Double Star.

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PoV Sarah :

-“THREE SHOTS...FIVE SHOTS...TEN SHOTS...THIRTEEN SHOTS ! SHE’S KILLIN’ IT !“. I was feeling a little dizzy and excited, lively and more relaxed and my cheeks were burning up but I was still conscious of what was going around me.

The two girls lost their balance and fell on the table after taking seven shots leaving me the only girl in the middle of this heckling. three men got drunk and started to lose control of themselves then fainted on the ground with their euphoria and hallucinations, after taking fifteen shots. And here we are, just three persons left, a Brazilian man seemed to sink off to sleep, but with an effort, tried to pull himself together and shook his head off, the bodybuilder who didn’t seem to crumble and me. It seems like we are all at our sixteenth shot.

-“N...Need a break...“. Suddenly, the crammed man started to throw up announcing his defeat.

-“PEDRO IS OUT !“. Seems like I’m the only one left with the bodybuilder. I glanced at him and he smiled bringing another cup to his mouth.

-“I never thought a frail girl like you could handle strong alcohol like that ! “. The black man declared dumbfounded.

-“Neither did I !“. I laughed what again?

-“Daaamn Luke !! Your girlfriend is a beast !“. Someone patted Luke’s arm and he closed his eyes annoyed, he kept glaring at me the whole time and telling me to stop the moment I reached five shots but I responded that “mister pain in the ass” needs to chill so he just sighed and left me but still watching me from afar. How can someone be like that? He’s so stuck...

-“She’s not my...whatever”. He stared at me worried and I looked away, feeling the pressure of my blood rising.

-“Fill ’er up ?“. Someone asked and I nodded. Everyone started screaming and cheering me, they didn’t expect that someone like me could handle this amount of alcohol, even Londi and Emily stayed speechless, they, who could only take two small cups before getting drunk.

Honestly, I’m also a little bit surprised, I discovered in myself a new skill if I could call it a skill. But deep inside it didn’t really shock me since I remember my mom never got drunk, even after drinking a lot.

-“You’re going to end it ?“. Lincoln from Prison Break smiled at me, arching an eyebrow. I stared at him dreamily, he didn’t say a thing since the battle began, looking mysterious and manly. His sharp gray eyes didn’t move from mine and I sneered at his serious face.

-“Of course, Lincoln Burrows ! Why are you being so serious ? You look just like mister. monkey-ass right there with your tense face”. I glared at Luke and everyone started making fun of him, playing with his hair and striking his shoulder. Everyone’s afraid of him ?... My ass !.

A big smile appeared on the face of the very imposing man and he put his elbows on the table, trying to get closer to me.

-“Let’s make a deal”. He said still having a big smile on his face, challenging me with his tipsy eyes.

-“If I win, you’ll make out with me”. The people around us started screaming and hissing but the more the seconds pass the more I’m starting to lose my awareness and feeling the dizziness growing.

When I took a look at Luke, he was frowning and clenching his fists so much that his blood vessels appeared on his hands.

-“Okaay...And if I do ?“. I leaned my head on the side, starting to feel my head heavy. He smiled revealing his dentition. He’s not really bad, I could say that he’s even attractive with his almost bald head and muscled body.

-“We’ll see”. He whispered, removing his elbows from the big table, taking his twentieth glass, and pointed it towards me.

-“Cheers !“. He declared before drinking. I stared at my full glass and I felt the sickness rising to my throat. It’s okay, we can do it! I brought the cup to my mouth and tried as hard as I could to force myself, not feeling the burning fluid flowing through my throat like before, but I stopped, drinking only half of it.

-“I can’t drink anymore...“. I laughed while I put powerfully on the table my eighteenth? nineteenth? twentieth? Can’t remember. All I can say is that it’s my last and only still-full glass and my stomach is already aching and my heart is beating so fast that I think he’s going to jump from my chest. Is that possible ?! I sneered again.

-“You lost !“. A smirk appeared on the face of the man in front of me, showing me his empty glass while mine was still full. He got up from his place and came closer to me, I stared at him curiously, not understanding why he’s getting closer. Everyone around me started shouting some things but I wasn’t listening...I couldn’t.

-“Almost twenty shots! You did pretty well cutty, me too I was at my peak !“.My vision became unclear and my breathing faster than before, so I put my hand on the table afraid to fall, he caught me by the back of my head, and as his mouth was going to bond to my lips, he suddenly fell on his back. Maybe he couldn’t hold the drunkenness too...

-“Go on Luke ! Break his fucking bones !“. Broken bones? Isn’t that a song? I laughed humming the melody while my head was spinning, feeling like I was going through a tunnel as, my taste, my sense of smell, and my eyesight are losing a lot of their acuity.

-“The devil’s gonna make me a free man, the devil’s gonna set me free...“. I murmured sneering and twirling my hand in the air.

A man is sitting on another robust one, throwing up his heavy punches on the face of his enemy like a professional American wrestler discharging all his fury on his opponent to win the big trophy. But the struck man slipped to the side, pushed the man’s elbow down and away, took a bottle dragging on the table, shattered it, and hurried to hit the young boy with.

Luke, in a second, was on his feet, watching the muscular man rushing towards him in slow motion as three other men, tried to interfere but the muscular man pushed them with a strong blow, overturning them, and managed to reach the face of his opponent, leaving a bleeding wound on his cheek. Even so, Luke didn’t try to stop the weapon; he rolled his hand under the man’s wrist, drove the man’s arm over and back, and pulled him backward and down. The man slammed, with his broken bottle into the floor, groaning from pain. Luke was waiting for his coming moves, glaring at him like a wild beast and as expected, the big man bounced back and jumped at him, he put out a nice stiff right on his chin, which he planned to follow with another one on his stomach. But Luke slipped to the left, escaping from the blow he was going to give him on his abdomen, and pulled his head forward using his left hand around his neck, and smashed the nose of the bodybuilder with his head. The big man stepped back holding his broken bloody nose before receiving a right jab followed by a left cross by the young boxer. Then, he got his hand into his crotch and put his shoulder into him and lifted him off the ground, and slammed him down on the hood of a truck, parked in the area. He grunted and went limp. When Luke stood back, the poor man slowly slid off the hood and lay in the street with his mouth open.

People around me started jumping and screaming very loudly and whistling with their fingers.

-“From the race to the battle of shots and now causing a fucking great fight like that, you’re the coolest girl I’ve ever met ! Thanks for making my day, chick !“. Cool ?! Isn’t that a recent song of the Jonas Brothers too? I started laughing as someone was shaking me by my shoulders from behind. No, mom please, I don’t want to wake up! Just ten minutes more, please...

The crowd scattered away from me suddenly, letting a tall handsome boy with light green iris moving towards me. Is that an angel? Is he going to take me to heaven? He squatted so he could be at the same level as me, and the angel turned out to be Luke, his cheek was bleeding and he had a bruise on the lower part of his face. Didn’t know that angel could come from a fight until I saw him...I looked at him, moving my head from side to side slowly, then I stopped and touched his hurt cheek with my index finger, letting the blood slid slowly on his cheek and my finger at the same time. He kept staring at me with his deep sad eyes, still in a crouched position, with legs wide apart and elbows on his knees.

-” You’re such a wuss, you know that ?“. He said and I started laughing and removed my hand from the table, wrapping my arms around his neck, and passed a hand through his soft chestnut hair.

-“Congratulations you won ! So you deserve a kiss !“. I smiled and bond our two faces, letting our noses touch as he continued to let his eyes hover all over my face, taking in every detail. I felt my cheeks burning under his gaze and his lips went slowly closer to put a delicate small kiss on my hot bulging cheekbone.

-“Let’s go home, please”. He whispered near my ear and I nodded.

-“Mmmm...Okay”. I said joyfully, leaning my head to the side and smiling. He started laughing as he lifted me with his two strong arms and walked while carrying me on his shoulder. I began to laugh with my face sticking to his back and my legs wrapped by his arm and he chuckled, amused by my sudden jovial expression.

-“Why are you laughing ?“. He asked in an amused way while still walking.

-“I don’t know...I feel good”. I laughed again.

-“What am I gonna do with you ?“. He whispered and I started feeling my eyes becoming heavy and sleepy.

Suddenly, someone started screaming the name of Luke and the man who was carrying me stopped walking.

-“What do you want, Diego ?“. He asked rudely.

-“The boss...The boss is here !“. The interlocutor reported, breathless after running.

-“So what ?“.

-“He wants to see you”.

-“Another time, I’m busy”. Luke said harshly, resuming his walk.

-“He wants to see you NOW !“. He stopped suddenly and swore under his breath. Then, he got closer to a car and put me on my feet but still holding me by my waist to not fall.

-“Stay here and don’t move, two minutes and I’ll come back to you”. He smiled at me and I nodded feeling high exhaustion taking control of my body. He half-smiled with a concerned stare on his face, he let go of my waist and I clung to the car behind me by putting my hands firmly on the hood.

They disappeared quickly from my field of vision, abandoning me in my drunkenness and drowsiness. I closed my eyes trying to rest but nausea and dizziness hit me at once, instantly.

- “Look who’s here ! The dickhead gave up on you finally ?!“. I opened my eyes suddenly looking at my interlocutor with difficulty.

-“Is that you, Jordan ?!“. I stared at him with eyes half-opened and I could’ve seen the smirk and the creepy glare he was giving me.

-“Wha...What do you want from me ?“. My hand slipped from the car and I fell on my knees, not being able to hold myself anymore.

-“Look at you ! You look pathetic !“. He sneered, getting closer to me and my breathing became heavy. I tried to stand up pressing my hand on the car but I ended up falling again, not even standing a bit.

Suddenly, he stretched his arm down to let me hold his hand to get up from the floor. I stared at him hesitating, I sure look pathetic with my vision unclear, and my sense of hearing almost reduced to nothing.

I took his hand and he pulled me up strongly from the soil.

-“Thank y...“. When I almost was on my feet, I felt pulled forward before getting my back pushed strongly to the wall.

-“Who the fuck you think I am, tricking me like that ?!“. I tried to move with the little power left in me but he blocked me with his body on me, clutching my wrists upwards.

-“I really believed you, slut !“. He whispered pressing powerfully on my wrists again.

-“S...So what ? You’re going to tell me that your feelings towards me were true ?“. I closed my eyes not wanting to see this...I don’t even have the words to describe him...And moved my face from his to the side.

-“They were”.

-“No, stop lying ! I don’t know what you want from me but they sure were not”. I feel blunt, completely lightweight, no strength left in me and I think I’m going to pass out soon.

-“I don’t know what your fucking bitch said to you about me but he was right! You should never have come near me, he was sticking to you like a fucking bitch the whole time, and as long as he’s not here, I’ll have no regret doin’ this...“. His cold hands slipped under my shirt to reach my chest as he put his lips on my neck, tearing off my skin with his teeth. I tried so hard to push him but neither my body nor his, moved a bit. How could I have considered this monster my friend?

-“S...Stop”. I whispered in a very low voice as my tears began to flow.

Suddenly...Nothing. The pressure of his body against mine, his freezing hands wandering under my shirt and his sickening lips on my neck disappeared as I closed my eyes and slid down the wall wishing this was all a bad dream. But when I opened them again, I started facing reality: Jordan on the ground with blood on his jaw and Luke clenching his fists, staring at him with a murderous glare. If eyes could kill, Jordan wouldn’t have any chance to survive. As Luke was ready to jump at him and snatch the last moments of his life, I screamed:

- “Luke, please ! Leave him ! He’s not worth it !“. He turned in my direction and ran towards me to help me get up.

- “Sarah are you okay ?” This son of a bitch didn’t do anything to you?“. His ready-to-kill look of earlier turned into a sweet, loving one but still, his eyes were darker than they used to. He held my face between his hands and examine each area of it carefully then, he took me in his arms and hugged me.

- “Luke ... I”.

- “Shhhhh! It’s okay ! You don’t have to say a thing...I’m with you, Nothing will happen to you now...I promise”. While caressing my back, he continued to calm my tears that kept flowing. I don’t know if alcohol has its blame but I have never felt so vulnerable and frightened in my entire life! Never...

- “Yeah, that’s it ! Go on ! Play your damn victim with your bastard, you two look pretty pathetic !“. Jordan laying on the floor, glared at us, wiping his red mouth.

- “OH YOU, I WILL KILL YOU! “. As Luke was about to pounce on him, I grabbed his arm.

- “Luke please, I want to go home”. My eyes filled with tears managed to convince him, he took my hand and walked straight towards Jordan.

- “This time I’ll spare you ! But if you have the guts to approach her again, I’ll fuck your damn race ! Got it ?!“. He grabbed him by his jacket, and I could feel his anger through his trembling hand that was holding me. As for Jordan, he didn’t even dare to raise his head, probably scared by the serious threatening tone that Luke employed.

-“He wants you to come back...“. Jordan added after we were far enough from him.

-” Tell him to go fuck himself, and you with him !“. Luke screamed in anger, holding my hand tightly, and not turning back.


I felt a hand caressing the back of my hair gently so I opened my eyes slowly and looked from the window, relieved that I was finally near my house. I was sleeping all along the way home and after trying to resist it for what if felt like hours, the tiredness seemed to have regained the upper hand on me, lastly.

I tried to open the door and get from the car but it didn’t want to, seeming to be locked.

-“Can you open the door please ? I want to get out !“. I whispered calmly. He stayed there without a move, holding the steering wheel firmly and focusing on a central point of the windscreen.

-“Please, I want to sleep”. I begged in a low voice.

-“Listen...I...“. He sighed, avoiding my stare.

-“Hum ?“.

-“I’m sorry”. This time, he plunged his gaze into mine and I could swear I saw a glimmer in his bright green eyes for a moment.

-“Luke feeling sorry ?! Is this a dream ?!“. A beautiful smile appeared instantly on his face and his gaze became more intense.

- “Indeed, my dear ! Rare are the people to whom I ask forgiveness but I’ll make an exception for you !“. He said deeply as that of a gentleman and I laughed. Her face getting closer to me, I could now admire her wonderful sparkling green eyes.

-” Is that so ? May I know in what honor ? “. I asked following the tone he employed.

- “Well let’s be honest, without you I would never have won this stupid race”. I smiled at his words and looked down avoiding his intimidating intense stare at me.

- “Oh but, I did nothing”. I said shyly and I felt his warm hand on my face as he was gently stroking my cheek with his fingers.

- “I prefer when you smile, you are thousand times more beautiful”. His gaze no longer wanted to leave mine, my heart was beating so fast and my stomach was tickling me and I was hoping with all my might that the light of the moon was not bright enough to expose my rosy cheeks.

- “For me, you did everything”. When his face came closer to mine to kiss my cheek, the ticklings in my stomach became stronger.

- “It’s not fair, it’s the fourth time you do this !“. I said, turning a lock of my hair with my finger.

- “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. The smirk on his face and the way he moves his bright eyes to hide his little game is making him absolutely adorable and I finally understand why Londi jumped at him like that...

- “Let’s go ! I’ll carry you to your house”. He said, removing his seat belt.

-“What ? No, I can carry myself !“. I tried to open the door but it was still locked. If my aunt figures out that I was with a boy in the middle of the night, she’s gonna lose her mind.

Wait...My aunt! I pulled out my phone from my jacket quickly and checked my phone to see 60 calls and 25 messages missed. Oh god!

-“What’s wrong ?“. Luke asked, frowning.

-“My aunt...I have to go !“. I rushed to open the door for the third time but it was still locked.

-“Luke !“. I glanced at him, nervous.

-“No, you’re not sober, I’ll open to you from the outside”.

-“I am, don’t come please”. She’s gonna freak out, totally freak out.

He ignored me and opened his door, letting me alone for seconds then finally unlocked mine.

-“You see, I can stan...“. I got out of the car and tried to stand on my feet immediately but I almost fell on my knees if Luke didn’t catch me with his arms wrapped around my shoulder.

-“Wooow ! This is what you call sober ?!“. He arched an eyebrow and I looked away anxious, hoping that my aunt fell asleep...

Still his arms around my body, he guided me to the door of my house and I tried to pull the key from my jacket with difficulty.

-“You can go now, I can open the door alone !“. He glanced at me, not really convinced by my fake assurance.

-“Go on then”. I glared at him and put the key in the lock of my door but it didn’t want to go into it.

-“Stupid key ! C’mon ! It always happens”. I lied, faking a smile at him.

-“Ding-Dong !“. I widened my eyes, not believing what this big idiot did.

-“What did you do ?“. He shrugged.

-“That’s why they made it, right ?“. He smiled at me.

-“Idiot ! What if she’s asleep ?!“. I whispered, furious. Oh god! He’s going to drive me crazy...

-“No, she’s not”. He looked at the door, hearing the steps and the sound of a key spinning into the lock. I rolled my eyes knowing that my time of death has come now.

-“Sarah !“. My aunt with a jacket on her shoulders hastened to take me in her arms. I stiffened hoping that she wouldn’t smell the alcohol but unfortunately, she shifted from me a little, looking at me confused. Oh god! She turned suddenly to Luke who had one arm wrapped around my shoulder then touched my face with her two hands.

-“Where were you, sweetheart ?! It’s three in the morning ! I almost called the cops ! Did you know how many times I called you and how much I was worried ?!“. I looked down, feeling guilty then, I tried to fake a smile at her, to reassure her.

-“I know, can I come in ?“. I asked still smiling.

-“Of course !“. She held me tight and Luke let go of my shoulder.

-“Do you want to come in ?“. She asked seeing Luke embarrassed, avoiding her stare from the start.

-“No, I think I should go”. He passed his hand through his hair and she nodded.

-“Thank you for bringing Sarah to me !“. She put her hand on his shoulder and he smiled.

-” ’Welcome”. He turned to leave but his stare crossed mine.

-“Good night, blondie ! Take care of yourself !“. He whispered and I smiled warmly at him.

-“Thank you, good night to you too Luke !“. He greeted me with his hand and went to his car, leaving me alone with my aunt who followed carefully the steps of Luke with her eyes until he was gone.

-“Ah!“. I lost my balance and almost fell for the umpteenth time if I didn’t cling to the grids of the entry.

-“Sarah ! Are you okay ?“. My aunt hurried to help me by putting my arm around her shoulder and got us finally into the house, not forgetting to close the door firmly.

-“So, where were you ?“. She handed a cup of water and a cookie to me and sit on a chair near me, crossing her arms.

-“Thank you !“. I drunk the water quickly and crunched the cookie, I feel thirsty and hungry, maybe because of the alcohol.

-“So, answer me, where did you go ?“. She asked for the second time. I stopped eating and crossed her tired eyes, I don’t think she has slept and that’s all because of me.

-“Can we talk about it tomorrow, I want to sleep”. I tried to save myself but the way she severely looked at me proved that I had no chance of escaping.

-“How many ?“. She asked, getting impatient.

-“How many what ?“. I looked down, playing the ignorant.

-“How many drinks did you have ?“. She rephrased the question in a calm tone and I don’t know what’s the worst, the way she’s looking at me like she wants to slap me, not wanting to remove her eyes from me, or the calm serious tone she’s employing to terrify me.

-“I don’t know...three or four”. I lied.

-“Sarah !“. She knocked on the table strongly, getting up from her seat and making me startle.

-“You know that drinking is really bad for you ! You just got out from your illness and now you drink like nothing’s happened ?!“. She screamed and I squeezed my hands, looking down.

-“I’m sorry, I won’t do that again, I promise”. I whispered and she kept glaring at me with a furious stare.

-“It’s because of him, right ?“. She clenched her jaw and I knew she was going to blame him.

-“No! It’s not his fault ! It’s mine, I swear ! He told me to stop but I didn’t listen to him...“. I said honestly, hoping that she would see it in my eyes.

-“Was he drunk when he drove you back ?“. Her brow was furrowed and her eyebrows were twitching, not letting any sign of happiness appear on her face and that’s how I could tell that she never had been angry at me like that.

-“No ! He doesn’t drink, I told you ! He told me to stop but I didn’t”. She took a deep breath and looked away. I swallowed my spit and looked down, feeling ashamed.

-“I’ll let you go for this time but, if you ever try to drink again, you’re going to have real troubles !“. She said after a moment of silence, I wanted to jump in her arms and kiss her but I restrained myself knowing that I would probably end up falling or being rejected because of the smell of alcohol.

-“Oh, thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! I promise I will never drink again !“. I screamed joyfully, showing a big smile on my face.

-“I didn’t finish !“. She cut my enthusiasm, giving me her severe stare again.

-“You have to promise me also...“.

-“What ?!“. I blinked, seeing her thoughtful.

-“Promise you won’t see this boy again !“. She declared, frowning and I widened my eyes.

-“N...Never see Luke again ? Why ? He’s a good boy, I swear it was my fault...“. I stared at her, worried, hoping that she would change her mind quickly but she looked at me suddenly in a really mad way, making me regret my words.

-“Sarah...I let you go one time with him and look at you, he changed you into a toxic girl”. She squatted down to be at my level and put her hand on my face, but I removed it.

-“I’m fine...“. I whispered, with my eyes filled with tears, hurt by her words, and avoiding her brown eyes.

-“Yeah, for now ! But I can’t let you risk your life like that ! So you choose ! Either you stop seeing him or I’ll take care of transferring you to another school”. I turned suddenly my gaze to her to see if she was being serious. She stood up, looking at me from above with her cold stare and I looked away, hesitating. I found myself in this school, I study well and the most important thing is that I’ve got some friends there. if she transfers me to another school, I don’t think I’ll find new ones that easily, especially with my introverted character and in the middle of the year.

-“So ?“. She asked, crossing her arms and leaning her head to the side.

-“No, anything but that ! I promise I’ll do my best to avoid him and never speak to him again !“. I looked right into her eyes, to make her believe me. I spared her the fact that Luke is in the same class as mine and that it would be really hard to avoid him, cause she’ll probably get mad and wants to switch schools immediately and that would be impossible for me to handle.

-“Good girl !“. She leaned forward to hug me and I took a deep breath.

-“I love you, my baby ! You become such a beautiful lady ! I still remember the day you were born, your parents were so happy to have you !“. She held my face between her hands and I faked a smile.

-“Can I go to sleep now ?!“. Seeing me trying to stand up, she put her arm around my waist to help me.

-“Here”. We climbed up the stairs silently and once we were in my room, she made me sit on my bed.

-“Give me your jacket, darling !“. I removed my jacket with her help and a paper slipped from it under my bed. I didn’t pay attention to it, maybe it’s a paper tissue that I forgot to throw or something like that.

-“Good night, sweety”. She covered me with a blanket and kissed me on my cheek before turning off the light.

-“I love you too, aunty !“. When I put my head on my pillow, my mind went immediately to Luke, I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he protected me, his eyes glowing when he looked at me and his soft little kisses on my cheek. Not forgetting, the way he made me feel all the time I was with him, with my heart jumping at his contact and the weird tickling in my stomach. I wonder if he felt that, too...Even if I’m not allowed to talk to him again, I can still have him in my dreams, at least.
-″ Good night, Luke...″.

″My dearest Sarah, I’ve been watching you all this time. An innocent girl like you shouldn’t hang around in such dangerous places, even less with a boy like Luke. Anyway, I saw you but you didn’t see me. Disappointing, right? It doesn’t matter. After all, I tend to get rid of everything that disappoints me ... Your end is getting closer my little Angel !“.

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