Double Star.

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2: New Friends.

PoV Sarah:

I walked quietly to the place indicated by the professor. The boy didn’t seem to care about me, well we don’t know each other so it’s logical that we don’t talk. Anyway, an almost murder in front of the hospital was never an option to know people, I guess. While speaking of the hospital, what was he doing there? He introduced himself to me and so did I so basically we know each other or...maybe not. After all, I don’t think I’m good at talking so I better not start the conversation. I remembered one day in middle school, a boy with glasses asked me to go out with him, and hopeless like I am, I told him that if he wanted seriously to have a girlfriend he needed to visit a beautician. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life and god knows how many of them I had. Why did I ever tell him this, I could’ve just said no. I don’t know, maybe cause I found him more like a hairy rock...When I told this story to my parents, they laughed so hard and then my mother said to me those words that I didn’t understand, and I still don’t: -“Oh darling stop being honest with people, they don’t deserve it”. Anyway, the boy never talked to me again, maybe cause he thought I was a crazy girl that didn’t know what to do with her life or maybe he believed me...I truly don’t know. But this experience made me understand something: I was never good at talking to people so I decided to shut up rather than ended up hurting another poor soul...

-“You there! If my lesson doesn’t interest both of you you can go out !“. I looked at the professor and he was staring at Luke

-“Mr.Hammer you were late this morning, you don’t want problems from the first day of school, do you ?“.He yelled.

-“And you miss. Arlyne, don’t think I will tolerate you just because you’re new !“. God, he’s so strict but I don’t want to get in trouble from the first day.

-“Yes sir !“. I said.

-“Mr. Hammer ?!“. The professor stared at Luke with a scary Look but he didn’t seem to care.

-“Yeah”. I could hear a “Go fuck yourself ” and I chuckled. Suddenly, he turned his head in my direction scanning me with a strange look.

-“Hi”. I tried to relax the atmosphere but he continued scanning me without any problem.

-“Do I know you ?“. I blinked several times. Is he serious ?.

-“No, I guess”. Like I said an almost murder was never a good way to know people.

-“So don’t fuck your energy talking to me. You’re not even interesting”.

-“WHAAT ?!“. I yelled jumping up from my seat and almost forgetting that we were in a class.

-“That’s enough now! Both of you get out of here ! And one-hour detention for both of you tomorrow’s evening for interrupting me two times in a row !“.

Oh my god! This is the first time that it happens to me and now I’m obliged to go see the crazy supervisor again. Me who hoped to never see her again...My hope is lost.

As I was walking slowly down the halls, I heard someone sigh loudly.

-“Move, damn it !“. Luke jostled me and walked faster to surpass me. Maybe he feels that it was my fault that he was excluded from the class but he had his part of responsibility too. No one’s ever talked to me so aggressively like that before, why is he acting like a jerk?

-“Wait !“. I was surprised to see him go in the opposite direction of the administration’s office.

-“What again ?“. He turned slightly to me staring at me with his green eyes.

-“You’re going the wrong way...“. He sneered at me.

-“Do you think I’ll go see the kooky pickle-faced crone with you? You’re too naive”. I ignored him and walked right in front of me.

-“You’re weird...“. And without a warning, I felt my body pushed strongly against the wall. He grabbed my wrists violently and whisper to me in my ear:

-“If you ever say that again, you’ll fucking regret being born”. I was shocked by those words, what did I ever say to make him this angry? His eyes were reflecting the anger that he was feeling but I could distinguish a glow of sorrow in his lighting green iris.

-“LET GO OF ME NOW !“. I said in an offensive tone. He let go of me suddenly and left me alone in the hall. What in the world just happened? He just threatened me without a reason, well I’ll make sure to never get close to him again. Never!

What am I going to say to my aunt? That I was excluded from the course on the first day of school because of a weird and bipolar boy, and that I will be stuck with him tomorrow again. I sighed with annoyance, I guess I would never have fun as she said.


I took my books from my locker and tried to close this one but, in vain. Fortunately, the creepy old woman was gone by the time I arrived at the office. There was another young woman who asked me how I got excluded from the class and told her that I screamed without doing it on purpose because there was a bolt in my chair. I prefer not to talk about Mr. Hammer. The more I ignore him, the more it’s better. She told me to wait on a bench, and she wrote something on a sheet of paper. I think it was a warning but I’m not sure.

-“Damn !“. I swore, hitting an umpteenth time on my locker.

-“We can help if you want”. I turned to face two pretty girls smiling at me.

-“Hi, my name is Noelle”. A girl with straight brown hair and blue eyes smiled at me.

-“And I’m Ashley!“. An average-sized brunettegirl with coffee-colored eyes and wavy dusky-brown hair was staring at me with a bright smile. I was a little surprised since I don’t know who they were and they just presented themselves to me but I preferred to not question them about that.

-“And I am...“.

-“Sarah. We know, we are in the same class”. Replied Noelle. So that makes sense now.

-“Oh ok. It’s nice to meet you”. I smiled at both of them and Ashley looked at my locker.

-“So your locker ?“.

-“Well, I can’t close it”. Ashley approached my locker and checked it.

-“Well, I see why! Your books are overflowing”. She laughed.

-“Oh!“. I didn’t even notice.

-“You must be very pissed”. Noelle stared at me with a strange look referring to what happened this morning, maybe.

-“Oh hell yeah!“. Whistles caught our laughs, when I tried to figure out what was happening, I saw a divine beauty walking in the halls with three other girls. She had long black hair running down her shoulders, piercing light brown eyes, and a well-designed body. I felt a little embarrassed by her posture, she seemed to be one of those superficial and popular girls we see on TV, looking perfect with her luxury makeup and her stylish clothes.

-“Let’s go”. Noelle interrupted my thoughts.

-“Yep”. I smiled and she grabbed both of Ashley’s and mine’s arms heading to class.


During the whole course, Noelle didn’t stop talking, but that didn’t bother me since the lesson wasn’t very interesting. Luke wasn’t in the class and that made me comfortable somehow, I don’t want to see him after what he did, but being in the same class as him doesn’t help.

-“Hey, are you listening ?“. Noelle stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

-“Yeah, you were talking about the food of the cafeteria, right ?“.

-“Ahum and I asked you if you want to eat with us at noon, I’ll show you around if you like ?“. She keeps staring at me with the same cute stare. Seriously who could say no to her? Only her eyes make you surrender easily. I’ve never seen such beautiful iris before, blue like the ocean, I have blue eyes too, well mine are colder but hers are glowing and reflect a lot of emotions just like the eyes of Luke...What am I talking about? Luke? Who’s Luke?

-“Of course. I would like to”. I nodded with a warm smile.

-“Great!“. she clapped her hands without making a sound.

-“Noelle”. Whispered Ashley.

-“Not now Ashley, I’m busy talking”. I raised my head and saw the teacher glaring at us.

-“Miss. Anderson, can you open your book and read page 5 instead of chatting ?“.

-“Yes madam!“. Noelle turned her face to mine.

-“Can you lend me your book, I forgot mine”. She said with a low voice so the teacher won’t hear. I ducked a smile and put the book in the middle of the table.


I was sitting with my two new friends at a table playing with my meal.

-“You’re not eating ?“. Ashley asked, curiously.

-“Well, I’m not that hungry”. I faked a smile.

-“Trust me, you’re not missing anything”. Complained Noelle.

-“Well, you sure didn’t miss a thing too”. Ashley said while staring at the empty plate of Noelle who glared at her and rolled her eyes. I laughed wondering for how long those two have been friends.

-“Well Sarah, you see the table there ?!“. Noelle pointed at me a table that eight people were sitting at.

-“It’s the table of the popular”. I was looking at the “popular” carefully. There were four girls and four boys, and it didn’t shock me to see Luke and the other girls I met in the hallway with them. Typically, he does look like one of them and I bet that the girl with the long black hair is his girlfriend.

-“So”, continued Noelle.“The one sitting on the left is called Edward. He’s the calmest and the most mature of them. Next to him is Jacob, a charming and funny guy. You already know Luke, the most impulsive and handsome boy in high school. All the girls here are dreaming of becoming his girlfriend, but I think he’s already in a relationship with Kelly, you know the black-haired girl who looks like a witch, the one sitting in front of him”. Seriously, I would never have guessed so.

-“And the other girls are Ines, Britney, and Skylar. These girls are real jugs, avoid them if you don’t want any trouble”. Great, other names to add to my list of people to avoid.

-“I think you forgot someone”. I said after reflection.

-“No, I don’t know who you’re talking about”. I frowned, not understanding why she is acting like that.

-“I’m talking about the last guy sitting on the right”. I persisted.

-“Oh him, he’s Taylor”. She said, annoyed.

-“It’s her brother-in-law, Noelle doesn’t get along very well with him”. Ashley whispered to me seeing my confusion.

-“Oh, why ?“. I asked curiously.

-“Her mother remarried with Taylor’s father and Noelle was a little against, you see ?“. Poor Noelle, the separation of her parents hurt her a lot, and her mother getting married to another man caused her more harm.

-“What are you talking about ?“. Noelle asked with a suspicious look.

-“Nothing”. She arched an eyebrow and I smiled innocently.

-“So Sarah, we don’t know anything about you. You seem to be the mysterious type”. Ashley changed the subject and Noelle seemed to forget what she was asking before.

-“Oh really. I don’t think I have anything special. I mean...I’m a normal girl”. I answered with a fake smile. I don’t want to talk about my life right now.

-“Well, we still have time before the class starts. Do you want me to show you around ?“. Noelle proposed to me.

-“Yes, I would like to. It will avoid me getting lost in the halls”.

-“I’ll join you later. I have something to do”. Ashley checked her phone and got up from her chair.

-“Ok then, see you in class”. She nodded with a smile and left me alone with Noelle.

When I was going to get up from my chair, I unconsciously crossed Luke’s gaze. Why is he giving me this strange look? I decided to ignore him and joined Noelle who has preceded me by a few steps.


My aunt, as expected, came to pick me up after school. I didn’t tell her that I got excluded from class and will get one hour of detention tomorrow, I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy about that and I didn’t want to ruin my day.

When I got home, I spent the rest of the day watching T.V and doing my homework.

At 9 p.m I decided to go to sleep, it was a long and tiring day and I need some rest. I looked for my drugs but I forgot where I put them. However, I feel too tired to go search for them...Good night.

“Health is the most valuable treasure and the easiest to lose; it is however the most badly kept ″.


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