Double Star.

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12: Legacy.

PoV Sarah:

The next day, I prepared myself and left the house quickly. My aunt was still sleeping which made me a little bit relieved since I didn’t want to cross her and feel guilty about hiding from her the key I found on my bed, yesterday. I’m still wondering what can I do with it though and why my father’s name is engraved on it.

As I walked into the institution, Noelle called me to join her.

-” Hi ! “.

-” Hey ! Have you seen how all these people are looking at me? “. I looked around and I noticed that a lot of students were staring at us.

- “Oh I knew it was going to be like this! “. She said, with a tremulous voice.

“It’s okay, you can ignore them ...“. I tried to calm her then suddenly someone patted Noelle’s shoulder. Our surprise was great when we discovered that this person is none other than the captain of the rugby team ″Tommy Cross″.

-” Hey ! “. He gave us a charming glance and Noelle and I looked at each other at the same time, surprised by this sudden introduction.

- “Euh ... hello”. Noelle replied with a shy voice.

- “You really impressed us yesterday ! I never thought anyone could face the great Taylor !“.

- “Oh thank you ! I surprised myself too”. She said putting her hand on her neck and looking elsewhere.

- “Will you accept to go out with me, this Sunday ? “. He seemed as embarrassed as her.

-” You and me ? “. He nodded, she looked really surprised and I hit her elbow to make her come back to reality.

- “Y...Yes of course! It would be really amazing to go out with you! Well...when I say go out, it doesn’t necessarily mean going out like lovers, we can go out like good friends or just classmates or something like that ...“. He frowned sign of incomprehension and I had to intervene to save the situation.

- “What she wants to say is that she’ll be very happy to go out with you this Sunday, right Noelle ?“.

-” Yes, yes that’s it ! “. She nodded and smiled at him, shyly.

- “Good then, see you next time”. He walked away while greeting us.

- “I didn’t know you had a crush on him!“. I asked when he was far from us.

-” Me too”. She said placing a lock of hair behind her ear and I gave her a sly look.

- “Okay I admit, I fell in love with him since primary school”. She said all excited.

-” You kept it for yourself all this time ? “. I asked surprised.

- “Yeah, at the same time, when you were wearing a dental appliance and your mother was calling you my big petty bear, I don’t think I could’ve done something “. She rolled her eyes and I started laughing while heading to our class.

When we joined our class, the same strange looks welcomed us, some persons were impressed by the way Noelle managed to face Taylor and Britney and shared their approval with her, others preferred to stay in their dark contemplation. Ashley was sitting in her usual place, typing away on her phone.

- “Ashley? “. She raised her head suddenly at the sound of my voice. Her stare seemed vacant and...lost?

-” You’re okay ? “. She shook her head to wake up and looked at me surprised.

- “Oh yes, everything is fine, I was just looking at something on my phone”. She turned off her phone and put it in her pocket quickly.

- “Are you sure ? cause it looks like you haven’t slept in days? “. Asked Noelle, worried.

- “Yes, yes, it’s okay. Tell me what’s the story between you and Britney ? “. She gave us a curious look and Noelle started talking about what happened to her yesterday. As for me, I wasn’t really listening, I was thinking about what I was going to do this afternoon.

- “Wow and you did all this alone! That explains all these strange stares”. She said with a shocked tone.

- “Yeah and you weren’t even there to support me !“. Noelle answered with sadness and disappointment in her voice.

- “Sorry, I had things to do ...“. We looked at each other, confused about the things that she had to do but we didn’t have time to ask since the teacher interrupted us.

- ” Everyone takes his place, We’ll start our lesson ! “.

10 minutes that the teacher is speaking and I already feel tired, philosophy was never my strong point, after all. What am I even talking about? Do I really have a strong point?

Suddenly, someone opened the door letting appear a tall and assertive silhouette. When he put his eyes into mine I couldn’t help looking down at my books.

- “Mr. Hammer, what’s worth us the honor of this visit ? You missed us ? “.

-” Not at all. I was forced, otherwise I will never come”. Some laughter filled the room and I couldn’t hide my smile too.

- ” I’m curious to know the person who can make a hothead as you listen. Go sit down and the next time you decide to show up, at least be on time! “. Luke walked to his seat, hands in his pockets, and dropping my book of Philosophy, by the way.

- “Sorry”. He leaned over to pick it up and his heady perfume made my heart pound furiously.

-” Thank you “. He gave me back my book and smiled at me then took a seat at the back of the room and I tried to stay cool and hide my burning cheeks.

-“Cute boy didn’t want to take his eyes from you ! “. Noelle whispered to me, amused.

- “Huh? What are you talking about ? “. Oh no don’t tell me she noticed it!

- “And you didn’t take your eyes from Cute boy too”. Oh, why did she have to notice it ?! I feel so embarrassed now...

- “I ... I don’t understand what you’re talking about! “. I lied while bringing my book closer to my red face and pretending to read it.

- “Stop that ! You know better than me that both of us don’t have a clue on what’s on this book”. She said looking at me with a strange smile and I tried to control myself from not laughing too hard in class.


After the courses finished, I said goodbye to Noelle and Ashley and I hurried to rejoin my car when suddenly two strong arms enveloped me from behind.

-” Hey sweetie ! “. I turned my head to see my interlocutor.

- “Jacob! “. He pulled away from me and I smiled when I faced him.

- “Yes, the one and only babe”. Suddenly my mind reminded me of the joke of Luke, he said he got it from Jacob and I can’t help but smile every time I meet him now.

-“Why are you laughing ?“. He said, arching an eyebrow.

-“Oh it’s nothing, I just remembered something”. I tried to play it cool but I ended up bursting into laughter.

-“It’s not fair, you always do that when you see me and telling me it’s nothing. Does it have anything to do with me ?“. He said perplexed.

-“Well, I can’t tell you, ask your friend if you want to know”. I said, wiping my tears of laughter.

-“My friend ? You mean Luke ?“. He looked at me confused. Haha, if only he knew...

Suddenly, a throat-clearing was heard.

- “You were looking for me ? “. Jacob turned to face Luke, as for me I didn’t even know where to put my eyes, so much I felt bashful.

- “Holy shit ! Where did you come from and how long have you been here ? “. Jacob asked surprised by the sudden interruption of Luke.

- “Since you put your arms on her”. Wait...He’s been here from the beginning!

- “Since when are you so close to her ? “.He glared at us. Huh? What’s with this weird question?

- “What do you mean ? We’ve always been so close ! “. Jacob wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. As I was stuck to his chest, I think I’ve never felt a shame like this before. Afraid to disappoint him, I didn’t push him away so, to hide my burning face from Luke who’s been looking at us with killing eyes, I buried my head into Jacob’s chest which I think wasn’t the best way to create a friendly climate.

- “Fuck you son of a bitch ! Let go of her or you’ll regret it”. Luke clenched his fists, a sign of frustration. Is it me or he’s always threatening someone every time we meet?

- “Oh this is so cute ! Little Luke is jealous ?! “. Jacob said in a joking tone.

- “Jacob don’t make me repeat myself !“. The voice of luke became more serious and I’m afraid he could do something to Jacob.

- “Oh yeah I have an idea ! What if we let her decide ?! “. Decide? Decide what? I pulled away from Jacob’s grip and I glanced at them to make sure it was just a joke but seeing their serious stares convinced me that it wasn’t a joke at all.

-” So ? “.

-” So what ? “.

- “Which one do you choose ? “. Luke’s stare is becoming more persistent and I can’t even look at him so much he makes me uncomfortable.

- “Euh... sorry, I have to go ! “. No longer able to carry the situation, I preferred to leave.

God! My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to explode, the way Luke was focused on me and looking at me with his green eyes, waiting for my reply, put me in terrible embarrassment. Did he really want to know who I was going to choose? Of course, I would never tell but it was obvious that I would have a preference for him.

As I was walking away from these two madmen, I could still hear their conversation.

“What happened ? “. Jacob asked.

-” She ran away. I think you scared her ! “.

-” Me ?! Dude, you have the creepiest face in the world, it could make a herd of moles run away !“.

- ” Anyway, I’ll be victorious as usual !“.

- “Shut up, you’re just a lucky bastard ! “.

Oh god!


After 30 minutes of driving, I finally arrived at my destination.

I got out of the car and looked around. This place reminds me of such old memories, the company my dad used to manage and where my mother used to work, the place where they first met, and the reason for my coming into the world. I got into the big building and headed to the reception. Martha the new secretary greeted me with a warm smile.

“Is my uncle here? “.

- “Yes, he’s in his office”. After the death of my parents, this great society needed a leader and it was my uncle ″James″ who has taken the charge of it.

-” Thank you “. I traced my way to the elevator and once inside I pressed the number 6. Arrived on the floor I wanted, I hesitated to go one step further, what if my aunt was right? What if I will have to face things that I don’t want to? After all, what could happen? My parents had nothing to hide and their death was just an accident. Without even realizing it, I was already in front of the door. I took a deep breath and knocked twice.

-” Come in ! “. I opened the door slowly and a man dressed in a dark blue suit faced me. His blond hair was put backward and his glasses gave him a stern look. Sitting on his desk, he was dealing with documents that seemed to be pretty important, according to, the confused expressions he was making. He was so concentrated on his work that the only sound that could be heard is the sound of his hand, pressing constantly on his pen. After a few seconds, he finally raised his head to give me some intention and seemed surprised to see me.

- “Hi, Uncle James !”

- “Sarah ! My sweet niece ! I didn’t expect to see you here so soon”. So soon? He knew that I was coming?

- “Sit down, please”. I did what he told me and he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

-” You want something to drink ?“.

- “Oh no thanks, I just came to ask you some questions”.

- “About your parents ? “.I frowned at his question, how did he know I had come for my parents? My uncle has always been a tactician. His mischief and intelligence led him straight to glory despite his young age. My mother told me that he was jealous of my father because my grandfather preferred him to my uncle. Even though he was a very smart person, who was doing great business, he was irresponsible and disrespectful with his clients, which led his father to choose his big brother to be the official entrepreneur of his company and that’s what happened. My grandfather’s will has been respected even though my uncle thought he deserved the place more than my father because he was more brilliant. After that, my dad met my mother and decided to get married to her, but my uncle preferred to use his charm to flirt with every woman he meets, and only God knows how many women he had in his life. After all, her blond hair, blue eyes, and perfect figure were not given to everyone.

All that to say, that aside from the physical appearance, he was the complete opposite of my father and I don’t think that my presence here enjoys him that much.

-” Are you okay ? “. He arched an eyebrow and I had to come back to reality.

-” Yeah I’m fine. Can I ask you a question ? “.

- “Enjoy yourself, dear”. He smiled at me and I swallowed down my spit with difficulty, being afraid of his answer.

- “Was the death of my parents an accident? “. I managed to say in a fast way.

- “Do you think it is ? “. He gave me a smirk and I blinked.

- “Well that’s what the police said, don’t you think that? “.

- “Well, everyone can believe what they want, it won’t change anything. If it is decided to be considered as an accident so, nobody can change it, right? After all, I was better than your dad and yet, my father decided to bequeath his property to HIM and not to me “. He gave me a look full of meanings, yet, I have nothing to do with this story and I don’t care about it. All I want from him is to answer me “yes” or “no”.

- “Are there any proofs that it was just an accident ? “. I ignored his last words and went straight to the point. A mischievous smile appeared on his face. And suddenly, he dragged something on the table.

-” What is it ? “. I asked scanning the strange thing he put on the table with my eyes.

- “A document, but it’s not an ordinary one. These papers belonged to your father”. I stared at the strange papers, they are written in the same way as those that my aunt had hidden. And it looks like they are ... coded?

- “There are 5 of this kind. Each document contains a clue, but the problem is that they are written in a way that no one can read them”.

- “A clue ? About what exactly ? “. This whole story seems so shady and insane and why does my father have documents that no one can understand? Did he know how to read them? My uncle stayed silent for a moment, being thoughtful.

- “Have you ever heard of the red diamond? It’s one of the rarest and most outstanding gems in the whole world because of its beautiful and dazzling red color. It is found in very small quantities in a mine in Australia and The first red diamond known to public record was acquired in 1956".

- “And what does this thing have to do with my father ? “.

- “It turns out that this diamond is the legacy of our family, and these papers indicate the exact location of this precious jewelry“. I widened my eyes, not believing what I was hearing. How is that possible? Does that mean that the papers that the mysterious man gave me, have something to do with this story too? If it’s the case then, why did he give them to me?

- “Let me ask you a question. Why do you think your grandfather chose your dad over me? “.

- “Because you caused him a lot of trouble and my father was wiser and more responsible than you ? “.

- “Mmm, well it’s not completely false but it’s not true either. The red diamond has been transmitted in our family for a long time. Before his death, my father made a deal with your dad and me, whoever succeeds in finding the place where this precious stone is hiding, will become his successor”.

- “And you failed ? “.

“Yes, and your father found it. I don’t know how he did to decipher these papers but he succeeded and apparently, the idiot that used to be your father didn’t care about this diamond that much so he preferred to leave it in its place and never talked about it again. How stupid he could be! “. He put his pen aggressively on the desk which made my heart skipped a beat. My father never spoke of anything about this story, and he broke all contact with his family. Does that mean we could have killed him for that?

- “Be honest with me, do you know how to read these things, yes or no ? “. I stared at him. So he also wants the precious stone too? Could it be that he is the killer of my parents? I looked at the papers on the desk and I felt like I was suffocating. My aunt was right I shouldn’t have come here.

-” So ? “. My uncle wasn’t laughing anymore, the expression on his face became more serious and he looked terrifying as if he wanted to kill me. I stared at the papers one last time and I shook my head.

- “No, I don’t know what these documents are hiding. My father never showed them to me or even talked about them”. I looked at him right into his eyes as if I wanted him to believe me.

After a moment, he sighed which made me a little bit relieved.

-” Okay, I believe you. I just wanted to know if he told you anything about all this. You see, your father was very clever and I don’t think he would’ve died without leaving something behind “. Suddenly my phone started to ring. I looked at the screen of my phone and it showed my aunt’s number.

- “I ... I have to go”. I got up with difficulty from the chair while hanging on to the table not to fall, this whole story made me feel dizzy ...

- “Take this with you. Maybe you could get something out of it, for me, I can’t do anything, I tried many times, but I still don’t have a clue on what’s writing”. I hesitated for a moment, it seems dangerous to go further. But he insisted so many times that he left me no choice but to take them. My phone started ringing again which stressed me even more.

- “Looks like your aunt is worried”. I frowned. How does he know that it’s my aunt? He never asked about what’s going on in my life, whether it was before or after the death of my parents. Maybe he just saw the name on the screen...

- “You are my niece Sarah, don’t believe that I don’t know anything about you”. He smiled at me and I looked away and traced my path to the door. But before going out, I turned away one last time.

“Do you know where did my father leave the rest of the materials ? “.

- “Do you think I’m the only womanizer in this family ?“. He asked with a smirk.

- “What do you mean ?“.

- “Your father had a mistress”.

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