Double Star.

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5: Brother And Sister.

PoV Sarah:

I stared at him not knowing what to do. He was tall with tattoos all along his arms, his tanned skin and dark eyes made him more terrifying in the dark of the night. He kept staring at me, amused. My hands became sweaty and my breathing heavy. I wanted to move back, took my legs, and ran but my body seemed to be frozen and my feet wouldn’t make any move because of the fear. Right now, I’m praying that Luke will come back and save me from this situation.

-“Why in the world is a beautiful lady like you alone in the woods ?“. He finally asked.

I didn’t answer him, I was just standing there looking at him and waiting for his next move.

He frowned and came closer to me as I took a step back instinctively. Suddenly, he gave me his hand to shake.

-“I’m Matthew”. Should I answer him? He seemed to be nice but I don’t know him, what if he was a rapist? I cursed myself for asking Luke to go bring me my phone and leave me alone in the woods.

-“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you”. He read my mind, and for some reason, he reassured me. As I was going to shake his hand, someone grabbed my arm tightly.

-“Don’t even try to touch her !“. Luke glared at Matthew with shooting eyes. If eyes could kill, I think that he wouldn’t be alive now, but he didn’t seem to care about that, he just smiled archly at Luke.

-“Oh, Luke my old friend! Long time no see! “. He said with an ironic tone, always with that smirk on his face. So they know each other? But they don’t seem to be friends though, and without a warning, Luke pulled me by the arm and dragged me away from him. I guess I’ll never have my picture, after all.

Once in the car, Luke stayed silent for a moment, he seemed to be so nervous with his blank stare and holding the Steering wheel strongly. Why is he mad? Who is Matthew to make him in this state? He sighed before turning to me.

-“No question ?“. He asked.

-“No”. I shrugged and he seemed a little surprised by my answer.

-“Why ?“. The truth is, I want to ask him so many questions, but I feel like this is not the right moment, especially when he is angry. I don’t want us to fight about something that it’s none even of my business.

-“You don’t want me to bother you, do you ?“. He looked at me surprised then suddenly, started to laugh. Even if the sound of his voice is miraculous to me, why is he even laughing? I didn’t say anything funny.

-“Wh...Why are you laughing ?“. I said, annoyed.

-“You have a fucked up mind, blondie. Nobody said that to me before”. A fucked up mind? And He’s the one talking?

-“You can ask me whatever you want, you don’t bother me”. His lips stretched into a warm smile and I felt my cheeks burning for the umpteenth time. My god, is this guy real? He’s so handsome that I barely believe I’m sitting on his side.

-” I’m hungry”. I finally said.

-“What ?“. He blinked and I chuckled.

-“You said I could ask whatever then, I’m asking you to pay me a restaurant”. He glanced at me with a confused stare.

-“Are you a gold digger ? “. He frowned, seriously looking at me and I glared at him.

-” Are you serious ?! Don’t tell me you ask girls for a date and you don’t pay them a restaurant? “. I asked frowning.

-” Everyone pays their fair chair and that’s it! “. He shrugged like it was the most logical thing ever and I stared at him for a moment not finding the words to reply, asking him with my dismayed reaction if he was serious and the weird glance he was giving me like I was the one saying nonsense words made me burst into laugher.

-” Oh my god, Luke! You are Stingy !“. I said looking at him, not stopping from laughing.

-” What? I’m not! I just don’t like to be robbed, that’s all”. He ran his fingers through his light brown hair and I died laughing at his wide-eyed gaze at me until my stomach started to hurt.

-” No one’s going to rob you for a meal, silly! “. I said wiping my tears from laughing and he looked at me not convinced.

-” Come on! You’re the one who invited me so it’s logical for you to pay! “. I reached for the steering wheel, squeezing it with my hand impatiently and he looked at me amused with a bright smile, showing me his white teeth.

-“No, it’s not! But okay, I’ll make an exception for you”. I shook my head holding myself back from bursting into laughter again.

-“Thank you”. I whispered smiling at him and he stared at me with amused curiosity in his vivid eyes and I confirmed that it was not a dream and that I was sitting right next to him when my hand on the steering wheel lightly brushed against his.


After 15 minutes of riding like flash, we finally arrived at our destination. He parked his car and we headed to a famous restaurant. All the couples that were laughing and eating together made me a little uncomfortable. Calm down Sarah, you’re not dating him, he’s just a...friend, I guess ?. A young woman walked toward us, she seemed to know Luke since she doesn’t want to stop looking at him and smiling. She showed us a table and when our eyes met, she rolled them and turned her back on to go.

-“What do you want to eat, blondie ?“. I wasn’t listening to him, too busy looking at the woman behind him. She was very tall, beautiful, well dressed in her skirt that reveals her long legs, and even if I’m five feet nine tall, I don’t feel as imposing as her. I wonder, is this the type of girl Luke dates? She kinda looks like the black-haired girl in school, isn’t Luke dating her? What am I even doing here with him? I almost forgot that part, don’t tell me he’s...?

-“Tell me! Are you cheating on your girlfriend with me ?“. I half-screamed.

-“What ?“. He arched an eyebrow and looked at me confused. This is exactly the reaction of a cheater, isn’t it?

-“Don’t play the innocent guy, the girl you kissed this morning, does she know that you’re with me ?“. He didn’t answer, still looking at me with the same confused face.

-“I’m leaving”. I said, getting up from my seat.

-“Wait, didn’t you say you are hungry ?“. Is he serious? I’m talking to him about an important topic and he doesn’t seem to care at all.

-“Yes, yes I am, and stop ignoring my questions!“. I said getting back to my seat.

-“I don’t even know what you’re talking about”. He said so quietly, checking his menu. Urgh, He’s making me so annoyed.

-” I’m talking about the girl you kissed this morning, she’s your girlfriend no ?“.

-“No”. he shrugged.

-“Then why did you kiss her ?“. I frowned.

-“Just for fun”. He shrugged again. God, everything is normal to him.

-“You’re so weird”. I said crossing my arms staring at him in a shady way. He put his menu down and faced me. I remember when he told me to not say that to him but I just can’t help it. It’s the truth, he takes everything like a joke and doesn’t care about how people might feel.

-“You’re the one saying this? If you think I’m cheating on any girl, why did you accept to come with me then? Why are you even bringing that now while you could’ve just said it earlier ?“. He stared at me with a smirk and I glared at him. Besides, I kept asking myself the whole time why did I even accept his offer? Maybe cause he was so nice to me today unlike yesterday that I completely zapped that he kissed a girl this morning? What am I to him exactly? One of those girls he dates just for fun?

-“I hate you”. I said looking away.

-“What did I even do ?“. He asked innocently arching an eyebrow, with the same smirk on his lips and I looked away.

-“Congratulations! You’re the most fucked up girl I’ve ever met !“.He said smiling, amused by the situation and I faked a smile.

-“Ha Ha Ha, you’re so funny! Look, I have tears in my eyes! “. I pulled down on my cheeks to show him the inexistent teary eyes and he chuckled looking askance at me like I’m a mad person.

-“Can I take your orders?“. A young black man, his hair buzzed cut, dressed in a black apron hiding his straight white shirt, stood between us. I let him order whatever he wants, actually, I’m not that hungry...


Once the food was served, I was just looking at it and playing with my fork. My worst flaw, every time I get hungry, I tend to overestimate the portions that I feel capable of having. I eat with my eyes and once the meal is served, one bite and my stomach is full. The only thing I can eat without stopping is cakes and chocolate, I can eat up to five bars a day and will always want to. Unfortunately, I can’t have it all the time...

-“What gets longer when you pulled it, fits between breasts, slides neatly into a hole, and works best when jerked? “. I almost choked on my drink, I started to cough looking at him with big eyes, completely dumbfounded by his trivial question. Is he talking to me about...

-“Relax, it’s just a seat belt”. Resting his elbow on the table and a hand on his cheek, he gave me a naughty look and I bite my lower lip staring at the table and trying to hide the amusement in my face, but I ended up bursting out laughing despite myself.

-” I thought it was...“.

-” A dick ?! For a perverted mind, that works too”. He glanced at me amused and I felt a tickling sensation caressing my lower abdomen, followed by a soft heat spreading throughout my body. It might be the pleasant and comfortable vibes of the restaurant, created by the bright decor and electric heaters, surely lit because of the recent bad weather.

-“Like you’re telling me you thought differently when you first heard it ?! “. I asked seeing his accusing glance on me like I’m the only one who had the misplaced thought here.

-” I would rather have said a necktie but surely not a horn”. I sighed rolling my eyes.

-” Ew, stop lying! It’s shown in your eyes that you’re a class A pervert !“. He brought his glass of water to his mouth and I couldn’t take my eyes off her fine lips, glossy from the wet contact with his drink. When he put his gaze on me, my eyes scarcely left his lips to rise to his glistening green irises, admiring the diffusion of the luminosity of the restaurant’s ceiling lights and large chandeliers on his sparkling eyes. I suddenly begin to consider what he thinks of me, only hoping that he doesn’t find me as messy as I think I am, with my face certainly pale and my dull eyes that only fatigue, caused by my disturbed sleep could be read. I’m also praying that my concealer that I applied this morning, still effectively masks the unsightly colorings under my eyes.

-“That’s not even my joke! “. He said putting back his glass on the table without removing his eyes from me.

-” Really? It’s from who then ?“. I asked curiously.

-“Jacob”. He answered after a moment, smiling and putting his elbows on the table. Jacob? He’s talking about the boy of this morning? Thanks, Jac’, now I’ll never see a seat belt the same way...

-“He said when you want to impress a girl, talk to her obliquely about filthy stuff, she’ll love that! “. He revealed with a smirk on his lips. I blinked staring at him confused before going into another round of laughter, under the prying eyes of the couple sitting on my left side.

-“And he thinks this naughty way can work ?“. I asked with a smile and taking a sip.

-“It did”. He pointed at me with his head and my smile disappeared as my embarrassment began to grow. I can’t believe he was flirting with me and I didn’t even get it! I hid my red face between my hands to not let him see my burning cheeks.

Seconds later, I felt someone moving and sitting next to me. I removed my hands from my face to see what is he doing again and I was impressed when I saw him bringing his chair closer to me for the second time in a day.

-“What are doing ?“.

-“Open your mouth”. He said taking my fork put on the table.

-“What?! Why? “. He stopped suddenly, remaining silent for seconds then, his lips formed a big smile full of misplaced allusions.

-“Stop with your allusions, idiot!“. I almost screamed. Always with the same improper smile on his face, I followed his moves cautiously and when he filled my cutlery with food, I raised my eyebrow questing him with my eyes.

-“Relax blondie, it’s not a cock, and I’m going to pay so you better finish it all !“. He held out the fork to my mouth and I tried to hide my amusement.

-“So that was the reason, stingy pervert man ?!“. As I was suspiciously glancing at him, he surprised me by putting roughly the filled fork inside my mouth. The taste of the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was pretty mouth-watering and it kind of restored my appetite.

-“Well, since you’re going to pay... “. I said with a full mouth, removing the fork from his hand and he raised his eyebrows surprised by my sudden desire to eat.

-“What? I’m doing what you asked, and I would be a fool if I private myself from a good FREE meal, don’t you agree with me ?“. I sent him a mocking glance and he sighed rolling his eyes.

-“It’s already hard so don’t provoke me or I’ll change my mind”. He threatened me with his deep voice.

-“What if I don’t have any money on me ?“. I asked with a curious smile and he chuckled.

-“Dishes always waiting for you blondie! “. He winked at me and put his arm on the top rail of his chair making me realize how tall he is. Oh my god? Is he serious? I don’t even know how much this plate costs! What if I don’t have enough money on me to pay?! I didn’t know I was going out so I didn’t bring that much...Oh god!

-“But you promised!“. I looked at him distraughtly and he started to laugh at my panicked face.

-“I’m joking! Go ahead, we’re not gonna spend the night! “. I sighed with relief. Oh my...I really thought I was going to wash the dishes! I promise I’ll repay him if we...go on another date, someday.

-“Okay, but stop staring at me, I hate when someone looks at me when I’m eating! “. I looked at him seriously and he sighed before looking away.

-“It’s not like you’re naked”. I rolled my eyes tired of this obscene mind.

-“Shut up !“.

-“But I would probably not look away if you were naked”.

-“SHUT UP!“. I laughed seeing him pretending to look away while I was eating, with the same idiotic smirk that didn’t leave his cute face. Since when did we get that close and comfortable with each other while I got to know him just two hours ago? Maybe he’s used to date girls so that’s why he’s so chilled out but in my case, if someone asked me before this day about how I feel about dates, I would express how much I hate everything about them but right now...I don’t know...All I know is, the moment I left the restaurant with him and for the first time, my plate was empty.

PoV Luke :

When she opened her door and greeted me with her hand before going inside her house, I couldn’t help but smile. This girl, she seemed to be so calm and fragile. She reminds me of...her.

I parked my car in the big parking lot and got out of it. I looked at the tall white building in front of me which I know so well now, before going inside.

I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

-” Come in ! “. Damn, I missed her voice so much!. How long had she stayed in this hospital? So long that I stopped counting the days.

- “Luke! “. She said with excitement in her weak voice. I smiled at her before hugging her tightly, I know she’ll complain about that but I don’t mind, I love when she’s complaining about me.

- “Luke, you’re suffocating me! “. As I said, I love her.

-“So how’s my sweet bro doing ?” “. She asked, messing with my hair.

- “Stop calling me that, I hate it”. I lied.

- “Stop lying, I know you love it”. She smiled. She knows me too well.

-“So you didn’t answer me, how are you ?“. She asked with bright eyes and an innocent smile. Damn, I should be the one asking her that.

-“Fine, as long as you are”. I smiled at her and she pretended to be emotional, bitch!

-” What a smooth talker you can be! “. She laughed and I shrugged looking proud.

-“And your studies? “.

-“What’s the matter with studies? “. I looked up at the crisp white ceiling finding it curiously attractive.

-” Stop playing the fool! How are you with your studies ?“. She frowned, staring at me impatiently and I sighed, knowing that she will bring that topic sooner or later cause every time I come to see her, she does. Studies, studies, fuck them.

-“Good, I guess”. I simply shrugged.

-“You guess? Luke, you know that studies are very important to have a successful life, how many times do I have to tell you this ?! “. She almost screamed out of rage.

-“I always wanted to continue mine but this was not possible for me. But you! You have that big chance, so...promise you’ll do your best, would you do it for me ?“. She asked with a broken and more peaceful voice. I remember that after completing secondary class, she was so happy to attend nursing school. And even when she learned about her illness, she didn’t want to stop her studies until her...hospitalization. And that day was as worst for her as it was for me. Knowing that I could lose the only person that stood by me terrified me like hell. I was just fifteen back then and nobody knows how much I wanted to fuck her stupid disease.

Seeing me thoughtful and silent, she put her cold hand on mine.

-“Okay, okay. I promise to do more efforts this year”. I comforted her. She nodded, showing a big bright smile on her pale face.

-“Thank you”. She whispered.

I could see that she has lost so much weight lately, only the big dark circles under her emotionless hazel eyes are remaining obvious on her pale face, not mentioning her dry and chapped lips and her anemic and colorless hollow cheeks. And yet, she’s smiling like nothing’s happening. Why the hell should a beautiful girl like her have to go through all this? It sucks like hell, dammit!

- “Did you eat the strange cake you told me to bring you yesterday? “. I asked, looking at her bedside table. But the box was still there, not even opened.

-“It’s called canalé Luke”. She laughed.

- “Liz, you’ve barely touched it! I didn’t buy it for you to put it as a decoration on your bedside table! “. She rolled her eyes, imitating my gestures, and repeating my daily words for her without making a sound.

-” Can you stop being stingy for a moment, I know You BOUGHT it but I just slept all day so, I didn’t have time to check what you brought me but I’ll eat it, I promise”.

-“Damn, I’m not stingy! You know how I feel about wasted money, after all, that happened...“. I said irritated by this fucking word again which I’m fucking not!

-“I know...“. She rolled her eyes again smiling and making a fool out of me like always. It’s her biggest flaw, making a fool out of people and I have to say that I kinda like it but only when I’m not the fool.

- “You know that you’re a weirdo, sweet bro ? “. She said amused, playing with my hair.

-” Yes, I know. You have told me this a thousand times”. You’re not the only one who told me this now...

- “Yes and I’ll say it again”. She smiled, messing with my hair again. She stopped quickly, seemed to be thoughtful.

-“So did he ask about me ?“. She asks me this question every time I come to see her.

-“Who ?“. This ceiling is really nice though.

-“Are you an idiot? You know who I’m talking about: Isaac! “. Yeah, I know who you’re talking about, I sighed internally.

-“Oh yeah, he told me to tell you that he’s missing you”. I said scratching my neck. I’m a terrible liar when it comes to her. That son of a bitch was cheating on her since she’s here and I punched him so hard that I’m afraid that she may see him hanging around here in the hospital with a disfigured face. But I can’t tell her this, she’ll be devastated.

-“So, he did it, after all ?“. Her gaze seemed vacant as she was gripping the white sheets of her bed tightly. Fuuuuuuuuck, I should’ve killed him!

-“Did what ?“. I swear I could stare at this ceiling forever.

-“You’re a terrible liar Luke, you know it”. Only when it comes to you, I swear.

I stared at her hopelessly and she gave me a forced, sad smile. HOLY SHIT, HE SIGNED HIS DEATH SENTENCE THIS SON OF A MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!

-“How long ?“. She asked looking at me with glowing eyes and I hardly held myself back from not going to make him live the biggest feast of his fucking life.

-“Liz, it doesn’t matte...“.

-“Tell me!“. DAAMN!

-“Since you’re here”. Holy crap, I hate to see that desperate broken look on her face, it makes me wanna KILL SOMEONE!

-“I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to get hurt. I just couldn’t...“. I clenched my fists, I’m going to fuck this son of a bitch harder than any of the girls he cheated my sister with did.

-“It’s okay, I had doubts about that, he never calls me if I don’t, and sometimes there are even girls who answer his phone, not forgetting that he always makes excuses for not coming to visit me”. She sighed, watching her fingers caressing the sheets carefully and restraining herself from breaking in front of me. I have seen her cry because of him so many times, but I don’t say a thing, preferring to take out my anger on the responsible. Yet, after all the shit he had done to her, she always stood by his side, preventing him from having his spine or his shin fractured. Next time I’ll make sure that this bastard won’t have both, I promise.

-” I guess he never loved me. After all, who could? I’m so desperate to think I could just make it out alive from a disease who is hunting me for four years. I was just stealing his freedom and didn’t let him live his life fully, I guess. Wish him the best from me”. Fuck, fuck, fuck...I’m going to wish him the best fuck he ever had.

-“Luke promise me you won’t hurt him”. I already did and I’ll start over and over until his last fucking breath, I promise.

-“I can’t”. I said avoiding her look.

-“Luke, please I’m begging you, he’s not worth your time, look at me please!“. She put her cold hand on mine and I felt my whole body shaking, fuck him, I’ll...I won’t fuck him.

-“Okay, I promise I won’t”. Her eyes were filled with tears but she wiped them quickly and smiled at me as a thank you. seeing her like that kills me inside, You don’t want me to hurt him that’s fine, but I’ll make sure to send him some visits who could fuck his race as well as I can.

-“Let’s stop talking about me. What about you? You came a little late today! Were you with a girl? I hope it’s not one of those rainbow figures that have so many colors on their faces that I don’t even recognize some of them”. She said seriously. I laughed at this description, knowing that she never liked the girls I spend time with cause she’s always dissing them.

-“No, blondie’s not like that”. I smiled remembering the moment we had before.

-“Blondie ?“. She arched an eyebrow.

-“Yeah, and she looks a bit like you, skinny, likes crying over some dramatic shit and loses quickly her appetite, she’s fun though”. I said memorizing the scene of the restaurant.

-“Oh really ?! Do you think I can meet her ?“. I could swear I’ve seen a light in her eyes, I wonder what makes her so excited and happy all of a sudden. She usually criticizes all the girls I spend time with and refuses categorically to see them.

-“Yeah, I’ll ask her if you want, now get some sleep, you’re tired”. I said kissing her forehead.

-“Luke, wait!“. As soon as I turned back to face her, she hit me on my shoulder. Fuck, it hurts!

-“This is for calling me skinny, and Titanic isn’t a dramatic shit. I love you, my sweet weird bro! “. She said, sending me a kiss from her place.

-“I love you too Liz, I love you too”.I sighed, she can be so childish sometimes that I almost forget that she’s the oldest one between us.

On these last words, I left the hospital, hands in my pockets, and thinking of some blonde hair.

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