Double Star.

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7: Childhood Friend.

PoV Sarah:

- “So they didn’t find you a t-shirt ? “. Asked Noelle.

-” No “. I replied exasperated. We have physical education and I hate that more than any subject cause nobody knows how much I’m bad at it. What am I talking about ?! Is there something I’m good at ?. And Adding to my incompetence in sport, the school decided that we have to wear uniforms that they gave us to recognize the groups, they said. Uh! Of course, since I’m new, my uniform isn’t complete and they didn’t find me a t-shirt and now I’m standing here with Noelle like an idiot, with only a bra to cover my chest and waiting for the administration to help me from this awkward situation. I feel like I’m going to wait for a long moment and I’m starting to get cold.

Ashley didn’t come to class today, she had a fever, to be honest, I envy her so much.

The changing room is slowly emptying and the more the minutes pass the more I feel like nobody’s gonna help me get out from this. Why do those types of things only happen to me ?. I sighed internally, let’s be positive, maybe because of this, I won’t practice sport, that would be awesome for me.

-“Listen, I’ll go and ask the other girls. You stay here and don’t move, okay ? “. Is she serious? Where can I go with only a bra on my chest?

- ” Don’t take too long please”. I implored her. The room is empty now and I don’t want to stay alone, especially in this position.

-” Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a flash “. She winked at me and left me alone in this terrible place.


It’s been about 3 minutes since Noelle left, and I’m already getting bored. I was tapping on my seat and playing with my hair until I saw the shadow of someone.

- “Wow nice uniform there!“. my eyes widened and I immediately covered my chest with my arms

- “WHAT ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE LUKE ? IT’S THE CHANGING ROOM FOR THE GIRLS ! GET OUT OF HERE ! “. I shouted but he didn’t make a move, still staring at me with a smirk. Idiot!

-“You’re gonna score plenty of goals like that, and not only in sport, I swear!“. He winked at me and I felt my face burning with shame.

- “You dirty pervert !“. I winced and he burst into laughter.

Suddenly, he took off his shirt. OH MY GOD! HE’S TAKING OFF HIS T-SHIRT!

-” What are you doing ? “. I frowned.

-“Oh my god! Are you going to rape me ? You better not touch me or you’ll regret it!“. I glared at him and he burst into laughter again.

-“You’re crazy, don’t you know ?!“. He said, throwing suddenly his t-shirt on my face.

-“Why are you giving me this ?“. I frowned looking at the fabric between my hands.

- “To wipe you with. Seriously ? to wear it, stupid !“. He said as if it was obvious. The t-shirt was a little long and it smells just like Luke. Why is he doing all this? I can’t help but say, this boy is really weird. I stayed for a moment silent looking at the cloth not knowing what to do. When I raised my head to face Luke, he wasn’t there.

I put it on quickly and run to look for him. When I found him, he was carrying a basketball on his arm.

-” Hold on ! “. I stopped him. He turned around to face me and my eyes accidentally stopped at his abs but I looked away immediately.

- “What is it ? You lost your short too ? “. He said, arching an eyebrow.

-” Thank you”. I smiled. He sighed before turning around and raising his arm to greet me, in silence. When I returned to the changing room, Noelle was there looking for me.

- “Sarah, I’m sorry. No girl has a spare t-shirt. But the professor said that ... ” Noelle stopped talking and pulled on my top.

- ” What did he say ? “.I asked curiously.

- “It doesn’t matter. Where did you get that? “. She said surprised.

- “Luke gave it to me”. Her eyes widened, looking extremely surprised at my answer.

- “Luke? The Luke?! The one in our class?!“. I nodded and she gave me a shocked look, bringing her hand to her half-opened mouth.

- “You gotta be kidding! He came all the way here to give you his t-shirt! Oh my god, that’s so cute! “; she blurted out in a high, enthusiastic voice, waving her hands and I blinked.

- “Oh no, I reassure you, he was just looking for a basketball and it was by pure luck that he came across me!“. She gave me a mischievous smile and I arched an eyebrow.

- “What?!“. I stared at her with eyes full of incomprehension and she laughed.

- “Actually, the teacher has designated another person to look for the ball and he rushed to volunteer in his place..I think he heard me when I told the other girls that you didn’t have a t-shirt!“. She glanced at me with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

- “But that doesn’t mean anything! Maybe he really wanted to go get that ball, and what’s with you?! Did you shout from the rooftops that I was shirtless or what?! “. I glared at her and she laughed.

- “ANDERSON, ARLYNE! YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO SHOW YOUR ASS OR YOU’LL GET A ZERO! “. The hippopotamus yelled from the gym. Noelle and I rolled our eyes sighing.

- “Come on! Hurry up! We’re not gonna ruin Luke’s cutty gesture! I bet he would be so disappointed if you don’t show up!“. I rolled my eyes knowing that she is going to drive me nuts for hours with this...

- “Please, shut up”. I said annoyed.

- “Bet you drooled seeing him shirtless”.

- “I told you to shut up!” “. I half screamed with an embarrassed smile and she laughed putting her arm around mine.

Oh god...


When I got back to the gym, the first thing I could’ve heard was the screams of the teacher:

- “So Mr. Hammer I send you for a minute to bring back a simple ball and you come back shirtless ? I would like to know what’s going on this brain of yours!“.

- “Sorry I tore it off by accident ! “. Luke said, scratching his neck.

- “You what ? Are you trying to play with my nerves, Luke ?“. He simply shrugged as an answer and the teacher sighed.

-” You’re lucky that you’re an important member of my team, but still, you’ll do 50 push-ups for your stupidity and recklessness!“.

Luke seemed completely indifferent to the screams of the man in front of him, staring at the floor with his cold, annoyed gaze. I felt a little guilty about this situation hoping he didn’t regret lending me his shirt. Feeling my worried stare at him, he gave me a quick wink to reassure me and joined his group.

- “Mmmm .....So this is love... mmmm... So this is love...“. I glared at the person next to me, who didn’t miss the exchange of glances between Luke and me.

- “What? I’m just singing!“. She shrugged looking innocent and I rolled my eyes.

- “So this is what makes life divine...mmmm”. I shook my head faking a smile and she looked at me curiously.

- “There is no mmmm after this part Bitch!” “. She hit me on the shoulder and I groaned from pain glaring at her for the umpteenth time.

- “Bitch Yourself! “.She gave me an inconspicuous middle finger, pretending to scratch her nose, and I scrutinized her wickedly before the two of us burst out laughing.

- “Anderson, I saw you! Next time it will be a minus-two in the exam! “.The teacher shouted from afar and I couldn’t hide my amused laugh.

- “Serves you right! “. She stuck her tongue out at me, narrowing her eyes and I laughed again at this cute kid who became my best friend now.

PoV Luke:

- “Go, Luke! you’re almost there! “. I heard the others cheering me from behind. I dodged all the people in my way and I jumped to score an incredible goal in the basket, again.

- “Yeah! “. I shouted when I heard the sound of the ball getting perfectly through the hoop without touching the circle or the backboard. Damn, I’m too strong!

- “Well done Luke ! We’re gonna win easily the next match with you by our side”, Marco, a guy from my class congratulated me.

- “Thanks dude, count me in”. I said patting his back which made him groan with pain. I continued my way to the bench to rest, I was sweaty and I was really thirsty. Some girls passing by didn’t stop watching my pretty abs which is quite understandable since I’m extremely hot with a shirt so I can’t even imagine without it.

- “Ouch! “. I chuckled when I saw blondie on the ground, and the ball bouncing in all directions. How the hell did she manage to fall?

She tried to get up but fell on her back again. Damn, she really sucks!

I walked in her direction and gave her my hand to get up. Blondie looked surprised, but she took my hand anyway.

I put myself behind her, and place my hands on her waist. I could’ve felt her embarrassment from all the eyes on us, she wanted to pull herself away from my grip but I held on tight to her.

-” What are you doing ? “. She whispered.

- “Calm down and do what I tell you.”

- “Why Should I do what you tell me ? “. She asked, avoiding my look.

- “You better girl if you want to learn how to shoot properly”. I said with a smirk.

-” Okay “. She nodded her head lightly, looking straight ahead. I pulled away from her and she tried to follow my instructions but the ball fell on the floor far from the hoop.

- “I’m terrible”. She winced.

- “Pretty suck yeah”. I scoffed and she glared at me.

- “Thanks for being so supportive”. She forced a smile.

-“Look!“. I gave her a demonstration of my expert skills, letting the ball reach the basket with surprising ease.

-” Not bad”; she simply said, shaking her head.

-” You kiddin’ ?! that was perfect ! “. She shrugged, not really convinced. I arched an eyebrow looking disgruntled at her.

- “Okay, I admit! It was very impressive!“. She smiled innocently at me and I took the time to observe her, believing that my t-shirt suited her pretty well, even if she was much better before.

- “Here, try again”. I swung the ball to her face and she managed to catch it between her hands glaring at me with a red nose. Next time you’ll watch your mouth blondie!

- “Keep your feet and legs in front of the basket and set your feet shoulder-width apart”. I rearranged her feet’ position properly so she could maintain her balance and shoot accurately.

- “Right-handed? “.

-“Yes”. She nodded.

-“Okay then, put your right foot in front”.


- “Your right hand on the ball and your left on the side”. I indicated.

- “Like that? “.

-” Hold on”. I made sure her left fingertip pads were lined up parallel to the long seams of the ball so she can monitor the backspin, that there is space between the ball and the middle of her right palm, and the fingers of her right hand were spread far enough apart, ensuring that the index and middle fingers are on the valve of the ball.

- “Hold the ball close to your chest and underneath the chin, make a 90-degree angle with the elbow and forearm”. She nodded and I was careful to keep her arm close to her body.

- “Focus on a target whether that is the square on the backboard or the inside shiny part of the rim. Stay focused on this target. Don’t watch the ball after the release”. She looked straight ahead of her, all eyes on the goal.

-“Now listen to me carefully, the shot should be one smooth motion. Flex your knees to have more strength while having your bust straight. as you begin to shoot, straighten your legs, raise your arms and extend your elbows towards the goal and flick your wrists sending the ball into the goal”. This time, the ball hit the circle of the hoof before striking the ground.

- “Nice shoot for a beginner. Go on, try again”. I said picking the ball from the floor.

-” You sure? I’m afraid we’re gonna spend the night”. The ball between her hands, she uncertainly looked at me. She’s really cute though!

- “So what?! I could teach you other tricks”. I shrugged with a smirk and she stared at me unamused.

-“Then I’ll do my best to avoid that!“. Looking more confident, she redid the old position that I taught her moments before, trying to focus on the goal. Well, all is left to do is pray that she won’t make it...

-“Remember, Line everything up so the ball and your shooting eye form a straight line to the basket, this is very important”. She nodded and I was surprised that she could assimilate all this information in a short time and not skipping any of it.

- “You saw that Luke, I did it! That was kind of amazing! “. She exclaimed joyfully as if it was the best thing she has ever done in all her life.

- “Of course, cause you have an amazing coach!“. I winked at her and she looked amused.

-” No kidding! “. She smiled, hitting me on the chest. Feeling my insistent stare on her, her eyes joined mine in deep contemplation.

-“What are you looking at ?“. I asked not taking off my eyes from her.

-“I...I don’t know”. She took off her eyes quickly from mine and I abstained myself from laughing at her embarrassed look. You can’t resist blondie, nobody can.

- “Luke Hammer is prayed to join his group and stop flirting with girls if he doesn’t want to do 50 push-ups, more”. The fat man is calling again.

-“Sorry, I troubled you”. Blondie smiled at me and I run my fingers through my hair.

-“What ?“. She asked seeing me smiling, and avoided my persistent gaze at her.

-“I prefer you with only a bra”. She opened up her mouth to say something but closed it instinctively, probably not finding the words.

-“GOO!“. Trying to push me away with her small hands, they didn’t even make me move and I chuckled at the way she’s trying too hard to make me go in vain, and I can’t help but think that Blondie is damn cute when she’s mad. Too bad I can’t spend the night with her...


47 ... 48 ... 49 ... 50

Everyone left to change 20 minutes before and I ended up doing 50 pumps. When I was done, I stood against a wall and tried to catch my breath. I didn’t think it would be that hard!

-“Are you okay ?“. A soft voice interrupted me and when I looked up, Blondie offered me a bottle of water and a towel.

-“Yeah, thanks”. I took a sip of water and wiped my face. She was no longer wearing her sportswear and her long loose hair reflected the light of the room.

- “And...Thank you for helping me”. She started searching for something in her bag and she got out of tee-shirt? Why the hell is she giving me that damn thing? Didn’t she like my abs? I arched an eyebrow and seeing her serious look made me burst into laughter. She’s really not joking, damn it!

-“What...What’s wrong ?“.She leaned her head on the side, questioning me with her eyes.

-“You really ain’t serious, right ? I don’t need that damn thing, you can keep it”. She blinked several times and I looked at her amused. Damn cute! Suddenly, a shadow of a person standing in front of the door caught my attention and I felt my blood burning from anger.

-” GET AWAY FROM HERE ! “. I screamed.

- “Huh ?!“.

-“FUCK OFF! I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE DAMN IT !” She took a few seconds to understand my jumping mood, I glared at her and she frowned.

-” Right “. She whispered, swinging my t-shirt over my face.

- “You know what ?! I would’ve liked to make it with only a bra on my chest instead of accepting the help of a bipolar jerk like you!“. She turned furiously to leave and not forgetting to take an interrogator look at the person standing in front of the door.

I closed my eyes to calm myself down. Shit, I messed up again!

- “So Luke, we got fucked by a girl this time ?” I opened my eyes and glared at him.

- “Leave her alone Matt. Don’t you dare fucking touch her !“. The smirk on his face makes me wanna punch him so hard that he wouldn’t be able to smile again, ever.

“This girl, does she know the devil you are? Or maybe it’s just a toy to fuck so you can forget your damn miserable existence ?” I clenched my teeth at these words, this son of a bitch doesn’t want to leave me alone and for the sake of our ex-friendship, I’m trying so hard to not punch him in his damn face.

- “Remember the good old days Luke ? Before betraying us ?!“. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I jumped from my place and hit him so hard that he fell on the floor, bleeding. But the smirk on his face widened more, satisfied that he made me out of control.

- “You’re going to regret it, Luke. I’ll make you regret everything you did”. He got up from the floor with a vacant stare and cold smile, leaving me alone with the past’s thoughts.

You don’t scare me, Matthew. You can’t scare your old boss.

PoV Sarah:

I washed my face for the 5th time, Noelle wanted to accompany me to the bathroom but I kindly refused her offer. I wanted to be alone and clear my thoughts. What was going on exactly? He was nice and suddenly he became so...mean! Why the hell did he even lend me his shirt if he was going to be like this ?! I hate him!

I looked at myself one last time in the mirror and my only desire is to break it into pieces. My eyes are red from crying and my face is very pale.

Oh, god! Why am I so vulnerable?

When I finally felt ready to get out of this filthy place, someone opened up the door making a horrible grinding. Oh no, anyone but her! The dark-haired girl rushed to the mirror to do her makeup over again without forgetting to scrutinize me with her long eyelashes that made her look like an old crone. She can go to Hell, she and her stupid man!

I dragged my feet through the halls when suddenly I hit someone. Not wanting to make my day more shitty, I apologized quickly and dodged the person without looking at him or her.

- “Seriously, you don’t even look at your best friend? I knew you better than that ! “.This voice...It looks familiar to me.

- “Jordan? “.

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