another sip of the coffee that Maria had bought her.

It was the time of the midnight and Anna has to finish her project as soon as possible. The date for the submission is of after two days and the exhibition is next week. Still, she hadn’t completed her work.

Her exams have been finished. It’s been more than one week finishing her exams. Anna is also completely healthy now and she was performing well. Somehow, Ivan had helped her a lot.

She is becoming fond of his support and care. Indeed he didn’t confessed to her about his feelings neither he has plans to do so. He knew, Anna still needs her space and wasn’t ready to give in thoroughly hence, he didn’t have told her anything.

For Anna, she was slowly getting used to around him and getting comfortable with him. She had witnessed a lot of changes in him after the awful incident that has happened in the college. Ivan had brought so many changes in himself and that for good. Indeed, Anna liked it and wanted it to lasts forever.

This Ivan matches well with the dreams she has watched for her future husband and her life after the marriage. It’s been 9-10 days Ivan had took her to date and after that, he started surrendering his heart slowly,

He knew he loves her. Anna’s love is everything, he desires now and now, he wants it to be his strength not his weakness. Indeed, he afraid to love anyone else before her. He has a very wrong and false definition of love inside him but after Anna, he has learned what actually it is and how beautiful it can be if you do it with all your heart.

He may have done a mistake in the past by forcing her into this relationship but now, he willingly wanted to win her by love and passion. Not by force.

Anna is still keeping distances with him physically. They would kiss and cuddle but won’t do anything that involves intimation. Anna has finally made her mind to give this marriage a chance as now she could see herself going well with the things so she started accepting the things with heart.

Anna smiled softly her eyes setting on the beautiful moon as cold breezes were hitting her face brushing her hair over her soft skin. She sighed, coming back to her previous place but soon enough, her smile again converted into a frown seeing the empty canvas in front of her.

What should I make?

Please lord, give me an idea.

She prayed crossing her fingers before looking back at the canvas. She took a deep breath before exhaling it back sharply and closed her eyes to collect her visions but what she has seen in her vision, left her speechless and bewildered.

Her eyes opened and she left with unspeakable words. Her eyes narrowed landing on her husband who has already fallen asleep while holding the book on his abdomen.

He slept while reading

Anna thought and shake her head before getting up marching towards him. Standing on the side of the bed, she slightly pulled it back from his grips placing it on the night table and covered Ivan with the quilt before going back to her place.

Sitting, she smiled closing her eyes recollecting her visions and indeed, a beautiful image flashes in front of her eyes.

Should I really make this?

She asked herself tucking her lower lip nervously before finally taking a breath. She held her pencil on her hand and started drawing her visions.


Anna shrugged looking down. Her face was holding a mixture of emotions that has been hitting her as if a tidal wave is hitting her. She frowned fiddling with her fingers. Today is the exhibition. She successfully has submitted her work and fortunately, it was even selected for the exhibition program. The university management is willingly happy to show her creative students who have the ability to stand out. Anna is one of them but still, she was nervous.

Maybe, because after getting the honours from the college today, she won’t be able to return back. She will start a new life. Her college life would finally be completed and nothing will be left to do. Today is the program and all student and teachers from the university were present there with some other guests that university has invited to attend the function.

Indeed, today is the most important day of her life but she was a little bit cheerless. She was sad and was feeling dejected. Maybe, she will gonna miss all of her friends and her favourite teachers that always has motivated her to give her best in every aspect of life.

“Anna, why are you looking so drowned?” asked Eli with a turmoil look. Anna shrugged.

“Umm… Nothing,” Anna replied back smiling softly making Eli nod.

“Ms. Amelia has been waiting for us for so long. She needs to give us some instructions regarding the programmer,” Eli informed her.


“I don’t know, the chief guest is yet to arrive and he will honor us before the exhibition will start. So, Ms. Amelia called us to inform about some specifics,” Eli replied back making Anna nod.

“Okay then let’s see what Ms. Amelia has to say,” Anna muttered before leaving it Eli as guided her to Ms. Amelia. Madam Amelia informed the team of the students to behave them and respect each and every guest who has attended the function. As it was also for the university’s reputation, no one would dare to ruin anything.

After having a small deliberation with Ms. Amelia, Anna was going back to her place when she bumped onto someone hitting her head. Gripping her head she groaned before looking up only to find Ivan starring at her with an expression as if he has been trying to suppress his laugh.

“Oh you?” she asked in bafflement finding him at her college function.

“Are you fine?” He asked back without replying to her.

“Uh! Yes, I’m fine,” she murmured rubbing her forehead that has been got hit with his hard rock like chest. Ivan chuckled.

“Btw, what are you doing here? She asked in knitting her eyebrow playfully that didn’t go unnoticed by his hawk-like eyes and slight chuckle formed upon his lips.

“I am invited here as the chief guest, Anna,” He informed leaving her baffled again before she let out an ‘Oh’ making him smile.

Oh no! I’m dead.

Thought Anna while tucking her lower lip nervously and looking down.

“Oh! But you----“

Before she could ask further, the staff of the university with other committees entered their way to welcome the chief guest aka Ivan. Seeing them coming, Anna sheepishly slid herself to the side leaving the corner behind her as the principal welcomed Ivan respectably.

“Wow, I never knew he is our chief guest. Girl, you are so lucky to get honoured by your own husband,” Eli said with a tone filled with excitements but Anna shrugged.

“Shut up! I’m nervous,” Anna murmured pouting and Eli’s lips left a playful frown.

“Why, madam?” She asked making Anna shrug.

“He is the chief guest here. He will be definitely introduced to my exhibition project by the staff. What if he got angry?” Anna guessed tucking her lower between her teeth as the curiosity began to eat her mind.

Finally the announcement started and all the students took their respective places waiting for the principal to start. The principal gave a short speech before finally calling out Ivan respectfully to join the stage and honour the top 3 students.

Adjusting his coat, Ivan stood up leaving his place and the flashlights of the cameras started surrounding him. Smiling into the cameras, he made his way towards the stage as the students and others clapped for him. Anna clapped too, but her whole face was colourless at the moment. Giving a short speech, he thanked everyone before the staff finally started calling the students.

Anna could see how the girls were glancing at him while shaking their hands and trying to eye-flirt with her husband. She made a face looking at them before shrugging and looked down. Everyone was happy, the girls were jumping in the excitement after just having a slight interaction with him. Anna frowned looking at them.

“Okay so now we would like to call out our top 3 students who willingly did hard work to and made the teachers and University feel so proud,”

“Top third, Eli Jones,” They called Eli’s name as she clapped excitedly before getting. Anna gave her thumbs up as she walked towards the stage. Grinning so widely at her success, she approached doing a handshake with Ivan and the manager before getting her certificate and degrees while Anna kept clapping and cheering her with a wide smile.

“Number second, Annabella Miller,” Her names was announced as Anna took a deep breath before finally getting up and approaching the stage. She kept her gazes lowered all the time; she could feel Ivan’s burning intimidating gazes on herself. Bowing at him and the other staff, she received her certificate and degrees before doing a handshake with her husband. She slightly flinched feeling him squeezing her tiny hand in his big one but maintained his calm features on.

“Number one, Dean Williams,” The named announced as all the students finished getting honoured, the function started.

Anna kept sitting on the side table while holding her degree and certificate as Eli as there to accompany her. Ivan on the other hand, was having his deliberations with the other guests and staffs but his intimidating eyes were set upon his wife all the time. His smile never leaving his pretty lips but his head was filled with sinful nastic things.

There’s a lot more to go on, wifey.

The expiation started, all the guests started roaming around the big hall looking at the pieces of arts that the students have created and worked hard upon.

Ivan’s eyes lingered on the other side leaving him baffled for a moment before he finally reached there. There was a painting wrapped inside a very beautiful and classy frame showing the amount of creativity that has been used inside it.

He was baffled, beyond baffled. Seeing his painting, his eyes were screaming bewilderedness. Yeah, it was his painting.

Twisting his eyebrows, he analyzed each and every feature of his own painting and definitely everything was perfect. His eyes lingered on the corner of the frame where the name of the artist was written.

Annabella Ivan Miller

His lips curved into a beautiful smile seeing her name written on the piece of the art she has made. Indeed, he was happy.

Really happy

“Ahmm… this is made by one of our brilliant students, Annabella Miller,” The teacher informer looking down suppressing his own smile at the tactics he was doing to inform the man about his own wife. Ivan chuckled before looking at the man who quickly suppressed his smile looking straight.

“I liked it. I would like to buy it,” Ivan informed making the man nod. He left to inform the other members leaving Ivan alone there as Ivan kept starring at the artwork of his wife.

He liked it!

No, he loved it!

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done this but please don’t get mad on me. I was really thoughtless about what I should make so, I just-…..” Anna murmured approaching him. Looking down in nervousness, she grazed her own lips making Ivan smile.

“Why? There is nothing to be sorry in this,” He said, his eyes were set on the wall frame. Anna got baffled.

“Do you like it?” She asked curiously making him chuckle.

“I loved it,” He whispered settling his burning gazes on her as she looked down blushing before leaving him alone again.


“Ivan, where are we going?” Anna asked curiously as Ivan kept his focus on his driving. This was already 11:30 of night and instead of bringing her back towards the mansion, he was taking her somewhere.

“Just little patience, Anna,” He said chuckling leaving Anna with a frowned expression as she huffed looking out through the window while Ivan has his focus on the driving.

He kept driving till they were finally out of the main city. Anna was bewildered and nervous thinking about where Ivan was taking him.

Finally after driving for fifteen more minutes, He finally stopped his car. Getting out from his car, he walked towards Anna’s direction. As she comes out of the car, Ivan had wrapped a black cloth around her eyes leaving her confounded.

“Ivan, what is this? Where are we? Where are taking me---“

“Shush! Relax wifey. Take it easy.” Ivan whispered huskily placing his index fingers on her trembling, rosy lips to shut her blabbering. He chuckled seeing her trembling.

He loves it!

“Now, come with me.” He said, guiding her through the whole way while holding her hand securely as she followed his lead. After walking for five minutes, he finally stopped behind her. Anna could hear some seashore clearly as a sweet smell filled her nostrils. She inhaled deeply smiling which didn’t go unnoticed by him.

Wrapping his fingers around the cloth, he pulled it freeing Anna’s eyes and Anna blinked few times to see clearly. She gasped seeing the beautiful scenario in front of her. As she hear, she was correct. There was sea waves were coming and going.

Rose petals with candles were flowing with the flow of the clear water of the swimming pool. A table with two chairs was set on the side and the area was surrounded by beautiful white curtains. There was an apartment on the sideway indicating they are somewhere in a house or something.

Ivan chuckled reading her flawless cute reactions after seeing the whole environment. She turned around in bafflement only to find him smiling.

“Ivan, what is this----“

“Happy birthday, Anna,”



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