Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 4



My eyes opened slowly and I groaned in pain because of the strong headache I have. I looked at the surroundings and got to know that I was in my room.

I sat up on my bed and rubbed my eyes. The room was mine. I was in my own room. But how? The last time when I was conscious, I was in the cell with that beast. He shoots Shawn in front of my eyes. He killed him in front of my eyes.

Oh my god! He is so dangerous. What if would have killed me too there? He is so bad. I hate him. But how did I end up here? Who brings me here?

I was finding a way to my answers when I heard my room's door opening sound. I look and saw there were my grandma and Alan. I can see the fear in her and Alan's eyes. Something definitely happened with them. They were looking scarred.

My grandma sat beside me and unknowingly the tears started forming in my eyes. I quickly hugged my grandma while sobbing in her chest. She patted my head like if she knew what I am feeling and going through.

"Gr...grandma, That, h..he ki..killed Shawn. He t..tried to force me... h..he kissed me forcefully." I said sobbed in my granny's chest. She patted my head while calming me.

"Hey shush! Relax Anna, Relax, You are fine now" Grandma said while patting my head.

"But, h..he k..killed Shawn" Anna sobbed hard.

"Anna, you have to be strong. You have to be strong for Alan. Look how scared he is" Grandma said and I looked at my brother's face. I can see how scared he was. His eyes were showing fear.

"Sis, Grandma, Will they kill us too?" Alan asked in a scared tone. I wiped my tears and quickly hugged my little brother.

"No Alan, shush! Nothing will happen. Don't worry" I said to my brother.

"But..but, t..they said, t..they will come back?" Alan said and I looked at grandma questioningly. She looked down not knowing what to say.

"Alan, don't worry brother. Nothing will happen. I won't let them do anything with you two. I promise. I promise I will protect you both" I said to my brother and pecked his forehead. I told him to complete his homework and he nodded and left.

I turned to my grandma. She was looking scared as well. I hold her hands looking into her eyes.

"Grandma, what happened? Tell me honestly" I asked my grandma and she sighed. She licked her lower dried lip and looked at me.

"They came here." She said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"They are the ones who drop you here. They told me everything already. Their Boss said you to drop here. A guy named Chris came here. He warned us otherwise, he will kill us"

"What?" I asked completely shocked. I didn't know what to do now. It was looking as if my world is stopped now.

"Anna, What will happen now. They are really dangerous. They can kill anyone" My grandma warned me.

"Grandma, I..I... That man.." I sighed looking down not knowing what to say now. I even can't find the words to express myself now. It was looking like if my strength left my body.

"Anna, leave it. Listen to me carefully. Just. Don't. Get. Involve. with. all this. Leave it" My grandma said putting pressure on each word.

"I want you to move on. I want you to live again. We shouldn't tie any bonds with those dangerous men. It will be dangerous for us. It will be better if we remain unknown to them" My grandma said and I got what she wanted to say.

I sighed and nodded. She smiled and gave a peck on my forehead and I rest my head on her shoulder.



Days started passing like this. Anna and her family underground themselves to remain safe without any problems or threats also when they come in eyes of the most dangerous Mafia of the UN.

Anna was started remaining silent. She wasn't like before. A fear took place inside her heart and mind. Not at any cost in the world, she wanted her family to get into problems because of herself.

"What are you thinking about now?" Eli asked Anna who was deep drowned in her book. Anna sighed and closed her books. Eli joined her on the light green grass and started pulling it unknowingly.

"Alina told me you are going to Chicago?" Anna asked and Eli nodded while pulling the grass.

"I didn't want to. My dad is sending me." Eli told sighing. Anna smiled gaining Eli's attention. She knitted her eyebrows.

"Just go and focus on your work," Anna told her.

"And you?" Eli asked.

"I'm fine Eli. You know I already started collecting myself from all of that. It just the time wasn't in the favor" Anna told her softly.

"If you feel like alone. Just call and talk to me. I will make you laugh" Anna said and Eli smiled. They eventually started laughing when Anna made a joke.

"You're trying to move on. I'm happy for you" Eli said.

"I'm happy for myself too," Anna said sighing. Eli placed her hand above Anna's giving her a nod through her eyes.

"You are very strong. Don't worry, everything gonna is fine" Eli said. Anna smiled nodding. Both girls hugged each other. Anna really needs someone with whom she can share her feelings. And thankfully Eli was with her. But that was also for some time.


Anna was busy cooking dinner for her grandma and Alan. It was already evening so she started preparing for dinner. Grandma was in her room and Alan was doing his assignments. Anna too has some assignments to complete but she completes them later.

It was 7:00 pm and almost everyone was got packed in their homes since the town was a small one and no one roams there till late nights.

Anna heard a doorbell on the main door of her home. She was amazed.

"Alan, check who is there." She said but her brother didn't listen well because of his headphones On. Anna sighed and closed the gas-stove going out of the kitchen after taking off her apron.

Till then, her grandma too comes out of the room because of the doorbell. Anna opened the door but got pale when she saw the face of the person. It was Chris, Ivan's friend, and right hand.

Anna's blood dropped seeing him in front of her house. Now what he wants from them. She even didn't have anything to give them. No money, Not anything.

Chris smirk looking at her. Anna can feel her throat was getting dried because of it. Chris turned to another side where another guy was his face was covered because of the darkness but his blue eyes were sparkling.

"Long time no see, Sweetheart" His husky voice vibrated through his throat.

Anna's blood turned cold after getting to know that the guy was none other than Ivan himself. Anna's face turned pale and her blood turned cold when her eyes come in contact with Ivan's smirking face.

"Who was there, Anna?" Her grandma asked while coming towards Anna when her eyes saw Chris. She gasped seeing Chris again on her home's door after so many days. But there was another guy same as Chris but he has blue eyes. Ivan smiled politely at Anna's grandma.

"Won't you ask your guest to come inside?" Chris asked making Ivan chuckle. Grandma nodded and let them in.

"Ah yes, Please" Anna shake her head in response 'No' but before she can grandma told them to come inside. Ivan smirked passing by Anna and Anna can feel goosebumps in her body just by Ivan's stares.

His deep stares almost pierced her soul. Anna closed her eyes while fisting her hands. She collected a little strength and went inside. She saw Ivan was eyeing the whole house. She furrowed at him and stands beside her grandma looking down.

"Sis, Who is there?" Little Alan asked while coming out but his reaction was the same as Anna when he saw Chris there. The guy who dropped her sister some days ago. But for him, another man was sitting beside Chris who has his blue eyes on Anna.

"Who?" Grandma asked while pointing at Ivan. He smiled and gave a brief introduction of himself and Grandma's face turned pale unknowingly. mostly when a dangerous man has come to their home. The one who killed her soon to be grand-son-in-law.

"I heard about Mr.Nick. But I didn't get time to come here before" Ivan said as grandma took a seat on the other couch while Anna was standing behind her.

"Oh, It's okay Mr. Miller. I never knew you are the one for whom Shawn and my son work" Grandma said making Ivan laugh.

"No actually, It's just because of some rules. Nothing else" Ivan said.

"I know you all get to know about Shawn from Chris, but what I did was completely right" He continued while his expression changed into a dark one. Anna felt her heart was getting heavier with passing seconds. She looked down fisting her hands.

"But, he was a betrayer. And every betrayer needs to learn a lesson. So, I taught him his lesson" Ivan said chuckling darkly.

"Then what you are here for?" Grandma asked getting to the main point. Ivan chuckled at her boldness.

"I think, You know very well that Mr. Nick took a loan from us. He has our debts but before he could pay, he left" He said.

"We will try to give you your money back. As soon as possible." Anna said cutting Ivan's sentence but she gained an amount of attention from Ivan. He smirked at her naiveness. Her grandma glared at her to shut her mouth and she looked down again.

"Actually, Mr. Miller, We are trying to find a way to repay you. We will try to give you your money back soon" Grandma said making Ivan smile darkly. His aura was giving goosebumps to the whole family. They just wanted the moment to pass as soon as possible.

"You can, If you want," He said making grandma and Anna confuse. Ivan chuckled and continued.

"Let me explain, If you want, you can repay me very soon." He said.

"How, Mr. Miller?" Grandma asked.

"I wanted to marry your granddaughter." He said deeply eyeing Anna who felt her soul left her body after hearing Ivan's words.

Anna can't even imagine herself spending her life with a heartless person like Ivan. He just killed Shawn in front of her eyes. She can't think of it properly.

"Mr. Miller?" Grandma said in an angry voice making Ivan and Chris chuckle.

"Listen, Mrs. Evelina Grayson, Think properly about what I said. I'm saying that I wanted to marry Anna. In return, You don't even need to pay any of Mr. Nick's debt, and your granddaughter Anna will also be settled. I can make things easier for you. I know that you all suffering financially too at the moment. I can make it easier for you. And what I wanted? Just Anna also I wanted to marry her. I'm not even giving this relationship any illegal name"

Ivan said putting pressure on the last sentence. Anna looked up at him. She can feel his intense gazes on herself which made her shiver.

Grandma was looking down all the time. Not knowing what to say and do. It was looking if her mind stopped working. But still, she needs to take a decision for her granddaughter's sake. Ivan chuckled looking at Anna's nervousness and turned back to grandma.

"think about it, I just want Anna. Also, as my wife. In return, Alan's study, Your medicals, financial struggle, and security. That all will be my responsibility. I'm getting to the straight point"

He said waiting for grandma's answer. Grandma sighed fisting her shivering hands.

"I...I need some time to think about it. Mr. Miller" She said making Chris smirk.

"Yeah, you have. Think about it. It's not like I'm offering you something. I'm just simply asking you to give Anna's responsibility to me. I wanted to marry her. That's all"

He said getting up. He fixed his coat and looked at Anna for the last time.

"I'm expecting you to take your decision in positive. Otherwise, I know very wellhow to make things mine. Willingly or Unwillingly"

Ivan said smirking and the family felt helpless at his last sentence. He nods and took his leave with Chris from the house leaving Anna scared at his last sentence.


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