Double Star.

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17: Virginity Bet 2.

PoV Jacob:

- “Jac’, you’ coming ?“. I looked at Taylor not sure what to do, I don’t think I want to skip class today.

-” I’m not, Go without me”. He stared at me with widened eyes as if I said something shocking.

-” Are you serious ?! You’re joking, right ? “. He continued to stare at me with the same shocked expression on his face, I simply shrugged as an answer and he raised an eyebrow, a sign of incomprehension.

To tell the truth, I understand his reaction, it’s always me who convince him to skip class but...not today.

- “Dude ! I swear you’re taking this too far !“. I ignored him and turned my back on him to walk to my class.

-” Don’t know what you’re talking about !“. I raised my hands trying to play innocent and continued my way.

-“You know exactly what I’m talking about ! This stupid bet is not worth all that”. He screamed to make his voice reaches my ears which it didn’t.

-” Yeah, it’s only worth the BMW S1000RR of ’nes, that’s all !“. He stayed silent for seconds and in a flash, I saw him standing right in front of me, with his mouth half-opened.

-” You mean the yellow one ?! “. He asked stupefied and I nodded.

-“Dude...Seriously...“. He sighed with exasperation.

-“What ?“.

-“What the fuck is going on on your mind ? You bet the virginity of a nerd for a sportbike ?“. He glared at me and I shrugged. I don’t think I need to add something, he resumed it pretty well.

-” Well you see, first I wasn’t serious about this shit but then she told me that in her homeland, men give twenty million to marry a virgin girl. Twenty million for a virgin vagina, That’s fucking great! And guess what’s worth twenty million too ?“.He rolled his eyes and took a pack of cigarettes out of his jean.

-” Not your virgin dick, that’s for sure !“. I glared at him and he blew the smoke of his fucking cigarette on my face.

-” Move off, you and your fucking smoke, I have a business to do”. I said, removing the smoke from my face and pushing him away.

-“You’ll let me go for a ride once your business’s done ?“. He screamed once I was far from him and I raised my middle finger as an answer.

When I got to my class, I opened the door abruptly, and as expected she was there, sitting in a corner. She didn’t even react to the creaky sound of the door, too busy with devouring the pages of her book.

Dead silence was settling in the room since there was only her and me. She didn’t give me any sign of attention and I stayed there like an idiot staring at her for a few moments. Why the hell have I never noticed this girl? Her red hair was tied in a high ponytail and her eyes were hidden by a huge pair of dark glasses, just like the last time I saw her.

I got gently closer to her to not scare her and started the conversation.

-” Hey ! “. She looked up at me suddenly, seeming very surprised by my presence. She gave me a quick look and looked down immediately. I’m not going to eat you, nerdy!

- “H...Hi”. Always looking at her book, she was playing with her hands and seemed extremely uncomfortable.

I always knew how to talk to girls and make them comfortable even the shiest ones, a simple smile and fine words, and they all fell under my spell, sometimes just my presence was enough. But this girl, she didn’t seem to be attracted by me at all, it looked more like she wanted me to...go?

Not giving it up yet, I brought a chair and sat down next to her.

- “So what are you reading?“. She gave me a surprised look that lasted a little longer than the previous one.

- “I ... I did not know that you were interested in literature”. I shrugged and smiled at her.

- “It’s not literature that interests me ... It’s you!” “. I gave her a mocking look and she blinked several times then suddenly, her cheeks took on a reddish hue and she got up suddenly dropping her book on the floor.

-” Excuse me ! “. We both leaned over to pick it up and our hands barely touched. Her glasses slid from her face and hit the floor, she raised her head slowly and only a few millimeters separated our faces. Her gleaming eyes were so dazzling that I couldn’t take my eyes off them and the freckles under them made her look so cute...WOW, didn’t expect that from a nerd!

We spent some time looking at each other in silence. It’s the first time that she has looked at me this way, without being intimidated or embarrassed by the situation. Suddenly, a whistling sound cut my contemplation, I turned to recognize who is this bastard who put an end to my ten seconds of meditation and my partner took the opportunity to run away.

-“Excuse me !“. She picked up her book and her glasses and sat in second place before me.

- “Jacob, it’s really you bro ?! Since when you come to the history class? That’s a first !“.The room began to fill up and Lorenzo, the biggest chatterbox of the high school was already pissing me off.

-“Shut up !“. He stared at me with a smile on his lips, he wants my fist in his face or?

- “What?“.

- “Come on ! You can confess !“. He looked at me with his same smirk and I rolled my eyes.

-“Confess what ?“. I said glaring at him.

-” You have a crush on Betty!“. I almost choked myself with my saliva, me and this weird nerd ?... No way!

- “No, I don’t ! And don’t start pissing me off in the morning or I’ll kick you”. He started laughing and sat next to me.

-″ Not a morning person ?“.

-“No !“. I said harshly and put my head on the table. Now I have to listen to this shitty head and his mother for two hours, damn it! Taking the virginity of a nerd seems more complicated than I thought...

- ” Why are you angry ? Don’t tell me it’s because I interrupted your moment with he... “. My head still on the table I glared at him and he raised his arms to play it cool.

-” I don’t like her, I just want to fuck her, that’s it !“. Suddenly, the smile on his face disappeared and he looked at me...frustrated?

-“Why are you looking at me like that ?“. I asked, moving up my head from the table.

-“You were joking, right ?“.

-“About what ?“. He was still looking at me with the same serious stare that I almost got scared of him.

-“Fucking...her...You were joking ?“. I looked away to avoid his persistent look.

-“Jacob ! Answer !“. He almost screamed in anger. What the hell is going on with this guy? I know Lorenzo for three years now and I’ve never seen him react like that. Usually, he’s always relaxed and smiling but reacting like that especially for an unknown nerd...That’s weird...Very weird.

-“Dude, what the fuck is going on with you ? Your eyes are red, I’ve never seen you like that before, you’re in love with her or what ?“. He stayed silent for a moment looking away.

-“This girl...“. He was going to say something but restrained himself.

-“She deserves the best so if you do anything to her, I’ll make you pay”. I raised my eyebrows surprised by the serious tone he employed. Lorenzo is strong and I don’t think I would come out unscathed from a fight with him.

-“Calm down dude I was just joking of course, who would want to fuck with a nerd anyway !“. I tried to calm the situation but the glare he gave me after that made me realize I was wrong.

-“Dude...You’re killing me with your eyes ! Are you sure you don’t have feelings for he...“.

- “Join your seats please, the lesson will start !“.



Half an hour and I was already bored...

I was turning my pen with my fingers and Lorenzo was reading something.

-“What are you reading ?“. I asked, putting my chin on my book.

- “A magazine. Did you know that a girl lost her virginity just by diving?!“. I sneered, what the fuck is he reading?

- “I swear to you, look there is a photo here, she was spreading her legs so much...“.

-“What the hell ?! Show me...“.

- “Lorenzo and Jacob, what are you two doing ?“. If only she knew what her son was telling me...

- “Sorry mam’s !“.

- “Lorenzo ! We are in class !“. The whole class started laughing, even Betty who was extremely concentrated, dodged a smile. The mother of Lorenzo glared at us and we did our best to not laugh at her face. Fortunately, she’s a good friend of my mother otherwise, I would already have passed the door.

She sighed and then continued her tale, deadly dull until a question caught my attention.

-“So those who chose their pair working for the presentation on The Memories of World War II, please raise your hands “. Not even a second, I raised my hand confident of myself, even if I surely don’t know what she’s talking about...

- “Yes Jacob, who is your partner ?“.

- “It’s Betty! “. She widened her eyes, and not only her, but the whole class also looked at me surprised. What? I want to be smart too...

- “Is it true Betty? Do you want to team up with Jacob ?“. I looked at the little redhead and of the most shocked people here, I think she’s the worst. Haha, she didn’t understand what was happening to her, the poor...

She looked lost for a moment probably not knowing what to respond, she didn’t even take the time to look at me before she nodded, looking down and embarrassed. I knew she was going to say yes, even an intellectual can’t refuse my requests.

- “Very good then ... I put you two together”.

- “Hey man, what are you doing ?!“. I turned to face Lorenzo who was looking at me with lighting in his eyes.

-“What’s on your mind Jac’ ?“.

-“Nothing, just wanna have fun...“. Suddenly, a standing six feet six was in front of me and without a warning, he grabbed my shirt with his strong arms making me almost fall from my place if I didn’t grab the table strongly, his eyes became darker and something was telling me that he wasn’t joking at all. The whole class started screaming when they saw our unexpected conflict.

- “LORENZO WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?! LET GO OF HIM!“. When he saw his mom comin’, he finally understood his sudden alteration and gave up on me. Ouf! Man, he’s strong! I thought I was going to die. While I was catching my breath I crossed the stare of Betty who was looking at Lorenzo with concern, when his eyes crossed hers, his stare changed from anger to...sadness? He calmed down immediately and sat on his chair looking down.

-” Sorry, I didn’t mean it”. He said still looking down.

-” It’s okay”. I know that he’s saying this only because we’re in a class and his mom is standing in front of him, otherwise I would already be on the floor suffocating.

-“Lorenzo, you’re private from dinner tonight !“. Her mom said glaring at him.

-“No mom, everything but dinner, please !“. The whole class burst into laughter, even Betty smiled at him and he smiled back warmly at her too.

I frowned at this strange interaction, what the fuck is going on between those two? Why is he so overprotective with her suddenly? I’ve never seen them hanging out with each other until now, he kept glaring at me the whole hour before I grabbed my bag and left the class as fast as I can once the lesson finished.

I may do 6 feet 2 and know how to defend myself but this man is a beast and I don’t want to die before completing my mission.


I was outside smoking when a small voice interrupted me.

- “Um, excuse me”. I threw my cigarette on the ground and turn it off with my foot to face my pretty redhead.

- “Yes beauty? What do you want ?“. Her cheeks flushed and she took a step back.

- “I wanted to talk to you about the presentation, the last deadline is in one week so ... we have to get started now unless ... you want me to do it alone for the two of us ...“. She said with a low voice. Her head was down and she was still playing with her hands.

- “You come to my house !“. She looked up suddenly shocked by what I just said.

-“I can not”.

-“Why ?“. She tilted her head, seeming to think about something.

-“I work”.

- “Even the weekend ?“. I got closer to her but she stepped back.

- “Uh okay but not at your home”.

- “It’s at my place or nothing”. Seeing that I was getting impatient, she nodded and avoided my stare. I smiled proudly to have succeeded. I stayed a few seconds watching her, seeing my steadfast gaze on her, she turned to leave but she hit on someone.

-“Sorry...Oh Lorenzo !“. He put his hands on her shoulder and smiled gently at her.

-“Are you okay ?“. He glared at me and I feel it coming from now.

-“Yes, I’m fine thank you, you ?“. She noticed our exchanges of glares but kept silent.

-“Good”. He didn’t remove his dark eyes from me and he’s starting to piss me off so bad.

-“Well, see you next time, Jacob ?“. Oh, she learned my name, that’s a step!

-“See you, cutie”. I winked at her and she looked away giving a swift glance to the black man who was starting to lose patience, just like me.

He waited until she was completely gone then jumped at me like a fierce animal, pressing me against the wall and putting his arm on my neck. Ouch, it fucking hurts, damn it!

-“What’s your intentions, Watterson ?“. He hit me so hard that I couldn’t even move normally, this bastard!

-“Nothing, like I said, just wanna play”. I looked at him with a smirk and he clenched his jaw, pressing his arm strongly than before.

-“Play with your sluts, Betty deserves much better than a shitty clown”. I pushed him away strongly that he almost fell on the ground then I grabbed his arm behind him and twisted it, which made him groan in pain.

-“If you think I’m afraid of you, you can go fuck your mom cause the shitty clown don’t fear anyone”. I pressed his arm one last time and dropped it abruptly then I walked to my car letting him with his groans and his threatening look.

Play with your sluts? That’s exactly what I plan to do, right Betty?

PoV Sarah

After high noon, I joined Noelle and Ashley for lunch. Time goes by very quickly and I still can’t accept what is happening to me. The video of my father, the mysterious documents, the strange behavior of my aunt, and this strange handsome man who had the same eyes as Luke ...

Luke ... he’s intriguing me too, sometimes he seems interested and sometimes he pretends that I don’t exist. Since he proposed me to be his partner in a racing competition, I no longer know what becomes of him. I could have said no but ... it was as if I bite my tongue and couldn’t speak anymore because he intimidated me so much.

And then he started talking to me about his ...

As I was remembering the last conversation we had, I felt the red rising to my cheeks, and I hid my face with my hands. God, I never felt so ashamed in my life. What was I imagining thinking out loud like this?

- “Sarah are you okay ?!“.

- “What ?!“. I quickly removed my hands from my face to stare at my two friends who looked at me with a very odd look.

- “Uh, I just remembered something embarrassing, that’s all.” Noelle gave me a suspicious look and Ashley stared at her watch.

- ” I have to go, see you”. I blinked, not understanding why she was so in hurry.

- “Good luck with your lover !“. Noelle winked at her and she frowned.

- “Huh ?! What ?! He’s not my lover ! Take care of your business !“. Noelle stuck out her tongue at her and Ashley hugged me before leaving I don’t know where.

- “She is in a relationship ? With whom ?“.

- “I don’t know. But I’ll do my best to find it”. I laughed at Noelle’s determination, she always wants to know everything that she becomes creepy sometimes...

- “And you, what were you thinking about ?“. She glanced at me with a smirk.

- “What do you mean ? nothing important”. I acted as if nothing had happened, hoping that she would soon give up.

- “You were thinking about Luke, right ?!“. Oh no!

- “What ?! No, not at all !“. My god, this girl is so persistent, I wanna hide my face now.

- “Oh really ?! I could have sworn it was that ! You became all red in all of a sudden and ...“. She stopped suddenly and gave me a look full of implied.

- “What now ?“. I rolled my eyes and took a sip of water.

- “You were thinking about Luke’s cock, right ?!“. Suddenly, I spit out all the water I had drunk.

- “Noelle, you’re a BIG crazy girl !“. I said, wiping myself.

- “Maybe, but I always say the truth !“. She winked at me and I sighed. She can be so unbearable when she wants, I swear...

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