Double Star.

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19: Nasty Girl.

PoV Sarah:

When he called me yesterday to inform me about the time and the location where the race would take place, Luke didn’t warn me that he was going to be late. And here I am, on a Saturday evening, almost 30 minutes waiting for him like a dumbass in a creepy area where we were supposed to meet.

-“Luke, answer me or you’ll struggle alone with your stupid race”. I called him for the umpteenth time, hoping that he would finally answer.

-“I prefer answering you then”. A hoarse voice from behind caught my attention. When I turned to face the source of my torments, he was dressed in a black jumpsuit and carrying a helmet under his arm. Wow, I didn’t know he could be more attractive than he already was!

- “You are late! ” I frowned crossing my arms and staring at him with a sulky air even if, deep inside I was moved to see him. He got closer to me and kissed my cheek. I widened my eyes feeling surprised that he was acting so natural and spontaneous with me like he knew me for so long but I didn’t say anything, only enjoying the warmth and softness of her lips on my cold cheek.

- “Sorry for making you wait, princess”. I blushed and he took me by the hand.

- “Can I know why you are running like that? And where exactly are we going? ” He continued to speed his steps ignoring me. Of course, I should have expected this from him!

- “Luke, I’m talking to you ! I am not a dog that can follow you wherever you like and not saying anything, you know ?“. I said getting impatient but still with a calm tone.

-” Here we are! ” He stopped suddenly in front of a suspicious and noisy place. As I was inspecting carefully around me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The place was full of people... How could I say? Atypical? Girls who were wearing only a small bra to hide their chest, robust and tattooed men walking around with the smell of alcohol that was infesting all the area.

- “Luke, don’t tell me this is a gang race ?!“. I turned suddenly to him almost screaming, shocked by what I was seeing. Everything is explained now! The frightened looks of the students every time they saw Luke, the car races, the guy with strange tattoos in the forest. I felt my hands becoming wet and my throat tightening, this is absolutely not a safe place and if my aunt learns that I am here, she would lose her mind and never let me go out again.

- “Don’t worry, as long as I’m with you, no one can hurt you”. He tried to reassure me but saying that in such a normal way, not caring about how much it was dangerous to bring a coward like me in a place like this, is making me freak out more than anything.

- “Luke, this is street racing and it’s illegal ! And you didn’t even tell me that you were going to bring me to a risky place like this, at this point, even you, I don’t trust you !“. I felt my legs shaking, some people were looking at me like I was a stranger and this was not good. What if someone recognized me and wanted to kill me? Or worst, what if the police turned up ?! I heard that street racing is liable to three months imprisonment and a fine of $1,000 at least.

Oh, God! If my aunt hears about that, I’m dead...

- “So now you’re afraid ?! ” He looked at me amused with a smirk on his face. Seriously? He’s not giving a damn about the risk to which he’s exposing me and it’s starting to make me boil from inside.

- “AND YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY ?! WHERE DID YOUR REASON GO ?! YOU BELIEVE I’M A JOKE TO YOU OR WHAT ?! “. I screamed at this unconscious boy. Suddenly everyone around us stopped talking then some people started whistling and screaming from everywhere. Some girls with their narrow eyes seemed to be staring me down, and other boys bite their lips with a flirting glance. Oh god...

- “See what you did ?! Shut them up now !“. I glared at the main reason for all my problems now, biting my thumb so hard, and he was still fixing me with his cheerful and amused air again. What a joyful boy we have here!


- “Your girlfriend is crazy !“.

- “I am not his girlfriend !” “. I said offensively. A young woman with beautiful brown skin and long wavy brown hair, dressed with a crop top and a short skirt revealing her flat belly and long skinny legs, raised her arms to the sky sign of innocence. She looked like one of those Sexy Latin American dancers we see on T.V.

“Emily ! Good to see you, take care of this mad cow, I won’t be late ».

-” Where are you going ? “. I asked confused, he’s not going to leave me alone here, isn’t he? He got closer to me but I stepped back.

- “I have something to do, I’ll be right back”. He sighed before leaving.

- “Comin’ beauty ?“. The voice of Emily got me out of my thoughts.

-” Where ?“.

-” You’ll see”.Okay, at least she answered me not like that jackass of Luke who ignores me every time I ask our destination.

I sighed internally, please god let me finish this day in one piece...


Emily started explaining the rules of the competition to me, but the truth is, I stopped listening to her the moment I saw Jordan, my ex-best friend, kissing a girl vigorously.

-” I can not believe it... “. I muttered.

- “Believe what ? It’s not me who created the rules”. I turned to Emily suddenly and pointed to where Jordan was with my finger.

- “You know this person ? “. She frowned.

- “It’s Jordan Smith, a member of the Strikers, why ? You know him ? “.

- “The Strikers? “. I asked confused.

- “Yes, the opposing gang, it’s him who’ll be against Luke, apparently. Last year it was Matthew, the Strikers boss’s right arm, but this year they preferred to keep him for another contest”. Oh my god, Jordan is part of a gang too, he, who seems so innocent and kind! And Matthew, the guy I met in the forest ...That’s why they seemed to have something against Luke...because they were his enemies...

- “Hey, are you alright ? You’re very pale !“. I clung to a wall and put my hand on my head that was aching me...I couldn’t believe it, first Luke and now Jordan, who’s next ?!...

- “Nothing...I’m just a little shocked, I didn’t expect Luke to be part of something like this, even less my best friend...“. She stayed silent for a moment looking at me, confused then burst into laughter.

-” What now ? “. I arched an eyebrow, staring at her laughing like a madwoman.

-“I see what type of girl you are”. She wiped her tears of laugher from her eyes.

-“What type ?“. I blinked not understanding anything that she was talking about.

-“Sneakers or heels ?“. She looked at me amused.

-“Euh... Sneakers, I’m not really into heels”. I said looking at my shoes.

-“G-string or Thong ?“.

-“Ummm...none, maybe panty, but what’s with those questions ?!“. I asked uncomfortably.

-“Wine or Vodka ?“.

-“None, I never drunk alcohol but my dad loved wine”.

-“A sex toy or a real dick ?“.

-“What ?! A toy of what ?!“. I blinked and she burst into laughter again.

-“Never smoked ?“.


-“Virgin ?“. I nodded, embarrassed.

-“And you never masturbated ?“. She arched an eyebrow not convinced by my answers.

-“I don’t even know what it is so I guess no”. She blinked looking at me shocked.

-“Hellooooo ! Masturbating in front of a porn movie, everyone did that !“. She screamed, I widened my eyes and my jaw almost dropped open, shocked by the terms she employed. A porn movie? Yuck, disgusting! I happened to have shocking ads appearing on some blogs that I used to visit, but I immediately removed them.

-“Are you a human ?“. I shrugged.

-“Yeah, I guess”.

-“We have a serious problem here ! Hey Londi come to see the stuck girl Luke has brought with him”. She sneered calling another black-haired girl.

-“What ?“. The girl with a piercing on her nose stared at me chewing her gum then got out a cigarette from her bra, the only thing that was covering her chest, and lightened it up with a lighter after taking it out from the pocket of her jean. Okay, so this girl has a pocket on her jeans and a pocket on her bra...Original.

-“Who’s that chick ?“. She glared at me and I tried to keep my head up to not feel intimidated.

-“It’s Luke’s escort, this girl never been fucked, never smoked, never watched porn, and never used a sex toy in her entire life !“. The black-haired girl scrutinized me with her piercing black eyes, drawing the smoke into her mouth and her lungs.

-“A fucking boring like that and she’s the one Luke invites ?! You’re lucky, he’s like the boss here, everyone’s afraid of him”. She scuffed up her stilettos looking at her long pink nails.

-“Excuse me ?“. I blinked not understanding why she’s acting so bitchy with me while I don’t even know her. She faked a smile then suddenly got dangerously closer to me and spit the smoke of her cigarette on my face. I started coughing immediately, feeling the powerful smell in my nostrils. They started laughing meanly and I felt my lungs burning.

-“This is not an ordinary cigarette, isn’t it ?“. I asked remembering the smell and the taste of a normal cigarette that my father used to smoke.

-” It’s a joint, honey”. The nicknamed Londi looked at me with a smirk and Emily removed the “joint” from her hand and took two long puffs before exhaling. Oh god! What an undesirable smell it has, I’m suffocating!

-“Joint ?“. I asked hiding my mouth and my nose with my hand.

-“Spliff or to be more simple Cannabis”. Emily handed me the joint that was in her hand and I stepped back.

-“Wanna try ? “. Emily asked, I looked at the two girls carefully, it’s already dark and I couldn’t see clearly because of the low light of this place but the two women seemed tired, very tired. Their eyelids looked heavy and droopy and under their smokey makeup, bags under their red eyes created an impression of intense fatigue and sadness.

-“Hurry, the race will start soon, you’re the one who’ll escort Luke, right ? So you should hurry”. Londi seeing me hesitating pushed the hand of her friend towards me, to take the joint.

-“Sorry, It’s a misunderstood but, I’m not into these things”. I turned to leave the two addicted women in their laughs and delusions.

Luke, where did you bring me? I brought out my phone from my jacket and looked at the time.

-“8 p.m, my aunt’s gonna kill me”. I panicked and tried to call my aunt.

-” No network here, cool”. I sighed loudly. So that’s why Luke was not answering my calls...

-“Attention, attention ! Everyone is welcomed to take their place, the race will begin in 10 minutes”. A man screamed in a loudspeaker. Suddenly, I felt two hands grabbing my waist strongly from behind.

-“Luke, you scared me !“. I jumped from my place and put my hand on my heart.

-“Sorry babe, where did you go ? I looked for you everywhere”. He circled his arms around my body and kissed me on the cheek, letting his good perfume removing the last horrible smell of cannabis from my nose.

-“Did you smoke ?“. He frowned making me turn to face him. His hands were still on my waist, I couldn’t help fixing his green light eyes.

-“Not me, your friends did. I’m warning you, after all, you put me through today, you better not lose”. I said getting closer to him and almost caressing his face with mine.

-“I take this as a threat or an encouragement ?“. He whispered and I felt something in my stomach tickling me...weird.

-“Both”. I smiled.

-” Winning is a habit for me, I just hope you won’t break the habit by bringing your bad luck to me”. He winked at me.

-“You serious ?“. I released myself from his grip and glared at him.

-“Okay then I’m leaving”. The smirk on his face disappeared immediately and he pulled me by the hand to stop me, forcing me to fall on his imposing chest.

-“Guess I’ll go with the bad luck then”. He smiled at me and I felt the tickling in my stomach again.

-“Even if you lose?“. I challenged him with my eyes and he looked at me with a smirk, then his green eyes went down to my lips.

-“Luke, it’s time to go!“. Londi holding two flags in her hands interrupted our short flirt. Unwillingly, I tried to move back from him but he tightened my waist with his arm strongly.

-“We won’t lose, blondie”.


The race had barely started when Luke was already driving at a dizzying speed, I tried to encourage him as best as I could and he managed to overtake many cars.

Suddenly, we were pushed around strongly to the side by another car.

Luke did his best to keep the balance by controlling the steering wheel, but the strokes became more and more violent. A disturbing noise went from the vehicle and a strong smell of fuel emerged as Luke was pressing on the accelerator more and more.

I took a quick look at Luke, who was sweating and frowning, totally focused on the road. The finish line was close and there was only one car left to exceed, the one that’s been hitting us now, Jordan’s car.

- “Jordan! “. I lowered the window of the car and removed my seat belt.

- “ARE YOU CRAZY ?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? HOLD YOURSELF STRAIGHT DAMN IT ! “. Luke screamed whilst looking in front of him.

- “Don’t slow down and trust me”. The head already outside the window I shouted:


-“WHAT DO YOU WANT ? IT’S NOT THE RIGHT TIME !“. Jordan’s car pulled away from us a bit and the violent strokes stopped.


-“SO WHAT ? YOU NEVER TRUSTED ME ANYWAY !“. Luke tried to surpass him but Jordan stopped him by resuming his blows.

-” OF COURSE I DID ! YOU ARE MORE THAN MY BEST FRIEND”. I mustered my courage and shouted with all my strength:

- “JORDAN SMITH I LOVE YOU! ” His car suddenly slowed down and Luke took the opportunity to give him a heavy blow, propelling his car backward before exceeding him.

The finish line crossed, I jumped into the winner’s arms.

-” You won! ”

- “No babe, WE won”. He tightened his embrace against mine and my heart fluttered in my chest. We got out of the car after a moment holding each other and a huge crowd thronged to congratulate the winner.

-“That was rough, man !“. A strong tall black man covered in tattoos all over his arms and chest shook Luke’s hand.

-“I know but I was lucky”. He winked at me and I smiled timidly, looking down.

-” We have to celebrate this !“. Londi jumped in the arms of Luke, letting her breast rubbing against his chest, she kissed him on the cheek and I felt embarrassed. I don’t think I’m welcomed here.

-“She’s comin’ ?“. Londi pulled away from Luke turning suddenly to me with a glare.

-“I...“. Of course, I don’t want to stay in this place, especially when it’s night and I haven’t called my aunt yet, but this girl is pissing me off so much that I don’t want to let her have the last word.

-“Of course she is, gotta problem ? “. Luke seeing me nervous and uncertain of my decision, held my hand and she rolled her eyes.

-“No, that would be FUN”. She faked a smile flipping her hair with arrogance.

-“Until you know what fun is about, stuck girl”. She whispered in my ear in a way I wanted to smash her face with the bottle of beer she was holding. Then, taking advantage of Luke getting away from me to see his friends, she gave me a quick hit with her shoulder and I bit my lower lip feeling the intimidation and the anger mixing in my head, but I stayed calm, not riposting to her even if I wanted to slap her so bad but I was too shy and polite to do it. Seriously, why did my parents raise me so well, why ?!

I sighed internally wanting to leave this place as fast as I could, suddenly when I turned away, my eyes crossed Jordan, sitting on his car hood glaring at me and playing with something in his hands, I tried to identify the thing in the dark and...

Holy crap! Is that a knife ?!

I swallowed down my spittle with difficulty and looked away immediately. Oh my goodness, why is he glaring at me holding a knife?

-“Sarah, are you okay ?“. I crossed my arms feeling goosebumps all over my body and turned to face Luke.

-“Yeah, I just feel a little cold”. I smiled trying to act normal and he smiled back seemed to be relieved.

-“You come ?“. He gave me his hand to hold and I took it awkwardly because of the cold maybe.


Sitting next to Luke in a vast space and even with a noisy crowd having fun in this real wild party, between deafening music, stripper girls dancing for cash, and the liquor overflowin’ the cup, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jordan and the way he was looking at me like he was going to kill me, could he really do that? We were friends for more than 10 years now and I feel like I barely know him. I squeezed my hands feeling guilty that he lost because of me, maybe I went too far choosing Luke over him, after all, he is my best friend, not Luke...Well, he was.

Seeing me disturbed, Luke wrapped his arm around my waist. Everybody is drunk here except Luke and me, and they are all looking at me like I was some sort of an alien coming from nowhere, especially a bald bodybuilder looking like Lincoln from Prison Break, covered in tattoos all over his arms and even his neck was not spared. He was holding a beer in his hand and drinking. When my eyes crossed accidentally his, he smiled at me revealing his grilled teeth. Oh god, he’s terrifying! I wanted to see what was the time but I restrained myself afraid to be assaulted, especially in a wild place like this. Anyway, it might be 11 p.m or midnight. Oh, I’m sure my aunt is deadly worried about me, I didn’t even warn her that I was going to come late.

I looked at the people around me and they all seemed completely disconnected from reality, smoking and drinking continuously, girls rubbing to weird guys and savagely kissing them, just like Emily who was sitting on the knees of this black tall man making out with each other for long minutes.

It made me think...Everyone has tattoos all over their bodies here, except Luke and...Jordan.

Since we were here, Luke didn’t put any cigarette or bottle of alcohol in his mouth, maybe he doesn’t like those things...Just like Jordan. Luke and...Jordan are very different from the people here.

I sighed feeling guilty, maybe I should go ask for his forgiveness.

Suddenly I felt someone sitting loudly next to me, when I turned my head to see who it was, I didn’t enjoy her sitting near me.

-“What do you want, Londi ?“. I rolled my eyes, knowing that she was going to provoke me again.

-“I’m fucking cursing you right now bitch, you know why ?“. She muttered, not looking at me. She put the bottle of vodka in her mouth and gulped it.

-“Why ?“. Actually, I don’t care why but like I said, she’s just provoking me and I won’t let her intimidates me, that’s why I stayed here, right?

-” ’Cause Luke and me should be having a great time together like we always do but because of you...“. She didn’t finish her words but from the way she’s haughtily looking at me feeling disgusted, I could tell that she didn’t have to.

-“Well, sorry for canceling your plans together”. I said harshly, I don’t know why I feel bad about knowing that she sleeps with Luke, we are not together and still, he can have sex with anyone he wants. I took a look at him, laying on the ground with closed eyes, having his right arm under his head and his left still around my waist. Besides being different from everyone here, he’s the most handsome in all of them.

-“You didn’t cancel anything honey, you only delayed our sex plan”. She took a second gulp of her vodka and I stiffened all of the sudden feeling an emptiness in my stomach. Seriously, why are her words hurting me? I should not give them any value since she’s a drunk provocative and Luke can do whatever he wants...I truly don’t care.

-“What is it honey ? You feel bad that Luke is going to fuck with someone more interesting than a fucking stuck like you”. She laughed sarcastically and I rolled my eyes again wishing that this whore could do something good for once in her life and leave me alone.

-“I’m not like you’re describing me”. I whispered.

-“Prove it !“. She handed me her bottle with a smirk on her stupid face and I shook my head.

-“You see, daddy’s stupid girl, you’re not funny, that’s why you’re still a virgin, you’re not even wanted”. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Calm down Sarah, you need to calm down...Shy and polite, that how daddy’s girl was raised, remember?

-“LUUUKE, MY FRIEND ! IT’S BEEN A FUCKING TIME I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU !“. Out of nowhere, a skinny man of average height, wearing a black cap with hands all marked, patted Luke’s chest strongly making him wake up suddenly groaning, I laughed instinctively and Luke glared at the skinny rookie who apologized immediately.

-“Damn, I was sleeping”. He said hoarsely then he ran his fingers through his hair making him look so attractive. He doesn’t look like the people here but he sure has the attitude of a bad boy and I smiled at that thought. Feeling that I was looking at him, he turned his gaze to mine suddenly.

-“What ?“. He arched an eyebrow looking amused by my smile.

-“Nothing...I was just thinking”. I shrugged, he didn’t move his beautiful light eyes from mine and I broke the contact after a moment, incapable of resisting his persistent look.

-“Hey Luke, want some ?“. His friend asked, taking a big sip of his Tequila bottle and handed it to Luke, wiping his mouth with his arm.

-“Idiot! You should know that Luke don’t drink”. Londi said sensually. I didn’t hear from her since the moment she insulted me that I thought she was gone, she got up from her place suddenly and got closer to Luke to sit on his knees shamelessly, she stared at him for a moment with a flirtatious fierce glance then her brown eyes went down to his lips, she put her finger on his lower lip and caressed it slowly still looking at him like she was going to jump at him at any moment. As for him, the smirk on his face didn’t leave his face, seeming to be enjoying the moment so much. His stupid friend near him started whistling and muttering some words that I couldn’t understand, too highly concentrated on the wild way they were looking at each other and the shape of her breast, squeezed by the pressure of her body on the mighty chest of Luke.

Their lips were nearly touching as she turned her eyes to tease me with her taunting nasty stare and a smile appeared on her unnatural luscious lips seeing that she finally got me distraught. Then in a second, they smashed against the lips of the bad boy, as if trying to flatten and destroy his mouth. He hungrily pushed back, his mouth open, her tongue pushing past his and slipping into his mouth like a slithering serpent as she gripped his head firmly, to keep him from escaping. She worked her mouth against his, their tongues battling back and forth like wrestlers, each trying to pin the other. He removed his arm from my waist leaving the warmness behind and put his hand on her bare leg and touched her thigh lightly, with confidence.

Nothing could compare to the discomfort mixed with the aching fear that I felt at this moment, not even knowing why I was sensing this way. I turned my eyes with difficulty from them wishing that I could plug my ears instead of listening to their sighs and groans of pleasure, blend to the quick beats of my heart.

I don’t care, I truly don’t care...

-“Dude, take a room or something !“. His friend scoffed. Luke pulled his lips away from Londi’s to catch their breaths and my beating heart slowed down as a feeling of wistfulness and wrath emerged.

Oh, how I hate those feelings!

I kept my eyes off them looking in front of me and pretending to not care, cause I truly don’t but I could see from the corner of my eye the burning stare he was giving me.

Screw you, Luke!

-“What’s this ?“. I asked seeing two men putting a large table in the middle of this horrific space.

-“Wow the blond has a voice, I thought she was mute !“. I faced the addicted boy with some green hair sticking out of his bonnet, ignoring the bitch and the beast beside me.

The white boy had a piercing in his mouth and a big “O” tattooed on his neck. Is this a symbol or something? The tall black man, Emily, and even this bitch of Londi have one in different parts of their bodies. Besides, this man looks like one of those dangerous rappers that hits the charts quickly after sending their soul to the devil.

I smiled at him with a charming glance and he seemed to share the same pleased feeling I had towards him, except for me, it was fake.

-“Yes, I do! So ?“. I pointed with my head the place that was gathering a lot of people and he smiled dangerously at me, licking his piercing.

-“Battle of shot glasses”. He said with a husky and whisky voice revealing his second piercing on his tongue, still looking at me with the same appealing stare.

-” You play Luke ?“. Londi asked trying to kiss him another time but he stopped her by moving his face away from hers.

-“No”. He said harshly with a cold glance.

-“C’mon, don’t you think it’s the best way to celebrate your win”. She continued to seduce him by caressing his neck with her claws and twisting sensually on his thighs, taking the opportunity of her skinny body to trap him again. Oh god, there’s no word to describe this slut!

-“I already said no, I don’t drink and I won’t”. against all odds, he glared at her coldly and pushed her away.

-“And the blond ?“. The green-haired boy didn’t want to take his eyes from me and I think Luke felt the small interaction between us since he didn’t stop glaring at him from the moment he talked to me and I might be wrong but, maybe that’s why he was not interested into the bitchy girl anymore, who by the way was killing me with her jealous eyes.

-“No, she’s not going anywh...“.

-“Why not ?!“. I cut him off rudely and a joker smile appeared on the face of his friend. I don’t know if I’m sure of what I’m doing, but seeing the crumpled reaction of Luke, made me realize one thing:

You can’t please everyone that’s for sure but, teasing them is easy as hell and so much fun.

The skinny man got up from his place and land me his hand to get up and I took it after a moment of hesitation. I started to feel the anxiety and the stress rising but I think there’s no turning back now, I can’t reduce myself in front of the two morons!

-“Diego !“. He said, looking at me with his dilated pupils and taking my hand that was as cold as his.

-“Sarah !“. He nodded with a smirk. And I started shaking and feeling the fear controlling me again. There’s no turning back Sarah, remember ?!

-“You didn’t even drink my bottle and you want to do a battle of shots ?!“. Still, on the knees of Luke, she sneered at me with narrow eyes, not really convinced by my sudden action.

-” You put your filthy mouth everywhere honey, who knows what kind of germs live in your bottle !“. I snapped. Her face became tense, seemed shocked by my words, and not expecting me to respond, obviously. Got you with your own game this time, bitch!

-“Ooh nasty !“. Diego whistled and I smiled at him.

I turned back to leave with Diego but Luke pushed suddenly from his legs Londi, who half screamed of surprise and got up sharply, taking Diego by his black t-shirt.

-“I said she’s not going anywhere so for your own fucking safety, leave her alone !“. His breathing was short and cramped and Diego widened his eyes afraid of the sudden interruption of Luke.

-“It’s you who should leave me alone Luke !“. I crossed my arms and glared at him. He let go of Diego before pushing him to Londi’s arms then clenched his fists and closed his eyes trying to regain his calm.

-“Let’s go !“. He took me by my wrist but I pulled it out violently from him.

-“I’m not, you owe me your win so let me have FUN”. I said pressing at the word Fun and faking a smile at Londi who rolled her eyes. He ran his hand through his hair and I walked towards the gathered crowd. I could hear Londi muttering to Diego “This girl is a fucking nut !“. No honey, I’m a stuck girl remember ?!

-“Sarah, please...You didn’t like this place at first so let me take you home”. He followed my steps and took me by the arm but I removed it from his hand immediately. It’s too late now, I want to get drunk and no one’s gonna stop me! This is for kissing a girl in front of me and not caring about my feelings, I’m going to make a fool out of you!

-“Anyone else ?“. The black man who was holding Emily moments ago asked.

-“Yes, me !“. He frowned glancing at Luke who stayed there with his cold stare, mouth shut and fist clenched. You can sulk as much as you want, I truly don’t care.

-“Okay, then...“. He showed me a place where to sit and I looked around me, spotting Emily glancing at me with wide eyes probably not understanding what I was doing here, and the bodybuilder who was staring at me moments ago. So he is a participant too...

I sat on the ground feeling everyone glaring at me and whispering about me, I could even hear some laughing and the fear of before started to grow strongly making my heart speeding. I never drank before, my parents never allowed me to, cause it was bad for my health especially for my heart and I was too young to drink, and here I am, like a dumbass, wanting to take shots literally in front of people addicted to alcohol. Why am I doing this seriously? What am I going to prove? That I’m a stupid stuck daddy’s girl? I arranged a lock of hair behind my ear and swallow my spit. Luke was facing me, standing with a worried stare, his hands in his pockets, near him was Londi holding his arm tightly. Londi...The reason for all this! Am I that stupid to let her make a fool of me like that, more than I am?

-“The rules are simple, the one who drinks the most shots without throwing up wins !“. Another woman explained.

-“If you want to give up, it’s now or never !“. The black man put bottles of Vodka on the table and shot glasses and smiled at me. I could’ve read on the label of the bottles 750 ML 40% ALCOHOL, is that big?

-“No, I don’t”. I tried to say with confidence.

-“In your honor !“. The strong man sitting right across from me raised his glass towards me and I smiled awkwardly, anxious, and embarrassed.

I’m not gonna make it...

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