Double Star.

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3: Detention With Him.

PoV Sarah:


My alarm started ringing, waking me up from another nightmare. My head hurt me like every morning but I’ve gotten used to it now. I woke up from the bed and I felt my head spinning and the darkness invading the room. Damn, I got up too fast! I leaned against what seemed to be a wall, then a few seconds later, I regained my sight. I made my usual routine, taking a shower, and putting on my casual clothes. I also put on some mascara and concealer to hide my dark circles.

When I prepared myself, I went down the stairs to find my aunt and have breakfast.

When we finished eating, I took my bag that I prepared yesterday but before I got up to leave, my aunt interpellated me:

-“So, shall we go ?“. She smiled.

-“We ?“. I asked perplexed.

-“Don’t tell me you’re going to drive me to school? You’re not obliged to come with me anymore, I know how to drive and I can take care of myself you know...“. And without expecting it, she took me by the arm and dragged me towards her car.

- “I am your aunt Sarah and it’s my duty to take care of you, so never say that I feel obligated or anything else. Is it clear ? “. I looked at her, crossing her green eyes. She looks so much like my mother. I gave her a small smile to thank her.

-“Okay but tomorrow I’ll go alone”. She nodded and I got into her car.

During the ride, I was listening to the radio while twisting my hair. What if Noelle and Ashley refuse to stay with me? The stress increased as I’m wondering how this day will go.

Finally arrived, I got out of the car, but I retraced my path remembering my detention.

-“Emm... Aunt Jane, can you pick me up at 5 p.m ?“. I asked timidly.

-“Why so late ?“.She frowned.

-“Euh...remedial course”. I lied hoping that she would believe me.

-“Remedial course at the beginning of the year ?“. I could tell by her expression that she’s not that convinced.

-“Yeah, I find it weird too. Well, I gotta go now”. I kissed her on the cheek and left quickly to avoid another question. I ran through the halls to get my book of physics in my locker and...

- “Oh my God!“. I stay speechless facing the scene of Luke and the dark-haired girl kissing each other in a really...disgusting way. Her nails that looked more like claws, were wandering all along with his t-shirt, and she chuckled and moaned in a very terrible sound. Why am I even here? Oh yeah, my book! Why do they have to do their...thing near my locker? The girl felt like she was going to collide with it. Now I’m sure, this locker is cursed or maybe I’m the one who’s cursed. But what made me even more perplexed is that I was the only one to contemplate them: The passers-by looked at them and act like nothing’s happening, others didn’t even raise their heads. Maybe they are used to this kind of scene but I could read another expression on their faces...fear? What are they afraid of?

-“What a disgusting way to kiss a girl in front of everyone, don’t you think ?“. I turned around to face a boy with dark hair and intense blue eyes.

-“Hi, I’m Jacob, Jacob Watterson. I’m in the 4S”. I don’t know why I feel weird every time someone introduces himself to me, maybe cause I’m a shy girl and I’m not used to people coming to me...

-“Can I know the name of the charming lady standing in front of me ?“. He smiled at me in such a cute way that it made me a little blush.

-“Yeah of course. Sarah Arlyne from 2S”. I tried to stay focused and not feel embarrassed, I don’t know why I get so nervous when a boy talks to me. He seemed to think about something then said:

-“Nice to meet your beauty. It’s the first time I see you around “. I blushed again.

-“Well, maybe cause I’m new here”. I answered with a smile. I already saw this boy, he’s one of the ‘popular’ like Noelle called them, which means he’s a friend of Luke too.

-“Finished your damn talk, you two ?“. Luke caught our attention, he gave me a cold stare and I looked away.

-“You seriously took your time fucking a girl in front of everyone”. I widened my eyes, shocked by the way Jacob talked to him. He must be a very good friend to talk to him like that cause from the little that I know Luke, I don’t think he would like this kind of joke.

-“Mind your damn business! I didn’t fuck her”. I could feel the persistent look of this stupid idiot on me but what happened yesterday is still fresh in my memory, he literally assaulted me without any reason and I’m not going to be easy on that.

-“Almost, did you enjoy it, at least ?“. Oh, God! What am I doing here, seriously? Jacob smiled at him archly and Luke, faithful to himself, glared at him.

-“Yeah, I guess”. He shrugged and put his hands in his pockets then left. Was the kiss that bad?

-” Well, It was really nice to know you, sweety !“. Jacob smiled and gave me his hand to shake.

-“I hope we can meet again, Jacob”. I took his warm hand glad that I met this joyful boy who is, by the way, the opposite of this jackass of Luke.

-“Call me Jac’ !“. He winked at me and I nodded, smiling. Then he walked away, probably going after his upset friend.

I sighed taking my book from my locker, then felt two hands covering my eyes.

-“Who is it ?“. I wondered.

-“Kendall Jenner ?“. My friend removed his hands delicately from my face and sent me a strange look.

-“Seriously, you like Kendall Jenner ?“.

-“Yeah what’s the matter? I mean she’s gorgeous !“.

-“Gorgeous? You mean gross. She’s always acting haughty and sassy queen just like her sisters”. I laughed at the words and the tone she employed.

-“They are rich people, I mean very rich people, how do you think those persons would act ?“. She leaned her head on the right, not really convinced by what I said. Suddenly the bell rang announcing the start of the lesson.

-“Oh no, we’re late! Hurry up, I told Ashley to wait for me in the cafeteria, she’s gonna kill me!“. She grabbed my arms and sped her steps, dragging me behind like a sheep. I laughed hoping that the professor hasn’t arrived yet, I think that one-hour detention in a day is way too much enough for me.


The rest of the day went pretty well and now it’s time for my detention. As I was saying goodbye to Noelle and Ashley and walking towards my class, I’m really regretting the reason for my detention. Seriously, what was going on in my mind, screaming in a class like a hysteric?

When I opened the door, only the professor was there, Luke hadn’t arrived yet or maybe he won’t. Like I care! I ignored him all day and I’ll do so now. I took a seat and started doing the homework for tomorrow but something bothered me. Why the hell is this teacher staring at me like that? I tried to not give him attention but it became more and more persistent.

Suddenly the door opened, letting a tall silhouette with bright eyes in. His stare, as cold as it may seem, can literally make any girl melt. For a reason that I don’t know and for the first time, I felt happy seeing him, it’s probably cause I’ve got sick of the weird man watching me, it’s definitely that! His hands still in his pockets, he gave me an amusing smile and I looked away immediately. I hope he didn’t see the red in my cheeks, cause if he did, I wouldn’t know how to explain it.

He sat behind me, and I could feel his burning look on me. 15 minutes later, I found myself alone with him. I felt so much embarrassed about the situation that I started, unconsciously twisting my hair. I could’ve seen him, by the corner of my eye, frowning and a mocking smile appeared on his beautiful face, letting me get into his trap.

-“What are you doing, blondie ?“. I felt the red rising to my face automatically, it became a habit now, I guess.

-“Nothing special, just letting the time pass”. I tried to hide the embarrassment in my voice and act normal. I’m not going to let him intimidates me again.

-“Bored that much ?“. My god, he’s so persistent! Why is he even talking to me? He made it clear at that time that he didn’t want me to talk to him so why is he trying to be nice to me now? I simply shrugged as an answer. I’m used to being bored. It’s not like it’s something new.

Suddenly and against all odds, he got up, lifted his chair, and sat next to me. He was so close that I could even smell his delightful scent. I looked at him with a shocked expression but he acted like nothing’s happening, maybe he’s used to getting close enough to girls but I’m not. he puts his elbows on my table and stared at me, smiling.

-“So if you’re that bored, wanna go for a ride with me ?“. I need to get my thoughts clear, is this really the real Luke?

-“I thought I wasn’t interesting ?“. I replied harshly.

-“Well, I changed my mind. You’re rather pretty hot”. I widened my eyes, not knowing if I should be happy with this kind of compliment or embarrassed.

-“Come on Blondie! I promise it would be fun !“. He’s definitely playing with me, looking at me with a cute face and glowing eyes, and even though I’m dying to say ″Yes” to him, I’m not going to give him this pleasure.

-“I don’t know...What if you rape me ?“. He seemed confused, removing his elbows from the table.

-“Who do you think I am? I’m not a pervert you know?“.

-“It’s not what I saw this morning”. I smiled archly.

-“So it’s yes or no ?“.

-“No !“.

-“Right”. He sighed.

-“You know that no girl has refused any of my requests before ?“. I wonder how many girls did he ask for a date, probably more than a hundred.

-“I don’t care. Everything has a beginning you know”. He started to get pissed and I’m pretty sure he’s going to leave me alone soon. At least that’s what I want, right?

-“And more important, my aunt is going to pick me up so stop wasting your time on me and leave me alone !“. I might be harsh with my words but he’s the one who started. I checked his face to see the disappointment but he looked at me...amused?

-“That’s all ?“. I blinked several times. What is he doing? He’s snooping in my bag?

-“What are you doing you jerk ?! I didn’t allow you to touch my things !“. He continued to ignore me and took my phone from my bag. Wait...What is he going to do?

-“GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE, YOU IDIOT!“. He started to write something on my phone and I tried many times to reach out to his hand but he escaped every attempt. Well deserved for me for not putting a password on my phone.

-“Here, take it”. After a few minutes of trying desperately to reach out to my phone, he finally gave it to me. I immediately checked what he did and I could’ve read:

Me to Aunt Jane 4:25 p.m: "Don’t come to pick me, I’ll go with a friend.” So we’re Friends now...

-“you seriously think you’re going far with honestly ?“. I glared at him. Suddenly, my phone rang.

Aunt Jane to me 4:26 p.m: "Have fun sweety :*”

-“So ?“. He asked with a smirk.

-“Okay”. I sighed. Where is this going to take me? Probably right to hell...

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