Double Star.

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20,5: Good night, blondie.

Near the open window where the moon was taking its full form, glimmering like the last hope of the month before fading away through the merge grey mists of the firmament’s indigo night, a shirtless boy was watching the pallid gold curtains swaying back and forwards by the breath of post-midnight. Something felt different in his bedtime, the smell of the garden grass or maybe the air, a light sensation that tasted like comfort and...Happiness. He smiled, turning his gaze to the top, spotting through his fresh remembrances the fair-haired girl that seemed sweet and humble, he could’ve told that the place where he brought her has never witnessed a lady as pure as her, then it fades into an unexpected sway, displaying her undercover Hard-case in the middle of the vipers and the toughest guys. He held his thoughts for some moments, a pleasant smile beamed on the wearied-out young fellow’s countenance as he bent over to collect his phone from the floor and check the time.

When he kissed the metis girl, he recognized the watchful glimpse she has inflicted him, before anticipating the demeaning revenge she was ready for anything to pay it back. He didn’t like the eyes of desire that everybody was delivering her like they would battle to have her and the more they wandered in this area, the more her golden falling hair and azure orbs screeched attentiveness.

Her quick walk past, innocent gaze of a spoiled shielded daughter were releasing him somehow, believing that she wouldn’t do any breakneck gesture in this far-from-reassuring spot and as long as he kept her near him, no one would dare attain her and that’s why he girdled his arm around her midriff, marking his property, to guard her unharmed. But the contrarian shit had to happen, she misguided everyone with her exemplary coy behavior, tricking her best friend, and knocked off the provocative words of the mixed-skin girl with delicate malice, leaving her voiceless. And then...the most memorable moment of the day left all his friends in a state of abrupt excitement, taking shots like a drunkard but still bearing the high effect of alcohol, letting everyone astounded by how an inexperienced fragile girl could handle better than the resilient men.

The young man sighed before locking his phone. When the robust chap headed to kiss her, his rage had reached its zenith, he didn’t like fights that much, preferring to sit on the sidelines and simply see where this goes even if something inside him was burning of anger cause, she didn’t want to listen to him, he told her to get herself together but she insulted him like a wild woman willing to finish fitly her revenge, and she almost did if he had constrained himself to not jump at the menacing thug, which in usual situations he could’ve done that but this time, it was different...She was different. To the few ones he cared about, she managed to settle in, with her dreamy eyes, pulpy gleaming lips, and her amber hair dropping on her shoulders like a waterfall effect, so alluring that he almost sunk in.

Suddenly, the screen of his phone illuminated before the resonance. He frowned, irritated by who could draw him out from his stirring reflections. Curiosity took the wheel, he picked up the phone, and the voice of his interlocutor made him gasp of shock, jumping from his bed.

-“Luke, my son, I didn’t expect you to answer so fast”. He could’ve felt his disgusting smile through the phone and he clenched his teeth, cursing himself for being too damn inquisitive.

-“What do you want?“. He replied embittered, ready to unhook at any moment.

-“You’re still up at this late time, son ?“. Luke closed his eyes feeling the adrenaline rushing into his head. The fact that he knew his damn...father by heart persuaded him that he was not calling without a purpose and in a certain way, he knew the boy was still up at this night time.

-“Don’t call me Son, I’m not!“. The father laughed, mocking the young man not taken seriously by his father.

-“You still hang out in my house so, you’re still under my responsibility, am I wrong ?“. Here we go again with his fucking threats, the boy thought, sighing loudly and cursed him under his breath.

-“What do you want?“. He repeated.

-“How is Elizabeth, haven’t seen her in a while, she’s still alive?“. He sneered ignoring the topic and making the wrath of Luke grow terribly.

-“She’s fine”. He managed to say quickly, trying to control his mind. This man was unbeatable at manipulating feelings and Luke knew him long enough to discern the huge evil inside him and the more you stay indifferent to his inflammatory speech, the more the chances of avoiding falling into his trap increase, but you’ll never be safe enough.

-“By the way Luke, they told me you won the race, sorry for congratulating you late, I could be such an ignorant dad sometimes”. He laughed devilishly and Luke sighed on his bed, facing the window and feeling the cold finally reach him.

-“So?“. He declared impatiently.

-“I don’t show it but, you really make me proud each time you win cause you just remind me of my old self again”. Obviously, what would make a narcissist proud except himself?

-“Thanks”. He forced himself to say looking at the floor, annoyed.

-“But this time it was different, right?“. He asked mischievously and Luke frowned fixing his light screen.

-“What do you mean?“.

-“Oh you know what I mean. You had some help from...what do you call her again ?... Rookie? Loli? Sill...“.

-“Blondie!“. He whispered cutting his wordplay off but the man who doesn’t miss a thing heard him and the smirk that appeared on his face confirmed the report of the stupid brat.

-“Who told you this?“. Luke held firmly his phone with his hand, he seemed to want to throw it hard against the wall but he restrained himself knowing that if he did, he would let the unbearable wolf enclose his claws around him again.

-“You know him, it’s your friend Matthew...No, not him. What was his name again? Cayden? Cayton? Layton?“.

-“Jordan”. Luke rolled his eyes exhausted from this lively day that didn’t seem to want to end.

-“And you fought for her”. He said in a mocking tone. Luke stayed silent, not being able to carry the filthy conversation of his worthless progenitor.

-“What happened Luke? You never fought for anyone except for Elizabeth. You’re always the wise man who pretends to have great self-control. Are you, by any chance, in love?“. He sneered meanly and Luke passed one hand through his hair, trying to not fall asleep from this boring tiring talk.

-“No”. He never loved and could never. This shit is too damn shitty for him and he didn’t want to waste time believing in shitty stuff.

-“Good then, would you mind doing something for me?“. His tone changed from a snide sarcastic to a dangerous ungracious one and that’s when Luke regained his awareness spontaneously.

-“You forgot with who I am?“. Luke reacted harshly.

-“No, of course, I didn’t. And speaking about that, I have some records of your friends that could make some trouble out there, what’re their names again? Jacob James Watterson, Taylor Ryan Corner, and...Edward Joseph Galbraith right?“. He seemed to read, scrolling some papers with his finger. Luke stiffened suddenly, sensing the threatening appearance and the icy smile of his dad from afar. How can people be more cold and calculating?

-“What do you want me to do?“. He finally gave up after moments of wasted ideas, wiping his face with his hand.

-“Come to my office tomorrow, I’ll explain to you every...“. Not being able to carry the stupid fulminations of his fucking parent, he hung up the phone, promptly stood up, and threw it vigorously on the middle of the bed.

-“Goddamn son of a bitch! When will he leave me alone, damn it!“. He yelled, holding his face in his hands. No matter how many times he deleted his number and blocked him everywhere, he perpetually discovers a way to reach out to him, that fucking old man never missed a chance to make life looks more miserable.

The boy didn’t take much time to worry about his dad’s bullshit that he shut the opening noisily and forced himself to sleep. Luckily, something made his twilight more twinkling, ’cause he had guessed the red flush when he would kiss her cheek carefully.

-“Good night, blondie”.

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