Double Star.

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10: Secrets.

PoV Luke :

- “Hey Luke ! Is he still alive? “. Questions, questions, and other fucking questions. This moron who is none other than my best friend pisses me off with his questions, even when we’re on a mission, he finds the time to annoy me.

- “I don’t care, Get in the fucking shack before his friends come out”. I ordered Jacob, still looking at the motionless body who was keeping a sharp eye on the surroundings before he hit the floor, beaten by me. I tried to play it cool, but he didn’t wanna cooperate, so I didn’t have the choice, but I know he’s still breathing so we must fucking hurry before we get into serious shit.

- “Did you find something ? “. Jacob asked again after we got into the hut and started our investigation.

- “Not yet ... Wait! There’s something there”.I started looking for them on a dirty sofa filled with some weird things on it and even under it.

- “Shit, it’s fucking dusty here! Did you know that the fart of an old man can be considered as dust, I swear I’ve seen my grandpa doing a fucking sand storm...“. I glared at him and he stopped talking looking elsewhere, does he really think it’s the time for his stupid jokes?

- “Shut the fuck up and come help me”. I ordered, getting back to work.

- “Okay okay. But what are we looking for ? “. I arched an eyebrow.

-” Are you fucking serious ? Don’t tell me that you came all the way here not knowing why ? “. He shrugged as if he’s used to doing that. Knowing him, I bet he came without putting on underwear.

“Please tell me you’re wearing something under your pant ? “.

- “You should feel happy that I’m wearing a jean. I swear I was going to come in a bathrobe”.

- “Holy crap, I knew it!“.

- “Dude! Did you see the way you got into my house, I thought it was the brigade, damn it!“.

- “Sorry dude, It was an order from the Big Boss to hurry. He’s too stressed lately, Don’t know why ... Shit, I think I found something! “. I said removing the couch from its place.

- “What’s that ? Are you fucking serious man ?! We did all that terrible hard work for some shitty papers? “.

- “You serious? You mean I DID all the hard work cause all you did was talking some weird shit all the fucking time and if you’ve listened to a bit to what the boss said, you would know that those papers aren’t shitty”. I glared at him and he started repeating after me with a pitched voice. He’s a son of a bitch, I should’ve come alone.

-“You fucking sound like my mom when you talk like that, damn it! Anyway who would listen to an old retired man like him. Dude, did you see his bald head? I swear I’ve seen myself on it. And his beard, dude! I think his hair likes to grow on the lower parts, the proof, I’ve heard that he has more extra hair on his balls, I swear this man is hilarious! But don’t say that I was the one who told you that, I already tried to pull his beard to see if it’s a real one so if he hears me talking ’bout his...Fuck! Why did you hit me ?!“.

-“Look !“. I gave him the papers to read them and he frowned.

-“Holy shit! What’s that ?! I know I’m bad at school but knowing that I can’t read, it’s too much for me”.

-“I can’t read them too”. The boss said that those papers are crucial for him more than anything, he didn’t tell me the reason, he just told me that I’ll find them here, with very strange writing and a big W as a signature but I didn’t think that the writing would be like that.

-“The words seem to be coded, you didn’t ask him what’s those things are for ?“.

-“No, unlike you, I mind my own business”. He glared at me and I raised my middle finger to his face.

- “Vrr ... Vrr ... Vrr”.

-“What’s that sound ? Did you did what I think you did ?“. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s your phone ringing you fucking idiot”.

- “Oh It’s Taylor ... Hi Tay’ what’s the matter dude ?“.

- “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ? IT’S BEEN A FUCKING HOUR THAT WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU !“. Damn, even if I’m not the one carrying the phone, he fucked my ears.

- “Calm down. We’re coming...“.

- “Hurry up you two. I spotted some guys not far from where you are”. Edward said quietly but worried.

I put the document on my jacket and we left quickly the place, but suddenly three guys surrounded us, pointing their weapons at us.

- “Do you really think you’re leaving like this? “. shit! fuck! shit! They caught us, those bastards!.

- “I think we’re in trouble man”.Jacob said.

- “Yeah, I see that”. I nodded.

- “You thought you could get away again, Luke?“. I turned around to see the guy talking to me, and I saw Matthew pointing at me with his weapon.

- ” Matt, my old friend, still mad after the last time I fucked your face ? “. Hearing my harsh words, Matthew glared at me.

- “What the hell are you doing here, son of a bitch ? AND DON’T EVER SAY THAT I’M YOUR DAMN FRIEND OR YOU’LL REGRET IT !“. He walked towards me, with his gun still pointing at me and I stared at him, arms in the air. If I ever annoy him again, I know he wouldn’t hesitate. A smirk appeared suddenly on his face and he pointed his weapon at Jacob’s face.

- “I wonder what you’ll do if your friend lost his brain? “. Shit!

- “Well you know he already has no brain so I don’t think it will change a thing”.

- “Luke pay attention to what you’re saying, it’s my head we’re talking about! “. Jacob gave me a threatening look like he was saying “You better not fuck up the situation” and I send him a reassuring look. I took my gun out of my jean and pointed it at Matthew.

- “If you make a single move, I’ll shoot!“. He sneered.

“Don’t think I’m scared of you Luke. the times when I was showing a little respect for your crappy head ended THAT day”. He smiled at me snidely then became more serious. He looked at Jacob ruthlessly and pushed the trigger to fire.

- “JAAC’! “. I rushed into him and managed to knock him down before the bullet hit him except that it brushed my shoulder.

-” Get the fuck up ! We have to go”.

- “You won’t go anywhere. It’s the end for you, Luke Hammer! “. He ordered with his head his comrades to catch us.

Jacob and I looked at each other confused, suddenly a black car stopped in front of us.

- “C’mon guys, get into the car!“.

- “Taylor, I’ve never been so happy to see you, man!“.

“Come on, we’ll talk about your happiness later.” We get into the car quickly and Edward speeded up not letting the shots reach us. Fuck you, Matthew!

- “How did you find us guys? “. Jacob asked when we moved away.

- “Thanks to your GPS! “. Edward answered simply.

- “Thanks guys, you saved us”. I said relieved.

- “Hey guys, you should’ve seen Luke how he saved my life, I swear I almost kissed him.” they started Laughing and I glared at him making him look away.

- “Did you find what the Boss asked ?“. Ed asked looking at the road.

- “Yeah, a crazy thing though”.

- “As long as the mission is done, we don’t care”. Ed shrugged.

- “By the way, Luke. Guess who I met this morning? “. Tay asked me after a few moments of silence.

-” Who ? “. I arched an eyebrow.

-” Your girl ! “. That’s all.

- “Which one ?“. I looked through the window putting my hand on my chin.

- “He’s talking about blondie”. Jacob answered in his place.

-” Oh...her ! “. I remembered the last time we saw each other, I almost kissed her, damn it. Fortunately, I managed to stop myself and I ended up kissing her on the cheek. I don’t even know what made me do that, I was so upset that she kissed that son of a bitch and got mad at me that I couldn’t control myself from flirting with her.

- “Hey Luke you’ listening or you’re thinking of your girlfriend? “. I glared at Tay and a smirk appeared on his face. Fuck!

-” Shut the fuck up Tay’ ! She’s not”.

- “Don’t tell me that the heart of stone that broke so many hearts is in love? “. Edward teased me. I guess it’s my day.

- “SHUT UP YOU ALL ! I’M STARTING TO GET PISSED OF THIS SITUATION !“. I screamed. I know that I don’t let it show but I feel a little bit embarrassed, just a little bit.

- “If you don’t want her, I’ll take her, she seems soo ho...“.

- “Carry on and I’ll make your head jump! “. I threatened him, pointing my gun at his head.

- ” Calm down man, I was just joking”. Tay’ raised his hands in the air and I removed my gun from his head, staring at him coldly.

- “You stink love, dude”. I glared at the other idiot who was sitting next to me. They decided to play on my nerves and I know if I stay here, I’ll fucking regret it.

- “Drop me here Ed”.

- “What ? You serious?! We were just teasing you, nothing more “. Screamed Jac’ like bullshit.

-” Yeah, I know. I just want to see my sister. The hospital’s not far from here”.

-” How is she ? “. Ed asked.

- “Better”. I hoped.

- “Say hello from us”.

“I’ll make sure. Stop here! “. Before going down Tay interrupted me.

- “We love you, leader! “. I sent a curious look at Jacob and Edward as if to say what’s with that sudden weird declaration, but they looked at me all the same way as Tay.

- “I’m starting to have doubts about you all with the other one telling me that he wanted to kiss me and now this weird talk...“. They glared at me and I laughed loudly.

- “If the boss is looking for you, what do we say to him ?“. Asked Ed.

- “Give him this and tell him he went to see his sister”.


back in this fucking hospital, I went immediately to room 4. I hate this number, damn it!

When I opened the door, the bed was empty and no one was in the room.

- “If it’s your sister you’re looking for, she’s upstairs on the terrace”.

As I turned to see my interlocutor, I met Margaret a 46-year-old nurse that my sister likes a lot.

- “Thank you, Margaret. I thought something happened”.

- “Go on my boy, she’s waiting for you”. I nodded and ran up the stairs to go to the roof. As I opened the door, Liz jumped at the noise I made. She was sitting on the ground with her hair fluttering in the wind.

- “Luke! You scared me !“. She said putting her hand on her heart.

- “Sorry, but it was you who scared me leaving your room without a warning”.

- “Did you think I was dead? Don’t worry little brother, you won’t get rid of me that easily! ” She said laughing but seeing my serious look she stopped.

- “Liz ... I don’t want to get rid of you”. I said, sitting next to her.

- “Oh how cute my little brother is! “. She said hugging me.

- “Ouch! “.

- “What’s the matter ? Did I hurt you ? “. She asked worriedly.

- “No nothing, I’m fine”. I had completely forgotten the wound on my arm.

- “Are you hurt ? Let me see”. Fuck!

- “I’m telling you it’s nothing”. She ignored me and looked closely at my arm.

- “Luke ...Who did you that? “.

- ” I tell you it’s ...“.

- “Lukas Dylan Hammer, who did you that? “. Damn, she’s really angry, I have to find something very quickly.

- “Well ... if you insist ... it’s a cat”.

-” A cat ? “. She frowned.

- “And you let him do that to you. Look, he has even damaged your jacket, you’ll go clean this mess up okay? “. Hopefully, she believed me, I can’t tell her the truth, she would have a heart attack.

- “Yeah, if you want”. I shrugged not understanding why she’s so worried, it’s only a scratch and it can disappear alone.

Suddenly, an icy breath hit us hard. Liz was shaking and trying to warm up by hugging her arms against her chest. I took off my jacket instinctively and put it on her frail shoulders.

- “Luke, you’re such a gentleman. Your wife will be really lucky to have you! “.

- “What ... what are you talking about? Shut up ! “. I said embarrassed.

- “What is it? Why are you so embarrassed ? Something happened and you don’t want to tell me? “. She teased me with a smirk.

- “What thing ? I don’t know what you’re talking about”. I said looking away.

- “C’mon you can tell me! It’s about the girl you told me about the other day, isn’t it ? “. It’s definitely my day!

“Why are you all trying to get into my love life?! Mind your own shit”. I hate when we talk about feelings and sentimental things, fuck them!

- “So it’s her ! I was right ! “. She smiled at me and I rolled my eyes. She’s so annoying, damn it!

- “Tell me what happened between you, please”. Oh no, I hate when she’s looking at me with those curious innocent eyes, fuck her!

-” I kissed her. Are you happy now? “. She went silent for a moment, not believing my words.

-” On the mouth ? “.

-” No. Only on the cheek”.

- “So you two are dating ?“.

-” No “.

-” You love her ? “.

-” Wut ? No, I don’t love”.

-” She loves You ?“.

- ” I dunno. And stop asking me those fucking questions, you’re annoying me, damn it !“. I tried to play it cool, not looking into her eyes but I know that she already got me in her trap.

- “Tell me, Luke “.

-” What again ?! “.

- “You’ll introduce her to me, right ?“.

- “What ? Why ? “. The color of her eyes became more clear into the light of the moon and the way she’s holding on to my jacket too tight, seriously looking at me makes me wonder why she’s wanting that much to meet her when she doesn’t even know her.

- “Just promise me, please”. She implored with a low voice, looking down.

-” Okay, okay. I promise but stop making this face, it’s more annoying than teasing me about my sentimental life”. I arched an eyebrow and she nodded laughing.

-“Now let’s go inside, it’s cold and dark and you have to rest and... “. Without letting me finish my sentence, she jumped into my arms.

- “Thank you ...Thank you so much”. I wrapped my arms around her back even if I was a little surprised by this sudden hug.

- “Can I know, at least what are you so excited about ? “. I asked perplexed, seeing her smile on my chest.

- “For nothing in particular. I just want to meet the future wife of my boy, that’s all”. She said shrugging.

-“You’re taking this too far, you know”. I sighed.

-“If you say so, c’mon, I’m hungry and I have to rest as you said “. She winked at me and I sighed again, helping her to get up from the floor while trying not to hurt her.

She’s so weak, damn it! Sometimes I wonder what she would do without my help...

PoV Sarah:

- “Can I know what’s going on here ? “. It’s been an hour since I try to talk to my aunt. She didn’t want to answer any of my questions.

- “Listen, Sarah. Forget what happened. It doesn’t concern you”.

- “How is this doesn’t concern me when this man came to talk to me ?! And what’s on these papers ? “. I tried to take the papers that were on the table but she held me by the arm.

- “Sarah please trust me ...“.

- “Trust you? You hide things from me, you don’t want to tell me what’s going on and you want me to trust you?! How can I trust you when you don’t. And...since when are you dating my math teacher, you don’t care about how I feel about that? “.

- “Oh c’mon Sarah it’s not that bad, we are getting along well and I’m sure he likes you too”.

- “How is that not bad? This man is married for goodness’ sake ! “. I’m boiling inside and I’m trying so hard to stay calm but I feel like I’m going to lose control soon.

- “Ho...How married ?“. Her expression changed from ″I don’t care” to ″I think I’m in real trouble now”.

- “Married and he has also a child and then there’s you who tell me that everything is good and he likes me and I don’t know what else...“. This time it’s too much for me, all these events have turned me upside down, I need to say all that I hide in my mind and I don’t care what’s going to happen after.

- “Sarah, I didn’t know ...“. She said feeling guilty and trying to hold me.

-” Yeah, yeah that’s it! You just could’ve asked instead of playing the ignorant, what will they say at school? That her aunt is a whore, and remembering that the other man called you Jiji, I won’t doubt that”. Suddenly, I felt my head spinning and my cheek burning. Only the sound of a hand bursting on my cheek echoed in the big space. It was the moment when I put my hand on my cheek and stared at my aunt who looked at me with a desolated face that I finally understood the situation: My aunt slapped me. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, the person I have respected and admired the most, disgusts me now. My only desire is to run away far from her.

- “Sarah I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ... I lost control and ...“. I’ve heard enough, not even letting her finish, I run to take refuge in my room. I heard her shouting my name over and over, but I paid no attention to it.

She’s lying to me, she’s hiding things from me, and worst of all she’s acting like nothing’s happening and I don’t know what hurts me the most...

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