Double Star.

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1: Coincidence?

Mom...Dad...Please...No...Don’t go...

Everything is black, the faces of my parents smiling at me and whispering to me “We love you” disappeared slowly in the dark and now I’m trying to figure out where they are.

-“Mom ?!“. No sound.

-“Dad, are you here ?!“. Only the echo of my voice in the dark was heard. I burst into tears as the voices began to rise.

-“RUN DARLING, RUN !“. Is this the voice of my mother?

-“Mom, where are you ?“. While my breath started to get heavy, someone grabbed my mouth from behind.

-“You should’ve listened to her, but it’s too late now ! “. The stranger whispered in my ear and the only reply I could’ve given was the wild running tears down my cheeks.


I woke up terrified, my face wet with tears, my heart beating fast and my head was hurting me a lot.

God, these nightmares again...

I wiped my face with my hand and laid on the bed trying to catch my breath. What time is it? I unlocked my phone to find out.

5:45...Almost my usual time to wake up, I closed my eyes trying to enjoy my last minutes on the bed but the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs made my eyes opened wide.

What the...? The door of my room started to open up slowly and a silhouette lighted up the place.

-“Aunt Jane! You scared the crap out of me! “. I put my hand on my heart and sighed.

-“Sorry honey, I just came up so I didn’t have the time to warn you”. Jane Lamer is my aunt, 31 years old, she lives with me since my parents died. I didn’t see her for a week because of her traveling to Australia for her work.

-“You still could have called me, I thought you would come tomorrow evening”. I remembered.

-“I missed you so much love plus, I wanted to be here for your first day of school”. She smiled.

-“I missed you too”. I smiled back. She has always been so caring with me even when my parents were alive and that’s why she’s the most important person in my life now.

-“So how are you ?“. She asked worriedly. I could see the concerned gaze in her green eyes.

-“I’m fine, don’t worry. I could even say that I’m healed”. I smiled sincerely to reassure her and she nodded. Suddenly, my alarm went off to announce that the time of sleeping is over, even though I didn’t get much sleep because of my nightmares.

-“Thank god, I let you prepare yourself then. You’ll find me in the kitchen”. I nodded and she went downstairs probably.

I began my day by taking a shower, the hot water relaxed me so much of my disturbed night. After that, I went to my dressing room and decided to go with my gray sweater, black jean, and my eternal boots. I put on some perfume and brushed my long blond hair and left them loose.

Finally prepared, I went downstairs to find my aunt and a delicious smell of pancakes was going out of the kitchen.

-“Hi !“. I said and sat down on a chair.

-“Good morning beautiful. So you’re ready for high school ?“. She asked putting the breakfast on the table.

-“Yeah, I guess”. It’s not like I had a choice.

-“Don’t worry, everything will be okay”. She encouraged me with a smile.

-” I hope so”. I just couldn’t ignore this knot in my stomach every time we talk about school.

-“Plus, I’ll come with you today”.

-“Shuper !“. I said with a full mouth which made my aunt laugh.


In the car, I was looking at the different landscapes that were passing by. I love watching people doing their work, children running and screaming joyfully, old persons walking their dogs, and especially admiring the nature that gives us so many beautiful views. It makes me so much relaxed and helps me to forget my anxiety.

-“Are you nervous ?“. My aunt asked ruining my moment of peace.

-“Nope”. I lied. -“What makes you say that ?“.

-“You play with your hair when you’re anxious and that’s what you’re doing now”. She replied while concentrating on the road.

Well, it’s true. It’s a bad habit that I have, playing with my hair like a fool since I was ill, and it increased more when I lost my parents. When I can’t sleep because of my nightmares and anxiety, I just turn my hair with my fingers, it’s like a distraction, sort of an affection I give to myself, a way to forget my pain even if it’s nothing compared to my mother’s kisses.

-“Stop worrying. Like I told you, you’ll manage”. She encouraged me and I nodded, giving her a half-smile.

Honestly, I never cared about school, for me, it’s just a place that we can bore ourselves and get a beautiful headache before coming home. And without forgetting that I missed most of my days there because of my disease, so if there’s one thing good when you’re sick, is that you can’t go to school, but this year it will be different, I no longer can hide behind my heart failure and this thought is making my stomach contracts more.


Twenty minutes later, we were able to see the huge private establishment. There were three brown buildings and a large yard with trees everywhere. At the top, we could read the name ‘Stanley High School’.

I regained my courage and walked towards the building, followed by my aunt. Arrived at the administration, Aunt ‘Jane’ knocked on the door and an old woman dressed in a red suit opened it. Her hair slicked and cut squared, was giving her such a strict look, and judging by this authority attitude, she could be no one than the headmistress of this school. She was skinny and small if it wasn’t her five centimeters black heels that made her look a little bit taller, her eyes were piercing just like those of a hawk and her skin was tanned just like a horse...I should stop with the animals.

-“You are ?“. She asked scrutinizing us up and down.

-“Hello, I’m Jane Lamer and this is my niece Sarah Arlyne, she’s a new student here...“. And without letting my aunt finish, the supervisor slammed her heels as she was walking to her desk.

-“Follow me, please”. I looked around and saw a lot of students and their parents talking to other administrators, they were probably new just like me. One student especially captivated my attention, she was small, very cute with her few freckles under her light eyes and on her upturned nose. Her flaming hair tied back in a very high ponytail was giving warmness to the glaucous room. She was also carrying documents on her fragile arms and I could’ve read ‘Terminal class 4S’ which means that she has probably the same age as me. Her serious and applied appearance seemed to me that it was conferring her the role of a studious and first-in-class representative. When she noticed me, she blushed and half smiled before going to her class, I guess.

-” So your name is Sarah Arlyne, isn’t it ?! “. The old woman asked with an arrogant voice.

-” Yes, madam! “. I replied.

-” Miss, please “. Does she want to feel young or what?

-” Right, miss “. I replied avoiding her creepy glance at me.

-” What’s your goal in life, young girl ?“. Oh god, not that question, please!

-” Well I don’t know, I never thought about it”. She raised her eyebrows seeming to be surprised, but it was true. I never thought honestly about what I wanted to do in the future. To be more correct, I didn’t have the time to, because of all the things that happened in my life, I don’t even feel like I’m 17.

-” Not even a small idea of your future profession ? “. She asked arching an eyebrow.

-” No “. I simply shrugged as an answer.

-” That’s very Promising! “. She said in an ironic tone.

-“Right miss. Arlyne! This is your notebook and your program. You must read the rules and have them signed by your tutor. Your class is 2S, try to be a good student even if I have doubts about that”. She said in a cold, authoritative tone. Okay...

-“Understood ?!“. She almost yelled.

-“Y...Yes, mad...I mean Miss !“. God, she’s so creepy.

Before going to my new class, my aunt interrupted me:

-“Have fun darling! I’ll come to get you from school when you finish !“. She smiled, greeting me with her hand.

I sighed internally, rolling my eyes. When will she understand that we can not have fun in prison?

While heading to my class, I took a look at my program. two hours of mathematics, what can I ask for more? Seriously why I am not in the same class as the cute red-haired girl from before, she seemed so nice and friendly...I sure don’t have any luck...

2S...2S...2S...Here! I knocked softly at the door and a man’s voice ordered me to enter.

-“Yes ?“.

-“Hello, I’m new here”. I said shyly.

-“Welcome, I’m Mr.Stumburg your math professor! Come introduce yourself, please”. Oh no, I hate that.

-“My name is Sarah Arlyne. I’m 17 years old, nice to meet you”. I heard voices like ″She’s super hot” or “I would like her in my bed”...Well, thanks for this enthusiastic reception...

-“Right miss. Arlyne, you can take a seat there”. He pointed me to a place next to a charming cute boy. Wait a minute! I know this boy...What was his name again? Lu...Luke ?.

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