Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 7



After I finished changing into my old clothes, I come out of the room. I saw Ivan was standing at a far place with a furious look on his face. He is probably angry with what happened inside.

I ignored his glares and went towards the head girl with the dress in my hands. Till then, Ivan come and stood beside me. I smiled politely and gave the dress to the head girl.

"Is everything fine ma'am or do you need any changes in the dress?" The girl asked politely.

"It's a little longer according to my height. Can you shorten the length" I asked nervously. The girl chuckled.

"Sure, ma'am. How much shorten do you want it to be then?" The girl asked.

"According to 5ft 2 inch," I said. I heard Ivan chuckling behind me. I rolled my eyes internally.

It's okay to be short. Short girls are cute. But I am not gonna match with that guy at all. He is probably 6 ft. I'm only able to reach his chest. I pouted internally.

"It will be done within 24 hours ma'am," She said politely. And I nodded.

"I will send Chris tomorrow to pick your accessories and dress. Now let's go" Ivan said and I followed him behind.

The ride was silent and I didn't even dare to look at him. After what he has done, I'm not even able to see myself in my reflection. I just wanted to run away from him but how I'm supposed to.

It was not feeling less than any caged soul. My life was looking like life if it hasn't left any option for me to fly once again. The days too started surviving in the darkness and I'm scared.

I want a man who can love me, care for me, protect me from the storms of life, not a man who just knows to kill people, who just plays with me every time. Do I really want this marriage to take place? No. He is just buying me because my father has his debts.

I'm not gonna live like a caged soul. I wanted to fly in my life. What about my dreams. I have to give Alan and grandma a luxurious life. What should I do now?

My thoughts got interrupted when I felt a break. I saw my home was in front of my eyes. Ivan didn't say anything but opened the lock of my car side door. Without saying anything, I opened the door and was to come out when I heard his deep voice.

"Don't even think to try something useless" He said in a warning tone. I didn't say anything but come out. And went inside my home.

I heard him starting his car's engine again and he left. I rang the doorbell and grandma opened the door. I smiled and handled her grocery bags and went inside.

"What do you wanted to eat. Tell me, so I will cook for you?" My grandma asked.

"I'm not hungry," I said slowly and went inside my room.


Anna went inside her room and lay down by her stomach. She digs her face in the pillow and started sobbing. She didn't know why, but she was feeling a ton of emotions were running inside her. She was hating herself to respond to his touch in the changing room. It felt wrong to her.

But still, she was a human, and humans got the emotions and she was one of those innocent souls who can't even blame others for her faults.

She started sobbing more when she heard the door opening sound. Her grandma comes to check on her. She was amazed to see Anna was crying and sobbing while laying on her bed.

She went and sat beside Anna patting her back and caressing her hair. Anna got up and hugged her tightly.

"Anna dear, what happened? Why are you crying?" Her grandma asked in a soothing tone. Anna even sobbed more.

"What happened?" Her grandma asked again in the same tone.

"Grandma, I...I don't want to.. marry him.. please," Anna sobbed. Her grandma can feel her emotions. She pecked her forehead while calming her down.

"What happened? What made you change your decision?" Grandma asked in a soothing voice again.

"I...I Just don't want to marry him. He is a bad person" Anna sobbed hard closing her eyes.


"He..he... I just don't want to marry him. He is so bad. He gives me threats" Anna sobbed.

"Anna, if you don't want to marry him then why did you agree that day?" her grandma asked.

"He.. he will kill me too. I'm scarred grandma" She sobbed.

"What do you want to do now?" Her grandma asked.

Anna wiped her tears looking at her grandma. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"I've decided"

"What?" grandma asked.

"Let's move go far away from here," Anna said.

"Are you really willing to do so?" Her grandma asked completely amazed by what Anna said.

"Yes, I'm. And I'm sure about my decision. I can't spend my life with a person like him" Anna said but grandma's face was showing worry. Like if she was still unsure.

"Anna...." Her grandma sighed holding Anna's shoulder. She gave her a nod.

"Are you agree?" Anna asked.

Her grandma nodded. Anna smiled and hugged her.

They packed their clothes and things about their needs. Anna tied up Alan's bag too as the boy was sleeping. Within an hour, Anna and grandma have done packing the clothes and other things.

Anna put the suitcases and bags in the living room and went to Alan's room to wake him up. She opened the door and went to bed. She shakes Alan slightly making him groan.

"Alan, wake up" She whispered softly. He turned around and looked at Anna with his sleepy eyes.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Get up, get ready we have to leave," Anna told him softly while ruffling his hair. Alan looked at her with a strange look. But said nothing and got up from the bed.

He changed and come out and with Anna where grandma was waiting for both of them. Alan saw some bags in the living room.

"Are we going somewhere?" Alan asked.

"Yes, But we have to leave first," Anna said softly. Soon three of them exit the house and locked the door.

Anna booked a taxi for them and they all sat inside telling the driver to leave for the Airport. Anna was looking for the tickets they got for the first flight which will leave New York within one and a half hours.

It was almost midnight. The city was shining and the lights were sparkling the whole city. Anna was sitting on the side. The cold breezes were hitting her face. She closed her eyes making her mind relax for some time.

Alan on the other hand was resting his head on grandma's shoulder and was in his deep slumber since it is mid-night. Anna thought that from now on, her life will be change and she will free from that monster's cage. But who knows.

The taxi got imbalanced and a loud gunshot heard on the road. The road was empty since it was midnight. Anna gasped and looked to found where they were.

Soon the black cars started gathering the road and the taxi was in the middle of all the black shining cars. Anna's heart dropped in her stomach. Alan and grandma startled back gasping. Alan's all sleep vanished when he saw men there.

The men gathered the care and put their guns on them. Between all of them, A man comes out of his car with his right hand following him. He was wearing a black shirt with black jeans and was looking so dangerous.

Ivan's eyes were looking so dangerous. The men make all of them come out of the taxi. Anna started shivering in fear. But most importantly, how did Ivan got to know that she was about to leave the city.

Ivan comes and stands in front of Anna towering over her. The little girl didn't gather the strength to look into his blue orbs. She can see how much furious Ivan was looking. His chest was vibrating in anger.

Anna's forehead started sweating and she fisted her palms in nervousness. Soon she landed on the road holding her left cheek because of the impact of Ivan's slap. She can see how dangerous he was looking.

"ANNA....." Her grandma screamed in fear and Alan gasped at what just Ivan did with his sister.

Ivan went there and caught Anna by her hair making her yelp in pain. The diamond tears started falling from her eyes. Ivan made her look into her eyes.

"What I told you huh? Not to try anything stupid... Right?" Ivan seethed in anger pulling Anna's hair and she winced in pain.

"ANNA...No.....PLEASE LET US GO" grandma screamed gaining Ivan's attention. He glared at Both Alan and grandma before looking back at Anna.

"WHY DID YOU DID THIS. HUH?" Ivan shouted at Anna making her flinch. She closed her eyes.

"Because I don't want to marry you. You are a monster. I can't live with a devil like you" Anna screamed at Ivan making him furious even more.

She holds her right cheek wincing in pain when she felt a tight pain on it. Ivan slapped her again.

"You like to play with me right?" Ivan seethed. He pulled out his gun and shoot the driver in front of everyone's eyes.

The driver's body landed on the floor with a loud thud. Anna's eyes became wide in fear. Ivan just killed another person in front of her. He killed someone who wasn't even at the fault.

"WHY DID YOU KILLED THAT DRIVER?" Anna screamed gripping Ivans's collar tightly.

"WHAT WAS HIS FAULT IN ALL THIS. WHY DID YOU KILL HIM.?" Anna screamed and Ivan smirked dangerously looking deep into her hazels.

"I told you not to fucking play with me. I told you not fucking mess up with me. I TOLD YOU TO NOT TO USE YOUR DUMB BRAIN AGAINST ME STILL YOU DID." Ivan shouted holding her jaw tightly making her wince in pain.

"So that was a demo for you," Ivan said smirking dangerously. Anna just wants to slap him hard on the face at the moment. How can he be so heartless?

"Y..You are a..a.. monster" Anna sobbed.

"Yes, I am. I am a monster and I meant to be and now you are my caged bird" Ivan said chuckling darkly.

"YOU WILL MARRY ME NO MATTER WHAT" Ivan shouted at her making her flinch.

On the other hand, Ivan's men were holding Alan and grandma by their elbows.

"I won't" Anna glared at him back with her glossy hazels.

Ivan let out a laugh at her. He holds her by her chin making her look into his deep dark blue eyes.

"You are challenging me, Sweetheart? Me?" Ivan laughed.

"Then you will gonna what else I can do?" Ivan said and put the gun on her forehead while looking deep into her eyes.

To Ivan's surprise, Anna didn't get scared a bit and accepts the gun gladly. She closed her eyes waiting for her to hug the death. But the next moment, Ivan pulled the gun back leaving Anna surprise.

She opened her eyes and saw Ivan was smirking at her.

"I have many more ways to make you suffer rather than killing you, sweetheart" Ivan chuckled darkly and got up from there leaving Anna alone.

Anna was scared but the next moment her eyes became wide in fear when she saw that Ivan was marching towards grandma and Alan's direction. Where his guards were holding them.

"NO.. IVAN, YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING WITH THEM" Anna screamed but it didn't leave a single effect on Ivan. He smirked and continued walking in their direction. Alan's eyes were showing how damn much scared he was from Ivan.

Ivan went there and smirked looking at grandma and Alan. He looked at Anna who was still on the floor and Chris held her there to not to let her move.

"You love your family so much. Right?" Ivan asked chuckling darkly and Anna got his warning.

"NOOOO... LEAVE THEM. WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU?" Anna screamed while crying and Ivan smirked seeing her like this.

"You're the one who was challenging me right? Now see, what I can do with you." Ivan said.

"NOOOO... Please don't" Anna said begging.

"It will be fun to see them in pain because of you Anna. Look, what you've done to them" Ivan said chuckling and Anna looked at grandma and Alan whose faces just showing fear.

Ivan smirked and placed his gun on Alan's head. The little boy closed his eyes.

"Please don't kill me... please" Alan screamed while crying. Anna started sobbing. Grandma started begging Ivan to leave Alan.

"Please No.. No... Please leave Alan... Please" Anna sobbed and begged.

"Why? Why are you afraid now when you were being bold goddess just some minutes ago?" Ivan asked chuckling and Anna sobbed even more.

If it was only for Anna, she would've died but never married Ivan. But at the moment, her family was in danger because of her. She can't let anything happen to them because of herself. She just wants her family to live happily and safely.

"Noooo... Please leave Alan. please" Grandma begged, making Ivan smirk.

"You are the one who is giving her wings to fly. Huh? Wait, You will pay too" Ivan said in a furious tone and Anna screamed.

She saw Ivan was pulling the trigger of the gun and Alan closed her eyes.

"Nooo.. Please, please I'm begging you. Please don't hurt them. I won't go anywhere. I'm ready to marry you. Please leave them"

Anna sobbed making Ivan smirk. He pulled his gun back from Alan's head making Alan surprise. Alan sighed in relief and hugged her grandma. Ivan marched towards Anna and hold her by her hair.

Anna winced in pain. She saw that her brother was safe. Her family was safe. Ivan didn't kill grandma and Alan. Anna sighed in relief internally. But now she has to face the monster. Anna now lost the trust of Ivan. He can't trust her and take any other risk leaving Anna alone. Maybe, she can try something else in her mind.

Today, Ivan got to know about Anna leaving the city because he put a tracker in Anna's phone while he was with her in the car. He got a chance and downloaded a location tracker in her phone and connected the number with his cellphone.

When Anna was leaving the city. Her location says that she was on the bridge and Ivan quickly got to know about it through his phone. He was about sleep at that time but then he got know that Anna is trying to leave the city and his level of anger rise up.

He quickly gathered his men and called Chris and went to where Anna's location was saying she was.

Ivan smirked looking at Anna's crying face. He held Anna by her hair again making her look into his dark blue orbs which are enough to give her shivers.

"I'm a monster. Right?" Ivan asked in a deep yet dangerous voice making Anna gulp.

"Now you will see the monster inside me. You will regret using your dumb brain"

Ivan said and pulled Anna by her hair making her stand up. He throws her inside a black car and sat down beside her telling his driver to leave.

Alan and grandma screamed not knowing where Ivan was taking Anna. But Ivan already left with Anna leaving Alan and grandma sobbing.


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