Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 8


"l..leave me, w..what are you doing?" Anna started hitting Ivan's hard broad back with her tiny fists. Ivan glared at her making her flinch but her movements didn't stop at all.

"I..Ivan please," She again pleased but it didn't budge a bit on the man.

Soon the car stopped in front of a big building like something. Ivan comes out first and dragged Anna harshly with himself.

"L..Leave me please," She sobbed when he held her wrist tightly.

"SHUT UP!" He shouted making her flinch. He tried to pull her but she didn't move a bit which make Ivan furious even more.

"You like to make me angry. Right?" He asked in a deep yet dangerous voice making the girl gulp her own saliva. She felt soon herself to be in the air as Ivan carried her on his shoulder like a ragdoll.

Anna started hitting Ivan's shoulders and back continuously. She was so scared of him not knowing where he was taking her. It makes her heart dropped in her stomach. She didn't even imagine this even in her dreams.

"Ivan, p..put me down" She please sobbing but the man didn't hear any cry of her and went upstairs through the big living room which was surrounding with dim light and was empty since it was a late night.

Ivan comes inside a room with her and throws her harshly on the bed. Anna winced because a sudden pain entered her spine. Anna groaned because of the pain and glared at Ivan back.

"You like it when I got angry right? Then now bear my anger" Ivan spoke dangerously making her hazels met with his blue eyes which were sparkling because of the dim light in the room.

His strong muscular arms wrapped around her waist pulling her close and he hovers over her making her scream in fear.

"You should've listened to me... Why don't you listen to my words" Ivan shouted on Anna's face. Anna flinched at his high raspy tone and closed her eyes. She started shivering under his hold. She just wanted to let go of him at all cost. Otherwise, she will end up breaking herself.

"W..why should I..I listen you?" Anna speaks back but in a stuttering tone since her tongue wasn't in her favor.

Ivan didn't believe what she just said. He wanted to hear that again. No-one in his whole life has dared to talk back to Ivan Miller and the girl is talking back to him.

He went close to her and put his index finger on her chin making her face him.

"What did you just said, love?" He asked in his deep and husky tone. His tone was calm but Anna can see the anger in his eyes which turned dark. Anna felt a lump in her throat. She herself didn't have any idea, why she always feel so weak in front of him.

Anna was not like any other scared cat but a brave one in her whole life. But since Ivan entered her life, She felt like if she even lost herself. The old powerful Anna hid somewhere.

Ivan was the first and only person in her life, in front of whom she felt weak. She herself doesn't have any idea about it that why it is happening to her. Was it Ivan's powerful hypnotizing eyes that make her feel weak or was it his dominant behavior?

"SPEAK!" Ivan shouted making Anna flinch. But this time, she won't gonna stop. She too wanted to show him that she is not weak or pathetic.

"Why should I listen to you? Who are you to me? No one." Anna screamed on Ivan's face. Her words were completely showing hatred. Ivan was surprised to see so much power for the first time in someone who is talking with him.

Ivan let out a dark chuckle. He caught Anna by her nape tightening his grip on her waist. She winced and moved to let go of his hold. She tried to let go of his hold but he shakes her harshly making her movements stop.

"You wanna know who I am to you?" He spoke huskily in Anna's ear making her shriek. She tried to jerk away from him but he was way too strong.

Ivan's eyes became darker after the sentence he said and he pulled Anna harshly by her hair making her face him. She screamed because of the pain as if he will pull out her hair through her scalp.

"Leave me-- Ahhh!!"

Anna felt a harsh pain on her collarbone. Ivan bites her there. He started sucking and licking her collarbone like a hungry beast. Anna screamed because of the pain.

"L..leave me, P..please, l..leave" Anna screamed and started hitting Ivan on his chest but it didn't budge on him a bit.

Anna pushed him back and he stumbled backward. Before Anna could react or get up from the bed, Ivan pulled her back by her ankle and she falls on the white mattress. Anna tried to push while hitting his chest but it didn't leave a single effect.

He leaned and smashed his lips harshly on hers and starts kissing her. Anna's tears started falling down. Anna shrieked under his beastly touches.

"You get that. What I am to you" He said over her ear making her shriek again. She closed her eyes.

He trailed down his kisses from her neck to her cleavage. She creamed fisting her hands.

"You're really so soft" He murmured and went again towards her jawline. He started licking her jawline and she closed her eyes tightly. She can't let him ruin her like this.

With a speed of light, she gave a hard bite on Ivan's earlobe and he groaned. He pulled back and landed a tight slap on Anna's cheek.

Anna's vision started becoming a blur and the black color start appearing in front of her eyes. She felt her head was aching and it was getting heavier by every other passing second and closed her eyes.

Ivan was kissing her but he felt her laying without no more jerkings and movement. He pulled back to look up at her and saw that the unconsciousness hugged her.

"Anna..." Ivan vocalized her name but heard no response.

"Anna.." He slapped her face slightly to wake her up but it didn't affect her. She was laying there unconscious. Ivan groaned in frustration.


She has fallen unconscious because of the slap. Did I slap her that harshly?

Ivan questioned himself. He fisted his palms and got up covering Anna's figure with the cozy duvet. She was looking so beautiful laying on Ivan's bed. Ivan rubbed his temple and left the room as there was nothing to do.



Anna's eyes got open when the sunlight kissed her forehead. She groaned and opened her eyes. Last night's hurtful images flashed in her mind and she quickly got up. She found herself in the same room she was in last night. She was covered with a cozy warm duvet securely.

He did this. No, He is only a beast. He only knows to hurt.

Anna thought and scoffed. She got eyeing the room. It was so big and with all useful things. She sighed and went towards the door. She pulled the door knob and successfully it was open.

Anna comes out of the room where she welcomed by a big and empty living room. There were servants present there, but it was still empty according to it's size.

Not knowing where her steps were going, Anna went downstairs while eyeing the whole living room. She gulped her own saliva down.

She was feeling hungry at the moment when her stomach started growling. She sighed and rubbed her tummy. She herself didn't knew when she was going when she bumped onto someone.

"Oh my!" A girl gasped.

"I'm.. sorry... I'm sorry" Anna quickly apologized to the girl.

The girl looked up and saw Anna's scared eyes. She was same like Anna or probably younger than Anna.

"Who are you?" The girl asked knitting her eyebrows.

"I..I'm Anabella Grayson. Anna for short... I.. Ivan bought me here" Anna told the girl nervously while looking down fidgeting with her fingers.

"What!!! Ivan?" The girl asked looking if she was completely shocked by Anna's sentence.

"You?" Anna asked slowly in a soft tone. The girl sighed looking at how scared Anna was. The girl's nature softens after Anna's sweet honey like voice.

"I'm Eve, I live here with Ivan." She said making Anna's eyes wide in surprise.

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