Double Star.

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14: Virginity Bet.

PoV Luke :

- “I hope you’re ready for the big day, Luke ? “. The boss caressed his long beard looking at me seriously. In a week I will have to prove myself and face the greatest drivers of racing cars in a competition of death.

- “Yeah “. I shrugged, I’m always the number one in this kind of competition, there’s no reason I won’t be the first this year too.

- “I know you can do it, I trust you”. He took a cigar out of his jacket’s pocket and lightened it.

-“Want one ?“. He asked, showing me the package in his jacket.

-“I don’t smoke”. He smiled then pulled on his cigar letting appear a big smothering smoke.

- “Is your friend going to represent the other gang this year too ?“. I clench my fists, knowing exactly who he’s talking about.

- “I don’t know and he’s not my friend”. I said harshly. I don’t even consider this bastard of Matthew as my opponent, I’m better than him and he knows it.

- “By the way, there’s a new rule this year”. He said pulling one last time his cigar and pressed it on the ashtray.

-“Wut ?“.

- “You need a partner to participate”. I shrugged, if they want a partner I can bring them ten if they want. This rule doesn’t make sense.

I left the boss’s office and took a look at the time, it’s way past noon which leaves me 30 minutes to reach school. I already missed the morning and my sister will freak out when she’ll learn about my absence. I drove fast to not be late and I managed to get in there 15 minutes early.

-” So ? What do you say ? I need you in this competition Sarah ! You won’t say no to your best friend ? “. Who the hell is this idiot imploring like that? When I looked closely at the girl next to him, I immediately recognized the hair. Holy shit! He’s asking blondie to be his partner in this fucking race!

- “I don’t know Jordan, I have too many things to do between exams and home, I don’t know where to put myself, maybe you could ask another girl ? “.So, it’s not Matthew who’s going to be in the race, it’s this moron of Jordan, but why does he insist to make the girl accompany him? I know that this guy has been part of the other gang for quite some time and the “Strikers” never act without a reason. So if this jerk has chosen blondie to be his partner, there must be something behind that...

- “No it’s you that I want because...You know me better than anyone”. He smiled at her like a fool and I could tell that the blonde was hesitating.

- “Well if you insist I ...“.

- “No she won’t come with you !“. They both turned around, shocked by my intervention.

- “Luke ? “. Blondie looked at me, lost.

- ” Who the hell gave you the right to decide in her place ? “. He glared at me and got dangerously closer. I put my hands in my pockets, it’s not a pigeon that would scare me.

- “Jordan, wait !“. Blondie held the arm of her dumbass friend probably to avoid another fight between us. I don’t understand why she’s giving that much importance to this guy, I’m worth 2000 times better than him and I’m not even trying to toot my own horn.

- ” ’cause she’s MY partner ! “.

- “What ? “. They both seemed shocked by what I just said, she suddenly moved her arm away from him and I kinda felt some sort of satisfaction, kind of...

- “She won’t go with you because she’s coming with me”. I looked at him with a smirk and he glared at me.

-” You’re kidding ? “.

- “Do I look like I’m joking ? “.

- ” You look like a dickhead “. Shit! That wasn’t funny...

-“Try to do better next time”. I looked at him amused and he winced.

-” Is this real Sarah ?“. He turned to her but she seemed confused, she looked at me trying to get some answers and I just smiled, making her look away. What’s the matter now?

-“I don’t remember...Yeah I guess”. She looked sorry at the asshole and he sighed loudly.

-” You know what ? Live your life with this sucker, I’m leaving”. He left the place not forgetting to push me in his way. You’re lucky that I’m playing it cool these days. If I was in the mood of smashing your face, you won’t even be able to talk again, bastard!

-“Luke, are you listening ?“. Blondie was looking at me in a distraught way.

- “I don’t understand, can you explain to me what’s all this story ? “. Her voice seemed a little bit afraid so I got closer to her to assuage her anxiety.

- “You’ll team up with me, babe”. I put a strand of her hair behind her ear but she stopped my movement with her hand. I arched an eyebrow and she avoided my eyes.

- “Team ? And what am I supposed to do? “. She blushed and I felt something rising in my pants. No fuck no!

-” Nothing. Just your presence will be enough for me”. I whispered in her ear and squeezed my hand against hers, she didn’t seem to care, too much concentrated on fixing something on the ground. I don’t know why she doesn’t want to cross my fucking stare, she prefers counting the number of tiles on the floor, apparently.

-” It’s...big ! “. I frowned, not understanding what she was talking about, I followed down the direction of her stare towards ... my pants?

- “You mean my miniature version, now that you say it, it’s true that it has grown lately”. She raised her head suddenly and took a few steps back, making our two hands separate.

- “N ... No it’s not what you think ... I mean ... No ! “. She blushed again and hid her face in her hands. I got dangerously closer to her and took her hands off her face.

- “I can introduce it to you if you want”. I whispered to her.

- “I ... I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Her cheeks flushed and she pushed me away but it wasn’t enough to move me back.

- “Don’t play the innocent with me. I’m sure the two of you will get along very well “. I winked at her and she seemed extremely embarrassed.

Suddenly the bell rang, announcing the beginning of the shitty lessons.

- “I ... I have to go”. While avoiding my look, she hurried to leave. Does she know that we’re in the same class so there’s no use in running away from me? Guess it wasn’t really the floor that interested her, the naughty...

PoV Jacob :

I was quietly snoozing on the table, not even knowing what lesson I have, then, someone started to shake my arm interrupting my nap.

- “Wut ?! Morning already ? “. I raised my head suddenly, forgetting during an instant, that I was having class. Damn! The whole class started laughing and I stared at the teacher half-asleep.

- “Watterson ! How many times do I have to tell you that your table is not a bed ?! And you think you’re smart, trying to fool me by making your book stand up like that to hide behind it ? “. He said, glaring at me from his desk.

- ” The Sleeping Beauty has snored well. Fortunately, the teacher was there to fuck her before getting the risk to ferment “. I glared at that bastard of Taylor who was making a fool of me.

- ” Asshole, you could’ve wakened me “. I whispered and he looked amused. Of course cause he’s an asshole...

- “Mr. Watterson, something to tell us maybe ? “. Fuck!

- “Nope nothing”. I smiled innocently.

- “If you have nothing to do, so maybe you can help us solve this equation ?“. Fucking bullshit! He wants to make a fool out of me again this fucking camel. He’s really lucky that he knows my mother, if not I would have broken his nose already.

I took a look at what’s writing on this shitty board. Numbers and letters together ?! What the fuck is this mess? Some people tried to whisper to me the answer but I couldn’t hear anything. I raised my head to the wall, hoping for a miracle to happen and find the answer as quickly as possible. By scrutinizing well, I managed to read a happy birthday on it. On what day I was born exactly? The 6th I think. Yeah, November 6th, that’s it.

-” So you found the answer, Jacob ? “. Shut the fuck up, please.

- “uh 6 ? “. He looked at me surprised as if he didn’t expect that.

-” Yes that’s right. And how did you get that result ? “. Well, it’s called luck.

-” I dunno”. I shrugged, the principal is that I found the answer, who cares how I did ?!.

- “I knew it was too good to be true. Do you think school is some joke?! Every day, you come to school late and leave school early! You’re prone to fighting all over the place and on top of that, you’re nodding off in class?!“. Maaaan, just shut up!

-“Miss Mcfly, can you show us how to do it? “. He sighed, irritated.

-” Yes, sir “. A red hair girl left her seat and head to the board. She was wearing big dark glasses that were covering her green eyes and her blazing red hair was pulled back by a huge ponytail. Who is this damn nerd? She took a marker and scribbled something on the board without paying attention to me. As for me, my eyes didn’t wanna look anywhere but her. Who is this girl? A new one? I don’t think so, the camel seems to know her well, so how come I never saw her? She suddenly stopped writing and put the marker back in her place, keeping ignoring me.

" Good work Betty! See Watterson?! Why don’t you learn from Miss Mcfly’s example?! Amoral attitude! Excellent grades! You are the total opposite! “. Pff, what a frickin’ dull girl!

-“That’s enough! You better be ready the next time it happens!“. What a drag, damn it!

Back to my seat, I didn’t remove my eyes from her. She was so concentrated in her notebook that it made me wanna be one.

- “Calm yourself, dude, you look so menacing !“.

“You know this girl, Tay’ ? “.

-“Who? that honor girl ?“. He asked his hands behind his back.

-” I’m not into nerds “. He answered after a moment staring at her. Neither am I but I can make an exception.

-” It’s Betty Mcfly, the most closed-off and boring person in the whole school”. A voice from behind caught our attention, Ines, a bitch who makes terrible sounds when she’s chewing her gum like a cow. I fucking hate that!

-” How do you know her, babe ?“. Taylor turned around with a seducing voice to chase the cow, obviously. And he’s the one telling me to calm myself, I thought he had a girlfriend this shitty head, he was never faithful anyway.

-” She’s the nerdiest of all the nerds on earth ! They call her the virgin blunt, always acting like a saint and all that she cares about are her fucking books, not even interesting”. She rolled up her eyes then popped her gum at Tay’s face, smiling like a slut.

-” I bet I can take her virginity”. I said with a smirk.

-” I bet you can’t, look at her, she’s creepy as hell, there’s no guy who wants to date her, she’s making them all run away ! I’m sure she doesn’t even know what Sex is !“. Ines laughed like a witch and fiddled Taylor’s arm put on her table with her long creepy nails, this bastard seemed to enjoy it though.

-” I bet you do”. Taylor winked at her and I rolled my eyes, he doesn’t waste his time when it comes to fucking girls.

-” Of course I do, no one does better than me”. She whispered with an attractive voice, not taking off her eyes from Taylor.

-” Betty does “. I said with a mocking tone and they burst out laughing.

-“Who knows, maybe she sucks dicks and moans better than you”. He said talking to the whore behind him. Both of them burst out laughing again like fucking idiots.

-“Stop talking about my new sucker, you may bring the evil eye on her”. I said not moving my eyes from Betty.

-“Yeah and you’ll end up in a soft erection”. Tay’s said. They burst out laughing and I winced.

-” So three months ?“. Ines challenged me with a bitchy smile on her face.

-” Not more than a month”. I said looking at my favorite red-haired girl that will be sooner one of my best conquests.

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