Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 6

Grandma opened the door after hearing the doorbell. She saw her granddaughter was there but not alone. Ivan was also present there with a bright smirk on his face.

"Mr. Miller. You?" Grandma asked and Ivan smiled.

"I came here to drop Anna," Ivan said completely normal way. But Anna's face was dull as if she had cried.

"Oh! Please come" She let them come inside. Ivan nodded and went inside. He sat on the couch and grandma sat opposite of him facing him. Anna was sitting behind her grandma not knowing what to say. She was fidgeting with her fingers. The incident was still in her mind when Ivan kissed her forcefully inside the car.

"I went to Anna's college today," Ivan said and grandma looked at Anna. She looked down nodding. Grandma sighed internally. No matter how much she wants her granddaughter to make the distance from that dangerous man, He doesn't let her live freely.

"Oh! I didn't have any idea about it actually" She said tried to sound calm as much as she can.

"So, I think you made your decision about what I ask for some days ago," Ivan asked getting to the main point. Anna gulped and fisted her sweaty palms.

"Mr. Miller, a..actually, I'm no one to take that decision. It's Anna's life and her choice. If she wants then she can and if she doesn't want then I'm no-one to force her" Grandma said calmly making Ivan smirk. He knew that this will gonna happen. That's why he already frightened Anna to make her agree.

"You are right. Let Anna decide. What she wanted. Anna, so........ what did you decide?" Ivan asked smirking at Anna which she can see very clearly. Anna was so scared from inside after what Ivan did to her and told her to do.

She can't let her family members suffer. She can't leave them in danger. Her family was her priority and she can do anything for them.

"Grandma, I..I'm r..ready for this marriage," She said slowly shutting her eyes tightly and grandma looked at her completely shocked. She was so shocked that she didn't say anything which grandma told her to say. Why she wanted to push herself into danger.

Ivan smirked in pride that his words made an effect on Anna's mind. She was frightened at the moment.

"See, She gave her decision. Anna is an intelligent girl too" Ivan said smirking and Anna scoffed internally. Grandma was speechless at the moment.

"I hope now you don't have any objection," Ivan said chuckling, and grandma nodded looking down.

"And Mrs. Grayson, you don't have to prepare for Anna's wedding. Not about anything. It all will be my responsibility. And, I wanted to marry her within a week" He announced making grandma and Anna's eyes wide in surprise.

"Within a week... But, How?" Her grandma objected.

"Don't worry about anything as I already told you, It all will be my responsibility" Ivan said and grandma looked down.

"Okay then, I'm taking my leave now," He said getting up and gazing at Anna for the last time. He smirked at her and left afterward.

Anna sighed and sat on the couch rubbing her forehead. Her grandma sat beside her and placed her hand on Anna's shoulder gaining her attention. She has so many questions to ask.

"Why did you agree? I was planning something else for us. Why you did that Anna. Don't you trust your grandma" Grandma sighed. Anna quickly shakes her head in response No.

She hugged her grandma and started sobbing. Her mind recalled all those memories where Ivan used to frightened her and kissed her forcefully.

"Grandma, I...I didn't do that intentionally. H..he said if I won't marry him, then he will make our life miserable." Anna sobbed while hugging her grandma. She understands her granddaughter's situation.

"I.. don't want you and Alan to suffer because of me," Anna said wiping her tears.

"So, what did you decided then, Are you really willing to give your life to him?" Her grandma asked in a completely frightened tone. Anna looked up at her. Her question was hard to explain to Anna. She even herself didn't know what she wants.

Is she really willing to give herself to Ivan Miller? Who didn't even know that L of 'Love'. How She is supposed to spend her whole life with a person like him. She didn't even have any guarantee of her life. What if he killed her after using her. The thought made her heart dropped in her stomach.

"I'm a strong girl. Right?" She asked her grandma with tears filled eyes. Her grandma can understand what she was going through.

Anna is a free bird who used to fly higher and higher in the blue sky. Who just wants to achieve her little dreams. But now, it was looking like if someone was caging the little bird where she wouldn't be able to fly ever again.

Her grandma smiled wiping her tears and pecked her forehead while patting her head.

"My Anna is really very strong," She said in a proud tone making Anna smile. She sniffed wiping her tears.

"What do you want to eat? I will cook for you" She asked her grandma but her grandma quickly stopped her making her sit back on her previous spot.

"I will cook for you," She said and Anna smiled. She nodded and grandma left for the kitchen.


The evening was like any other evening. Anna finished buying groceries for her home and was on her way back home. She loves to walk instead of taking a taxi. She was passing by many shops. She saw a couple was kissing on a winter evening.

They were looking so cute together. She wished if someone would love her too like that guy. But no one. All the guys are selfish for her.

Shawn betrayed her at the last moment. He tried to save himself instead of saving Anna even tho, she wasn't at the fault too. And for Ivan, He only wanted her body. Whenever she meets him, he always tried to touch her inappropriately which was somehow disturbed Anna mentally.

She sighed and looked down and continued to walk on the road. Between this, A black car come in her way stopping her. The car stopped in front of her. Anna again got scared when she saw it was none other than Ivan's car.

Anna fisted her hands holding the bags tightly in her palms. She eventually started taking steps back but till then Ivan comes in her way. His all-time famous smirk was on his face.

"Sweetheart, You should've told me that you are here. I would've come to pick you" He said huskily taking the bags from her hands.

"No..No.. It's fine..I.." Anna stutters but Ivan placed her bags on the backseat and opened the car's door for Anna like a gentleman. He gestured her to sit inside. Without doing any objection, Anna sat inside.

Ivan chuckled proudly at his effects on Anna. He closed the door and then sat in his seat closing its door. He started driving and took a U-turn.

Anna was surprised and shocked because that wasn't the road where her house was.

"But my house is on that road. Why are you taking me here?" Anna asked quickly making Ivan chuckle.

"Relax babe, We are going to the mall to buy your wedding dress," Ivan said.

"Huh? but, I didn't tell grandma anything about it. I need to go home" She said in one breath.

"Don't worry, I already told her" Ivan said. Anna sighed and looked down.

Ivan fastened the car's speed and within fifteen minutes, Ivan reached the NewYork's one of the most expensive Shopping malls owned by him too. He caught Anna's hand in his and lead her inside the mall.

"good evening Mr. Miller, how can I help you?" The manager asked politely. Ivan was busy looking for something good and unique for Anna.

"Anna, go and tell him what you wanted to buy," Ivan told her softly. She nodded letting go of Ivan's hold and followed the manager.

Ivan got a call from Liam, his brother so he didn't mind answering the call. He went to the side and answered the call while Anna was busy choosing dresses. The manager and staff showed her different dresses but she didn't like any of them.

"Ma'am, What do you like to wear then, Please tell us your idea so we can get you a dress of your choice," The staff head said politely. Anna smiled.

"I just want a simple and light wedding gown. That's all" Anna told her softly but her tone was dried like if she cried last night. She did.

The staff and nodded and left to get some dresses according to Anna's wish. After some time, she came back with pretty and decent dresses in her hands.

She showed Anna all of the dresses one by one. All of the dresses were beautiful enough.

"I think the second one is prettiest" The staff head suggested to Anna. She looked at her unknowingly.

"I liked the first one too" Anna spoke softly and the staff head smiled.

"I like your choice too ma'am. You can try it if you want to check if the fittings are perfect or do you want any change in your dress" The staff head said and Anna nodded picking up her wedding dress.

"Changing room?" Anna asked.

"That way please," The head said smiling. Anna nodded and left from there. She went inside a room which was on the side and was covered with different types of clothes.

Anna find a safe corner inside the room and went there. She took off her loose sweater and then started unbuttoning her shirt. She undid her clothes and then wear the dress. It was perfect but long according to her. She was only 5 ft 2 inch and the dress was probably for someone who is at least 5ft 6 or 7 inch. Little Anna pouted.

"It is perfect but a little bit long for me" She murmured to herself with a pout while checking herself on the mirror.

"Everything is fine. Just the length is too much" She again murmured to herself. After checking herself for the last time, She decided to take off the dress.

She tried to pull it out but it seems to her as if the zip got stuck on it. She tried to pull down the zip but it wasn't moving an inch. Anna sighed looking down. She went towards the room's door.

She knocks on the door to know if any of the staff girls are outside.

"is someone there?" She asked softly.

Ivan on the other hand, who just finished talking to his brother was going back towards the hall. He heard Anna's sweet voice reached his ears making him stop in his way. He turned his shoes towards the room's direction.

"Is someone there? Please can you help me?" Anna asked again.

Ivan didn't say anything. He opened the door and went inside. He saw Anna was back facing him and she was struggling with her gown's zip.

Ivan's hand shivered first, but he didn't mind it and went behind Anna. Anna felt like if someone was behind her, she sighed and asked for help.

"Can you please help me with this?" She said softly and Ivan caught her dress's zip. Little Anna didn't know that Ivan was standing behind her.

Ivan gazed at her from head to toe and she was looking like a goddess in the wedding gown. It gave him a very strong feeling. A very strong desire. To make him his.

He started pulling the zipper down and his cold fingers were touching her spine. Anna shivered and looked back. She gasped when she saw him in the room. She quickly detaches herself from him backing off. She holds her zip tightly looking down.

"Y..YOU?" She shouted and Ivan chuckled. He touched her bare shoulders and she backed away from him. It made her shiver when she touched him like this.

"I come here because you were asking for help," Ivan said in his deep husky voice. Anna was feeling uncomfortable at the moment. she just wanted to go away from him.

"Y..You can go now." She said slowly while looking down. Ivan smirked and took a step towards her making her stumble backward. He held her by her waist preventing her to fall.

He pulled her closure to himself and she collided with his hard rock-like chest. She placed her hands on his chest to maintain the distance which made her lose her hold on her zipper and the dress fell off her shoulders leaving it bare for his hungry eyes.

"Please, let me go," She said in a low shivering tone and he smirked. He enjoyed always whenever he sees her struggling under his touch. It gave him inner peace of pride.

"I don't want to," He said huskily pulling her closure and smashed his lips on hers. He slammed her on the wall and trapped her between himself and the wall while never leaving her lips. Her dress started losing on her body and fell down off her body.

Ivan's hungry eyes saw her like this for the first time. She was standing only in her bra and panties nothing else on her body. Ivan smirked eyeing her from head to toe. Anna closed her eyes in embarrassment. She mentally wanted to kill herself at the moment.

"Fuck! You're so hot Anna" He murmured against her milky white skin and attacked her neck. She whined at his actions and at a sudden pain on her collarbone. She gripped Ivan's shoulder tightly while shutting her eyes.

"Please N..No.. umm-" She moaned when Ivan started sucking her sweet spot to reduce the pain on her collarbone. She can feel that her body was responding to his touches. Eventho, he was forcing her but her body was not in her favor.

"Damn so fucking soft" He murmured against her soft skin and continued sucking and licking her sweet spot. She closed her eyes at the sudden excitement which ran inside her. Ivan caught her hands in his removing them from his chest so he can close every distance between them.

He placed the wet kisses on her jawline to her neck's crook and then her cleavage. He came back at her lips and started kissing her passionately. A euphoric wave ran through Ivan's mind after tasting Anna's soft skin.

His hands started playing with her bra's strap and he pulled that down placing wet kisses on her shoulder. She moaned above his ear which felt like a piece of music to him. His cold fingers trailed down on her body slowly.

Anna closed her eyes feeling something new for the first time. It's not as if she heard about sex for the first time but what she was experiencing was something new to him. But his possessed mind come out when she felt Ivan's hand was caressing her sensitive part.

*this is not right!* Anna thought.

Realizing what they were doing, she quickly pushed Ivan making him stumble backward while breathing heavily. She quickly picked her clothes hiding behind them and looked down in shame.

"What is your problem, Anna?" Ivan asked furiously. Anna looked up at him with her teary eyes.

"Th..this is not right." She spoke in a broken voice.

"Why this is not? We are about to get married" Ivan said back with the same level of anger.

"About to, But still we didn't. I..I need some time, Please, leave me alone" She said.

"Whatever, come out quickly. I don't have much time" He spat and left the room with a loud thud on the door.

Anna slides down sitting there while hugging herself. She started crying. She started hating herself for responding to his touch. But still, this time, she didn't felt that she was doing anything wrong. It was like if she got hypnotized in his blue orbs.
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