Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 38






The clock needle sticks at twelve as his lips curved into a sweet smile before looking at his curious wife.

“Happy birthday, Anna,”

He wished her. She was completely flabbergasted by his act. He remembers that it’s her birthday. Anna was blank and wordless for a moment before she finally closed her parted mouth making him chuckled and asked him.

“You remembered that it’s my birthday?” She asked, her curious brown eyes sparkled making him smiles warmly.

“Why wouldn’t I? Anna,” He replied back warmly. Placing a soft kiss on her rosy cheek, he wished her again.

“Happy birthday, wifey,” He whispered, his voice was low, deep and husky enough causing to thunder inside Anna’s heart.

“Thank you,” She murmured softly and her eyes lowered in shyness causing Ivan smile at her. He holds her chin lifting her face up and making her look into his deep blue oceanic spheres.

He smiled!

They interacted!

“Let’s celebrate your birthday, my sweetheart,” He whispered huskily causing Anna to feel tingling sensation. Indeed, the word ‘sweetheart’ seems so tempting and different from his mouth.

Anna looked at him for a second before finally nodding and a wide beautiful smile formed her rosy lips. Ivan grabbed her hand in his one before leading her towards the table. A big beautiful cake was placed at the center with ‘Happy birthday, Anna’ written over it beautifully. Anna’s eyes widen seeing the strawberry cake.

It’s her favorite!

Well, it took pretty two days for Ivan to gather all about Anna’s likes before preparing the surprise for her. It’s his wife’s birthday and he doesn’t want a single mistake to take place and ruin her mood.

She is precious to him

So precious!

“Cut the cake, Anna,” He said as she looked up at him before nodding and he handed a knife to her. She closed her eyes wishing like every time before opening them back and to cut the cake. She slowly introduced the knife in the big cake before taking out a mouthful of piece to feed Ivan. Chuckling, he ate the cake before feeding her too.

She moaned at the delicious cream that swept off her tongue like butter.

“Thank you so much for arranging all of this,” She said humbly making him smile before he grabbed her hand again leaving her confounded.

“There is a lot for you, my love,” He said leaving her bewildered but excited at the same time. Leading her to the beautiful table on the side from the swimming pool, he pulled a chair for her like gentleman before indicating her to sit down.

Smiling she sat down before Ivan brought the dishes and the food on the table. Anna was left completely flabbergasted seeing the delicious food in front of her. Her mouth watered as she gulped thickly. Smiling, Ivan sat down on the chair place on the opposite direction.

“Wow,” Anna exclaimed happily leaving him smiling.

“You liked it?” He asked grabbing her attention. She grinned nodding.

“I loved it,” She replied.

“Then, shall we start,” Serving the food on the tables, Ivan gestured her to start eating which she took well before nodding and took a bite of the delicious food. She closed her eyes and moaned in delight chewing the food.

“It’s so delicious,” She said between eating causing him to chuckle. Indeed, it will be delicious. He has prepared all of this by himself with the help of the professional chefs. As it is his wife’s birthday, he wanted to arrange everything by his own for her.

It makes him happy

“I’m glad,” He replied before having his own meal as they both continued to eat the delicious food while doing mild talks.

Anna was really so happy today. There were two reasons for her happiness. First, she has finally completed her graduation and second, it’s her birthday and she never expected to receive such a beautiful surprise from Ivan.

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful surprise,” She said softly, starring at the swimming pool as they both were sitting silently after having the dinner.

“I have one more surprise for you,” He said leaving her confounded again before she smiled.

“You’ve gave me enough surprises,” Anna chuckled making him smile back at her.

“Yeah, but one more,” He said as she sighed.

“Close your eyes,” He whispered leaving shivers to her spine before she nodded closing her eyes waiting for him to start with whatever he had. Smiling, Ivan took out a beautiful velvet box from his jeans’ pocket before opening it.

It was a beautiful pendant necklace.

He made her wear the beautiful necklace as she shivered because of the cold metallic touch on her body before finally.

“Open your eyes, my little hummingbird,” He whispered causing her to chill before she finally opened her curious hazels to look down only to gasp in wonder after seeing so beautiful necklace around her neck.

“Wow,” she let out before he leaned placing his chin on her shoulder and wrapping his arms slowly around her waist.

“Did you like it?” He asked.

“Indeed, it’s a beautiful piece of work,” Anna whispered back in amazement while looking at the necklace around her neck.

“Happy birthday, Anna,” He whispered on her earlobe before placing a soft kiss over it that successfully make Anna squeal up under his firm hold. He chuckled. Inhaling her intoxicating fragrance, he relaxed. His lips trailed down from her earlobe to her cheekbone and he placed a wet kiss over causing Anna to shiver in sensitiveness.

“uh oh!” She moaned out gasping when she felt his lips were doing magic while going further down. He gave a slight bite on her shoulder earning a loud moan from her and definitely it had poured the fuel in the fire.

His lips started doing the burning magic on her sensitive skin leaving her in ecstasy. She felt different. She felt sensitive. His touches were continuously doing a wild magic on her and the effects could be noticeable.

“Oh my Anna,” He murmured huskily. Grazing over her soft and smooth skin, he desired to do more than this.

Something more sensitive

Something more pleasing

Something more sinful

He wanted to commit a sin tonight. He willingly wants to be a sinner tonight. A sinner that Anna can’t be able to resist. His chest was burning with the fire of his sinful desires. He wanted to bring her to ecstasy tonight.

“Ivan,” She moaned out closing her eyes, squeezing them tightly. His torture was increasing with every passing second. She could feel herself getting weaker under his touch. She could feel her legs getting jelly.

Anna gasped and her eyes were wide when she felt the zipper of her dress has been going down slowly. Ivan’s long cold fingers were touching her spine while pulling the zipper down. She felt herself going insanely weak.

“Ivan, I---“

Shush! Anna, don’t stop me tonight. Don’t stop us tonight. I willingly wanted to make you mine. Let me do this favour to you,” He said huskily before placing an open mouth kiss on the back of her spine. She breaths sharply, arching her back when she felt him going down. Her eyes squeezed tightly. The impact he has leaving was making her feel like a sensitive doll.

He carried her in a bridal style towards the direction of the bed as she was left all bewildered but didn’t say a single word.

They didn’t want to use words tonight.

Their eyes were talking.

Placing her on the soft mattress, he holds hands in hands with her before leaning further to capture her lips for another passionate kiss. She closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his body hovering her mind and soul like a craziness. Indeed, he was doing a great work in giving her tortures in the all possible ways he could do. His warm tongue stimulating her sensitive skin and she was becoming an alluring mess underneath him.

“Oh Anna,” He growled her name as the hunger to devour her took control over his mind. He was willing to commit the sin tonight he was waiting for so long. Indeed, he made her a definition of what beauty looks like underneath him.

“My Anna, My sweet naive wife,” He murmured grazing over her milky white skin. She felt herself quivering beautifully underneath that she holds his biceps tightly digging her long nails in his beautiful tanned skin above the fabric of his shirt.

His other hands reached down below her abdomen only to hike up her dress. He caressed her soft milky thighs lovingly while giving her the passionate kiss. Anna closed her eyes tightly feeling him going further more touching her sensitiveness as she quivered squeezing her thighs but he was fast enough to hold them back.

“Don’t. Don’t do this, Anna. Let me bring you to another world tonight.” He said, blue spheres sparkling brightly indicating how passionate he is with his words.

How honest he is with his words

Giving herself in, Anna let herself lose closing her eyes as he did his euphoric magic everywhere around her sensitive body. She felt weak yet she felt satisfied. Letting her doubts go, she moaned loudly throwing her head back on the pillow feeling how his fingers were buried deep inside her.

“Ivan…” She screamed reaching the level of his stimulation as he chuckled bringing out his fingers. “Oh my sweet Anna,” He murmured showering her with butterfly kisses as she closed her eyes feeling herself getting comfortable with his soothing words.

She gasped feeling him hovering over as he looked deeply into her brown eyes. She looked down feeling shy about how she was already a mess under him.

“You’re so beautiful, Anna,” He murmured over his teeth grazing down on her skin again and he successfully planted the mark of his on her shoulder. Admiring how alluring she looks with his marks engraved on her beautiful skin, he smiled placing a soft peck above it.

She is a charm

His charm

“Anna, I promise to cherish you in every way no matter if its happiness or sadness. Just trust me,” He said, looking deep into her eyes, his blue oceanic spheres sparkled again indicating how honest he was with his words.

Smiling at his words, Anna gave him a nod before he smiled back leaning in to pull her into another warm and passionate kiss. Letting themselves out of their clothes, they stayed in each other’s arms. He finally introduced her to the new world of ecstasy and pleasure.

“Oh my Anna, you’re so beautiful,”

He whispered smiling showering her with his butterfly kisses and kissed her tears away before continued to let her stay with him in the world full with his adorns for her, his care for her and….. Love for her.

Feeling himself in the world of pleasure, he growled. His chest was burning with a fire, a pleasurable fire and he continued to make her a mess underneath himself so beautifully that he admires a lot.

The electricity runs through his veins the way he made her his again and again under the beautiful moonlight before finally ejaculating himself inside her filling her with the warmness for the umpteenth time.

The moonlight was the proof for their love making.

The proof of their bodies and souls getting one

“That was amazing,” he breathed out. His whole body was sweaty and so was hers.

“I’m so tired, now,” She murmured pouting which made him chuckle.

Sliding his fingers, through his thick dark hair tucking them back from his sweaty forehead, he turned in his head in her direction before smiling. He smiled seeing how she fell asleep as the tiredness filled her body letting her to consume the sleep. Giving sweet pecks all over her puffy face that was stained because of the tears. Indeed, she cried a lot because it was her first time. But she enjoyed a lot too he made her feel the pleasure in every ways.

He finally made her a beautiful mess he had always dreamed of making her.

He made her his

Only his!

Smiling in pride while admiring his art on her bare body, he finally gave her a last peck on her swollen rosy lips before covering both of them with the quilt. He hugged her tightly from behind pulling her to his chest. Placing a sweet kiss on her exposed shoulder, he whispered a ‘Good night’ on her ear before closing his eyes and the sleep finally consumed him too.


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