Double Star.

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4: First Date.

PoV Sarah:

We were walking towards his car and I felt a little embarrassed since he didn’t want to take off his eyes from me.

-“Why are looking at me like that ?“. I finally asked. He seemed to be thinking about something.

-“Nothing...I just think you’re too skinny”. Oh my god! Is he serious ?! I know that I’m a little bit skinny and I quickly lose appetite but to hear that from someone that I barely know, especially from a boy... hurts.

-“KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS FOR YOU THEN !“. I screamed in anger.

-“You remind me of someone I know”. He said it in a low voice and I blinked.

-“Oh really! Who ?“. He didn’t answer me, he just walked towards me and without a warning, lifted me with his two strong arms.

-“Okay, you seriously are out of your mind. PUT ME DOWN NOW!“. Afraid of falling, I held on tight to his shoulders. He didn’t want to take off his eyes from mine and even if he’s still looking at me with the same cold stare, the way the bright light of the sunset is making his iris glow more captivated me so much that I almost forgot how to breathe.

-“Someone I care about”. He said putting me down and moving to his car. What? Does he actually care about someone?

-“You should eat blondie if you don’t want to get sick someday”. I stared at him with my mouth half-opened. He’s actually caring about me? I know I’m repeating myself but, is this really the Luke from yesterday?

-“Gonna stand there all day or want me to carry you to the car ?“. He said with a smirk.

-“No I can carry myself, thank you”. I faked a smile.

Once in the car, the same as the one of that night when he almost killed me, I started playing with my hair and he seemed to be looking for something in the vehicle.

-“You will end up tearing your hair if you continue, blondie”. He said while adjusting the rearview mirror of his car.

-“Stop calling me blondie please, I have a name!“. Urgh, I hate that nickname.

-“Carry on like that and I’ll call you the fucking bald”. I couldn’t stop myself laughing at his words. I imagined myself shaving my hair with a piercing on my tongue, and I died laughing again.

-“What’s so funny ?“. He looked at me amused.

-“Nothing. I guess I’ll go with the old one then”. He smiled at me and I felt my cheeks burning so I turned my face pretending to look through the window.

-“So where are we going ?“. I finally asked.

-“Get ready”. Wut?

-“Ready for what ?“. It didn’t take me too long to understand what he was talking about. Not even giving me enough time to put on my belt, he started to drive at a crazy speed.


Twenty minutes that we are riding like lightning and I think I’m started to lose all my senses.

He’s driving so fast and I’m grateful to God that there are almost no cars on the road, otherwise, I think we wouldn’t survive till now. Does he always drive like that? So it wasn’t just my fault, that night.

-“Where are we going ?“. I asked again, trying to catch my breath.

-“You’ll see”. He replied, looking ahead. Urgh, I hate this answer!

-“Slow down please, I think I lost my breath”. I said softly. He looked at me for a second then concentrated on the road. I must be the only girl who doesn’t like speed, I guess.

-“Sorry babe, I can’t. The place I’m taking you is more than two hours from here and it’s already late unless you want to spend the night with me...“. He gave me a wink and a smile full of perverted allusions. I winced and ignored his reply.

-“Do you do car racing ?“. I asked out of curiosity.

-“Yeah kind of. How did you guess?“. He ran his fingers through his hair and I couldn’t help but find it cute.

-“Dunno. You’re over the speed limit and you seem to have a race car so I just thought maybe you like to do those thin...WATCH OUT!“. We almost crashed into a tree if he didn’t take control of the car.

-“Oh god, you nearly killed us”. I said catching my breath once again.

-“Don’t worry blondie, I manage. Plus, it’s not like the first time you get out alive”. Here we go with the blondie name again. I sighed hoping that the luck won’t let me down as long as I am with him...


The night is nearly going to fall, and I feel a little bit cold in this place. A soft breeze caressed my face and made my hair go in every direction. I looked around me and all I see is a vast, dark, and isolated forest full of tall trees, and the sound of insects is making me paranoid.

-“Can I know where we are, now ?“. He didn’t even turn to face me, he’s just walking in front of me, putting his hands in his jean and not giving me any attention and it started to piss me off. What’s his problem, seriously? He brings me to an unknown place and when I ask him the location, he ignores me. Such a jerk! One time he’s so nice, another time he becomes so...cold. Urgh! I sighed loudly and turned my face to avoid looking at him.

-“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!“. I screamed of fear when I saw a big spider on my shoulder. Luke turned suddenly to face me but I didn’t pay attention to him, too busy with the beast that climbed up to my shoulder. How did it even get here? Yuck! I’m feeling sick right now.

-“What’s the problem ?“. He frowned and got closer to me. Oh, he’s paying attention to me now ?!

-“What’s the problem ?! Nothing, just a spider as big as your head on my shoulder, and if you don’t take it away, I think it’s going to BITE MEE!“. I cried. I might be acting like a child right now but I truly don’t care.

-“That’s rare though”. He sneered at me and seemed t be amused by the situation. More gentleman than him, I don’t think you can find.

-“I don’t care, just remove it already!“. I tried to stretch my arm as far as I could and look anywhere but my shoulder. Luke sighed before taking away the big thing from my body and gave me a strange look like he’s saying to me “Are you serious ?“. Yes, yes I am, idiot. I can’t help it if I’m afraid of spiders. They are the second type of bugs I hate, the first ones are cockroaches. Yuck!

-“What are you doing ?“. He brought the spider closer to me.

-“Touch it, it won’t hurt you”. His hand came closer and closer and as soon as my eyes stared at the disgusting eight-legged freak, I run away as fast as I could. I heard him shouting insults and threats but I paid no attention.

I stopped in front of a splendid landscape. The sky was covered with thousands of stars shining brightly. The twilight of the sunset added a beautiful brightness to the midnight blue of the sky. The trees that surrounded the forest formed a vast horizon, I’ve never seen such a magical view like this before.

-“So ?“. Luke joined me, seconds later. I didn’t turn to him, too hypnotized by this impressive view.

-“It’s...magical!“. I finally said. He smiled and nodded, sitting on the thin grass. Feeling that I was fixing him, he showed me a place right next to him. I inspected the grass carefully, what if there were critters more disgusting than the spider on my shoulder?

-“You can sit on my knees if you’re afraid”. He said giving me a wink and a mocking smile.

-“No thanks, the floor feels nice”. I smiled at him the same way.

-“As you wish, blondie”. He shrugged but the smirk on his face didn’t disappear. I looked at the grass just to be sure that there was nothing on it and suddenly, I got pulled by the arm which made me fall on the ground immediately.

-“Aoutch, you hurt me! “. I glared at him and he just smiled so irresistibly that I felt my cheeks burning again, so I looked away to the sky pretending to contemplate it. Damn! I hope he didn’t see it in the dark.

-“So blondie, wanna know each other more ?“. He laid on the floor and put his hands behind his head. Why does he want to know me more? Where is this even going to take us? It’s a date, isn’t it? Or maybe he just wants us to be...friends? He doesn’t look like the person who wants to socialize with everyone but he’s being nice to me, at least for now. I should stop asking myself questions and enjoy the moment.

-“Yeah if you want. You start ?“.

-“Date of birth ?“.

-“March 16th, you ?“.

-“August 17th”.

-“Okay. Sister or brother ?“.

-“Sister, only”. He seemed thoughtful when he said that. Okay, I’ll pass the questions about family.

-“Favourite band ?“.

-“Imagine Dragons”. I looked at him surprised.

-“Really ?! It’s my favorite too !“. I almost screamed.

-” You see, we have much in common than you think, blondie”. He said hoarsely and smiled at me in his irresistible way again. Oh god, how can a person be so cold and cute at the same time?

-“Favorite color ?“. I asked after a moment. He hesitated for an instant which made me think that he has no favorite color.

-“Green”. He finally answered.

-“Yeah, like your eyes”. I said in a low voice.

-“What ?“. He frowned.

-“Nothing. I like it too”. He smiled at me and I took the time to admire his beautiful emerald eyes glowing in the moonlight. Well, I didn’t have any particular color to like before I saw his eyes.

-“Your favorite movie ?“. I asked after a moment of contemplating the stars.

-”War of the Worlds “. He answered and I stiffened. It was my dad’s favorite too...

-” I hate Science fiction movies! “. I winced.

-” Let me guess, you’re more into movies with a shitty dramatic end ?“. He said in a jaded way and I laughed. Dad was not into drama films too, he was always falling asleep while mom and I were cursing him and crying our eyes out for a whole week.

-“They are not! You should see Forrest Gump or The Pianist, or even Grave of the Fireflies, I swear they are very good, I’ll watch with you...If you want”. I said with excitement but he looked at me amused and I felt suddenly stupid for being this familiar with him and proposing to him to watch with me while we barely know each other. He remained silent for a moment making my awkwardness grew badly.

-” You’re so lovely”.

-“What ?“. When my eyes crossed his’, my heart almost skipped a beat. He was still looking at me with the same amused way as before and I’m regretting so much for not making myself more representable, I’m sure I look like a mess, and the way he’s facing me, pressing his elbow on the ground and his hand on his face, not removing his green eyes from mine, is making me wanna kill myself so bad.

-” I said you look so lovely”. Huh...What? How? When ?. Is he saying this because he felt that I was uncomfortable and he’s trying to ease the situation or, maybe he really thinks I am or it’s just one of his skills to flirt with me as he did with other girls...I felt the red climbing to my cheeks and this time I don’t think that the dark could hide it.

-” If you’re trying to flirt with me, that’s not gonna work “. I glanced at his perplexed face.

-“Why not ?“. He arched an eyebrow with a smirk on his lips and I almost lost my tongue. Oh god, why am I this stuck with boys?

-“Because you’re not interesting”. I said imitating the same harsh tone he employed yesterday and he suddenly burst out laughing, letting me contemplate the fine, well-formed features of his face beamed by his smiling lips. His long neck and broad forehead were giving him such a masculine and intelligent beauty that it was hard to look away.

-” No kidding ?“. He asked with the same attractive smirk and I nodded.

-” Lovely and resentful, what can I ask for more ?“. He said going back to his old position, putting his back on the ground and his arms behind his head. I arranged a strand of hair behind my ear and got my knees closer to my chest, encircling them with my arms. I wonder if I don’t interest him like he said, cause for me I’d lie if I say that he lets me indifferent.

A smooth silence settled between us, letting nature being more expressive with her hymn of dancing trees in the bright night and shrill noises of the male Cicadas trying to enchant their beloved ones.

-” If you’ll promise that you won’t be acting like a crybaby, I’ll watch it with you as much as you want”. I stared at the handsome boy lying next to me, he was looking at the sky allowing the starlight to reflect on his eyes. The color of his irises is so breathtaking! They Look like a radiant emerald that reflects the beauty of everything it comes across.

-” I don’t have to promise cause you’ll be a crybaby too”. I smiled at him and challenged him with my eyes.

-“No, I won’t”. He smiled back...Oh god!

-“Yes, you will”. I said with confidence still looking at him in the same challenging way.

-“Deal ?“. I nodded.


-“If I win, you’ll have to promise me that you will drive slower”. I said looking at him seriously.

-“What if I do ?“. He fixed my eyes with the same daring look as I did before.

-“Whatever you want”. I smiled and he seemed surprised by my answer.

-” I’m warning you, I’ve never cried in so long, so if you want to give up it’s now or never blondie !“. I shook my head.

-“It’s fine, I’m sure you will lose”. He smiled at my persistence and kept looking at me in the same amused way. Why is he looking at me like that? I hope I don’t have something on my face, his light green eyes are becoming brighter with the glow of the stars and I broke the contact between us with difficulty by looking upwards. I stayed focused on the starry sky for minutes, this view is wonderful too, it makes me want to take a picture of it, the only problem is that I forgot my phone in his car. I turned back to Luke who had his eyes closed. He must be tired, I guess.

-“Luke ?“. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

-“Can you bring me my phone, please? I left it in your car”. I asked softly.

-“For what ?“. He asked abruptly.

-“I want to take a picture”. I begged him. He sighed before getting up. YES!

-“You stay here and don’t move. I’ll be right back”. He said in a serious tone. Where does he want me to go? I nodded and he left me alone in this vast forest.

I pressed my arms around my legs and waited for Luke to come back. Suddenly, a shot was heard then two and three. I got up suddenly and looked around me. Fear began to invade me. I stepped back as I heard footsteps. As I was walking slowly backward, I brutally bumped against someone. Believing it was Luke, I turned around surprised that he came back so quickly. But my surprise turned into anxiety when the person who stood in front of me had eyes darker than the night. No, this man is certainly not Luke...

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