Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 5


Ivan's POV:

After we had our conversation with Anna's grandma, we left. Anna, that girl. She just got stuck in my head. So fucking naive and so fucking hot at the same time. I just wonder the night when she will be underneath me while moaning my name in her sweet honey-like voice while I will be fucking her hard.

She is so naive and beautiful that I fell for her. I want her now and only for myself. No matter what happens, I just want her for myself. Without even doing anything by herself, she gained my attention. She is the first thing I'm craving for that much. She became my desire now. An unforgettable desire.

I wanted to make her mine. The day I saw her, I felt something inside me. She is the only one who was able to make me that hard. And I want her at any cost. No fucking matter what. Even if I had to take her unwillingly, I won't hesitate.

The thing which caught Ivan Miller's attention will remain his forever. And now she will be mine. I know it's a fucking Physical attraction, but I want her. She will be mine.

"What do you think? Will her grandma agree?" My friend Chris asked gaining my attention.

"I don't know. I just simply said what I thought would be better" I said opening up my cell.

"And if she didn't agree?" He asked.

"Then. I. Have. To. Make. Her. Mine. By. Force" I said smirking putting pressure on each word. My friend was amazed but then smirked back.

"You never gonna change. What if she changed you?" He asked.

"No-one has the power to change Ivan Miller. Not even that girl" I said hissing. He continued to drive till we reach our destination.


Anna was so shocked about what Ivan just said some hours ago. She can't even think of herself living with a person like him. He was really cruel and merciless and Anna will only suffer if she even thought of spending her life with him.

"Grandma, what will we do now?" Anna asked grandma fearing. Her grandma who herself doesn't know the answer but she held Anna's hand protectively.

"Don't worry Anna, We will find some way" Grandma said to Anna and patted her cheek.

Unknowingly the tears started falling from Anna's eyes. Her mind was still filled with all those haunted memories when Ivan killed Shawn mercilessly. When he kissed Anna forcefully.

"I.. I don't w..wanted to lose you and Alan. Grandma" Anna said sobbing and grandma patted her head.

"Shush! Nothing will happen sweetie. Just don't worry" Her grandma said in a soothing voice.


Like any other ordinary day, Anna was in her classroom. She was preparing the notes of the lecture her teacher gave them yesterday. But still, her mind was filled with all those haunted memories. It is her third and last year of graduation.

By her 21 birthday, she will also complete her graduation. After she wants to move away from New York and wants to go to any other city to find a job for her and her family's survival. The degrees will play an important role in her job, So she needs to focus on her marking in her assignments and her exams.

She sighed and took a deep breath and pushed her all hurtful thoughts to the side gaining back her concentration to prepare her notes. The class was only filled with students so the students were doing their random works instead of studying.

Some were making the Airplanes, some were doing chit-chat, some were gossiping. Anna was sitting alone beside her, Eli used to sit but she was absent today and will remain for some time as she went to Chicago.

"Anna, principal sir is calling you" Her classmate Aliana informed her politely.

"Okay," She smiled nodding and closed her books putting them in her backpack, and then stand and took a deep breath.

"Maybe, He again called me for the freaking fee problem. Now he will give a broad lecture and my head will automatically start aching"

Anna murmured to herself and rolled her eyes before taking a deep breath. She knocks on the principal's door.

"Come in," His principal said politely. Anna entered the cabin. His principal was happy as well as frightened. Anna can read his expressions but she was unable to read his mind.

Anna saw another person was sitting there. His broad back was facing her as she was still standing on the door. She didn't minded and tried to answer her principal guessing that he definitely called her for the fee problem.

"Sir, I'm arranging the amount and I will pay my third-year fee as soon as possible. Please don't cut my admission. " She tried to speak but her principal quickly

"Oh, no-no-no. I wanted to say that your fee is already paid to the school's account. You don't have to take any stress about it from now on" Her principal said making Anna amazed.

But she was still confused by her principal's double mixed expressions. He was sweating in fear but was still smiling.

"Sir, But how?" She asked in a soft tone completely amazed by what the principal just said.

"Actually, Mr. Miller cleared all debts," He said and Anna's blood turned cold after listening to him.

Means the guy who was sitting there was none other than Ivan Miller, the reason that the principal was sweating that much. Ivan smirked and stayed still at his place while leaning back glaring at the principal.

"S..Sir.. I.." Anna was unable to speak in front of the principal. She can see Ivan's broad back fuming in furiousness. Anna gulped looking down.

"Anna dear, you never told me you are about to marry Mr. Miller. I would have made the graduation programming easier for you." Ivan smirked in pride at the principal.

"Sir, I.. I'm not about...." Before she can speak Ivan turned his chair facing Anna. Anna eventually started feeling goosebumps again when her hazels meet with his dark blue orbs.

"Sweetheart, You should've told me about it. God! Look at you. Anyways. My man cleared everything. From now on, you don't have to take any stress" Ivan spoke as soft as he can. But Anna was still shivering in fear.

"Now, I come here to take you with me. I want to spend some quality time with you." Ivan whispered in Anna's ear making her gulp. She mentally shakes her head in response to a big 'NO' she didn't want to die off course.

"Mr. Kelian, I think you don't have any objection if I take my future wife with me," Ivan said glaring at the principal and the principal gulped down in fear. He quickly nodded forcing a smile on his face.

"Yeah, sure you can. I don't have any objection. Also, the college is about to close Please go and enjoy."

The principal said shaking and Ivan smirked. He holds Anna's soft hand in his one leading her out of the room.

"Let's go sweetheart" He whispered huskily and Anna felt a lump in her throat. He exits the college building with her and leads her towards his car. He opened the door for her and gestured her to sit inside. But she didn't.

"I said sit inside Anna," He said and Anna felt something weird in her heart when he vocalized her name. She unwantedly sat inside and he chuckled. He closed the door and went to the driver's seat and sat inside starting the engine.

He started driving but all the time, Anna was looking down fidgeting her fingers. Eventho, Ivan wanted someone who doesn't talk much or talk back but Anna's silence was somehow killing him. He wanted her to say something. He wanted to hear her voice.

"So, where do you want to go first? Any restaurant or any other place which you like" Ivan said breaking the silence between them.

"I wanted to go home" Anna murmured while fidgeting with her fingers but it was bearable for him. He chuckled.

"We will go there too. But first I wanted to take you out" Ivan said.

"I don't wanted to.. I want to go to my home" Anna spoke softly.

"Why not? After all, it's my date with you" Ivan said and Anna looked up at him completely surprised.

"Who said that I come on a date with you?" Anna asked.

"Why? If I'm taking my soon-to-be wife out, It means we are on a date" Ivan said chuckling.

"Who said I'm marrying you?" Anna asked completely in disbelief making Ivan smirk. He stopped the car at the side of a road bridge. Not many people were there. The bridge was almost empty.

There was a silence, Only sea waves sounds were hearable. Ivan turned to Anna eyeing her through his blue orbs. His gazes always made her feel uncomfortable.

"And who said that you aren't?" Ivan asked in a husky yet dangerous voice. Anna again felt goosebumps in her body. She was uncomfortable at his closeness which he can notice very well but he didn't pay much attention to that.

"I...I don't... want to marry you." Anna murmured but Ivan can hear that very well. He let out a dark chuckle and put his index finger on Anna's chin making her into his dark blue orbs.

"I know. But it doesn't matter for me" Ivan said huskily making Anna gulp her own saliva.

"I know very well sweetheart, that you don't want to marry me. And I know the reason too. But you are the first girl who caught Ivan Miller's attention. Who makes me hard as a rock"

Anna gulped in fear. She closed her eyes as she completely loses the strength to see in Ivan's eyes. It makes her feel weak.

"You know what, the day I kissed your soft plump lips, They became mine. The day I touched you, you became mine. And I won't let you escape away from me at any cost. No matter, If you are happy or sad. You have to cause now, You've become my desire. And I will get you." Ivan said in a dangerous voice as if it was a warning for Anna.

"I guess you love your family so much. So if you want them to be free of any bad consequences, Marry me silently. Otherwise, I know the force and when I use my force, it will be unbearable for you" Ivan said tightening his grip on Anna's jaw making it hurt and she winced.

He smirked seeing her suffering under his touch. Without wasting any other second, he smashed his hungry lips on hers. She started struggling but he caught her wrists preventing her to move.

He started kissing her hungrily. He never kissed a girl like this before. Every time, he tried to calm his hunger for her, it increases ten folds. He didn't know that desire would affect him that much. And now, he wants her at any cost.

He started devouring her and she clenched her fists and mentally slapped her power which was nothing against him. He completely hovers over her and pulled her into a passionate yet lustful kiss.

She started hating him more than before. He always uses force between them. He can't win someone's heart by force. It's just a way of getting your desire. But not love.

He squeezed her jaw to open her mouth and entered her mouth starting tasting every inch of it. It became like a drug for him whom he is addicted to so badly. Anna started feeling breathless and struggled to suck some oxygen.

He pulled back breathing heavily and rested his forehead over hers calming his breath down as so was she. He was still holding her wrists tightly which were surely leave marks on them. Anna looked away as the tears started forming in her eyes again.

Ivan made her look into his eyes again and spoke.

"Marry me, otherwise get ready to face consequences" Anna felt as if her world collapse. She didn't want to marry him but Ivan didn't leave any other way for her.


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