Double Star.

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6: Time goes by, but the memories remain.

POV Sarah:

The week ended quickly, I feel less alone since I started school, it’s weird to say it but I think I’m starting to like it.

Noelle is a cute girl with a lovely personality, as for Ashley, she’s a smart woman with a strong personality but sometimes when I look at her, I see the sadness in her eyes but I avoided bothering her with my questions, Was I that close to her to ask her such private things about her life? I knew her for less than a month so, I don’t think I’m that close.

I also learned to know Jac’, he’s so funny and doesn’t stop teasing me about my awkward gestures and my sudden blushes, he’s also Luke’s best friend. Speaking of him, Luke’s attitude has changed so much towards me, he always smiles at me each time I caught his eyes and I just smile back and look away.

I sat quietly on the cold ground and faced the two gravestones standing in front of me. I closed my eyes feeling the cold air crashing into my face and I tried so hard to hold my tears from falling but I ended up crying like a baby who needs a hug from her mom. My body is shaking from the cold and feelings of sorrow and loneliness that are blended in my heart, so I brought my arms closer to my chest to feel a little warmness. That day, just remembering those tragic moments of that cursed day makes my head hurt terribly...

Flashback 6 months ago:

Trying to give some attention to the geography lesson, my phone vibrated suddenly.

1 Message from Dad: Any idea for your mother’s birthday gift?

March 11th. For my mother’s birthday, I spent a whole month trying to find a present that could match her, not something recurring or that she already possessed like jewels or dresses, she already owns enough of this stuff. So, spending the last night before mom’s birthday exploring the net and praying for this miraculous announcement that could finally correspond to my wishful desire, this lucky night finally sent me the long-awaited advice I was aiming for.

[A beautiful red music box in the shape of a royal egg, on which are grafted rings of real sparkling jewelry, the inside is lined with soft plush giving the music box a Beautiful luxury air, and while opening the box, you can discover the button to listen to the famous romantic symphony “Swan Lake” by the great Russian composer “Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky”, along with an elegant resin statuette of a long browned hair fairy, sitting on a small rock by the river and wearing a long white dress that can show her bare leg. This little fairy holds in her hands a red carnation flower, a symbol of love and passion. At her barefoot, a sculpture of a couple of white swans in love, sticking their beaks to each other on a small river, formed in inclusion resin.

This promotion is ideal for you or as a gift! For further details on the services available at our Jewelry Shop “Goat ode”, please contact us using any of the details below...]

As soon as I read the announcement, I rushed to send them a message, hoping that they would answer me as soon as possible. My mother did ballet throughout her childhood and adolescence and is a huge fan of “Tchaikovsky”, so it was the golden opportunity, and with the flower that the young fairy carried in her hands, it added the gardening touch that passionated my mom for a lifetime.

Of course, this gift was a bit expensive considering the real jewelry that was wrapped around it, but that was okay, my dad was a rich man and used to spend way more than that price to please his lovely wife.

I sent my dad a photo of the music box and the necessary information. I got a positive answer from the announcer this morning and dad left the house before I woke up, having barely the time to prepare myself and forgetting to put on a bra because of the tremendous pressure exerted by my mother’s haunting screams.

A few minutes later my phone vibrated again, I glanced over, careful to not get noticed by the teacher for the third time. The two times I got caught, I had to beg to get back my phone and when I complained to my father, asking him to stop texting me in class, he whispered to me so that my mother wouldn’t hear: - “Honey, it’s impossible! I have to know if you’re okay, ’cause I’m too afraid that something could happen to you! And then, it doesn’t matter sweety, if they take your phone, I’ll buy you another one”. If only his texts were interesting, they are completely flat and dull as “Are you okay?” or “What are you doing? Everything’s fine? “. My dad has always been protective of me like I was the most precious thing he ever had, and that’s what made me very close to him, even when he is on a business trip, he never forgets me and when I don’t answer him, he keeps spamming me with calls and messages making the person sitting next to me think it was probably my lover...If only she knew it was just my crazy obsessive dad, she would probably make fun of me...

1 Message from Dad: Where did you find this? On the Internet again?

Me: Yes 😛

Message from Dad: Another of your crazy shit! I’ll buy it and come to pick you up after school then we’ll go see your mother, okay?

Me: Dad are you amnesic? Mom works with you!

Message from dad: No daddy’s girl, I don’t have amnesia, she didn’t come today.

Me: Did you call her?

Message from dad: She’s not answering, we’ll see her tonight anyway. I have to go now, sweetheart. Listen to your teacher and see you tonight.

Listen to my teacher? Is he the one saying that?

Me: I would’ve liked to be with you to buy the gift 😢

Message from Dad: For once you’re at school, don’t count on me to pick you up until the class ends.

At least I tried ...

Me: You’re mean 😭😭😭

Message from Dad: Stop lying I’m the kindest dad ever !!

Me: I love you, my kind dad ❤️️️

Message from Dad: I love you too, my Angel.

If only I had known that this would be the last message I would receive from him before he left me, forever...


- “What are you doing here Miss Arlyne?” “. Sitting on one of the benches of the schoolyard, I removed my hands from my face, feeling the tiring migraine of the heat of the sun, and looked up to face my school principal “Mr. Brown”, a short old man with a thick mustache, black eyes and a bald spot on his head.

- “I’m waiting for my father”. I replied, staring at him with eyes almost closed due to the rays of the sun hitting in my direction.

- “Your father? But it’s been more than an hour since the courses finished “. He said frowning, revealing wrinkles of old age.

- “Yes I know. I tried to contact him but his phone is off”.

- “And your mother?” “.

- “She doesn’t answer either”.

- “You don’t have other contacts that can help you? “.My mind went immediately to my aunt ″Jane″. She was supposed to meet my mother before we would join them and celebrate my mom’s anniversary together. I composed her number and after two rings she finally answered me.

- “Aunt Jane? “. She sniffed.

- “Why are you crying? “. I asked worriedly.

- “It’s you... your father, he made an accident on the road”. She managed to articulate after a few minutes of waiting.

My father? An accident? Hundreds of questions piled up in my head... I feared the worst.

- “Is he fine ?! And my mother? Where is she? Is she okay too? “. I asked in a trembling voice as I suddenly stood up.

- “Sarah ...“; she sniffed again.

- “She was with him ...“; she burst into tears and the atmosphere around me seemed oppressive as I was holding my racing heart, my breath became in gasps and my body was covered with sweat. NO, it’s a nightmare...I’m going to wake up, it’s not possible, it can’t happen to me ... Not to me!

- “No no no, I don’t believe you, it can’t be true”. I said hardly, shaking my head.

- “It’s the truth, Sarah ...“. She stopped to catch her breath.

-“They are in the hospital, the doctors said that there were little chances that they’ll make it out alive...“. I let my phone fall to the ground. I have no strength left in me. I feel weak, very weak.

- “Is everything okay ?“. The director asked with a panicked voice. I shook my head not wanting to answer his question.

Memories inside my head started to scroll in slow motion. You were supposed to come to get me, dad...We were going to celebrate mom’s birthday together and it should’ve been a happy day like every birthday.

Taken by surprise, only tears could express what I was feeling. Time had stopped but it didn’t matter to me, because I knew from that moment that my life will have no sense, anymore.

End of The flashback

I sighed letting out small clouds of hot air that disappeared immediately into the cold atmosphere. The temperature has decreased a lot lately, but it didn’t bother me since I’m a big fan of the cold, I like the rain and what I prefer above all is the snow. This white layer that looks like an ice mattress gives me the joy of living even if sometimes I ended up having wonderful chilblains on my fingers.

- “Oh Suzy, guess what happened to me today ! I almost succeeded to join you, no I didn’t do it on purpose this time, I swear! I nearly died against my will...“. A man’s voice brought me out of my thoughts, who is this crazy man who tries to commit suicide to join a certain Suzy?

Guided by curiosity, I walked slowly towards the voice which seemed to me so deep and imploring. A bald man was sitting on the ground and gave me such a feeling of melancholy and kindness that I couldn’t help but want to know him more. I wanted to talk to him, maybe cause he was in the same place as me or maybe cause he had lost someone he loved, or maybe the loneliness took control of me and I wanted to free myself from this strange hurtful feeling by talking to a stranger, who knows?

- “Uh, excuse me”. I said in a shy voice.

The mysterious person turned around, letting appear his grey beard, blue eyes and a rather dark suit, and a well-made tie. For someone who wants to die, he takes good care of himself.

-” What can I do for you ? “. He asked with a heavy voice. Good question, what should I answer?

-” I don’t know “. Oh my god, I didn’t plan to be that honest. I feel ridiculous now and I hope he didn’t hear me.

-” I see”. He said looking at the gravestone of ... Suzanne Passenger, I could’ve read.

- “She was my wife and as annoying and savage as she could be, I loved her”. He replied, with a vacant stare as if he had nothing left.

-” What happened to her ? “. I asked as I was walking towards him.

- “She died of breast cancer ... 3 years 2months and 1 day ago”. He confessed sadly.

-” Oh sorry “. A silence settled between us.

- “And you young girl, what brought you here ? “.

-” My parents”. I stopped for a moment and then continued: “They died in a car accident about 6 months ago”. I said slowly as I was sitting next to him.

-” Both ? “. He questioned surprised and I nodded. Fate had to reunite them both to take them away from me.

We stayed quiet for a moment and I took the opportunity to inspect the grave of this dear Merry.

Rest In Peace

Suzanne Passenger, wife of Vincent Passenger, born Merry.

October 13th, 1962 - July 12th, 2017

On this original and well-maintained tomb was a small stone on which was carved “Time goes by, but the memories remain”. I couldn’t help but touch it.

- “These were her favorite words, she repeated them all the time”. I looked at him and he seemed thoughtful looking deeply into the stone.

-“Every time I did something that bothered her and I told her that she’ll soon forget about it, she started yelling at me, complaining that even though the time will pass, she will never forget what I did. And I can tell you that this woman is a real snake who never missed anything”. He said smiling. I started to smile too.

- “And that’s nothing compared to when she gets pissed of me. She could throw me out of the house without any mercy “. I couldn’t help but laugh.

- “But she didn’t take too long to open the door, did she ? “. I asked as if I knew he was going to say yes.

- “It depends on her mood and the temperature of the outside”. He said, seemed amused by those days.

- “It has also happened that she threw some sheets for me by the window, by charity, she used to say”. He said insisting on the word “charity”. I smiled along with him.

- “Do you want to know what she said before dying? “.

- “What ?“. I asked curiously.

- “I will finally get rid of this old tractor and get some good sleep! Apparently, I was snoring a lot”. His eyes glowed as he smiled sorrowfully. I can tell by the way he’s looking intensely at her grave how much he loved her and how great this woman was!

- “Did it hurt you ? “.

- “Not really. She has this manner to say things so...“. He stopped his sentence probably having not found the word.

- “Special”. I continued.

- “Yes that’s it. She was special”. We looked at her gravestone once again.

- “Do you want to see her again ?“. I asked instinctively remembering the first words I heard from him.

- “Do you want to see your parents again ?“. He stared at me arching an eyebrow.

- “Of course”.I answered, lowering my head.

- “Then, my answer is obvious!“. He declared, looking at his wife’s grave.

We stayed silent after that, each one in his thoughts and his meditation.

-“You should go home if you don’t want to catch a cold”. He got up, lending me his cold hand to do the same.

- ” Thank you, I was enchanted to meet you, Mr. Vincent”.

“Oh, it’s just Vincent. What is your name, young girl? ”

- “Okay, just Vincent, I’m Sarah”. He laughed and I joined him.

Meeting this person made me realize what real happiness is, there is no better life than loving someone, and being loved back.

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