Double Star.

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13: A Caring Brother.

PoV Sarah:

Your father had a lover

Your father had a lover

Your father had a lover

These words kept turning into my head again and again as I was holding the wheel firmly. I can’t believe it, no, I don’t want to believe it. How? Why? My father was cheating on my mother? No! It’s impossible! My father loved his family a lot and he would never dare to do such a thing. Maybe my uncle was lying, yes, I’m sure he was! But what’s the purpose of that? And how did he know about these things? I thought they hated each other... It’s not true or maybe it’s true ... No I refuse to believe it! My father loved me and he loved my mom ...He couldn’t live a double life...

While I was trying to convince myself that this was just a simple lie invented by my uncle, a deep disgust followed by nausea hit me. My head hurt me a lot and I felt like I was going to let go of the steering wheel at any moment, so much I didn’t have any strength left in me.

God, make sure I come back home safely.

My prayers answered I managed to reach the house safe and sound. But my head was still hurting me and I could hardly stand because of the shock of before. As I was trying to open the door, I hung on to the gate, to catch my breath. After a few seconds of difficulty, I managed to get inside. As expected, my aunt was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for me. When she saw me, she jumped from her seat and hurried to me.

“Sarah ! Where did you go ? Why did you take so long to come ? “. My aunt touched my face as if to make sure I was really there.

-“What happened to you ? Your face is so pale !“. She asked worriedly.

- “I ... Sorry “. I suddenly felt the world turning around me and a horrible sensation of wanting to vomit came up again. I ran to the bathroom to throw up all the disgust I was feeling.

I heard my aunt screaming, but my thoughts were so disturbed that I couldn’t even listen to her, my aunt moved away my hair from my face to keep it clean and stared at me concerned. Once I thought I had finished, I tried to catch my breath. She put her cold hand on my forehead as if to measure my temperature while still looking at me with the same troubled gaze.

-” My God ! You’re burning ! “.

- “Aunt Jane ...“. My voice was almost inaudible and I felt the sensation of dizziness becoming more and more present, then suddenly, I fell into total darkness hoping that my aunt has had the reflex to catch me before I reached the ground.


This week ended as quickly as it started and I still feel lost about my uncle’s revelations. My aunt didn’t ask me a lot of questions about my sudden faint except: are you okay? Or do you need anything? But I still had to justify the reason for my coming late so I just pretexted that I was studying with a friend in the library and I didn’t saw the time pass and then I felt sick. I don’t want her to know that I went to my uncle’s company, she’ll probably ban me from going anywhere, if she knew.

So here I am on a Saturday morning, sitting crossed-legs on my bed, contemplating these papers not knowing what to do. Should I burn them? Or should I keep them? As I was fixing the incomprehensible document, something began to shine. I slowly got closer to the flower pot on the edge of my window and took out the key my aunt dropped last time. Not knowing where to hide it, I put it here to make sure that my aunt won’t find it but apparently it was a bad idea considering how it shines. I gently caressed the part where my father’s name was written. What’s the purpose of this key? To open a door of course but which one? The way my father’s name is engraved on it reminds me of a place where it’s written the same way... Of course! My father’s office! I rarely went there, it was always close and my father put all his work there so I was not allowed to enter this room, afraid to waste something important. So maybe I could find something interesting there. I lied on my bed and spun the key around itself, it began to shine on the contact with the sun.

Seriously dad, what are you hiding?

PoV Noelle :

I straightened my dress for the umpteenth time, hoping that this date will go well. This morning, I received a call from Tom asking me if I was always willing for our appointment and I literally jumped on my spot after accepting and hanging up. I went down the stairs quickly and looked at myself in the mirror, situated in the long hallway, near the exit door, and oddly, I found myself pretty. My red dress was looking great with my black leather jacket and my buckle wedge shoes made me look taller. I kept my long chestnut wavy hair undone and I put on some light makeup to make my face look a little bit cheerful.

- “Where are you going, dressed like that ? “. The voice of a horrible squid took me out of my contemplation. Since what he did to me, I didn’t talk to him anymore and he didn’t dare to speak to me either especially after the slap I gave to his girlfriend.

-” It’s none of your business “. I said harshly not turning around to face him and pretending to look at myself in the mirror.

“I won’t ask you twice, where are you going ? “. His voice is harsher than mine and I sighed at his insistence. He’s so annoying ...

- “A date”. I said turning to face him and looking right into his eyes. He almost choked himself with his drink. Did I say something weird? By the way, I didn’t even notice that he was shirtless. Wow! Is it me or did his abs become more remarkable? His hair was all messy and I’d be lying if I said he was looking ugly. At this thought, I bit my lower lip and looked away.

-” A date ? With who ? “. I widened my eyes. Is he serious? I barely talk to him and now he’s behaving like my mother, asking me where and with who I’m going.

- “With Tommy”. I said smiling at him innocently.

- “And I am supposed to know him ? “. He glared at me and I ignored him.

- ” This, is the last of my worries, you see, he’s here ! “. I said when I heard someone ringing. I grabbed my bag, hooked on the coat rack, and opened the door. I felt Taylor’s frustrated look behind me but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

-” Hi ! “. Tommy kissed my cheek and I blushed.

-” Hi “. I said shyly.

-“Shall we go ?! “. He said grabbing my hand and giving a quick look at the other idiot standing behind me. I nodded smiling at him and followed him to the outside, making sure to slam the door hard enough to piss off a certain asshole.


The funfair, How I like this place! I think I’m having the best time of my life, laughing so hard that I might have stomach cramps. Tom and I got so close that our fingers intertwined without even realizing it. We went on so many rides and I felt my heart beating so fast several times, I even had shivers up and down my spine in the ghost train and I had to hold on to the arm of my companion. He’s going to think that I’m too sticky now but it doesn’t matter, he’s so nice and adorable, the total opposite of Taylor. Why am I thinking of this idiot right now, he doesn’t deserve to think about him!

- “Look ! “. Tom’s voice brought me out of my thoughts and I stared at the spot he was showing me with his finger.

- “The shooting range ? “. He nodded quickly, squeezed my hand, and guided me to the desired place. So sweet!

Once there, the employee gave him the weapon to shoot and he pointed it at the target.

- “Do you know how to do it? “. He turned his attention to me, smiling at me warmly and I gave him a curious look.

- “I was an archery champion when I was young “. I looked at him with sparkles in my eyes, not only he is a true gentleman but he is also talented.

- “Seeing the face you’re making, I guess you’re not that good. Am I wrong ? “. He arched an eyebrow with a smirk on his lips.

- “Let’s say I watched Hunger Games, that’s enough for me”. I winked at him and he smiled so irresistibly that it reminded me of the first time I fell in love with him.

I was 9 years old back then and as I was walking on the playground, a big ball hit my head brutally which made me fall on my knees. Some kids were enjoying the situation, others were laughing so hard, while many looked at me with pity. Then, like a miracle, a silhouette appeared and picked up the ball on the ground, He gave me his hand to get up and without thinking, I awkwardly took it and the big smile he showed right after that, has taken away all the sadness and shame I was feeling, it almost felt like I was happy that the ball hit me. When he left, many girls got closer to know more about the desperate girl who has talked to the one and only “Tommy Cross”.

-” Ready ? “. I nodded and he fired up letting the ball land in the middle of the target.

-” Wow ! You’re amazing ! “. I screamed with excitement.

- “I told you I was a pro, babe”.He gave me a wink and I blushed at the nickname he gave me.

- “You two make a great couple !“. The employee smiled at us and I felt my cheeks flushing even more, while Tom just took the huge soft toy he had won and smiled.


The day has come to an end and Tommy took me home. Once we were near my house, I hugged the stuffed bear in my arms, disappointed that our date is already over.

-” Thanks for today !“. I said looking down and holding the bear tightly.

- “Thanks to you, it was a beautiful day”. He smiled at me and I looked away embarrassed from the situation then slowly, I stand on my toes to kiss his cheek but he turned his face and his lips delicately, were put on mine. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of butterflies in my lower stomach, and I was the one thinking that this expression meant absolutely nothing. He grabbed my waist with his arm to make the kiss more fascinating and I responded to his lips with so much passion. And out of a sudden, as if to make an end to our passionating moment, a throat-clearing was heard. I quickly pulled away from Tom and turned to see the foul person who ruined my first kiss.

- “There are rooms for that ! “. Always here to ruin my life, my scatterbrain of step-brother looked at me in an offended way then a smirk appeared on his face, proud to have annoyed me, obviously.

- “Well see you tomorrow, Noelle”. Tommy seemed embarrassed by the situation, scratching his neck and avoiding Taylor’s eyes.

- “Yeah that’s it ! Get the fuck out of here now !“. I looked at Taylor with widened eyes, shocked by the words he employed. Who the hell does he think he is? But before I could even fight back, he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the inside of the house. I gave Tom a last smile goodbye and he greeted me with his hand.

Once inside the house, Taylor slammed the door strongly which made me startle.

- “Can I know what game are you playing ? You just ruined my date!“. I screamed. He turned suddenly to me and squeezed my arm even harder.

- “Ruin what ? You seemed to enjoy your time with this bastard !“.

- “The only bastard here is you! And let go of me, you’re hurting me !“. I pulled away my arm brutally from his hand and climbed the stairs quickly.

-” Wait...“. I stopped for a moment not wanting to face him, he’s so annoying, damn it!

- “I ... I’m sorry”. It took me a certain time to connect with his words. Is it me or has he just apologized right now? Never! never did Taylor ask for forgiveness, even when he was doing silly things and my mother punished me instead of him and I was crying for hours because of his fault.

- “For what ? “. I turned slightly to see him, he was looking down and seemed distraught and I had a sudden wanting to pull his cheeks.

- “For everything, starting with what happened at school and even for those times when I was doing bullshit and your mother thought it was you”. I can hardly believe it, I went down the rest of the steps that separated us and faced him. He looked straight into my eyes and gave me a sad smile.

-” Say it again ! “. I put the teddy bear that I was holding on the ground.

- “What? You think I’m your parrot or what ? “. I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms to show him that I was serious, he ran his hand through his messy hair which made him cuter than before.

- “I’m sorry, is it okay now ? “. He said, after a moment of waiting.

- “Mmm yeah that was pretty good”. I was going to leave but he grabbed my arm.

- “So ? you forgive me ? “. I could swear I’ve seen a light in his eyes, and I bit my lower lip to not succumb to his charm, I don’t see a Taylor Corner begging me for forgiveness every day.

- “I don’t know, you humiliated me while I was supposed to be part of your family”. I said with a low voice and looking down.

“I know but I didn’t mean to hurt you, I swear. I just...I don’t know...Please forgive me”. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes and I couldn’t help but smile, finding him so cute. Why can’t he be like this all the time ?! He’s sweeter than my teddy bear!

- “Okay, I’ll think about it”. I watched his face light up and a big smile appeared on his lips. Wow, he should smile more often!

- “So we are siblings now ? “. His smile suddenly disappeared and he ran his hand through his hair one more time, avoiding my eyes. Did I say something wrong?

- “Yeah”. I gave him my hand to shake, but against all odds, he pulled me towards him.

- “Promise me that we will never fight again”. My heart started beating really fast and I could even feel his abs contracting against my chest. He hugged me stronger than before and kissed my forehead. I suddenly felt a soft warmth between his arms and shivers running through my whole body. What is happening to me? I think it’s normal to hold each other between brother and sister, or maybe I’m not used to be so close to him like that. Yeah, that’s probably that ...

- “Noelle ? “.

- “Yes I promise you unless you begin...“. I felt him smiling over my shoulder and he put his chin on my head. For a minute, I was stone-cold sober, the warmth between his arms and his pleasant smell makes me want to die here and now.

- “I promise I won’t bother you again”. I nodded and pulled myself away from him gently, not wanting to cross his persistent stare at me. I can’t believe how the situation has completely changed from insults and hatred to hugging

Suddenly the door opened, letting my mother appear, carrying shopping bags.

- “Oh you two are here ? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you together”. My mom turned the key to close the door and stared at us.

-” Can I help you ? “. I asked looking at the big bags she was carrying.

- “Oh yes sweetie, please ! Can you put what I bought in the fridge ? It was a tough day and I feel really exhausted !“. She sighed, taking off her shoes.

-” Okay “. I took the bags from my mother’s hands and walked to the kitchen, but Taylor’s stare destabilized me. A stare that seemed to be soft and affective, a stare of a caring brother, maybe?

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