Mafia's Desire

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Chapter 9

"I live here with Ivan," The girl told. Anna didn't know what to say. She felt a lump on her throat. But she felt hurt too.

"You and Ivan live together?" Anna asked softly and the girl nodded.

"I'm Eve, Eve Miller, Ivan's younger sister" The girl explained smiling and Anna's breaths come back to her. The hope sparkled back in her hazels and she sighed. She just felt something strange for the first time. It didn't even give her a hint or anything.

"Ohh!" Anna said softly. Not knowing what to do and how to start she was looking down all the time.

Eve wasn't like any soft-hearted girl at all. But when Anna's precious golden features captured in her eyes, she didn't want to scare the little doll at all. She wanted to comfort her. She was looking so naive yet so hurt.

"Umm... May I know how did you end up here?" Eve asked Anna and unwantedly the tears build up in her hazels remembering about the last night. She just wants to go back to her granny and brother.

Eve can clearly see the watery eyes of Anna. She can tell that the girl was in some kind of tension.

"Umm, Let's go to my room. We will talk there" Eve said as sweetly as she can not wanting to make Anna feel uncomfortable. She gave Anna her pearly smile and pulled Anna with her to her room.


"Here, drink this. You will feel light" Eve said handing her the mug of coffee. Anna took it hesitantly sitting on the edge of Eve's bed.

"That's what he did," Anna said.

Anna told Eve everything about her and Ivan and how he was forcing her into the relationship. She was hoping that the blonde hair girl (Eve) could do something to help Anna. Or maybe she can talk to Ivan.

But the fact is, Even Eve can't do anything in this matter. She was feeling bad for Anna but she knows that she has not a single right to do anything related to it.

It was Ivan's life and his decision if he finally agreed to marry someone. Tho Eve is his sister. But not blood-related. They share the same emotions but not the same blood.

7 years ago

Ivan was on his way back to his mansion after receiving the consignment from his new partner. They newly engaged in the drug dealing business and it started giving them more profits.

The road was empty and dark too. Only some road lights which almost look like a lamp were there giving a little view of the clearance. Ivan was driving back when his eyes diverted to something on the side of the road.

His mind didn't leave and he stopped his car getting out moving towards where he heard some muffled noises. He went there and heard some breathing sounds. The curiosity took inside his mind and he took out the big polythene throwing it aside and saw a girl probably 12-13 was there hugging her knees.

Her state was also not good and the blood was dripping from different parts of her body. She was badly injured there. The girl stumbled backward and the fear took inside her after seeing Ivan.

"Don't worry, I won't harm you" Ivan said when he saw the girl was probably fearing of him. It's true he is cold, merciless, and ruthless. But seeing someone so innocent and little made his heart feel the same pain when he lost his loved one.

"P..Ple..ease,'t kill" The girl sobbed and Ivan kneeled down to her level.

"Shh!!! I won't harm you. Think of me as a brother. I won't harm you Shh!" Ivan soothed filling the little girl in his embrace.

"How did you end up here? What happened to you" Ivan asked calming her down. He looked at her and found that she already fell into the unconscious.

Ivan finds no other way instead of taking her to his mansion and called their personal doctor. The doctor did her medication and within time, She started healing.

Later he got to know that there were some robbers who tried to rob her and also killed her father. She newly came to New York and she wasn't aware of anything. Ivan felt bad for the girl. It's not like pitied her but he felt some same emotion.

Time started passing and Eve adjusted herself into the new environment she got into.

Ivan took care of her like his younger sister. They finally got to know each other and later, he legally adopted her becoming her guardian. It took a long to happen all these.

But the rule of the world is changing and that's what happened.



Anna got startled when she heard the door opening sound. Her heart started thundering again when she saw that it was none than Ivan.

He let out a dark chuckle eyeing her head to toe. His dreadful steps came closure to her. She felt that her blood is almost draining out of her body. The forehead started sweating when last night's memories filled her mind again.

She didn't want this to happen ever again.

"You wake up so soon doll" Ivan chuckled looking at her uneasy state. She gulped thinking that he probably got to know that she went out of the room.

"Where is grandma and Alan.. What you did with them?" she asked sounding bold as much as she can but her heart was drumming in her ear making her feel weak.

Ivan smirked looking at the fake confidence she was trying to throw on him.


"I expected this. Well after the stupidity you did, they're still surviving" He whispered and she felt the amount of blood was boiling in her veins. She caught him by his collar jerking him in anger.

"YOU!!" She warned but it shows no impact on him. He was still standing there like a hulk and this even pulled him closure to her. He liked the way she becomes a wild cat.

"Strength Huh? I would like to see it in my bed baby" He whispered huskily enjoying the way she reacts every time he did something unexplainable to her.

"Wish if you would've listened to me, this wouldn't happen with you. Gosh, why are you so foolish, Annabella" Ivan let out another chuckled. The way he pronounced her name, she was feeling something inside her.

Eventho, she heard a hundred times the pronunciation of her but the way he spoke was really different. Maybe, she already has so much fear of him. Or maybe it was something else.

He found her sniffing. She was crying. It lowkey made him feel kinda sad but his cold face was hard enough to cover it with his beastly looks.

"I expect you to do not do something silly again." He said with a clearance of words in his tongue.

She looked at him. She wants to go back to her family. She was missing them. Her heart was dying to see them.

"I want to go to Grandma and Alan" She pleaded with him closing her eyes. The light sobs were enough to reach his ears. He didn't what made him do this, but he wants to grant her wish.

"Okay, but, Do as I say"
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