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Sarah Arlyne is a young girl who is suffering from the cardiac disease since her childhood. After the death of her parents in a terrible car crash, her aunt decided to take care of her. Sarah will meet Luke, the mysteriously handsome and impulsive boy who won't let her be indifferent. She'll begin to have feelings for him but Luke is hiding something. Is it related to her parents' death? Why is her aunt acting so weird like she's trying to protect her from something...Or maybe someone but who? Between secrets, love, and betrayal, Sarah will find out the truth behind the accident that took her parents' life. Will she be able to face her destiny? Will Luke make good choices? They say love makes miracles, even so ... -'' It's alright Luke... I know what we are, and I know what we are not''. -'' I may be the most stuck-up girl in this school or maybe in the whole world but...I do have feelings !''. -'' What did I do to make you hate me like this, Taylor ?''. -'' IT WAS JUST SEX FOR GOD'S SAKE! YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! DO YOUR THING AND I'LL DO MINE...but please, let's just go back like it was ''.

Romance / Drama
couch potato
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6th September 19:45:

As I’m walking towards my car, a gentle breeze caressed my skin and made me shudder. September is here now and the cold that manifests itself day by day proves that the season of clouds and rain will be here soon.

Finally out of the hospital, I turned one last time to fix the white building and my heart tightened me a bit. The doctor said that my health condition has very improved and if I continue to take my drugs properly, I’ll soon be able to free myself from this disease that haunts me since my childhood.

-“Oh God!“. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that I was crossing the road. Suddenly, a black car stopped in front of me making me fall to my knees. A young boy got out of the car and walked quickly in my direction.

-“YOU FREAKING SERIOUS CROSSING THE ROAD WITHOUT LOOKING ?! I COULD’VE KILLED YOU!“. Not being able to see him clearly in the dark of the night, I managed to distinguish his silhouette after staring at him for seconds. A young man, I would say in his twenties, very tall and has green eyes, light green eyes. I could’ve felt his anger through his screams but I couldn’t connect with his words because of the shock. It’s true, I finally managed to go through my illness and he, came out from nowhere, telling me that he could’ve killed me. I recovered my spirits when I felt someone shaking me.

-“Hey, are you okay ?“. He arched an eyebrow and handed me his hand to get up from the floor.

-“Yeah, I guess I’m fine”. I nodded and took awkwardly his hand.

-” Are you sure? Hope you have nothing at least “. His hand was warm, unlike mine that was freezing. Feeling that he was looking at me, I took off my hand slowly from his and stared at him and the first thing that captured me was his eyes, beautiful light green eyes.

-” No no, more shaken than injured “. I shook my head and smiled shyly at him.

-“Okay then. I’m Luke”. I nodded and the fear that I felt before turned to an awkward sensation. I don’t know why but this person intimidates me a lot. I know that I don’t know him and he almost killed me but, I never felt so much embarrassed in my life. Maybe cause I’m a shy girl or maybe because he’s a charming tallboy or both...

-“So you’re working for the F.B.I maybe ?“. He glanced at me, amused and I frowned not understanding his question.

-“You won’t tell me your name or ?“.

-“Oh!“. It’s my turn to smile, I hope that mine is as charming as his even if it’s a little tense.

-“Sarah. My name is Sarah”. His eyes glowed in the dark of the night and he gave me his left hand to probably shake it.

-“Nice to meet you, blondie “. B...Blondie ?! Usually, I’m not sensitive to nicknames but this one for some reason made me blush. I hope he didn’t see it in the dark. To hide my burning cheeks, I joined my hand to his and felt the warmness again.

Suddenly, he started to laugh. I would say that his laugh is the most lovely sound I’ve ever heard but why the hell is he laughing? Feeling confused, I looked at our joined hands and I felt the red coming up to my face. God, I shook his hand with the wrong one. I immediately removed my hand and chuckled nervously.

-“Sorry, I’m a little nervous”. I defended myself. He joined his eyes to mine and arched an eyebrow, looking at me with an amused smile on his lips again. I tried to hide the embarrassment but the way he kept staring at me didn’t help at all.

-” Well, I...I gotta go”. And without turning back, I almost run to my car. I’m probably being impolite for not telling him goodbye but honestly, as long as I won’t see this nicknamed “Luke” who made me so nervous again, I don’t care...


When I got home, I decided to prepare something to eat and switched on the TV.

“A company was burned today for reasons still unknown, 2 employees died and 8 of them were injured. The police still search for the culprit ...”

God, these incidents never end. That kind of reminds me of my parents. My father was an entrepreneur and my mother was his secretary. My heart aches me so much each time I remember that I will never see them again. I miss them terribly and even after 6 months since they passed away, I feel the same loneliness and pain each night. The soft voice of my mother and the stupid jokes of my father, that made me laugh even if they were not funny.

As the tears began to flow, I wiped them immediately. I must go on and be strong, even if it’s hard and there’s nothing left to do to change my lonely dramatic life.

When I finished eating, I cleaned the kitchen, brushed my teeth, and jumped into the bed covering myself with a big warm blanket. It feels so good after a long day.
As my eyes started to get heavy, My mind went to what happened less than two hours ago.
The boy with green eyes...He was so mysterious and he had so much charisma, not forgetting his deep voice and the way he was looking at me with his cute smile. He almost killed me though but I’m fine. Tomorrow, I’ll join a new high school, I hope I can make some new friends there.

On these last thoughts, I slept wishing that tomorrow would be a better day.

Hope you like it <3

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