The Female

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Chapter 10 - Dream


My back arches into the hard chest behind me as rough hands slide up my thighs. I keep my eyes shut and focus only on the calloused fingers as they move inwards and spread to grab a handful of my flesh.

I’m sitting on a lap, my back pressed against a chest and my hands holding the wrists of the man who touches me. Despite my iron grip, I make no efforts to stop him, the feeling of his skin on mine too good to put an end to.

I think I’d die if he removed himself from me.

He squeezes my thighs painfully, groaning in my ear as he eases up and genty spreads my legs. I eagerly adjust for him, moving my thighs so they rest on either side of his and my feet dangle off the ground. My eyes ache from how hard I’m clenching them shut, and my teeth bury into my bottom lip as I hold back a moan.

My mind feels hazy with lust as the hard body shifts below me, a low chuckle emerging from the man as I let out a shiver.

I gulp as his hand continues upwards towards my core, my body tensing as he lightly grazes over my underwear. I’m sure that I’ve already soaked through the fabric, the arousal I’m feeling unlike any other. And to think that I thought that my romance books and hand were as good as it gets. They don’t even compare.

Lips press against the side of my neck as the man continues to tease me through the fabric, his fingers softly stroking from my clit down to my hole. He presses harder when he reaches my entrance, pushing against me before pulling back and moving up to my clit.

“Open your eyes.” He whispers into my skin, his lips continuing their assault on my neck.

I can feel his tongue pressing against me before he digs his teeth into the flesh and sucks my skin into his mouth. It’s borderline painful, but he releases me and grazes his lips lightly over the spot in apology.

Groaning, I force myself to obey his command and open my eyes. They feel stiff and the sudden light burns, but I hardly notice as I gaze around the room. I’m sitting at the head of a table in a room I’ve never been in before, and both Alexander and Silas sit on either side watching me with hungry gazes.

Alexander is to the left, his chair pushed out a couple of inches from the table and facing me directly. Silas sits on the right with his chair pushed in, but moves it back and adjusts his positioning to mirror Alexander.

Without meaning to, I drop my attention to their laps, blinking slowly and groaning out as I watch them stroke themselves over their pants. Both are dressed as they pleasure themselves, their hands pressing over their bulges in the same rhythm I am being touched.

The man continues to rub me over my underwear, pressing harder against me as I turn my head to see who he is. My eyes widen as I lock gazes with Gray, a lazy smirk spreading over his face as he looks down at me.

His black eyes never once leave mine as he hooks his fingers into my underwear and pulls it to the side, exposing me to the room. I have half a mind to be embarrassed about this, but hardly feel the emotion as his fingers finally make contact with my bare clit.

“Watch them.” He whispers, bending to press a soft kiss to my lips before grabbing my chin with his free and turning my face back to Alexander and Silas. “See how turned on they are at the sight of you?”

I gulp, nodding my head as Silas reaches into the waistband of his pants and pulls out his cock. My jaw clenches shut as I eye it, intrigued by the thickness and visible veins running alongside the bottom from the base into the head.

He points himself at me as I stare, squeezing his cockhead slightly until a small dribble of precum leaks out.

“You look so pretty like this.” Gray continues to whisper in my ear. Without warning he pulls his hands away, ignoring my pained, desperate moan as he grabs my legs and lifts them. He maneuvers me until my feet are resting on the tops of his thighs and my knees are spread wide, exposing myself entirely to both the men. “But you look much better like this. Do you want to watch me fuck her with my fingers, Alex?”

Alexander nods, his gaze locked in on my heat as he reaches into his pants and copies Silas’s actions. His cock is equally impressive, slightly thicker and longer but just as pretty.

I wonder how it would feel inside of me.

“Yeah, Gray.” He grunts, the rings on his fingers reflecting the light from the chandelier above us as he runs his hand down the length of his shaft before grabbing himself around the base. He smiles at me as he begins to stroke himself, his lips pulled back to expose a set of perfect teeth. “I want to hear how wet you are for us.”

Gray seems all too happy to oblige as he grabs both sides of my underwear and rips it open, the fabric tearing easily and exposing me to the room once more. I gasp as he grabs my butt cheek with his left hand and pulls the skin back to open me up, his right dropping to my entrance as he shoves two fingers inside of me.

I tense up in anticipation of pain, relaxing when there is none. I choke out a moan as they fill me, my head dropping back against Gray’s chest as he crooks them upwards and begins to rock them into me slowly.

Silas and Alexander continue to touch themselves as they watch me, their attention solely on Gray’s fingers as he fucks me with them. My thighs shake as my pleasure grows, the sounds of my arousal loud as the wetness spreads down his fingers and smacks into my flesh with each thrust.

Gray’s teeth sink into my neck as he speeds up his motions, his thumb lifting to simultaneously rub at my clit. My mouth falls open in a quiet moan as he does this, my hands once more dropping to his wrists as I hold onto them for dear life.

It feels so fucking good. Why does it feel so good?

Alexander laughs as I try to snap my thighs shut around Gray’s arm, his chair creaking as he stands to his feet and approaches.

“Enough teasing. I want to watch her cum for us.” He orders, continuing forward until he stands only inches in front of Gray’s knees.

His hips jerk forward as he continues to fuck his fist, his free hand unclenching as he lifts it to my bare breasts and pulls at my nipple. I gasp at the painful tug, my head dropping as I look down at myself.

Have I been naked this entire time? I could have sworn I was wearing clothing earlier.

My thoughts are cut off as Gray laughs and presses his thumb harder against my clit, his fingers slowing as he drops his thumb slightly and begins to rub me in a spot that has me screaming out.

I’m incoherent as I spasm around his fingers, my eyes slamming shut as he forces me to cum with little warning. Tears stream down my cheeks as he continues to rub me through it, his moans matching my own as he builds me up in seconds and makes me cum again.

My body slumps momentarily before I stiffen and try to pull away, desperate for a break as he drops his thumb and begins to fuck me with his fingers again.

“Fuck, your moans are hotter than I thought they would be.” Alexander murmurs, reaching out and rubbing his hand through my folds before beginning to stroke himself once more, my wetness serving to smooth out his movements.

“She likes having her nipples touched.” Gray murmurs to him. “I could smell her arousal when you pinched it.”

Betrayal runs through me that he is exposing me so publicly, but I hardly have any time to dwell on it as he removes his hand from my pussy and lifts both of his to my breasts. My breath hitches as he suddenly pinches both my nipples, rolling them painfully between his fingers before tugging on them.

The pain radiates down to my core, and I clench around the air as my hips roll in response. Fuck, that feels amazing.

Silas groans at my reaction, and I look over at him in shock. I was so distracted by Gray and Alexander that I forgot he was even here. He remains in his chair as he watches us three, his hand rapidly moving along his shaft as he bites into his bottom lip grabs the table with his free hand.

“I love a little pain slut.” He laughs, attention moving to Gray behind me.

I feel Gray nodding his head at Silas’s statement, a quiet hum leaving his throat as he releases my nipples and hooks his arms around the backs of my knees. My eyebrows furrow in confusion as he wraps each one around my thigh, his hands gripping into the skin before abruptly pulling them apart.

My cheeks heat up as he spreads me even further for the two men in front of me, my eyes meeting Alexander’s as he grabs a fistful of my hair and forces me to look up at him. His blackened eyes stare down at me as he continues to pleasure himself. I can’t see what he’s doing but by the sounds of the moans falling from his mouth, he is sure enjoying it.

“We love our little toy, don’t we, Alex?” Gray murmurs, licking my neck as Alexander grunts in reply, his hand quickening its motions. “I love watching them get off to you. Watching them so desperate to touch what’s mine. I can tell you love it too.”

Alexander continues to stare into my eyes as he slumps over with a loud shout, his shoulders rolling forward as his cum hits my inner thighs. His eyes slam shut as he covers me, and with one last shiver he releases his grip on my hair and steps to the side before disappearing behind Gray.

I turn my head to see where he’s going, but my hazy mind prohibits me from doing so as Silas stands to his feet and approaches as Alexander did. I gulp as I watch him, my eyes widening as Gray scoops up Alexander’s cum and smears it against my core.

Gasping, I roll my hips against his hand as he dips his cum-soaked fingers inside of me. Alexander’s seed feels thicker than my arousal, and I throw my head back and stare at Silas as he watches Gray pleasure me with it.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Silas asks.

I open my mouth to respond, but all thoughts leave my head as Gray begins to build another orgasm inside of me. He slows down as he realizes that I’m not going to be able to answer Silas, his fingers pumping into me at a leisurely pace as I catch my breath.

“Tell him where you want him to cum, darling?” Gray whispers into my ear, prompting me to answer as he pulls his fingers from me completely and slaps my clit.

Shocked, I jerk back with a quiet shout, the sharp pain turning me on further.

My mouth flaps open and shut as I struggle to think, eventually spitting out the first thing that comes to my mind.

“On my clit.” I spit out, cheeks flushing as I speak words I never imagined would leave my mouth.

Gray moans into my ear at that, his hands dropping to my pussy as he hooks his fingers into my outer lips and spreads them apart for Silas. I want to find myself humiliated at the action, at being spread open for a man I hardly know, but my mind finds itself unable to feel that emotion at the moment.

All I feel is pleasure, and all I want is for Silas to cum on me like he promised.

Bending at the knees, Silas brings himself to my level and smacks the tip of his cock against my core, the fleshy skin hitting my clit in a way that has my toes curling. He begins to stroke himself at an almost frantic pace as he rubs his cockhead up and down my slit, taking advantage of the opening that Gray has created for him as he sticks just the tip of it inside of me.

Looking down, I moan at the sight of him rubbing his cock through both my arousal and Alexander’s cum. They’ve made me so messy.

Gray continues to hold me open as Silas stills and pulls back to press his cock against my clit, his body convulsing as he reaches his peak and begins to spill all over me. The thick white substance spreads all along my clit and drips down into Gray’s pants below me, mixing in with the other fluids that have already ruined the fabric.

As Alexander did, Silas takes a moment to recover before straightening back up and disappearing behind Gray. I continue to stare at my aching heat as he leaves, my jaw clenched shut as I will Gray to touch me once more.

“Do you think you deserve to cum again?” He probes, unhooking his fingers from my lips and tentatively stroking my soaked clit. “Have you been a good girl for me?”

I nod, desperate for his touch. I would do or say anything to have his fingers on me again, to feel him rubbing me.

Gray doesn’t force me to respond before beginning to touch me in earnest, applying firm pressure to my clit as he rolls the sensitive bud in a way that has me crying out and convulsing around him in seconds.

My eyes roll back and my muscles tense as I cum again, my eyes slamming shut at the intensity of it.


Shock courses through me as I rip open my eyes and shoot up in bed, gasping and clutching at my chest as my orgasm tears through me and I realize that I am alone. Collapsing back on the mattress, I take a couple of seconds to steady my breathing as I try to figure out what the fuck just happened to me.

My eyes fill with tears as I realize that this was Gray’s doing, that he forced his way into my head just as he promised he would. I thought it wouldn’t be real, that I would wake up with no recollection and live in blissful ignorance.

Instead, I wake up in the middle of an orgasm with a sore pussy and humiliation filling every pore of my body. My jaw clenches shut, and I will myself not to cry as I tentatively reach a hand up Gray’s shirt and gently prod at myself.

To my utter relief the cum that coated my skin just moments ago is not real, my legs and core moistened but only by my own arousal. Did Gray choose everything that happened in my dream? Will he let it be a secret and pretend that it didn’t happen?

The thought of him addressing it is horrifying. It’s one thing to silently feel shame over it, but it’s another to have him discuss and mock me for his control over my body.

Something moving by the doors draws my attention, and I snap my head up towards the shadow that lurks just beyond the open bedroom door that I swore I closed and locked. Glancing to my left, my shoulders slump as I realize that the bathroom door has been opened as well.

Is this Gray’s way of telling me that my privacy will never really be mine? That he controls my physical life as much as my unconscious one? He didn’t need to open the doors to do that. I am already aware.

“Dinner is ready.” The shadow speaks quietly, the voice surprisingly quiet and timid.

I nod, too exhausted to argue. My feet shake as I push myself off the bed, but I ignore it and follow the shadow out of the room.


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