Double Star.

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13,5: Carmen.

The evening breeze made the natural wavy brown hair of the pretty young woman standing next to the door of the chicest and luxurious restaurant in the city fly by, but her red skin-tight dress that fit her right above her knees was too sticky to her body to be lifted by the wind.

Although the dress was showing the perfect curves of her well-worked body and the stunning makeup on her face made her look like a fatal woman that was going to put any man under her spell, she didn’t see that as a blessing because like they said: Every hope brings its sorrow. So for her, the jewels, the pretty dresses and all the expensive perfumes she was wearing were just appearances...just a hope... just a lie. For her part, she was ready to assume all these pretty lies that were part of her routine now, of course, what could be more misleading than a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

No, she wasn’t proud of herself being here, and to hold back all the disgust she was feeling, a lit cigarette is the most welcomed thing she could ever ask. And maybe that’s why she preferred to move ahead of her partners, to feel the freedom she couldn’t have.

She was almost suffocating in this huge room filled with rich people who only spoke the language of money. Even the gloomy and cold room of hers seemed to be warmer than this place infested by people of poor minds. When the businessman who was with her finally came out, next to him another rich owner, she threw her cigarette on the ground and crushed it with her high heel, letting the light extinguish forever, then straightened her back and put on her best falsely pleased expression.

- “Looking forward to seeing you again Mr. Hammer ! “. The thirty years old man squeezed her partner’s hand and looked at the young girl perversely and that’s when she regretted putting out her cigarette but instead of showing her deep repulsion, she just smiled, a seductive and charming smile that attracted the anger of his girlfriend, the model who was standing in front of her was glaring at her with jealousy and envy asking herself what does she have more than her to attract all these men without even trying? The answer was simple though, Carmen has not only beauty but also experience with men. Her slogan? “Be beautiful and shut up”, the more you act mysterious, the more you’ll be wanted.

Once separated from the wealthy contractor and his partner, Mr. Hammer surrounded his arm around her waist and walked through the parking lot.

“I really need a cigarette”, she thought with a vacant stare.

- “Samuel told me that I have a very beautiful partner”. He said once in the car. She froze in her place instantly, she hated when the men complimented her because she knew exactly what they wanted from her. It was obvious, this man had only one desire, to put her in his bed. She preferred to remain silent, after all, talking with this man will only make things complicated.

- “He asked me if you were free, I told him no, that you were very busy these days. you won’t blame me for that, will you ? “. She could see by the corner of her eye the evil smirk on his lips.

“I really need a fucking cigarette right now !”. She thought again. What a hateful man he was. From all the men she had worked with, he was the worst. How could such a cruel person exist? She hated him and hated herself for knowing someone like him.

-” No”. She just answered hoping that this conversation will end here, but unfortunately, her hope was far from reaching reality.

- “I think that the woman with him wanted your death though”. He said with a mocking tone.

- “Oh really...“. She smiled nervously. Of course, she noticed but she preferred to ignore her, she was not going to fight with a jealous female for someone she doesn’t even know, obviously not.

- “It’s crazy anyway ! Even sluts compete with each other “. These harsh words tore her whole world apart, she felt so dirty, and this man had managed to hit her right in her feelings, he managed to make her remember who she was. He smiled maliciously, glad to have hurt her.

- “Cause this is what you are Carmen, right ? Or should I call you by your real name...Ashley ?“. He said looking at her with the eyes of a wolf, with the same evil smirk on his face.

-“Yeah, that’s it ! You are just a slut ! A whore !“. He continued. And as if to press the knife deeper into the wound, he began to laugh terribly. As for her, her heart was shattered, and she was hoping for one thing, that he’ll take her home now.

-” You’ll spend the night with me, my favorite slutty ! “. Her brain stopped thinking as soon as she heard these words, when he is using this harsh tone it means that if you’ll respond, the consequences will be terrible.

It’s in these types of situations that she had wished her dad was still with her, unlike her mother, he would never accept to let her daughter do such a thing with such a disgraceful man.

-” You’re not allowed to cry, it will damage your makeup slutty”. He said in a sadic way and laughing harder than before. How? How could this man be so rough? Few tears began to flow but she managed to stop them.

“I won’t be weak in front of him, I won’t cry”. She encouraged herself as she could but the truth is, she was not as strong as she seemed to be, she was just trying to see the good in the bad, after all, if she went to her house, she’ll probably see her mom with another stranger like every night and that would be harder to endure than this man.

-“By the way, I want you to do something for me, something really special and confident, will you be worthy of my expectations, Ashley ?“. He got his face closer to hers and grabbed her hair tightly. She felt a horrible pain in her head but she didn’t say a thing, knowing that if she ever dares to speak up, the most precious thing in her entire life will be erased and death would be ten thousand better than living in this terrifying world without...her.

-“You don’t want to see your little angel swimming in her own blood, do you ?“. He whispered in her ear and she felt the world turning around her.

-“No please, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t touch her, plea...“. He pulled her hair stronger than before and it felt like someone was going to remove her head from her body, but she didn’t care, no one cared...

-” Since when you’re allowed to give me orders slut, I’m warning you ! This is the last time I hear your voice again, okay ?“. She nodded and looked down. He smiled mischievously then moved his face away from her and let go of her hair brutally, making her head almost crash into the window of the vehicle, but she didn’t care also...

-“You’re only allowed to say yes or no, okay my lovely sweet slutty ?“. He said in a smooth voice, caressing her cheek with his finger then he burst into the most devil laugh she could ever hear.

-” Let’s get back to serious things, shall we ?“. He sat up straight, fixed his tie, and looked at her, coldly.

-” I want you to bring me the girl”. She raised her head looking right into his cold terrifying green eyes. Seeing her confused stare, he smiled making her swallow her spit.

-“The girl you were with, Saturday evening”. He explained harshly, a sign that he wasn’t joking at all. The fact that he was spying on her didn’t surprise her cause she knew that this man likes to take control of everything he has and as for her, she became his toy, an object that couldn’t talk, make decisions or even move without being controlled by someone. And that someone is him, since the day her mother offered her to this man, she lost everything precious she had, her soul, body, and her freedom. What was confusing her the most was, how could this man know her friend and what did he want from her.

-“Who ?“. She asked slowly in a low voice.

-“Stop playing dumb ! You know exactly who I’m talking about. The blond girl who you took with you to go visit your little Sister, right ?“. He sneered then glared at her. She looked down immediately with her eyes wide opened.

-“Sarah...“. She whispered and a sadistic smirk appeared on his lips.

-“Yes babe, will you do it for me ? Bring me this girl and I’ll make all your wishes come true”. He whispered in her ear with a seductive tone. Her hands started shaking, she felt guilty cause she got really attached to this girl, it felt like it was the first time that someone truly cared about her but this man was ready to give her anything she wanted. After all these years, she’ll finally be free, THEY will finally be free.

-“It won’t be hard, she seems so naive comparing to you, who has the best skills of manipulating and fooling people. Of course! Cause you’re the daughter of Brooklyn, you look just like the slut of your mother !“. He laughed harshly and she clenched her fists.

NO Ashley, don’t listen to him, you have NOTHING in common with this woman. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !, she screamed in her head.

-” So ?“.

-” It’s a promise ?“. She whispered nervously. He brought his lips closer to her neck and kissed her as she was losing her dignity...again, but she didn’t dare to care.

-“Of course darling and I never go back on what I say”. The pretentious man looked down on the poor trapped girl and after a moment of silence, she nodded looking down.

-“Haha good girl”. This time, he crashed his lips against hers. He had no empathy for her, he never had for anyone and the way he’s kissing the young girl savagely, pulling her hair down strongly and the way the body of Carmen was shaking from terror even after all the time she spent with this cruel man was the perfect proof of the physical and mental power he had on her, but she didn’t care...cause soon all these descents into hell will be just an old bad memory that she wouldn’t even take time to care about.

Way too young to do such an old job, her perfume mixed with the smell of gasoline around her, she dreamed to have another life, with a family that loves her more than anything, to be able to grab the chance that she never had.

Trapped between cigarettes and sleepless nights, she whispered through the window for the umpteenth time:

“Sorry, dad...”

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